Review: Adaptive Sleep Technologies- Sleep Therapy System (Sound + Sleep)

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The Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System Sound + Sleep comes with a power supply, a user manual and the device itself.

This sound machine has a unique combination of features which make it a the best white noise machine for helping you get the best sleep that you so often want.

The heart of this white noise machine is its novel, versatile sound feature and the utilization of multifaceted SoundStory sounds.

The machine comes with more than ten selectable sounds that can be adjusted and balanced from 3 different settings, high, medium and low.

The sounds work on a richness factor, i.e. the ocean sound on the lowest ocean setting will provide a soothing sound of waves. If you crank up the settings you will hear an occasional sea lion or stork in the mix. And in the 3rd and final level of this setting, you will hear these extra sounds more often in the mix.

What Is Richness?

The richness feature adds character to each SoundStory by vigorously blending sounds to keep them intriguing and keep them from getting tedious. This feature controls how these additional sounds are blended in a SoundStory.

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The Sound + Sleep Machine comes with a number of features that can be turned on or off. Following is a list of features that the Sound + Sleep Machine has to offer:

Adaptive Mode

The adaptive sound features of this sound machine help effectively react to changes in the sound level in your bedroom.

The machine consists of a microphone that listens to surroundings. When your Sound + Sleep white noise machine depicts that the volume of sound in the room has expanded, the Sound + Sleep raises both the volume of the SoundStory that is playing and also expanding the richness level of that SoundStory.

This way, it overpowers the noise that is already in the room and lets the noise coming out from it to be the dominant noise in the room.

Similarly, when the noise level drops in the room, the machine automatically shifts its volume and goes back down on the volume of the SoundStory.

This adaptive feature can be turned on or off according to your requirements.  When it is turned on, the light next to the button is lit.

When this feature is turned off, the sound that comes out of the machine will be uniform without and highs and lows in its volume. However, it will continue to increase richness to the sound.


You can either turn on the machine with a single press of a button for unlimited time, or you can set a timer that lets the sound play for a few minutes and then it turns off automatically

The timer can be set at 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes intervals. Turning off the power button clears the timer setting. If you press the timer button, the device will automatically be set to 30 minutes. If you press it again, the timer will shift to 60, and so on.


You can turn the light of the display on or off with this button. If you have turned off the display but change decide to change any setting, it will automatically turn the display on as well for 15 seconds and then will turn off again.


The Sound + Sleep Machine can be attached to headphones. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack located on the lower-right side of the machine.

Even though there is a space for headphones, the Sound + Sleep sound machine does not come with a pair of headphones. The speakers are automatically turned off once headphone cables are attached to the device.

  • Adaptive mode still works even if you are using headphones and will adjust the sound and volume accordingly.
  • It is suggested that you don’t listen to the SoundStories at a high volume while using headphones. It can damage your hearing.
  • The headphone jack can also be used to attach an external sound system to the device. Hope stereos, computer speakers, can all be attached to the device.


Two of the biggest competitors of Sound + Sleep are LectroFan and Marpac Dohm-DS.

While all three are considered among some of the best white noise machines, it is up to you to choose what they want. If you only want a simple white noise generator, then the Marpac Dohm-DS device is the best thing for them.

However, if you prefer versatility in the choice of sounds they want to hear, then the Sound + Sleep is the best option for them.


The Sound + Sleep therapy system is 7.5 inches long with a width of 4.5 inches.

Benefits of Sound + Sleep

  • The Sound + Sleep Machine can be run on 4aa batteries
  • Adaptive sound technology
  • Five sleep timer settings
  • Three richness settings for each SoundStory
  • 10+ sounds to choose from
  • Noise masking feature for better sleep
  • Display off button so the light doesn’t mess with your sleep
  • Can be plugged into an ordinary outlet or run my 4aa batteries
  • One year limited warranty

Cons of Sound + Sleep

  • A little on the expensive side with price ranging from $70 – $100
  • Some sounds are not good and produce a hollow sound
  • Shelf life is smaller
  • The noise masking feature is not helpful


The adaptive sound feature along with the noise masking setting makes this sound machine a top contender for people with sleeping problems.

If you have the money, then this device is just what you should get. But if you are not concerned about different sounds and are simply looking for a white noise machine, then go for Marpac Dohm-DS.

The Sound + Sleep therapy system has many features that make it the better option among sound machines.  Not many machines let you control the volume and richness of the sound. These features are what makes the Sound + Sleep therapy system the best option for people who are looking for diversity in their sound machines.

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