Bedroom Dressers: Best Reviews and Buying Guide

Bedroom furniture dressers are probably the 2nd most important piece of bedroom furniture right after the main piece which of course would be, the bed.

Most people have at least one dresser or chest of drawers in their bedroom if not two of them. There are many different styles and sizes to accommodate the needs you have for a dresser.

What to consider when choosing bedroom dressers

Before you buy a dresser there are a few things to consider:

How much drawer space do you need?

If you will be using your dresser for clothing, you’ll want to think about whether you want to include all of your clothing or just things like socks, underwear and t-shirts.

Some people like to hang pants, jeans and dress shirts but don’t mind folding t-shirts, shorts and sweats and placing them in a dresser.

What style do you like?

Bedroom furniture dressers are available in two basic forms: tall or wide.

A tall dresser will be vertical and have anywhere from four to six or more drawers. A wide dresser will be horizontal, perhaps with a mirror attached, and have anywhere from three to eight or more drawers.

Some people opt for both and they are available in several different bedroom sets.

What is your budget?

Bedroom dressers are typically made of various wood species while some are made of plastic or possibly even metal.

Real wood dressers, such as those made of solid oak are going to cost more than something made of artificial wood or plywood.

Before you step foot into a furniture store or click over to a furniture store website think about how much money you have to spend on a dresser and then look at the bedroom dressers that fit into your price range.

Do you currently have wood furniture in your bedroom?

If you currently have wood furniture that will be staying when you purchase a new dresser, you should try to look at bedroom furniture dressers made of the same type or at least same color of wood.

While they may not match perfectly, it’ll still look more attractive than mixing completely separate wood species, types or colors.

When you’re in the market and shopping for bedroom furniture dressers it’s important to take your time and not rush through it.

You want to make sure you choose something that suits you and fits in with the current theme and look of your bedroom. You also want to purchase a strong, sturdy, and durable dresser that’s going to last you for years.

When it comes to furniture, you usually get what you pay for. If you opt for bedroom dressers that you can put together yourself right out of the box, you can bet they won’t last. This doesn’t mean you have to go with something more expensive though, just be prepared to replace it within a few years or possibly sooner.