How to Choose Children’s Dressers

As children grow, they begin to acquire more and more things and clothing is no exception. From the time they’re in the womb until they begin Kindergarten, they already tend to have a plethora of clothing and it just continues to increase from there on out. Bedroom dressers would make a great addition to any child’s room because it gives them more space to store and organize their clothing.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for children’s dressers:

  • What does your budget look like? This is definitely something you’ll want to think about because the cost of dressers varies considerably depending upon what the dresser itself is made out of. Many dressers will be made with artificial wood products while others will be solid wood. Solid wood is going to be more expensive than plywood and other similar “wood” types.
  • How big is your child’s room? It’s important to keep the size of their room in mind when shopping for bedroom furniture dressers because you don’t want to end up purchasing something that is too large. Kids enjoy some play space in their room and even teenagers can appreciate some extra space so they don’t feel too cramped. Take note of the measurements of the room so you know how much space you have to work with. Take into consideration any of the existing furniture that is in the bedroom as well. When you begin shopping for dressers you’ll be able to compare the measurements of the dresser itself to the room you’ll be putting it in.
  • How old is your child? The best way to save money when buying bedroom furniture dressers is by choosing a dresser that will grow with your child. If you have a daughter you may want to consider a wide dresser with an attached mirror and If you have a son you could probably get by with a tall chest of drawers. It’s not necessary to worry about the hardware looking too mature for your child because you can always substitute the drawer handles with ones that are more kid-friendly.
  • Think about your child’s room. Are there other wood furniture pieces that will remain once a new dresser is brought in? If so, then you’ll want to match the dresser to the other types of wood as closely as possible to create a theme. Rooms can look too busy and not put together by mixing different wood colors and species.

Shopping for children’s bedroom furniture dressers can be a really fun experience for both parents and children. If your child is old enough you may consider taking their opinion into consideration so they can help choose furniture for their room and feel like they’re a part of the process as well.