Best Black Out Curtains

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We all know that too much light can make it difficult to sleep – so why do so many of us put up with it when there’s such a simple solution available?

The effect of light on sleep varies from person to person and on the time of year. Being woken gently by a natural sunrise is a very pleasant experience – that’s why so many of us use dawn simulators during the long winter months.

Unfortunately, during the summer many people find that sunrise comes too early for them. The last couple of hours of precious sleep are interrupted, especially in Northern countries (living in Scotland I know this from personal experience!). One possibility is to consider buying a blackout curtain or drapes.

What is a Blackout Curtain?


When people first hear the term blackout curtain they naturally think of something black and bulky. They might think about wartime films of the Blitz where the blackout was a matter of safety rather than comfort. Modern day blackout equipment is rarely like that.

Much “blackout” material sold today is actually white – this reflects light better. You can either buy ready made panels or cut the material to size yourself. If you buy complete curtains or drapes then you can even get them with various patterns and prints including prints for kids and the nursery window.

If you want to keep your existing curtain then an alternative is to go for a blackout liner. This is a simple lining that fits behind your existing drapery, usually either on the same rail or sometimes clipped on to the curtain.

Heat and Sound

As well as blocking out unwanted light, quality blackout fabric is often thermal lined so that it also reflects heat. In this way it can help in regulating the bedroom temperature during the summer.

Some of the blackout material on the market also claims to dampen noise and help to cut out unwanted sounds such as early morning traffic.

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