Best Bunk Beds with Mattress Under $200

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The bunk bed has been around for many years, historically used where there isn’t enough space for everyone to have their own floor space for a bed. They have been used in ships, submarines and prisons. They are more often associated with children’s rooms especially when you have a large family and not enough bedrooms to go around. Children seem to love them too as they easily transform into a fort or whatever the child’s imagination holds.

The top bunk bed generally has a ladder or stairs to reach it. Smaller children may feel more secure climbing stairs to reach the top instead of a ladder. Many bunk beds also have storage drawers underneath the bottom bunk. This is an added advantage and can help to keep the room free of clutter.

There are many styles of bunk beds. There is the traditional style of two twin-sized beds, one on top of the other. The loft style bed has the top bunk placed at a 90 degree angle from the bottom bunk, which opens up some space above the bottom bunk and below the top bunk. The loft beds also come in standard and queen sizes. Then you have the futon bunk bed which has a futon couch instead of the lower bed. When the other bed is needed, the futon pulls out to become a bed. This gives versatility to a one child room with extra seating but also a place for a friend to spend the night. A trundle bed is not the usual bunk bed but has a pull out bed underneath a twin bed that pulls out when needed. This is also a bed that would be better used for a single child that needs an extra bed for sleepovers.


Bunk beds are constructed of either wood or metal. The wood is larger and can be more clunky looking. The metal frames are just as sturdy as the wood or even sturdier and take up less room.

You might need to buy a second hand bunk beds. If you do, only purchase one that is made by a well known brand. Inspect it to see if it is sturdy and not shaky. Continue these inspections on a regular basis so that the bed does not become unsafe without your realizing it.


The biggest concern with bunk beds is their safety. Small children under the age of 6 should not sleep on the top bunk. Check the railing on the top and the ladder often to make sure they are attached securely. Know how much weight the top bunk can hold. Grab the top bed and shake it as hard as you can to see how stable it is. Another good idea is to have a larger bed on the bottom bunk. That way if anyone slips off the top bunk, they will hit the mattress instead of the floor. When replacing the original mattress you need to get one that is the same size, especially in thickness. Using a mattress that is thicker or wider than the original can interfere with some of the safety features of the railing and ladder.

Do not let your children hang things on the bunk bed like belts or ropes that they could become caught in while playing. Playing on the top bunk is not safe either. If a child were to fall off of the top bunk they could be severely injured, especially if there are toys on the floor. This did happen to my sister’s nephew when he fell off of the top bunk and landed on a tinkertoy stick. Fortunately, he recovered from the injury but it was a very scary time that no parent wants to have to live through.

Having a bunk bed or two can solve many problems with limited space. Find the style and size that will work in your situation. Remember the safety precautions and you’ll enjoy the bunk bed for years to come.

Three Tips For Buying A Bunk Bed Under $200

Safety first

The first thing you need to consider when making a bunk bed purchase is safety. This is a especially true when young children will be using it. Even if an older college student will be using the bed you still want it to be safe, because they might fall off for reasons we will not mention here. Make sure the bed meets all safety standards, and has strong attachments for the ladder and guardrails. Whatever you do, do not sacrifice safety for price.

Decide What Type You Need

There is a remarkable number of options available. When buying one for children the standard version or a twin over full usually works best. There are all different styles and designs available, so just find one that matches the room. If you are going to be using it in a dorm or apartment the loft or futon styles are always a big hit. The online market has really opened up the different bunk bed options that are available. No matter what your needs are you should be able to find one to fit them.

Find Great Values Online

The first place I start looking whenever I need a new piece of furniture is the online classified market. Every day people are getting rid of nearly brand new stuff just because they are either moving or are rich and found something they like better. If you search around a little bit you can almost always find one of these hidden gems. If that does not work out for you, or you prefer not to buy something used, there are literally hundreds of stores selling this type of bed online. They do not need to worry about showrooms, so they are able to give you much better deals.

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