Best Pet Stroller Reviews: 10 Top Rated Pet Stroller Gear

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The best pet strollers are becoming more and more popular among pet owners. From a trip to the vets, a walk in the park or even a spot of shopping, the best pet strollers are a great way of getting your much loved pet around.

Dog/pet strollers are especially popular with those who have disabled or older dogs with limited mobility and are less able to get around on foot.

In hot weather, dogs run the risk of overheating when out on walks and in cold weather, ice and grit on paths and roads can be harsh on your dog’s paws. Taking your pet out in one of these stylish strollers can protect them in all different climates.

They are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours to suit you and your pet. Now see the table below that we have compiled detailing a list of the top 10 best selling strollers for dogs.


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10 of the Best Pet Strollers Reviewed

1. Burley TAIL WAGON Pet Bicycle Trailer

pet stroller reviewIf you ride a bike you’ve probably heard the Burley name. It stands for quality construction in bike trailers.

Well, now not only does Burley make a bike trailer for kids, but also for your pet. The Burley Tail Wagon Pet Bike Trailer is made with the same excellent craftsmanship the Burley brand is known for.

Out of the box you have the bike trailer, as well as the jogging conversion kit which consists of the handle and the front wheel. If you’d like to take your dog out on the slopes this bike trailer also converts to a ski trailer… that conversion kit is sold separately.

The Burley Pet Bike Trailer is best for pets under 75 pounds, whether you have 1 large dog or a couple small or medium dogs, as long as you stay under 75 pounds you’ll be good to go.

You find the floor suspended for extra comfort, and it is also removable for easy cleaning. There are tie downs in the riding area to make sure your pet stays safely in the trailer. Getting your pet in and out of the trailer is very easy, with a zip down rear entrance. All they have to do is step in the trailer.

This is an outdoor lovers dream, it has 4 heavy duty mesh sides to make sure your pet is comfortable even if it’s hot, there will be lots of airflow through the trailer. If the rain comes up, there is also a weather proof cover that is also made with waterproof zippers.

This bike trailer features large 16 inch alloy wheels, which run well on paved roads, as well as on trails. You’ll be set for just about anywhere you would ride your bike. The wheels have a quick release mechanism, and the trailer folds flat with the fast action folding system. You can easily store this trailer where you keep your bike, and it will easily fit in the car as well.

You can count on the Burley name for quality, but also for a quality comprehensive warranty plan. There is a 5 year warranty on the frame and most of the other metal parts of the stroller. A 3 year warranty on the wheels, and flex connector, and a 1 year warranty on most of the fabric parts of the stroller, and the flag. You can feel safe purchasing this stroller knowing if anything goes wrong Burley is standing behind it.

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2. Pet Gear Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller

bestpet strollerThis Happy Trails pet stroller is the plus model. This means that in addition to the stroller you also receive a free rain cover for inclement weather.

Happy Trails is one of the leading manufacturers in pet strollers, and they remain popular because of the quality and care they bring to their strollers.

This Pink plus model features a ton of ventilation and viewing, front, top and rear. You also have 2 entry points (front and back), where you can put your pet in the stroller.

With a large storage area underneath the stroller you will have plenty of space to bring along anything you, or your pet might need on your outing. You’ll also find storage up top by the handle for your keys and a drink.

To keep your pet comfortable you’ll also receive a fleece pad to put in the bottom of the stroller so they’ll have a soft, plush surface to ride on. Please make sure your pet is safe by only using this stroller with animals under 30 pounds.

The best feature of this stroller is the quick and easy way it folds down. Literally one hand, and 5 seconds. You’ll also find that unlike many pet strollers this one will lay flat when it is not in use. This provides for easy storage, and quick set up so you can be on your way in no time flat.

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3. Kittywalk Royal Classic Pet Stroller

pet stroller reviews ratingsThe Kittywalk royal pet stroller is not your every day flimsy stroller. This stroller is made for people who love their pets, and want to take them everywhere! The Kittywalk royal pet stroller will treat your pet like royalty.

It features a large mesh front so your pet can see all the way around the stroller, taking in the views and enjoying the day while you walk. You can rest assured your pet will have a smooth ride with the large wheels specially built to ride easily over rough terrain.

This Kittywalk stroller also features a one touch rear braking system, which makes stopping your stroller a breeze. There’s plenty of room beneath the stroller in the storage basket for not only your stuff, but also some things for your pet as well.

If your pet is under 30 pounds, and you take them everywhere with you, the Kittywalk royal pet stroller may be perfect for you.

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4. BestPet Posh Pet Stroller– Best Stroller for Small Dogs

best dog strollerThis small pet stroller is perfect for small dogs or cats. It can hold up to 25 pounds, so even if you have two or three miniature dogs they could fit comfortably in this stroller.

This stroller, unlike many is not designed like a regular child stroller. It is designed more like a wagon, which gives your pet plenty of room to peek out and see what’s going on.

The top of the stroller is made from a silver sunscreen fabric so you don’t have to worry about your pets getting sunburned. It also helps keep the inside of the stroller cooler and more comfortable. You can unzip the bonnet from the mesh to have push bonnet all the way down allowing your pet to see out the entire top of the stroller.

This stroller also functions as the best dog barking alarm to scare off burglars. The square portion detaches from the wheels, making it great to take in the car, or even in the house. The frame of the stroller has hinges on the sides, which makes it very easy to flatten the stroller for easy storage and portability.

If you’ve got a pet but you’re not keen on pink this Orange is really nice, but if you do like pink, this stroller is also available in pink as well.

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5. Kittywalk Double Decker Pet Stroller

bestpet dog strollerThis green KittyWalk double decker pet stroller is perfect for cats, and dogs up to 60 pounds.

This would be a fantastic stroller if you show your cats. You can keep them separated, and the stroller works as a grooming table as well.

Each of the levels of the stroller is actually a detachable pet carrier, with 2 entrance points. Each carrier features a solid padded water resistant bottom, which will make your cat comfortable, provides privacy and also make any necessary clean up very easy.

The wheels are heavy duty so you can rest assured your pets are safe, but also that you can easily maneuver the stroller.

Whether you’re heading to the vet or the cat show, this is a fantastic stroller to transport more than one animal.

Best Pet Stroller Reviews 2017Kyjen Outward Hound Dog Stroller Review

The Kyjen Outward Hound dog stroller is the number 1 best selling pet stroller online.

This stylish stroller is lightweight making it easy to maneuver and folds flat instantly making it easy to store at home or in the car.

With the ability to carry pets up to 20 lbs, the Kyjen Outward Hound dog stroller also has many unique features including wheels with lockable brakes, ventilated cabin and removable padded bottom inside the cabin as well as zip down front shade and wind cover.

It also includes a cup holder and storage pocket for water, food and toys to be kept.

I bought this stroller for my toy poodle and I am so pleased with it as is my dog. I tend to walk a lot but with my pup being so small, he gets tired so this is great as it means I can walk as far as I like without worrying he will get exhausted.

It is quick and easy to fold which is great because I can get it in the car easily and  the wheels have brakes so it doesn’t roll away when you are stationary.

It also has a bottle holder and tray which is great for holding his water bottles and bowls. The stroller is lightweight but still feels sturdy and there is a zip open top, which I tend to keep open so my pup can rest his paws on the top and poke his head out. There is a padded bottom which my little one has no problem getting comfy on and having a snooze while we’re out.

I really would recommend this pet stroller as it really is a great deal for the price. I have had mine for nearly 6 months, I use it daily and I have had absolutely no problems with it. A truly great product!

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best strollers for dogsPet Gear Special Edition Dog Stroller

The second best selling stroller online is the Pet Gear Special Edition Dog Stroller. It has many great features including ventilation panels, storage pockets, single-handed folding mechanism and simssimszip closure.

This dog stroller comes in three different colors, blueberry, raspberry and sage and includes an extra thick fleece pad to  make sure your pet is in the most comfort. The front wheels of this stroller swivel for easy movement and is suitable for dogs up to 45 lbs.

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Dog Strollers for Large DogsLeopard Skin Posh Stroller For Dogs

The Leopard Print Posh Dog Stroller is third in our list of the top 10 best dog strollers available at the moment.

As well as being a best seller, the people who bought it have been extremely happy with their purchase.

On this stroller has achieved an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars which I am sure you would agree is a pretty impressive rating. So before we get in to the main review we should probably take a look at some of the stats and features:

  • Handle to Floor = 33″
  • Side to side (wheel to wheel) = 19 1/2″
  • Carrier interior Front to Back = 21 1/2″
  • Carrier interior Side to Side = 15 1/2″
  • Carrier interior Height = 20″

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Classic Leopard Skin 4 Wheel Dog Stroller

The Classic Leopard Skin 4 Wheel Dog Stroller is the fourth best pet stroller online.

As well as looking great, it contains a large storage basket and cup holders to keep toys, treats, and water bottles handy. Front and rear entry makes it easy to get your pet in and out of the stroller and the various ventilation windows make it easy for your pet to see out as well as for you to see them.

It has easy fold enabling you to open and fold easily in just 5 seconds and holds pets up to 30 pounds.

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Classic Gray 3 Wheel Dog Stroller

his Classic 3 Wheel Dog Stroller in gray is fifth on our list of the best selling dog strollers online.  It is easy to fold (opens and folds in just 5 seconds) and it contains a large storage basket great for carrying dog toys, food etc. as well as a cup holder for water bottles.

The three large wheels make it easy to maneuver and glide over all types of surfaces. The stroller has front, top and rear ventilation as well as front and rear entry.

The durable mesh windows provides airflow, visibility, and keeps any bugs out too. It also comes with a rain cover which makes this stroller great to use in all weather types. Holds pets up to 30 pounds.

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This is a really practical pet stroller. I found it easy to assemble and it folds up making it easy to store and get into the car.

This was my first dog stroller and I bought it for my elderly dog who struggles to walk long distances and she loves it.

She lays down and looks out as we walk through the park. The zip openings make it easy to get her in and out and the storage basket is a good size too.

I can even fit my purse in it. Its really easy to move and feels very sturdy when out walking. I would recommend this product to anyone with a smaller dog wishing to purchase a stroller. Really good value for money.

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Dog and pet strollers comparison guideBest Pet Swanky Dog Stroller, Red

Number six on our list of the best selling dog strollers online is the Best Pet Swanky Dog Stroller in red. It’s lightweight and easily folds for storage.

The carrier is detachable making it great for carrying your pet while travelling in the car. It has a retractable bonnet, which can be stretched tight and stand upright to keep your pet cool and protect them from the sun.

The bonnet can also be pulled back if you wish. This stroller is suitable for pets up to 25 pounds.

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What sort of pet strollers are available?

There are many different types of dog strollers available to you, including large or small, depending on the size of your dog, 3 wheels or 4 wheels, and a large variety of colours and styles. Some are available with detachable carriers suitable for car travel and there are even multiple strollers available for pet owners who have more than one pet.

The majority of these strollers are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and fold flat within seconds. Some contain storage baskets and cup holders to hold toys, treats, and water bottles and have mesh windows to keep any bugs out.

Front and rear entry makes it easier to get your pet in and out of the stroller and padded fleece interior makes it comfortable for them. Rain covers are available for your dog stroller as well as shades so that your pet is protected in all weather conditions.

Strollers for small dogs

Small dogs tend to tire out much quicker than larger dogs. Taking your small dog out in a stroller means you can walk as far as you like without the risk of your little fluffy companion getting exhausted.

Do you have large and small dogs? Or are your dogs different breeds? Dogs that come from the working group and gundog group need far more exercise than dogs that belong to the toy group. This is a great reason to purchase a stroller. Some larger dogs need more exercise than smaller dogs however, in some cases your larger dogs will have to miss out on getting the right amount of exercise as your smaller dogs may become tired and need to rest. If you have a stroller, it will mean that both dogs can go out for a walk suitable for their size and breed, and as soon as your smaller dog gets tired, they can ride the rest of the way in their stroller, meaning your larger dog will not miss out.

Strollers for large dogs

These doggy strollers are not only available for small dogs, they can also accommodate for larger and heavier dogs. There are strollers available to carry pets that weight up to 150 pounds.

Larger dogs often suffer from arthritis in their back legs which makes it very difficult for them to walk any distance. Having a stroller means they can still go out on trips to their favorite park without being in pain and having to stop regularly for breaks.

Why should I buy a stroller for my dog?

There are many reasons why people buy strollers to carry their dogs in. Some small dogs are not able to walk long distances and may get tired much quicker than larger dogs. These strollers mean that you can take your dog with you, even on long distance walks without having to worry about them tiring out quickly and becoming exhausted.

Older dogs also tire more quickly than younger dogs, therefore a stroller is a great way of still being able to take them out and about, rather than them being left at home. When they get tired, they can simply hop in to the stroller and spend the rest of the time being chauffeured around.

Puppy owners would benefit from a dog stroller too as you should be very careful about taking puppies outside before they have had all their vaccinations. In a stroller they are safe from picking things up from the ground and other dogs out and about. As with old dogs, puppies get tired easy too and may need to take a quick nap every now and again, a few hours for you can be a long day for a little puppy.

If your dog is recovering from surgery or an injury, dog strollers will allow them to still go out and get fresh air without the risk of them harming themselves more. Healing wounds can easily be infected by bacteria found outside the home, so having somewhere for your dog to retreat to is definitely not a bad idea.

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