Best Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

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Do you often wake up having trouble moving your neck because it is tight and a bit painful? There is a possibility you feel like this because of the pillow you use. We spent time and money to find a mattress that supports our body’s curves to get a good night sleep, why not take the effort to find the best pillow to support our neck and head?

Memory foam pillows are the answer to your problems. What is memory foam? Memory foam is polyurethane with some other chemicals and this increases the viscosity and density. It is also known as visco-elastic polyurethane foam. Because the memory foam reacts to heat, it molds to your warm body’s curves and in the case of memory foam pillows, it supports your neck while sleeping.

It was first used by NASA. To give the astronauts the best comfort possible, they invented memory foam pillows for the chairs they had to sit in for a long time. It is also often used in hospitals. When a patient is forced to lie down for a longer period, the pressure builds on the parts of the body that touches the regular mattress and reduced or even stopped the blood flow to these parts of the body causing pressure sores and gangrene. When they start using the memory foam mattresses, this problem reduces remarkably.

Types of Memory Foam Pillow

1. Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Many people believe that using a memory foam contour pillow is the best way to provide comfort and support to your neck when sleeping due to its flexibility, softness and ease of molding. In fact, these pillows are no much ahead of the rest of the class that it becomes an obvious choice for you if you understand the benefits they provide.

Studies suggest that people using a memory foam contour pillow stand a massive 95% ahead of people not using such pillows in terms of neck pains and upper spinal health. The reason of this is the contour.

The human neck is delicate in terms of curve and sensitivity. Any small issue with the neck can be a massive problem for the entire health system since the neck is the only connector between a person’s head and the rest of the body. Taking care of our necks is of high priority.


The contour takes a great care of the neck since it ensures that the memory foam pillow molds into the right shape while one goes to sleep and keeps providing complete support all through. The benefits reach the shoulders too – people minimize chances of getting neck pains as well as shoulder pains using these pillows.

Benefits of Memory Foam Contour Pillows

  • Support of the neck: The pillow provides neck support using its contour, irrespective of the shape and curvature of the neck. It would simply mold into the desired shape and thus provide the support. As a result, no point in the neck has to really carry the load of the head and the neck enjoys a high degree of overall support and relief.
  • Support at multiple positions: Memory foam contour pillows are made to be able to support multiple neck lengths. This further optimizes the expected amount of support you receive from the pillow independent of the length of your neck.
  • Skeletal system improvement: Since the neck and the shoulders enjoy solid support, the overall spinal and skeletal system health goes up by a whole notch. The skeletal system stands a higher chance of remaining fit for a longer number of years.
  • Enhancement of immunity: Memory foam can be made to resist mites and bacteria. This gives the user a better experience in terms of immunity.
  • Adjustments to pressure and temperature: Memory foam contour pillows respond well to temperature and pressure factors of the body. This further leads to a comfortable sleeping.

Make sure that you get a memory foam contour pillow that has a washable or a removable cover – that way you shall be able to keep it clean and almost like a new one for a long time to come without adding any additional external cover. Many of these pillows are light, so if you plan to travel then get a light one that you can carry with you.


2. Z by MALOUF TRAVEL SIZE Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow

Coming with a luxurious washable cover, the Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow is the best of memory foam pillows according to many of the individuals that have invested in it and absolutely love it!

Made with “dough” memory foam it is designed specifically to fulfill a particular need, which is the provision of support for the neck to prevent aches, pain and, strangely, snoring. It has plenty of advantages for you to look at and consider and some of them are outlined below.

The Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow’s first advantage is obviously that it comes with a washable cover, which is designed to protect it and give it a longevity that other memory foam pillows do not have. It also looks the past, with a contour design that makes it look better on your bed. However, it is also difficult to fit into regular pillow cases as a result.


The Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow has been reported as being excellent value for money, being actually pretty affordable considering its design and the level of research that went into it. The quality is reported as being incredibly high too so it offers value for money.

Partners of snorers may also enjoy its benefits in full too because it has been reported that the design helps to stop even the most chronic of snorers by opening the airways effectively as well as providing support for the neck.


  • It has a washable cover case
  • Good quality for the price
  • Various customers stopped snoring after using this foam pillow


  • Some people claims it’s too stiff
  • Some say the pillow is too thin, which makes it more suitable for women. For men, there’s an option for choosing a thicker foam pillow.


3. Memory Foam Travel Pillows

The memory foam travel pillows are particularly designed to support and relax the neck and head nerve endings while taking a rest, sleeping and traveling by car, plane, bus or train. These pillows are created to support your neck and reduce pressure, avert inflexibility and lessen irritability.

The memory foam structure of the pillows responds to the temperature of the body by means of transmission of body heat, and takes the shape of your head. The memory foam travel pillows are light, comfortable to fold up and can be simply placed in a hand-luggage bag or knapsack.

Overall, memory foam travel pillows are an amazing solution for neck support and pain relief while you are on a trip. There are several types of memory foam travel pillows, so we have selected three of them that we think are the best at providing the so-needed comfort during travels.

Types of memory foam travel pillows

1. U-shaped Memory foam travel pillows resembling a horseshoe are particularly designed for usage during road trips to assist in supporting the head and neck during long drives.

The U-shaped memory foam pillows are the most popular in the market. Such pillows are made from a firmer memory foam and thus are more supportive than usual pillows and provide more relief to your neck while traveling.


In addition, they can as well be used at home to help you find the proper neck position while watching TV or reading. U-shaped memory foam pillows generally feature lobes located around half-circle. You can either use the u-shaped travel pillow with the lobes around your neck or facing up to find the best support position.


2. The second type of memory foam travel pillows is a compact version of standard rectangular memory foam pillows but can be attached to the head restraint in the car to provide both the driver and the passengers with improved comfort in the head and neck zone.

These pillows are also great at preventing fatigue while driving and alleviating neck pain and even giving more protection to the head in case of a collision. Such pillows are very popular particularly due to their protective feature and outstanding neck support.

3. Compact-sized pillows should be of the same density as the memory foam pillow you use at home the third type of pillows is usually used for sleeping overnight or in destination places. These coso that your sleeping experience away from home is equally comfortable to the one you have in your bed.

Compact memory foam pillows are usually selling with a pillow cover which is non-allergenic and machine washable. Besides, the memory foam pillow itself is very simply to clean, as all you should do is wipe it off with a damp terry cloth and allow to dry in the open air.

4. Memory Foam Neck Pillows

Memory foam neck pillow is a type designed to provide therapeutic support to user’s neck and head. Pillows of that type usually come in a wide variety of sizes and densities and have a U- or S-shape specifically developed by physical therapists to give proper neck alignment and support and are especially recommended for people who suffer from arthritis.

Memory foam products have become bestseller recently due to their ability to improve sleep and rest. Made from thermo-sensitive material, memory foam neck pillows are sensitive to body temperature and molds into the body’s natural contours for a perfect feel, maintaining its shape throughout your rest and then returning to the original shape night after night.

As they vary in size, neck pillows can be used everywhere: from your home to the office, from the car to the plane. Wherever you need to relax your muscles and relieve pressure at your neck, your pillow will always be there to help.

Another advantage of memory foam neck pillows is that they are made from hypoallergenic material that does not trap the heat and is resistant to bacteria and dust. They usually come with an easy to wash removable velour cover.

When choosing a memory foam neck pillow you should consider many things to find the correct pillow. First, you should know your height and weight, then such anatomical parameters such as shoulder dimensions and head size.

Another important thing is your common sleeping position. Memory foam neck pillow provides superb support and great fit to those who prefer to sleep on the back or on one side. But if you usually sleep on the stomach, a neck pillow will likely not work at all for you, and in this case you should better check a standard-shaped memory foam pillow.

5. Memory Foam Body Pillows

Memory foam body pillows provide improved support for shoulders, back and pelvis during side or stomach sleeping. Body pillow is a great supplement to memory foam neck pillow because if used together they provide an excellent and restful sleep, especially for side-sleepers. This combination of memory foam pillows is the most popular among the users.

If you prefer to sleep on one side, memory foam body pillows are particularly good for you as they contribute to the body and neck alignment giving correct sleeping position when space between legs and support for the body are provided.

Memory foam responds to the body weight and temperature, as it gets heated when used and thus, perfectly takes the shape of the body equally spacing all areas of the body throughout the bed. In addition, memory foam is non-allergenic and can be used even by infants.

Besides providing superb positioning and improved comfort for side-sleepers, memory foam body pillows can be used by those who prefer to sleep on the stomach.

Health care professionals confirm that stomach-sleeping causes excessive stress on vital parts of the body, such as neck, back, shoulders and internal organs. Even if you use a neck pillow, when you sleep on the stomach your neck still hurts when you wake up due to the rotational stress. Moreover, it can cause the cervical nerve stretching, resulting in muscle spasm and severe discomfort in the neck area.

Those who prefer sleeping on the stomach usually experience the need to get support and comfort, and they tend to have problems with falling asleep or sleep in any other position than on the stomach. Memory foam body pillow gives a full support during lying position both for side-and stomach-sleepers and provides the so-needed comfort and warmth by means of temperature-responding memory foam.

6. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow


  • The pillow had the right density, not too soft or hard
  • It keeps its memory shape and firmness after many years
  • The two raised edges, the contour’s give the possibility to switch so the higher one can be used when sleeping on your side, the lower one when sleeping on the back


  • The odor is somewhat chemical for some people but seems to disappear after a while

Get Better Sleep with A Memory Foam Pillow

So, what makes a memory foam pillow such a great choice? A memory foam pillow is excellent at reducing pressure in the neck area, and the benefit of this will trickle down to your spine, leaving you with the proper support while you sleep. Memory foam pillows are also versatile in that it provides excellent support for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Painful points are that zones which effect your sleep disturbing you and making you turn in bed numerous times every night. Painful points as well make you wake up with pains and headaches and can be a cause of other health complications such as decreased bloodstream at all points of your body.

The memory foam pillow will completely remove these problems. By removing painful points, and maintaining your body weight, the body pillow with memory foam will even contribute to better blood circulation.

Alongside with the genuine and ergonomic form, Memory foam body pillow is produced from lightweight foam that is much easier to adapt to your body than the standard pillow.

As memory foam body pillows provide two options for use, you can try to use its unique shape pointing both in and out to manage to find your perfect comfort posture. Feel how the heat of your body penetrates the pillow and how it responds back in only a few seconds giving warmth and constant body temperature during even the coldest nights.

If you would like to add more comfort to your sleep, a memory foam pillow is an investment you likely won’t regret.

The Top 7 Reasons Why a Memory Foam Pillow Is Worth Your Money!

A memory foam pillow typically comes with several important features that make it a top choice. I’ll list them below:

1. The pillow is contoured to your neck and head, which is more supportive than a regular pillow. The curving qualities hugs your head/neck area relieving pressure points and stress in these areas leaving you with a wonderful sleep. You can get a classic type pillow that is the most versatile for all types of sleepers.

2. The shape of the pillow will also improve blood circulation while you sleep.

3. Memory Foam responds to your body’s weight and temperature. A memory foam pillow will automatically warm or cool itself based on how hot or cold you are, and it will also soften and shape itself based on the weight of your head and neck.

4. It prevents you from tossing and turning throughout the night. It’s possible that you can reduce snoring and insomnia with a memory foam pillow because your neck and spine is aligned, leaving your body completely relaxed so you can get great sleep.

5. They come with antimicrobial features that resist dust mites, bed bugs, mold, mildew and bacteria. These types of pillows are very consistent and last a very long time.

6. They don’t crumple or disfigure over time like traditional pillows can. The foam is extremely breathable which will maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature for you.

7. There are many varieties and shapes and colors to choose from, so you can decorate your bed any way you like.

How to Buy a Memory Foam Pillow

There are a few varieties to choose from.

· If you like to sleep on your back and side, you may want to choose a contoured pillow as it provides the best support for you. If you like to sleep on your stomach then choose a traditional style pillow with memory foam may be your best choice, as this will likely be more comfortable for your neck and spine.

· Most memory foam pillows come in 100 percent polyurethane with about a 3-pound density. This is the right amount of support for most people. They also typically come with a terry velour cover (or variations of it) to protect the pillow. This cover is machine washable and is easy to clean and take care of.

· The size of a pillow you want is more up to preference. I would choose a size you are accustomed to now. If you tend to roll around a little while you sleep, you may benefit from a larger pillow as to not “fall off” it when you move. Otherwise, most people typically use a regular sized pillow, measuring around 25 inches long x 15 inches wide x 5 inches high. There are also Queen and King sized available if you prefer bigger or have a larger bed.

· If you would like the benefits of a pillow that feels like down, there are memory foam pillows that can offer that. Look for pillows with Gelled Microfiber technology. And the extra benefit to this is, you won’t have to deal with poking feathers or any allergic tendencies!

The Best Place to Buy a Memory Foam Pillow for a Discount

I would by one online! I think a great place to start is Amazon. Just having a quick look over there, you can see that you can save so much money on these pillows. Virtually every memory foam pillow is discounted significantly and you also get tremendous reviews from people who have used the product. So making a choice in pillows isn’t too much guesswork like it is at your local bedding store.

Each of these memory foam pillows is available for you from Amazon so you can take a look for yourself to see whether or not any of the pillows would suit you. There are comprehensive consumer reviews on there as well as specs that allow you to see if they would suit you. It only takes a few minutes to check them out so no wasting time!