What do you do when your quest to cool down eats away at your energy bills? Simple, you do away with those energy guzzling fans and replace them with cheaper, powerful, more energy efficient window fans.

As you may have guessed, the best window fans fit on your window(s).

A majority of other fans cool you by blowing air directly towards you. Window fans work differently. They cool a room by bringing in cool air from the outside. They also keep the room fresh by sucking out the stale air.

They can either be manually reversible or electrically reversible. The former needs to be shifted so as to change the direction of airflow while the latter automatically changes airflow by the flip of a switch.

There are those that have multiple independent blades that work simultaneously to exhaust stale air and/or draw in cool air while others just have a single set of blades.

Choosing a good window fan can be a hectic process and a lot needs to be put into consideration. By reading my reviews you will be sure to choose the very best and most powerful window fan available in the market today.

The 10 Top Rated Window Fans of 2017

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1. Bionaire twin reversible airflow window fan with remote control

2. Bionaire compact window fan

3. Holmes dual blade twin window fan with one touch thermostat

4. Lasko 2138-8” electrically reversible window fan

5. Air King 9166 20” whole house window fan

6. Comfort zone CZ310R twin window fan

7. Optimus 8” reversible twin window

8. Pelonis 9” twin window fan

9. Homebasix twin fan window





This is one of the most powerful window fans available in the market. Its two fans can work together or independently to bring air in or draw stale air out. In so doing, it keeps the house cool and fresh.

The Bionaire Twin Window fan has 3 distinct airflow settings all of which are quiet making ideal even for the bedroom.

It has a LED screen which allows you to see the selected settings. In addition, it also has a remote control so you can switch from setting to setting while in the comfort of your bed or couch.

You don’t have to worry about it fitting since it comes with extenders which makes it possible to fit in different sized windows.

The fan is made of durable material and you don’t have to worry about replacing it every summer.


This fan is as sleek as it is attractive and comes in black. It features 3 fans which work together to either cool and/or freshen your home. It is efficient and quiet enough to sleep through while it’s on.

It has extenders which make it possible to be installed in windows of different sizes. In addition, it can fit in windows that open vertically or horizontally.

The only down side is that it doesn’t come with a remote and as such you have to set it manually. It however has 3 airflow settings.


This window fan has 2 airflow settings. Its strong blades ensure a steady and strong flow which results to a high cooling effect. The Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan sucks stale air out and blows in cool air. It especially comes in handy if you live with a smoker as it gets rid of the stuffiness.

Another plus for the Holmes Window fan is the fact that it has a programmable thermostat which allows you to set the time for the switch between high and low speeds. This saves you the trouble of having to wake up every so often.

The fan measures 12-1/4” and is available on Amazon.


This Lasko Window Fan comes with 2 speed settings which can be adjusted by a thermostat. It also features extended panels making it ideal for different sized windows (25-35” W and 12+” H).

It is whisper quiet and also comes with snap-On feet for table or floor use.

Air King 9166 20” whole house window fan

This fan is powerful and extremely durable. It is rust proof, shatter proof and corrosion resistant which extends its life span a great deal.

Fits windows 27-38” W and 26.5” H. It features 3 speed settings and could be yours for $154.93.

Is my house ideal for a window fan(s)?

Before I let you know what to look for in the best window fans, let’s first determine whether your house is ideal for them.

As stated earlier, window fans work differently from other fans. They draw the cool air from outside to reduce the room temperatures. As such, if your house happens to be near a polluted area, avoid using a window fan as it will only draw in the pungent smells.

In addition, if you happen to live in a congested area, chances are the outside temperatures are always higher than those inside. Using window fans in such a house will do the exact opposite of what you expect; it will heat up your house instead of cooling it.

If your house is ideal for a window fan, let’s help you pick the best fan. If it isn’t you can thank me for saving you the money and trouble of installing it.

Factors to consider when choosing a window fan

The fan’s size

Window fans are fitted on the windows. Therefore, it is important to get one that will fit best if not perfectly.

Having a fan that doesn’t fit could make it topple over and force you to buy another one. An ill-fitting fan could also lead to local circulation where the same air is drawn back and forth.

To avoid this, seal the gaps between it and the window using a masking tape, paper or cardboard.

This is important especially for Bionaire window fans that draw air from outside. If the gaps are open, a pressure difference occurs and the air will go back outside hence you won’t get all of that cool air you desire so much.


Buy a window fan that has a screen. This will prevent intruders such as insects and rodents from gaining entry into your home. In addition, the screen will also prevent criminals from using that window as an entry point.

The fan’s features

Consider buying a window fan that has features such as;

· Remote control- this will save you the trouble of having to wake up every time you want to change a setting.

· Speed settings- a fan with a wide range of speed settings is always better as it gives you the power to control how much air you want draw in or sucked out.

· Multiple blades- fans that come with twin or triple blades increase the rate of airflow in or out of your house. Furthermore, such fans can both draw in and suck air out at the same time as opposed to single blade fans which can only do one at a time.

· Quiet- while at work your fan should be quite enough to enable you sleep, have a conversation or watch TV.

· Extenders- most people don’t carry around tape measures so you are forgiven for not knowing your exact window measurements.
For that reason, get a fan with extenders as they are sure to fit your window.

· Duo direction fitting- a window fan that can fit horizontally or vertically is best. If it doesn’t fit vertically, you simply rotate it and fit it horizontally.
Water resistant- this is for those who live in areas that experience rainfall. We all know that water and electricity is a recipe for fire.

The fans power

The best window fans should be powerful enough to draw in large amounts of air and/or suck out all the stale air from your house to leave it cool and fresh. Goes without saying that the more powerful the fan, the cooler and fresher the room.

How much does the fan window cost

Some fans are more expensive than others though not necessarily more effective. Besides, you need to keep in mind that a fan is not an investment that will gain you money. Buy a fan that is reasonably priced and one you can comfortably afford.

Consumer reviews

How do you know whether that fan you want actually works as the manufacturer’s claim? You simply look up what existing consumers have to say about it. It is not uncommon for products not to live up to consumers’ expectations.
In doing so, you may save yourself money or end up getting the best value for your money.


Part of the reason why window fans are popular is their ability to save energy which translates to reduced power bills.
With the ever-increasing bills to pay, a relief is most welcome. In addition, they are very effective in cooling and freshening your home.

As if they were not awesome enough, they can supplement or replace your air conditioner which saves you more money.

A good product should always give you value for your money and that is exactly what window fans do. Get yours today and drop a few degrees the economical way!


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