Casper Pillow Reviews

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A pillow is one of the essential elements for a comfortable sleep. As such, there are various brands that have come up over time to try a meet the requirements of various sleepers. One of these brands is Casper with their Casper pillow.

A Casper pillow is generally thicker than the average pillow as it is manufactured from two different materials:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester

This combination not only gives the strength it deserves but also ensures that it stays as soft as possible. Based on its thickness and softness, it may not be the best for stomach sleepers. The beautiful percale weave that makes up the cover ensures that the fibers stay in place.

Pillow support

The Casper pillow features a nice mix of strength and softness. While the inner layer ensures that you do not sink in too much, the outer fluff ensures that it stays comfortable. This approach is meant to ensure that its suits most sleepers. It is specifically made to ensure that it maintains its shape as much as possible.

As long as the specifications of this pillow suit you, then you can be sure that it won’t drop overnight, leaving you with back or neck pains in the morning. Notably, the manufacturer offers 100 days guarantee.  Their free delivery and return policy mean that you can test it out and can send it back in case you are not satisfied within the 100 days.

The outer cover

The cover is made from 100 percent cotton and woven in percale style. According to Loomstead a percale create a consistently strong fabric and this result in durability. This gives it good airflow that helps prevent heat buildup that is synonymous with the conventional pillows. So where does this leave you? Of course, you will always be on the cool side of this pillow.

What’s more, the cover wraps tightly around the pillow to create a smooth snug fit and design.

Casper pillow’s cover is both dryer and machine washer friendly. The zipper that runs along its outer cover ensures that you can open up the pillow to remove the inner smaller pillow anytime you so desire. The zipper is well designed and does not snag or present any form of a hiccup when opening.

The outermost layer of the pillow is all white with no distinct design attached to it. Opening up the pillow to pull out the inner layer, you will notice a significantly stylish look of white and blue stripes.

The inner pillow

Casper pillow features a low friction inner pillow with silky fibers designed to offer responsive support and contouring to the user. This make, in essence, gives the pillow a liquid-like, adaptive feel that promptly responds to any movements.

The Gusset

The gusset is an additional piece of material that the manufacturer designed to help expand of give shape and structure to the pillow. This means that apart from the top and bottom sections, the pillow also has a side panel. Casper saw the need to add a 2-inch gusset to ensure more space to move around. This is also a nice feature as it helps offer better spine alignment and neck support.

Feel and support

Compared to the conventional pillows, a Casper pillow offers a softer feel. On first use, you will notice a significant amount of sinkage.  As you roll your head around, you will not notice much change in its sinkage. Typically, the pillow does cradle your neck and head to provide an average level of support. This pillow works best for back sleepers, which actually happens to be the best sleeping position according to Medical Daily as it naturally aligns your spine all through the night..

However, you will notice some level of noise when sleeping on the pillow, especially as you turn around. This may not particularly be a good feature for sleepers who are disturbed by a slight noise during sleep.

Cleaning and care

The best thing about a Casper pillow is that you can actually wash the whole component. Here are the steps recommended by Casper to help you care for the pillow.

  1. Remove the inner pillow by unzipping the outer one
  2. Zip back the outer pillow
  3. Put each of these pillows in the washing machine
  4. With a mild detergent and warm water, wash it on the gentle cycle
  5. Run the rise cycle two times before tumble drying low with clean tennis balls or dryer balls.

Based on its features, the following are some of Casper Pillow’s pros and Cons


It dries up real quick after washing

  • Provides maximum support especially to back and side sleepers
  • Proves a descent size, both in width and height
  • Double pillow feature adds for more durability, comfort, and convenience


  • A bit pricey for shoppers on tight budget
  • Somewhat challenging to fluff it back after washing
  • Too soft for some sleepers
  • Too noisy for light sleepers

Unlike the Casper mattress that is filled with foam, a Casper pillow is made from fiber fillings, about one billion of these. This ensures that the pillow offers comfort and support without the need for fluffing or clumping. If you are looking for a reasonably soft pillow that offers just the right support, then this is the pillow to go for.

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