Bedroom Furniture
We spend around a third of our lives in bed. Yet how much do we really think about our essential bedroom furniture? The bed, the mattress, the pillows - all the essentials for a good night's sleep and the physical and mental health benefits it brings. Many people change their car more often than their bed and spend more time researching a new DVD player than a new mattress. Are you getting the sleep you deserve? Take a few minutes to look around your bedroom. Actually see your bedroom furniture for once. How old is it? Is the mattress beginning to sag? Have you changed since it was first bought? What about the bed linen? Are the bed sheets comfortable, or are they old and worn? Do the pillows support your head properly? Buying a new bed is undeniably expensive - but compare it with the cost of a new suit or outfit that you might only wear once or twice. Even if you spend $3000 on a top of a range bed and mattress, if it lasts for ten years then that's only $300 a year - less than a dollar a night. Even if you can't afford to buy a new bed yet, could you improve your nights by spending a little on some of the other bedding and bedroom furniture? Perhaps something as simple as a sunrise alarm clock to make those early mornings more bearable. Technology has moved on a lot in recent years - for example you can now buy mattresses, pillows etc in the new viscoelastic foam. Choosing the right bed is intensely personal. I don't make or sell beds and certainly can't choose a new bed for you. However I can give you some things to think about on the following pages. There's certainly no shortage of brands to choose from.