Layla Mattress Reviews- The Double Sided Mattress Test

layla mattress reviews

The Layla mattress is one of the few flippable all-foam mattresses available in the market today. This double-sided mattress ensures that the sleeper gets to choose between two firmness levels by determining the side that faces up. The Layla mattress oozes versatility that appeals to most sleepers. The perfect combination of two firmness levels, technology …

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Zotto Mattress Review- Is Memory Foam the Right Choice for You?

Zotto Mattress Review

Should you buy the Zotto Mattress? Who is it for? Our unbiased Zotto Mattress Review answers these and more questions about this memory foam mattress. The Zotto mattress hit the market through a KickStarter crowd sourced campaign and has since been on the lips of most memory foam mattress enthusiasts. The mattress has been crafted …

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Luma Mattress Review

Luma Sleep Review

Luma sleep is a relatively new bed-in-a box company operating and selling sleep products online. They have the Luma mattress as their flagship product. This is a latex hybrid mattress made with pocketing spring coils and Talalay latex. Apart from this, Luma also offers two other types of mattresses Luma Hybrid Slumber System  – Gives …

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Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is healthy and many people sleep this way.  It keeps your joints relaxed, the spine aligned and can stop snoring, since snoring usually occurs when sleeping on your back. It’s important to select the correct mattress when you are a side sleeper for the spine to rest in its natural curve so that …

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Allswell Mattress Review

allswell mattress review

Allswell Mattress ReviewWalmart seems to be keeping up with the trend if the recent launch of Allswell, the company’s latest online-only bedding brand is anything to go by.They have come up with a design conscious aesthetic that is expected to inspire the imaginations of its users by making it their “Instagram-worthy bed”.Allwells is no doubt …

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Luxi Mattress Review

Luxi mattress review

The Luxi Mattress ReviewThe Luxi mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress that perfectly blends latex and foam to give you the comfort you desire. This mattress stands out, thanks to its unique adjustable feature; you can practically split and flip each single layer.Basically, the luxury mattress gives you the chance to customize how firm you want …

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Tanda Mattress Review- Enjoy Advanced Cooling Technology

Tanda Mattress Review

Many thanks to the guys at Tanda Mattress who sent me a free mattress to review for this website. The Tanda bed is available in two constructions; The Comfy Cool and the Complete Cool Mattress. I was lucky enough to receive the complete cool mattress, which features the ATROS technology. However, both constructions of the …

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