Mouth Breathing Treatment: Stop Mouth Breathing with 7 Easy Everyday Tips

how to stop mouth breathing

You’ve probably heard the joke about mouth breathers but if you are one of them, you know there is nothing funny about it. In fact, it could be a matter of life and death. Mouth breathers are those who breathe through their mouths instead of their noses. Breathing through the mouth has negative health implications. … Read more

Co-Sleeping With Baby- Is It Safe? Beneficial Or What? Complete Guide for First Time Parents

Should we let our child sleep in our bed? Not long ago most child-care experts would have answered with an emphatic “No!” and maybe even “Under no circumstances.” Now the answer is more often “Do what feels right for your family.” There are a growing number of experts who are telling mothers that they can … Read more

Best Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock

The Dawn simulator also known as Sunrise alarm clock or even light alarm, allows to reconstruct and synchronize biorhythms by the use of progressive light intensity omitting the aggression and stress of the more traditional forms of alarm (alarm clock, radio) which more often render the first tasks of the day difficult and un-wanting. Whether adult, child or even … Read more

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis can occur either when falling asleep or when waking. It is sometimes associated with narcolepsy, however many people experience sleep paralysis without being narcoleptic. As always, you should discuss medical issues with your doctor. Sleep paralysis is characterized by being totally aware and apparently wide awake but literally unable to move a muscle. … Read more

Best Full Face Cpap Masks Review & Buying Guide (2019)

It is rather confusing for people when they just find out they have sleep apnea after doing a sleep study. It is confusing because there is a lot of terminology involved and it can be really disturbing to not know which direction to go. I have been there myself and that’s why I am providing … Read more

Theravent Reviews: Snore Less, Sleep More with Theravent Snore Therapy Nasal Strips

Sleeping next to someone who snores is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. This is according to a report by The Wall Street Journal that highlights different medical journals and reports on the dangers of second-hand snoring. If you or your partner snores while asleep, it’s best that you find a solution fast. Theravent Snore Therapy Nasal … Read more