Englander Mattress Reviews

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The flagship for Englander’s products.  Named the “heaviest innerspring unit in the industry”, this product features an exclusive 368 – 12 3/4 gauge coil design, coupled with a 3 gauge heavy border rod and head to foot helicals.  Supported by Englander’s Redline® Foundation, this boxspring is also the industry’s best and has been a part of the Englander line for over 50 years.  A truly top-rated sleep system in consumer reports!


Englander’s Laytex® mattresses are made of 100% pure, natural rubber unlike other synthetically blended products.  Reintroduced in the mid 90’s, the popularity of this unique product rivals that of its past history.  From the rubber plantation to the retail store, check out why you cannot compare a mattress that is 100% pure, natural rubber with one that is blended with synthetics!
Tension Ease®
Designed with another Englander exclusive innerspring, this bedding system has a 342, 12 3/4 gauge unit with head to foot helicals.  This sytem offers unparalleled innovation in comfort, support and firmness.

Each unique system has many mattresses to choose from.  For a retail store nearest you, check out our locations page.  Each mattress system is designed with its own special features and benefits all developed with a great night’s sleep as the final reward!

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