Eve Hybrid Mattress Review

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Eve mattress review

Eve is a combo foam mattress that features layers of polyfoam and memory foam to come up with a balanced feel. Its design meets a universal comfort description and this means it fits onto most sleep preferences.

Designed in Britain, the Eve mattress gives you all the benefits you would expect to get in a foam mattress like sleeping cool while at the same time helping relief pressure to give you a sound sleep all night.

Eve took its time to come up with this unique design; 70,000 prototypes and four years later, they finally got it right and came up with a mattress worth going for.

Construction and materials

The Eve mattress, being an all-foam mattress is made for comfort and all its layers are aimed at providing you with the most convenient sleeping experience.  It measures a depth of 24 centimeters. Its most notable layers are:

  • Cover
  • Top layer
  • Middle layer
  • Base layer

The cover

The Eve mattress features a polyester cover, giving it a stretchy, soft and breathable finish. You will not miss to notice the side panels that stand out in its bright yellow color. The side panels help protect the mattress from external factors and thus is made from a firm fabric. In fact, these side panels help much when moving the mattress.

Eve mattress’ cover is aesthetically different in that it features two distinct colors; white on the top section and yellow on the side panels, making it the most colorful cover for a mattress. However, the yellow color can sometimes be overwhelming for some sleepers who may prefer other colors.

The two-way stretch polyester used to make the cover is not only resilient but also elastic enough to enable it stay soft enough while at the same time leaving enough room for the memory foam under it to stand out too.

The top layer

Eve saw the need to use a contouring memory form for a top layer. This 1.5-inch memory form layer has been designed to offer cooling, comfort bounce and pressure relief to the sleeper. As much as it may take some more time than other materials to reform once you remove the pressure, this is pretty quick for a memory foam.

The middle layer

The middle layer, also known as the pressure relief layer measures just under 1.5 inches thick and is made of polyurethane foam. This is where the main support for the sleeper comes in. As the sleeper sinks deeper into the mattress from the top layer, the middle layer provides the much needed support and this prevents you from sinking in too much.

On the other hand, the layer is also made to breathe much easily and this means that good airflow is expected and it does pretty fine on heat retention.

Bottom layer

The bottom or base layer is a rigid 6.5-inch support layer that acts as the foundation for the mattress. As such, it helps provide and keep the overall shape of the mattress. Additionally, the layer also offers the deep compression support to the mattress. With just the right degree of bounce, this blended mattress unit presses back to its initial position, thanks to the firm base layer.


Notably, the Eve mattress offers a slightly firmer feel. This generally tells you that there is a subdued level of hug and sinkage. While the top layer helps in hugging the sleeper, it does so in a way that you do not feel trapped or stuck into the mattress.

With Eve’s design where the memory foam lies on top of the polyurethane foam, you practically get the best of both worlds. This basically means that apart from getting just the right pressure relief and great support, you also have an added support, thanks to the polyurethane foam beneath.

Unlike in most memory foams where you would expect to feel instant sinkage, Eve has some notable delay. As you lie on the Eve mattress, you will notice that the level of sinkage is gradual.

The level of support offered by the Eve mattress is satisfactorily impressive. All through our firmness test, we experienced equal support in each position.  Interestingly, even stomach sleepers will find no problem sleeping on their side, thank to the mattresses all-soft feel to the edges.

With the pressure relieving quality from the mattress you can be sure to feel flexible and thus experience a comfortable feel all through your sleep.

Bounce and support

If there is one area that Eve has focused to improve on, then it is its bounce. They managed to do this by making foam layer improvements. If you are hoping to get a mattress that will help spruce up your amorous activities, then this is worth considering. It is also ideal for sleepers who go through a hard time trying to get in and out of bed.

Motion transfer

With such an effective level of bounce in a foam mattress, you basically have a plus, but the same may not be said about motion transfer. It would be noted that the slightly form feel of the Eve mattress, coupled with its foams basically drives motions transfer and bounce.

With these features in place, Eve mattress has the ability to transfer energy all through the whole mattress. Well, motion transfer may not be on the same level with latex or coil mattresses but it does project more, compared to the standard memory foam mattresses.

Edge support

The Eve mattress feature s notable level of sinkage and you can expect this in most areas of the mattress. While sitting on the side of the mattress with knees just against the edge you will notice a bit of sinkage take effect but you can still feel some pretty good support. Moving your knees further from the mattress however, you will tend to sink in a bit more.

Notably, we realized that compressing the corner of the mattress with your hands is pretty easy.  However, this is not unusual for foam products as they are known not to do too well on edge support. If you are heavier, then you may need to consider larger models to offer you just the right edge support. For a lighter user however, this mattress performs just fine in regard edge.

Off Gassing

When dealing with brand new products, offgassing is a common phenomenon and it is no different when it comes to mattresses. Research shows that offgassing occurred during the temporary release of volatile organic compounds. In this regard, we noted that the Eve mattress does have off gassing issues.

However, you may not notice much of an unpleasant chemical smell when opening the product. You will notice a faint odor but this will only last a few hours and you will be good to go.  Considering that the Eve mattress is CertiPUR- US® certified, you need not worry about its safety standards.

Temperature regulation

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping hot does not equate a good sleep. Research shows that by sleeping cool, you tend to get a more comfortable and sound sleep all through the night.

One of the biggest issues faced by foam mattresses is the issue of sleeping hot. We therefore did a test for the Eve mattress, to determine how best it can perform in terms of sleeping cool. Lying on a mattress for 30 minutes at 64 degrees Fahrenheit in room temperature our testers sought to determine its temperature regulation.

Using a thermal imaging camera to record, it was noted that it tool around eight minutes before it cools down back to room temperature. This is good performance considering that an average foam mattress would usually take about 10 minutes.


The true test of any products in terms of its durability is usually dependent on tow basic parameters:

  • Materials used
  • Design adopted
  • Environment used

Based on these parameters, Eve performs its own internal testing that ultimately helps win over the trust of its consumers. This involves using a machine that simulates ten years wear and tear for the product.

During this test, it is noted that the mattress does pretty fine in maintaining its comfort and support. Therefore, you can expect to keep your mattress durable as long as you put in to the best of care.

With this being said however, we noted that the density of foam used is a little on the low compared to its equal counterparts and this may be its undoing in terms of its durability.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The memory foam feel is balanced on both hug and sinkage
  • Flat smooth mattress cover with firm side panels
  • Good choice for back sleepers
  • Performs pretty fine on motion transfer
  • God customer service


  • Not too good with edge support
  • Low density foam

Notably, Eve offers up to 10 years of warranty. During this time, you can return your mattress and get your full refund in case you experienced genuine manufacturing defects.

What’ more, you also get to enjoy sleep trials of up to 100 nights. This covers for the chance that you may not get to lay on the mattress and test it at the store. In case, you are unlucky and fall on the 5 percent of Eve’s customers that do not get to keep the product, then you are assured of a full refund.


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