Ghost Bed Review: Is the Ghostbed Mattress Right for You?

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Ghostbed is a revolutionary bed-in-a-box mattress that has steadily gained prominence over the years.

Made by GhostBed, a company that began in 2015 as a division of Nature’s sleep; an industry veteran. This is an indication that they understand their craft and know what it takes to make a mattress worth spending a night on. The Ghostbed mattress aims at improving your shopping experience by doing away with the need to depend on showroom salespeople.

Construction and design

Ghostbed makes use of both memory foams and latex in its construction. This is a plus, for two main reasons:

  1. Comfort: This construction is aimed at providing a good mix of pressure relief and bounce, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds..
  2. Cooling effect: Latex is known to provide a cooling effect. It has therefore been used in the construction of this mattress to provide just that. With a Ghostbed, you do not need to feel like you are sleeping on top of a furnace.

There are four intrinsic levels on the GhostBed Mattress, each constructed to give you a premium feel. These levels include:

  • The GhostBed Mattress Cover
  • The Comfort Layer
  • The Compression Layer,
  • And the Base Layer

Let’s look into each of these layers in more details to better understand why the GhostBed is one of our most recommended mattresses.

What’s on the Cover?

The GhostBed’s cover combines polyester and viscose.

This makes it conveniently stretchy,an assurance to you that it will not bunch up during position adjustment of the mattress.

Additionally, the mattress’s cover has been made thin to ensure that there is  good air flow all through the mattress. This is important as it helps to regulate the temperature.

The extra thin mattress cover also gives you the chance to clearly feel the mattress’s top foam layer.

The Comfort Layer

The GhostBedMattress features 1.5-inch latex foam that acts as the comfort layer. Latex was specifically chosen for this mattress due to the following reasons:

  • Latex foam quickly responds to pressure thus giving the mattress the right bounce that will not make you feel like you are trapped in the mattress.
  • The latex’s elasticity ensures that the mattress conforms to the shape of your body, no matter your sleeping style.
  • Latex is naturally resistant to mould, dust mites and bacteria and you would therefore not need to use any other chemicals to help deal with these.
  • Latex has an open-cell natural structure. This comes in handy in allowing good air circulation within the mattress. In fact, the pinhole patterns created during manufacturing makes this even more effective.

The Compression Layer

Below the comfort layer is a 2-inch memory foam that forms a compression layer. This is way above the industry standard of 1 inch and this means even better comfort. The compression lets you easily sink in while providing the right contouring to the body.

Such deeper memory foam is the perfect mattress fit for side sleepers since they are known to dig further into the mattress when sleeping as the weight gets concentrated on one side.

Having the memory foam just below the comfort layer also serves another important function; It helps to defend against the body’s trapped heat and this keeps you comfortably cool all through your sleep.

The Base Layer

Finally, GhostBed’s construction features a base layer. This is a solid, 7.5-inch high-density polyfoam. A polyfoam, also known as a pylyurethene foam is a durable and flexible material produced through a combination of isocyanate, polyol, and water.

Based on its durability, it has been used on a range of other products like car seats, furniture and packaging. It offers not only basic support but also durability to the whole system. What’s more, this base layer is what evidently gives the Ghostbed its distinct shape.


If you are like me, and every other sleeper, you certainly crave for a certain degree of firmness in your mattress.

A first press on the Ghostbed mattress gives to the initial feeling of a soft latex form at the top. As much as it allows you press in a bit more, it does respond quickly to pressure. With a little more addition of weight, you are bound to interact with the memory form layer just beneath and the feeling of contouring to your hands is sure to occur.

However, it is important to note that what it comes to feeling the firmness of a mattress, users of different body shapes and types are bound to feel it differently. As such the GhostBed has gone through the tests from various users and the result shows that it squarely lies in the medium range of firmness.  This means that as long as you don’t sleep in one specific position, this mattress is bound to offer a solid mix of pressures relief and support.

Talking of firmness, this can be clearly represented by determining the pressure points in the mattress. By lying on your side, back and stomach, the tests done on this mattress give the various impressions of firmness and pressure.

When lying on your back, the weight will be distributed evenly and thus results show low pressure across the whole body. This is made possible thanks to the latex comfort layer that comfortably fills the space below your lower back. This is a plus for back sleepers. Even with a little more punch into the mattress, all you will feel is the little contour from the memory foam but you can change positions much easily without feeling stuck in the mattress.

For side sleepers, the weight is clearly higher over a lower surface area and this will result in you digging a bit more into the mattress. However, you do not need to worry as the memory foam layer got you covered.

The foam layer gives you the liberty to sink more in, thus relieving you of pressure.  Notably, side sleepers are known to experience pressure points at the shoulders and hips but with GhostBed, you will seldom experience these forming.

Finally, stomach sleepers are also catered for with the GhostBed, thanks to the even weight distribution and low pressure across the body. GhostBed understands the need to reduce pressure, especially around the chest, something that can sometimes make breathing a challenge. This mattress has a provision that ensures your hips and chest does not sink too much in, thanks to its firmness.

Experience on Bed Sharing

Sharing a bed is common when sleeping. This can be either with a friend, child or partner. As such, it is important that you determine how your mattress behaves in such instances.

One of the tests done on the GhostBed is on the levels of disturbance the other party is likely to cause if the abruptly get on or off the bed.  This made is specifically made to reduce motion transfer and you are unlikely to get much disturbance when someone rolls or steps out of the bed. This is, no doubt a plus for thus spending nights with restless partners.

The other factor you may need to consider when sleeping with a partner is edge support. Most foam mattresses have been known to struggle much when it comes to living up to the expectations of a good edge support. The edges of the Ghostbed are made form enough for one to notice that they are at the edge, thus avoid accidental falling off the bed. This is made possible through the memory foam and latex layers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Well, having looked at the basic features, it is only fair that we take into consideration the pros and the cons of a Ghostbed. To whom is this mattress best suited for and who may not need it? Here are some of the basic tenets to take into consideration:


  • Cool Sleep: the gel infused memory foam used in the construction of this mattress does the magic. By being placed just below the layer of aerated foam, it helps cushion the sleeper against sleeping too hot.
  • Ability to sleep in multiple positions: its medium firmness allows for a wide range of sleeping preferences.
  • Pressure relief with bounce: The perfect combination of the memory foam and the soft latex comfort layer offers unmatched pressure relief.
  • Value for money: Apart from the GhostBed using quality materials in creating a solid combination of support and pressure relief, the mattress is surprisingly affordable compared to similar products out there.
  • Optional matching box spring: You have the choice to increase your experience even more with this additional matching box spring
  • Free shipping within US and to Canada ensures you save even more with this mattress


  • As much as the is relatively recommended to any sleeper, those who prefer spring mattresses exclusively may not find this the best choice
  • It may not be the best choice for those who exclusively sleep on one position as this may need a firmer/softer mattress

Final Verdict

Clearly, Nature’s Sleep as a company has gone out of their way to come up with a quality product that clearly falls in sync with a mid-range price shopper who is keen on quality too.

By exclusively using eco-friendly processes to manufacture the high-density foams in the USA, they are sending a clear signal that they are stopping at nothing less.

Notably,, the company offers an irresistible offer of 101 risk-free sleep trials. This is coupled with a 20-year warranty as well as attractive free shipping timelines.

Should you find anything defective within the first 10 years of using the mattress, nature’s Sleep offers to either replace it for free or repair it at no additional cost to you.  Any defect that happened between 10 and 20 years will attract a pro-rated charge of 5 percent per annum.  This is definitely good news and a sign that this is a company that believes in the quality of its product.

If you are not looking for a specialized mattress, then GhostBed is, no doubt the mattress you ought to go for as this clearly caters for sleepers with typical mattress needs.

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