Harbor Breeze Fans- Installation and maintenance tips

Installing a Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans in your property can benefit you in many ways. Along with saving on your energy bills, a harbor breeze fan also enhances the attractiveness of your rooms. The problem however comes when your fan starts behaving abnormally.

How do you clean, fix, and maintain your ceiling fan?

Though these fans are well made and of high quality, they can develop faults after a long use.

In order to save your fans from getting broken frequently, you should always take care of their maintenance. Regular maintenance of your cooling fans can save you from repair expenses in the future. It also saves you from that unnecessary hassle that you may have to face if it breaks down.

Harbor Breeze Fans Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is not as complex as you might think. You do not need to be an expert to do it yourself. Start by just following these simple steps:-

The instructions manual

When you buy a new fan, you get a Harbor Breeze fan manual with it. People often ignore it thinking they know everything about the maintenance of their fan.

You should go through the ceiling fan manual to understand all the safety measures that you need to follow to keep the fan working efficiently.

Proper installation

The up-keeping of a fan is certainly very important, but equally important is to get a high-quality installation of your top-notch fan. Unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, always call professional plumbers for fan installation. The experts at Lowe’s stores can advise and assist you to ensure a proper ceiling fan installation.

Installing ceiling fans require certain knowledge, like how to wire a ceiling fan, how to install its remote control, how to remove the bulbs in them and much more. Giving your fan a standard and professional installation, increases its longevity and keeps you trouble-free.

Regular maintenance

After the proper installation and ongoing use of the fan, you need to ensure regular maintenance of it.

You should clean it at least twice every year.

These ceiling fan cleaning tips should help you:

  1. While cleaning always switch off the main power supply.
  2. You should never use a damp cloth or water to clean it.
  3. Clean the blades and housing of the ceiling fan using a soft brush or a lint free cloth to avoid scratching it.
  4. The various movable parts of your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan should be lubricated for smooth and noiseless operation.
  5. Check whether the screws are perfectly tight or not. The housing and motor assembly should also be checked.

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Give it a break

To ensure longevity of your fan always turn it off when it is not in use. It saves it from getting damaged due to overworking. And saves you a few extra pennies in energy bills

Bathroom fan

Your Harbor Breeze bathroom fan also requires proper maintenance. A bathroom fan helps in keeping the bathroom fresh, by eliminating fog, odor, and moisture. A bathroom fan installation and maintenance can be a complex task, but you should never ignore it. Avoiding it can take a toll on your fan in a long run.

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If you follow these ceiling fan maintenance tips, you should be able to get a fully functional ceiling fan that will go a long way in serving you.

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