Honest Purple Mattress Reviews and Consumers Buying Guide

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The Purple mattress is a revolutionary technology that may not fall in the common categories of memory foam, latex or innerspring mattresses.

As a result of its unique features, it has risen to become one of the household names in the bed-in-a-box market.

Purple Mattress Construction and Design

Comfort layer:

A purple mattress uses a hyper-elastic polymer to make up the comfort layer and this is designed in the form of a grid structure.

This layer stands at two inches tall and quickly responds to pressure to help give some bounce to the mattress. This means you can easily change positions while sleeping without much pressure. In fact, it’s made even more convenient by the grid structure that makes up columns of supportive polymer until a given pressure threshold is reached.

As soon as this threshold is reached, the column opens up to enable the area to sink in and in the process provide pressure relief. Basically, this hyper-elastic polymer can give in especially in cases where there is an increase in pressure but at the same time in a position to stay supportive overall to help prevent the formation of pressure points.


The cover of a purple mattress blends Viscose, Polyester, and Lycra. This gives you a soft, breathable and pretty thin material to allow easy airflow into the mattress. Notably, Lycra is a stretchy material, often used in clothes meant for athletes as it helps in regulating temperature by wicking away body temperature.

The cover features a modern and attractive design, coupled with a traditional color scheme. It becomes a snug fit for the top layer by working together to eliminate or minimize any heat buildup.

Transition layer

This is the middle layer of the purple mattress and features 1.8lb and 3.25 inches of poly foam. This section acts as a compression support layer for the mattress. Additionally, is helps transition you as a sleeper from the comfort layer to the base layer.

Base layer: The base of the purple mattress features 2lb and 4 inches of poly foam. Its firmness forms the foundational support while at the same time giving shape and structure to the mattress.


Pressing into the top of the mattress, what you get is the feeling of the hyper-elastic polymer that forms the top cover. Its bounce and response to pressure is commendable.

When you add even more force and weight into the mattress, you will realize the feel of the transition layer beneath. However, the smart grid on top clearly does a good job of distributing weight evenly across the mattress. So essentially, most of the feeling would come from the comfort layer.

It is, however, important to note that the feeling of firmness differs from one sleeper to another due to the differences in body shape and size. As such, the mattress goes through a range of tests with these various factors in consideration to offer a middle ground that will be comfortable for everyone.

Notably, if you are overly light, then you may not attain the pressure threshold enough to collapse the hyper polymer columns for this mattress. This may, in essence, make you feel that the mattress is firmer.

Purple Mattress Raw Egg Test

One of the most notable tests used on the purple mattress is the raw egg test. This is meant to assure that its polymer is firm enough to hold up heavy weights while at the same time soft enough to sink if need be, so the eggs do not break.

The translation to this test is that by lying on the mattress, you get the contoured feel that allows your hips and shoulders to sink in while remaining supportive to the rest of the body.

Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with a friend or partner, it is only important that you understand how it feels when someone else is turning and tossing around on your bed while asleep. For this test, we used a 10 lb steep ball and dropped it on the mattress from 4, 8 and 12 inches high then measured the disturbance caused on the other side of the mattress.

The results show that the 4 inch drop resulted in a small disturbance to mattress’ other side. This drop is meant to imitate someone rolling around in bed. The 8 and 12 inch drops on the other hand would stand in for someone getting out of bed and the results were average just like other types of mattresses like the latex or memory foam.

Edge support

When sharing a bed with someone or in cases where you are just a restless sleeper who turns around more often, then edge support ought to be one of your priority factors. The purple mattress does a good job of support when you lie on your back at the edge. There is a pretty even feel right from the center of the bed to its side and you do not get the feeling that you would fall even when you change positions or roll around.

By lying on your side, there is a noticeable compression as the mattress gives room for your hips and shoulders to sink in order to release pressure. As much as you may feel a certain level of compression you would still feel secure in the process.

You may also want to know how the edge of the purple mattress performs when sitting at the edge. This will most likely happen as you wake up in the morning. This position gives some compression that is synonymous with most of the other bed in a box or foam mattresses in the market. As much as this may not be a very significant position to look out for when shopping, it does help to show how the mattress will react in case a large amount of weight lies on one location at the edge.

Is a purple mattress the right one for you?

Well, to determine if this mattress will fit your specification, it would be important to look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Best for pressure relief with support: With the comfort layer’s polymer grid structure, weight is distributed evenly and this relieves pressure while staying supportive to your body.
  • The cooling effect: this is best for those worried about sleeping while feeling too hot as the grid structure offers a temperature-neutral feel, especially with the aid of the thin, breathable cover.
  • Comfortable bounce: With the quick pressure response from the hyper-elastic polymer, you can easily move around the mattress while changing positions without much interference.
  • Convenient bed-in-a-box business model: The unique material, unbeatable price and online business model makes this mattress the right choice for most shoppers.


  • This may not be the best option if you are looking for a mattress that you understand. It’s not easy to categorize a purple mattress into the conventional types and this may be a challenge to some shoppers.
  • It is only available in four sizes. The typical full or twin sizes are not available
  • Edge does not offer the best support for heavier users.

What else do you need to know?

Well, so much can be said about the purple mattress and the best way to sample it is getting a physical feel of one.

However, it helps to know that the manufacturer offers 100 nights of risk free trial. If you are not satisfied with it by the end of this period, you are free to return it, no questions asked.

In regard to warranty, Purple offers up to ten years. This is comparable to other modern mattress types that lie within the same price range.

What’s more, it is made in USA and you can be assured of its quality and durability. This is especially so due to the combination of both hyper-elastic polymer and foam. However, you may incur extra shipping fees for shipment to regions like Hawaii and Alaska.

The purple mattress weights anything between 70 and 140 pounds depending on the type you shoes to go for. It is available in four sizes: King, Queen, Twin XL and California King.

In regard to its smell, the purple mattress features a very faint smell while new, something that is expected of a new mattress. However, this fades within a few days and thus causes no off gassing.

The safety of the material used is guaranteed, seeing that the mattress if CertiPUR-US certified.

As much as there is no official policy from the manufacturer in regard to how to care for the mattress, it is recommended that you rotate it twice a year. However, do not flip it as the polymer layer ought to remain on top at all times.

It is important to note that the mattress will be shipped to you directly in a sturdy compressed package. This packaging features convenient carry handles for easier transportation to your room.

Basically put, the purple mattress offers you the best quality at the right price. It becomes form where to need it but also soft where you want it. Its unique material design is no doubt a step ahead in regards to innovation in the industry.