Idle Sleep Mattress Reviews

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The Idle sleep is a two-sided mattress that offers two comforts in one and you can choose to flip either side of the mattress not only to keep it lasting longer but also to give you a variety in terms of its feel and comfort. Idle Sleep Mattress is the brainchild of an industry veteran who saw the need to create a mattress that will fit the preferences of most sleepers, 18 years ago.

Notably, Idle Sleep Mattress comes in four basic options:

  • Idle hybrid
  • Idle latex
  • Idle all foam
  • Idle dual feel

For the sake of this review however, we will be focusing more on the Idle Hybrid mattress. It is a relatively heavy mattress whose queen size version weighs 142 pounds.  This is basically the first indicator that quality is not compromised in its construction.

Construction and materials

The Idle sleep hybrid mattress can be classified as a super soft model that offers exemplary comfort and support. This 14-inch hybrid design is made up of 6 construction layers. Compared to the all-foam versions, this model offers more bounce according to the manufacturer.

Notably, Idle Sleep is focused on offering you a sound night’s sleep thanks to its construction that is engineered with premium materials. Basically, its design is a blend between a foam mattress and the traditional designs. With its six, high performance layers, you can be sure to derive maximum comfort and a healthier sleep.

With its design, the Idle hybrid mattress is made to offer unmatched performance. This is made possible to the premium cooling foams that relieves pressure and a well thought out pocketed coil system. With this combination, you have legendary comfort and support.

Some of its key Specs are:

  • 2-sided design
  • 14 inches high Comforting technology with 6 layers
  • Hand made in the U.S.
  • 5.5 to 6 medium form and 7.5 luxury firm levels
  • Edge coil to quantum edge system
  • Superior motion isolation construction
  • The cover is made of Thermocool fabric
  • Queen size features more than 1000 coils

Structure and layers

Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress blends spring and foam features to give you the best from both worlds. This basically means that you get the right bounce, ideal support and cushioning comfort all in one go.

The cover – this is made of Thermocool Fabric that has been proven by research to help in temperature regulation. It does this by working hand in hand with the natural thermal capabilities of the body through smart fiber cross-section.  As such, it basically keeps you cool when you feel hot and hot when you feel cold.

 The following are the six layers of the hybrid mattress that offers you nothing short of a sound night’s sleep.

  • Thermocool upper fabric – This is the layer special mandated to warm or cool your body depending on the climatic conditions at that time. The mattress gets its ideal temperatures through the incorporation of smart fibers that run in cross sections.
  • Quilting foam – This is the second layer in the mattress from the top and features quilting foam. This is meant to give you extra softness and optimum comfort during your sleep. The layer basically creates a smooth sleeping surface by blending the tickling to the top filling layer.
  • Airflow foam – This is the third layer and is responsible for making the mattress breathable and much cooler. This explains why it is filled with airflow which aids in breathability, additional bounce and even more cooling.
  • Buoyancy foam – The buoyancy foam works to ensure that your body gets the right positioning and is well supported. Idle Sleep saw the need to add this layer to help in offering the right alignment to you back and shoulders.
  • Edge to Edge Pocket Coil System – This is the fifth layer from the top and measures 6 inched thick, featuring edge-to-edge pocketed coil system. This layer is incorporated into the Idle Sleep hybrid mattress to help in offering the optimum edge support. As such, you will not easily fall off the edge of the mattress, especially when sharing your bed.
  • Additionally, the advanced support is made to ensure that you sit on the edge on the mattress without feeling significant sinkage.
  • Two sided – This is the sixth and the bottom layer of the mattress, featuring a two sided design. This design is meant to help improve the durability of the mattress. Its ability to be flipped over gives it an edge against the standard mattresses that may degrade easily courtesy of the single-sided design.


For any Hybrid mattress, firmness tops the list on what to look out for. You do not want to end up with an hybrid mattress that could potentially obstruct little airways. The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress features an ideal firmness that fits the stomach, side and side sleepers as well as heavy combinational sleepers.

Idle sleep Hybrid gives you two options in terms of its firmness.  While you can opt for the 7.5 luxury firm, there is also the other 5.5 to 6 medium firm level. For heavy, back and stomach sleepers, the 7.5 firmness level is most ideal. On the other hand, the 5.5 to six firmness will best work for combinational sleepers.

Notably, the Idle Hybrid mattress will be most preferred by sleepers used to coil designs. If you do not like foam mattresses, then this is also the right choice for you.

Motion isolation

Compared to the traditional memory foam, the Idle Hybrid mattress responds quickly and features more of a bouncy feel. As such, you may not be too sure about its ability to isolate motion until you test it.

Interestingly, the foam layers incorporated into the construction of this mattress do a good job in motion isolation. This is also aided by the coil system that helps stabilize the whole aspect of weight distribution.

Edge support

Do you sometimes feel the urge to just sleep at the edge? Or maybe you simply share your bed with a partner. This is where the importance of edge support comes in since you do not want to find yourself doffing rolling off the bed.

The Idle Hybrid mattress has been specially designed to offer just the right edge support thanks to its quantum edge-to-edge coil system. These run all the way to the edges of the mattress to help offer just the right support at these ends. Additionally, the mattress also features 4 inches of a softer foam at the top.

With this combination, you will clearly notice when you are at the edge to the bed as you can clearly feel the compression under your skin.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Two firmness levels for convenience and preference
  • Premium materials engineering for optimum performance
  • Good motion isolation and edge support due to the quantum edge to edge coil system.
  • Thermocool fabric technology on cool helps regulate temperature
  • Long lasting, two sided design
  • Offers proper body alignment thanks to the buoyancy foam


  • Not the best choice for those who prefer an all foam design
  • Firmness scale is lower, this not ideal for heavier sleepers

Final verdict

Generally, this is a mattress that is sure to appeal to most sleepers. This is especially so due to some of this unique features that stand out. Top of these is the two-sided design. The other notable aspect is its pressure relief capability. The mattress feels buoyant and soft and even with these, you do not sink in too much or feel trapped. This can be traced t the foam combination aspect on top.

For sleepers who usually complain of sore shoulders in the morning after a night’s sleep this is the right mattress, thanks to its ability to appreciate your body contours. One notable aspect about the mattress is its ease in slipping over or transporting, thanks to its already stitched handles. If you are looking for a comfortable mattress that much more than the industry standards, then Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is your best bet.

Finally, it helps to know that the company offers up to 12 nights of sleep trial. If you are not impressed with the mattress by this time, you are free to return it and claim your full refund. On warranty, the Idle Sleet Hybrid mattress has a lifetime warranty. This is projected to be around 20 years. In cases any defect that can be traced to manufacturing errors and flaws happen, you are free to return it for replacement or refund.

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