Layla Mattress Reviews- The Double Sided Mattress Test

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The Layla mattress is one of the few flippable all-foam mattresses available in the market today. This double-sided mattress ensures that the sleeper gets to choose between two firmness levels by determining the side that faces up.

The Layla mattress oozes versatility that appeals to most sleepers. The perfect combination of two firmness levels, technology and a partnership with experienced bedding experts gives birth to the Layla mattress.

Notably, Layla is not just any other copycat mattress company. It sets itself apart, thanks to its 3 unique features:

  1. The first mattress in its category to combine memory foam with copper
  2. Two-sided with two firmness levels
  3. Features the THERMOgel technology

Read on for our full Layla mattress review.

Our thorough review process found that Layla Sleep should be awesome for you if…

  • You are looking for a budget plush and soft mattress
  • You are into memory foam mattresses (You like the feeling of sinking into a mattress)
  • You have pressure points that need to be gently cushioned against.
  • You share your bed with a partner and want to limit the movement you feel when your partner turns

The Layla Mattress is especially a good pick for back sleepers, irrespective of how much your body weighs. The mattress will also perform very well for you if you sleep on your side.

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Construction and materials

layla mattress reviews double sidedAs much as the Layla mattress still falls under a memory foam mattress, it clearly stands out from the crowd, thanks to the specific type and amount of memory foam used.

Unlike the conventional mattresses that usually use anything between half an inch to two inches for its basic viscoelastic memory foam, the Layla mattress stands out with its 4-inch high-density premium memory foam.

Apart from the high-density memory foam, the Layla mattress is known for its copper infusion into the memory foam. According to research, such an addition to a mattress helps the sleeper in reducing joint inflammation pains, improving blood flow and most of all keep you cool while sleeping.

Copper is also known to be a good thermal conductor. This basically means that as you sleep, it will transfer heat from its high concentration (your body) and dissipate it to a place with a lower concentration (your room). This basically results in the sleeper feeling a constant cooling sensation.

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The Layla mattress is made up of 4 different layers. This enables it to hold up the double-sided design. Some of its notable sections include:

  • Cover
  • Soft comfort
  • Transition
  • Support
  • Form comfort


layla mattress reviewsLayla mattress features a polyester cover blended to give you a cozy feeling. Apart from this, it also has a gel infusion that helps the sleeper in regulating temperature and keeping the mattress cool at all times.

Notably, the cover has a zipper and is fully removable, thus making it convenient to dry clean.

Soft Comfort

On the softer side of the mattress, the comfort layer features three-inch copper infused memory foam, measuring 3.5lb. For a memory foam, this is pretty thick and thus makes it soft enough for the sleep to comfortably sink in and relief pressure.

With this material on the soft comfort, you will experience a slow pressure response while at the same time providing a contouring feel to the whole mattress. Usually, memory foam mattresses are known to trap body heat but for Layla, the copper infusion helps in keeping the mattress cool.

Transition layer

This 2-inch layer of polyfoam is situated just below the comfort layer with a density of 1.8 lb. Apart from acting as a transition between the soft comfort and the base layer below, it also offer some notable support for the mattress.

We also noticed that the makers of Layla mattress convoluted the transition layer with an egg-crate design. This helps in allowing air flow through the mattress and this ensures constant temperature regulation.

Support layer

The support layer of Layla mattress oozes strength, thanks to its high density, 2-pound polyfoam. This layer is designed to offer just the right support no matter the side of the mattress the sleeper decides to use. This is where the mattress gets its distinct shape. What’s more, its quick response to pressure is unmatched.

Firm comfort layer

On the firm side of the mattress, the form comfort layer features one inch of copper-infused memory foam just like in the soft side of the mattress. By using one inch of memory foam, Layla ensures that the sleeper does not sink in too far when using this side but will feel just the right contouring nevertheless.

Notably, this side is made firmer by the fact that there is no transition that stands between the support and the comfort layers.

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Layla Mattress Firmness Test

By pressing into the softer side of the mattress, we noticed that the memory foam had a pretty easy compression. As you push your hands even further into the foam, your hands will sink even more and you will feel the memory contouring engulf you.

By pressing the firm side by hand, you will still notice some form of contouring. However, you will also notice the quick transition from the soft memory foam getting into the firm support base under it. This is unlike the softer side where the softness goes in all through.

However, when it comes to firmness, this will be felt differently based on the sleeper, especially in regards to their weight. Nevertheless, there is not much really in regards to the difference in firmness of the two sides. While most flippable mattresses usually feature a substantial range of firmness, the Layla does not seem to follow this trend.

However, if you hope to change the firmness of the Layla, you may need to do more than just flipping it.

How to change the Firmness of the Layla mattress

Before you take out your  Layla mattress from its box, please note that it is configured to the softer side by default. If this side does not excite you and need to change, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the cover by unzipping it
  2. Flip the mattress over with the firmer side facing the ceiling
  3. Return back on the cover with the soft fabric side remaining on top

This process should not take more than ten minutes and you will be well on your way to enjoying the feel on your favorite side to sleep on.

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Layla Mattress Pressure Test

In order to fully understand how much pressure relief the mattress can offer, a pressure test is essential.  In regard to this test, we noticed that by lying on your back on the softer side of the mattress, you will notice some considerable weight distribution and thus low pressure all across the body.

While still lying on your back, you will tend to sink in tentatively as the memory foam contours your body. Notably, though, the memory foam responds slowly to pressure and it may take a little more effort when trying to change position.

Lying on your side, you will dig much further into the mattress due to the high concentration of weight over a smaller surface area. Usually, side sleepers are known to suffer from effects of pressure, especially on the hips and shoulders. However, Layla seems to have found a way to go round this by using thick layers of memory foam.

By sleeping on your stomach, the weight will still be distributed evenly, thus resulting in low pressure across the whole body. As much as stomach sleepers are known to face issues with sinking hips, Layla has the firm side of the mattress to take care of this.

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Layla Mattress Motion Transfer Test

Motion transfer in a mattress comes to mind if you are sharing it with a partner or friend. It is important to determine how much disturbance you are likely to experience in situations where the partners is getting out in or rolling around in bed.

As such, motion transfer test is important to help determine the intensity of detectable motion from one part of the mattress to the other.

Motion tests on the softer side of the Layla showed that the mattress does a pretty good job in isolating motion. This is however dependent on the weight of the sleeper.

Even with far much heavier users, tests show that the amount of disturbance created is not pronounced enough to a point of causing the other partner discomfort.

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Edge Support

If for any reason you will need to use the entire surface of your mattress at some point, then it would be important to consider edge support. Foam mattresses are not known to do well in regards to offering the right edge support compared to the innerspring mattresses.

By lying at the edge of the mattress on your back, you will feel as though you are firmly compressing the mattress and this is expected of any soft foam mattress. The same sleeping position on the firm side of the mattress will see less compression through the top. This is because the transition is much quicker to the firm support layer.

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Layla Mattress Warranty and Trial Period

Layla offers a guarantee of 120 trial nights to any of its customers. This trial begins right from the date of purchase. However, there is a two week break-in period during which you may not return your mattress.

On warranty, Layla seems to stand tall with its lifetime warranty for all its mattresses. During this time, the company is obligated to replace or repair any mattress deemed defective.

However, the warranty coverage will solely depend on how properly you use foundational support.  However, Layla’s warranty does not include mattresses used for commercial purposes.

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