Lectrofan – Fan Sound and White Noise Machine Review

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You had an awful day at the office and wanted to have sound sleep at home, but the stray dogs barking outside in the street and the music from the neighborhood do not let you sleep at all.

Even the traffic noise keeps you awake as well. You can have sound sleep if you go and get the Lectro Fan High Fidelity White Noise Machine. It helps you to sleep in any noisy environment.

It is a sound machine that mimics the equivocating sound of the fan and originates the pure white noise in several pitches which can be adjustable. This process is also named as “sound masking,”

Lectro Fan masks the sound and provides you with a conducive environment for sleep without the nasty side effect of most sleeping pills.

By having the Lectro Fan Noise Machine in your bedroom, you can easily mask the intrusive sound and have the sound sleep you’ve been yearning for. You just switch on the Lectro Fan, adjust the pitch and volume with the felonious sound and the offending sound will be blended with the white noise by the Lectro Fan.

Features of the Lectro Fan White Noise Machine

  1. Small in Size

Lectro Fan’s size is an important aspect of it. It carries a very simplistic design and can be fitted anywhere. You can fit it on the bedside table or any shelf.

It can be placed in an area that is 4 inches wide and 2 inches high. So, fitting it anywhere will not be a problem for you.

While you sit in the sitting room or sleep in a bedroom, you can put it anywhere as it does not ask for a huge space to fit in. You can even use it while travelling as it has a transportable size and can help you to have an ideal travelling.

  1. Volume control

One thing that is louder for one person can be quieter for someone else.

The Lectro Fan White Noise Machine has a feature to adjust the volume of your own choice. No one likes to buy a thing that doesn’t fit in his comfort zone. So, you can control the white noise machine to match your needs.

If you are comfortable with the high volume you can use it and if you like to hear lower volume, then you can adjust it with your own choice.

  1. Power Source

The source of energy for the Lectro Fan varies. It requires 0.002KWH power. Some people plug it in the socket. Few use the USB power while many of them run it off AA batteries.

Consider the available power source before making a purchase so that you can fit in the machine closer to it. If the power source is not closer to the machine, then you won’t be able to use it at the desired place most of the time.

So, power supply depends upon what is available to the user, and it brings a huge difference as well.

  1. Color and Flair

Another aspect of Lectro Fan is its color and style. It can also make a difference. The color must be neutral that the sound machine can easily make space in the room.

Deciding a color of your own choice will help you to avoid the possibility of the machine becoming an eye sore.

Lectrofan Reviews: Accessories

  1. Timer

Lectro Fan consists of a timer that is of great use. You can turn on the timer for the required period. For example, if you have turned it on for an hour, then the unit will play for a minimum of one hour, and then it will be shut off.

  1. Sound of the choice

Lectro Fan offers you with an option to select the sound of your own choice. You can choose the sound of the fan from the list given by the sound machine.

Altogether, you have to do is to hit it off on the option you are interested in, and then your ears will be hearing that sound.

Now the sound machine will remember the sound you have selected and the other settings you have made while changing the mode. This way you can easily shift between the favorite fan sound and white noise anytime.

Advantages of The Lectrofan High Fidelity White Noise Machine


It is very frustrating when a noise wakes you up in the night. White noise generates a masking effect and blocks all the sudden noise that frustrates people trying to sleep.

So, you can have a sound sleep by switching on the Lectro Fan sleep machine.


One can focus on his work while having this Lectro Fan sound machine at his home. You can easily adjust the environment, according to the need of your child. He can concentrate on his studies in the best way when he will not be disturbed by the music sound coming from the neighbourhood or the traffic noise coming from the street.

Other than that you can enjoy full confidentiality at your office or your home by using it. The noisy neighbour will not be a source of frustration anymore. Other than that, Lectro Fan white noise generator meets your entire requirement and put your office environment back in your own hands.


Restriction to the power source

The power supply of Lectro Fan is limited. You cannot travel to another country with this machine as it only generates 120 volts and runs on it. So, having no good power source can force people not to buy it.

This white noise machine would do a great job of helping you get some sound sleep, but it is entirely up to you to purchase it, if you find all the qualities in your favor.  If there is nothing that strikes you as a good option, then look for some other fan with the capabilities you want to see in it.

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