Best Mattress for Platform Beds

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Helix Sleep Mattress

  • 100 Nights Trial
  • Financing Available
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 6-10 Days Delivery
  • Fully Customizable
The Helix Sleep Mattress is our best rated mattress for platform beds.
We especially love the level of customization available with this mattress.
Their blended and dual comfort designs makes it the best mattress for couples.
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GhostBed Mattress

  • 100 Nights Trial
  • Financing Available
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Next Day Shipping
  • Fully Customizable
The GhostBed Mattress is a dream come true for stomach sleepers,
back sleepers, and heavy persons.
It offers an outstanding balance between support and comfort.

The mattress also remains comfortably cool throughout the night, thanks to one
and a half inches of aerated latex that forms the top layer of the mattress.
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Zotto Premium Mattress

  • 100 Nights Trial
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Free Same Day FedEx Shipping

A platform bed mattress in simple, is a mattress that is laid on a platform instead of on a box spring. The assistance a platform bed offers may vary with that of the springs. To arrange a platform bed, the formation of the mattress is more important so see that, you be cautious while purchasing a platform bed mattress.

In the present day, the platform beds are widely in use and unlike the ordinary ones; these make use of platforms rather than the box springs to hold up the mattress. As the bedroom is a place where everyone spends most of their time see that it provides you more comfort. When you are familiar with the available mattress options than you can easily locate the best suitable one for you.

A platform bed mattress is not unique and is just like the ordinary bed mattresses but the one feature that differentiates them is the box spring foundation which is present in the ordinary mattresses whereas absent in the platform bed mattresses.

Normally, everyone look for the mattresses that are soft and comfortable to take a nap. The Soft mattresses are can be found in numerous styles and the largely used types consist of the air mattress, sorts of foam mattress, innerspring mattress and water bed mattress.

Mattress Type Platform Compatible Weight Average Height Owner Satisfaction
Memory Foam Yes Moderate 8"-14" 81%
Latex Yes Heavy 6"-14" 80%
Innerspring Sometimes Lighter 10"-18" 63%
Softside Waterbed Sometimes Heavy 8"-14" 79%
Hardside Waterbed No Heavy 6"-10" 79%
Futon Sometimes Lighter 4"-10" 74%

Look at some kinds of mattress which aid you in getting the suitable one.

best mattress for platform bed

· Air Mattress: Air sections are used for the formation of this type of mattresses. By changing the quantity of air the sections can be modified which makes your mattress softer.

· Inner spring mattress: This type of mattress is made up of springs and these are widely available. Firmness in these mattresses also exists as well.

· Foam mattress: The foam mattresses are comprised of the materials such as latex, traditional and the memory foam. These mattresses differ in factors like density, width and thickness that enables the people to choose the one which they can afford.

· Water bed mattress: Water is the key component in such mattresses. Various styles are available in this type ranging from large bladder mattresses to the typical looking mattresses.

Hence, a concern towards the health and your individual choice are the main factors that help you to find out a perfect platform bed mattress. Consider various sorts of mattresses and decide on the ultimate one.

Follow these simple tips to buy the right kind of mattress for you.

Think about your previous mattress

If you really liked to coziness of your previous mattress, use it as a basis for choosing. Was your previous mattress ultimately soft? Then choose a platform mattress that is slightly softer than what you had.

Remember, the surface the mattress will be sitting on is going to be harder, so choosing a softer platform mattress can help you get the right amount of comfort level while in bed. The same principle can also be applied for those who prefer firm beds.

Choosing the platform bed mattress material and size

Buyers of platform mattresses have plenty of materials to consider. These include ortho, innerspring and foam.

Aside from the material, you should also think about the size of the platform bed mattress you want to buy. There is a wide range of sizes available for platform mattresses that you won’t find it difficult to select the most suitable one for you.

As we spend a great deal of time sleeping on our beds, it is important to make sure we purchase the most comfortable bed and mattress out there. If you have chosen a platform bed, it is best to keep the above suggestions in mind as you select a matching platform mattress.

Having a Good Night Sleep with a Platform Bed Mattress

After a day of work, everyone seems to rush to go home, spend extra time with the family and dine together. However, the most awaited part of the night is when one finally lays down to a comfortable bed with superb platform mattress to complement it.

Sleeping with a comfy platform bed can take you to dreamland in no time. It is indeed very relaxing to finally stretch your back and release the tension the can be a result of a stressful day at work. When the platform mattress hugs your body, is like giving you an assurance that you are guaranteed of a good night sleep.

platform bed mattress

Choosing a soft platform mattress is indeed essential to pamper oneself with the right amount of comfort level during sleep time. The size of the platform mattress should also be taken into consideration to ensure that it is the right fit to your platform bed.

Style and design should be a minor priority unless you have a theme in your bedroom and you would like your platform mattress to be in tune. A lot of platform mattresses are available in the market but there is one that can match your taste and the budget as well.

How to Choose Between the Different Types of Platform Bed Mattresses

When purchasing a new platform bed for your home to use in your child’s bedroom for example then of course you must make sure you purchase a mattress to go with it. But as there are so many different types of platform bed mattresses to choose from how do you decide which of them you should be buying?

In this article, we take a brief look at the types of mattresses that can be used with a platform bed. Then from the information we provide you will be able to determine just which type is the most suitable for you.

Innerspring Mattress

These are what most beds have on them and are made by interlocking metal coils that have then are then surrounded by a strong wire border. On top of these there is a layer of wire, netting or padding which is placed to prevent any of the upholstery above being pierced by the coils. It is the upholstery that makes this type of mattress comfortable to lay on.

Memory Foam Mattress

These are often the most expensive types of mattresses that you can purchase for putting on a platform bed but they do provide the user with a great deal more support. Even though these types of mattresses are considerably heavier than others they are a lot denser and it is this density that helps to make them more comfortable to lay on.

These types of platform bed mattresses have an open cell structure that allows them to hold your shape as you lay down on them. Thus, even if you move around a lot at night whilst sleeping you will find that the provide you with a much more pleasant night’s sleep.

 Latex Mattress

Instead of these types of mattresses using coils to help provide the support you need when laying on them, they are made from latex foam. The main benefit to using this type of mattress is that the material is breathable and so it is much less likely to retain heat that your body generates so helping to promote a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Most of these mattresses will be made from either natural latex or a synthetic type. As well as helping to provide a much more comfortable place to sleep you will find that if you choose a synthetic latex mattress it will last considerably longer than a natural one.

Water Mattress

Unlike the first types of these mattresses to appear on the market; the new models are made up of several water and air chambers, rather than just one chamber in which the water would be stored. Thus, you will find that when you lay down on them the wave affect caused as you do this isn’t so pronounced.

Also, when it comes to laying on these types of platform bed mattresses you will find that they mold to your body like the memory foam type can. But although they initially cost less could end up costing you quite a lot more as they do need power.


If you want to save from buying a platform bed, consider buying from online such as Amazon. Huge discounts await you in this vast avenue. Some may even agree to ship the platform bed for free. Online stores often sell beds together with a platform mattress so buyers won’t have to go through the hassles of selecting a matching mattress for their platform bed.