Nectar Mattress Review

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Think of nectar and all that comes to mind is sweetness, right? Well, the Nectar mattress seems to promise just that; sweet sleep all the way.

This is an 11-inch memory foam mattress that offers its users an affordable buy without compromising on quality. Its plush feel, coupled with attractive features makes this mattress one of the most sought after in the industry.

The Nectar mattress features balanced levels of comfort and support as well as state of the art technology that has seen it gain a name for itself in the industry.

Being an online retailer shipping company, Nectar ships its memory foam mattress to the consumer directly. So will this thick comfort layer live up to its billing in terms of relieving pressure, especially with such heavy use of memory foam?

Construction and Materials

The nectar mattress utilizes several layers of memory foam that includes an inch quilted into the cover. This helps create the true feel of memory foam for the sleeper.

This construction is meant to focus more on pressure relief by giving the sleeper that sinking feel and thus makes it ideal for side sleepers.

The cover

Nectar mattress features a tencel-cotton blend in its construction, making it sufficiently soft. Apart from being an eco-friendly material and made from trees, it is also highly breathable.

The cover has an inch of gel memory foam quilted. This not only helps contour the body but also relieves pressure. Additionally, the gel memory foam helps the sleeper sleep cool, thus doing away with cases of discomforts due to sleeping hot.

We noticed that the blend of tencel material and gel memory foam not only helps to guarantee a soft cover but also does a good job in regulating the right body temperature.

Middle layers

Below the cover are two layers of memory foam that eventually creates the comfort layer for the Nectar mattress. Just after the one inch of quilted memory foam layer, you will notice a 3-inch layer of memory foam.

This layer is noticeably slow in regards to responding to pressure and thus helps in distributing weight evenly across the mattress surface. It also works in conjunction with the cover layer to contour the body, thus giving the sleeper a classic feel of an ideal memory foam mattress.

Just below this layer is another memory foam layer that acts as the transition layer from the top layers to the base layer below it. As much as this is still a type of memory foam like the rest, it is noticeably springier and responds faster to pressure compared to the rest of the layers above it.  It features an added bounce that will help keep the sleeper from feeling stuck while sleeping.

Base layer

The base layer is made up of dense poly foam. This layer is meant to support the comfort layers above it. It is also the foundation that keeps the mattress in shape while also helping hold up the sleeper above. Its special design offers just the right ventilation, thanks to its breathability.


When it comes to the firmness of a mattress, this would be felt differently depending on the type of sleeper. However, it would be fair to note that the Nectar mattress is designed to appeal to most sleepers, whether light or heavy.

As you press the top of the mattress, you will notice an initial softness that comes about courtesy of the memory foam, the quilted layers in the cover as well as the slow response layer just below that. These layers are a great addition in helping relief pressure, especially for side sleepers that are known to struggle much in regards to pressure issues.

As a heavier side sleeper, you may notice that you will push through the layers much easily.

However, you will then meet with the transition layer that is a bit firmer and does a pretty good job at supporting you. With this, in place, you will not suddenly hit the rigid firmness of the base layer.

Notably, the nectar mattress, unlike most mattresses is designed with only one level of firmness; medium firm. As such, its firmness scale would be rated a 5 out of ten, just the ideal firmness for a majority of sleepers.

Nectar is a high density memory foam mattress that promises greater longevity. It is therefore widely recognized for its hug and contour as it allows your body to experience just the right sinking into the foams.

However, it would be noted that the mattress’ response time is rather slow. This is especially noted when you change positions or roll over as you will not experience an instant response time. The Nectar mattress may take several seconds before its molds into a new position.

Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, the nectar mattress does a pretty good job at offering just the right support, thanks to its 1-inch quilted cover with gel memory and its 3-inch layer of combined comfort memory foam.

Motion transfer

When buying a mattress, one of the top factors to consider is how your mattress performs in regards to motion transfer. Sleeping is meant to be peaceful and the moment you notice that you get too much disturbance from your sleeping partner, than its ceases to be a good mattress.

We therefore sought to determine the intensity of motion that can be detected from one side of the mattress to the other. To help determine this, we did a test using a 10 lb ball by dropping it from heights of 12, 8 and 4 inches then measuring the amount of disturbance caused on the other end of the mattress for each case.

With this test, we noticed that the 4 inch drop shows low disturbance levels. This represents someone turning around in bed and in this case, the memory foam helps isolate the transfer of motion. It is also notable that the quilted cover in combination with the slow response memory foam layer does a pretty good job at neutralizing the disturbance.

With higher levels of drops however, a significant spike is noted but these quickly fade out. This therefore means that the mattress can keep even the lighter sleeper asleep even ad their partners get on or off the bed.

Edge Support

All-foam mattresses are usually known to lack in terms of edge support. For Nectar mattress however, this does not seem to be the case as the firm base layer offers the right firmness that works all the way up to the edges.

As such, the mattress has a good edge support, whether you love sleeping by the edge or just want some support when sitting on the mattress in the morning as you put on your socks.

By lying on the side of the mattress, you will feel a notable even support right from the centre of the mattress, all the way to the sides. You can even roll around and hang off but still not cause much compression.

Nectar Certifications

Just like any other consumer product, mattresses are also bright under scrutiny by relevant authorities to ensure that they live up to the expected standards of the industry. This is meant to ensure that all business aspects like quality and environmental stewardship are up to par.

Notably, Nectar mattress is both OEKO-TEX and Certi-PUR US certified. Some of the notable regulatory standards they meet include:

•Banned Azo colorants, pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, nickel and cadmium

•Mattress made ozone-depleter free

•Mattress made without lead, mercury or any other heavy metals for that matter

With these certifications in place, you have the peace of mind knowing that the company is giving itself up for scrutiny by the relevant watchdogs in the industry. It is a sure prove that they are committed to providing quality products to its consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages


•Up to one year risk-free sleep trial

•Innovative cooling system

•Quality materials

•Perfect for side sleepers

•Lifetime warranty offered


•Just one firmness level available

Warranty and sleep trial

Nectar mattress stands out with its 365-night sleep trial. While the industry standards stand at about 100 nights, Nectar went a notch higher, just to prove that it believes in its product. This means that you have a whole year to try out the mattress before deciding whether it fits your specifications or not.

Along with the sleep trial also comes an impressive warranty period as the company offers a lifetime of warranty. In case the mattress develops any manufacturing flaws at any point in time, you are free to return it and get your refund, no questions asked.

In regard to shipping, the company offers a white glove deliver option in case the buyer needs assistance with the set up. Nectar ships its mattress for free within the United States.

However, you will be required to incur additional shipping charges for shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. The mattress comes in the typical sizes of Twin, Twin XL , King, Queen, Full and California King.

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