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VitalSleep Mouthpiece

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If you snore in your sleep and you would like to stop the embarrassment quickly without surgery then VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece is one of the best options for you. This is a patented and FDA cleared anti-snoring mouthpiece to help you stop your snoring nightmare. It is an easy to use, comfortable to wear and an adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece designed just to fit your snoring need.

£119.95 £99.95


It allows fully adjustable movement, up to 7mm which enables you to adjust the mouthpiece according to your needs.

It has right and left hex screws which an individual uses to adjust the stop snoring mouthpiece so as to position their jaw allowing for free airway.

It is latex-free and BPA-free, made from medical grade materials purely from the US to ensure that it fits in the quality control and assurance standards of USA.

It has a boil-and-bite feature for sterilizing it before use to ensure proper hygiene.

How does VitalSleep anti snore mouthpiece work?

VitalSleep works on an adjustable sliding mechanism which allows you to achieve the best results by using the mini hex key to adjust the mouthpiece. By turning both the right and left hex screws, you will be adjusting the forward position of the lower half which positions your jaw hence opening the airway.

This works by moving the base of your tongue out of the way for your airway to open. This means that your tongue cannot block your airway, so you will not experience any restricted breathing. Sleeping without any breathing restriction means that you will sleep well without snoring.

How much does VitalSleep Mouthpiece cost?

This mouthpiece comes at a single affordable price. Once you pay for it, you will never incur any other additional charges. With this single price, you will be assured of a 100% free replacement for one year and a 30-day money back guarantee. One piece goes for $59.95 but if you would like to save, you can purchase two pieces which go for $99.95. One good thing with Vital Sleep is that shipping of your stop snoring mouthpiece is done on the same day you make an order, so no time is wasted in waiting for your delivery. The purchase also includes 1-year warranty policy which means that you can get free replacements.

Benefits of anti-snoring devices

Using this snore relief mouthpiece from Vital Sleep has a couple of benefits to you. Take a look at how you can benefit from using it, both in your sleep and the entire quality of life.

Throughout the night, you are able to enjoy free flow of air in your lungs. Since the tongue is positioned in a way to open your airway, air will flow freely in and out of your lungs with no restrictions.

Quality and restorative sleep is something you can testify to the use of this device. This translates to a healthy and productive life since you are having good sleep at night.

You will sleep without interrupting your partner’s sleep. This means that both of you will have good quality sleep.

You wake up to a brighter day. After having quality sleep at night, you wake up alert and focused to start the day well.

Stop snoring mouthpiece can improve your general well-being. It gives you quality sleep which can be associated with improved memory, concentration, focus, creativity, and physical coordination.

Restorative sleep has also been associated with maintaining a healthy weight, increased energy levels, and enhanced metabolism. This can also be associated with an extended lifespan. The worth of using a stop snoring mouthpiece or mouth guard is amazingly incredible since you enjoy all these benefits for simply using it!

Positive points about VitalSleep anti snore device

  • Up to 7mm, the device is adjustable to fit your snoring needs. Using the right and left hex screws, you can adjust it to open your airway for free flow of air.
  • It comes in two sizes. You are assured to get the right size that fits you, either small or regular.
  • It guarantees your comfort since it has a flexible frame.
  • Its safety is assured. It is purely made from medical grades materials from USA. It is FDA cleared, latex-free and BPA-free for quality and safety.
  • It has a one-year warranty. Within the first year of your use, be sure to get a free replacement if need be.
  • It has a 30-day money guarantee. If the results fall short of your expectations, then within 30 days you can get a refund of your money.
  • It has a boil and bite customization for a comfortable fit. This also comes handy to ensure that you use a sterile device for your hygiene.
  • The mouthpiece allows side to side movement of the jaw, something that allows greater comfort for your jaws and reduced stress.
  • It does not restrict your sleeping position. In any sleeping position, you can have this mouthpiece and breathe through the nose or mouth comfortably. You breathe normally, turn normally and sleep comfortably with no any kind of restrictions.
  • You only need a little time to customize it for use. In less than five minutes, you will have it fitted well for use. Ten seconds are enough to sterilize it with hot water, then you follow this by biting and adjusting it to fit.
  • Not much is involved in caring for it. A denture cleaner is what you need to clean it. You can still use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning. What makes it even easier to clean is its large openings.
  • It comes with a durable and protective case. After you use and clean it, you store it in its case for protection until you require it again.

Negative points about Vital Sleep stop snoring mouthpiece

Looking at the mouthpiece, honestly I find it hard to spot a negative point about. I feel that if I gave more than one negative point, then I would be forcing the disadvantages to it. One thing though, I just feel that they would charge the mouthpiece a bit lower price. $59.59 seems to be a bit high, but the good news is that you can save some dollars by buying two pieces instead of one.


If you have been struggling with snoring and you have not gotten a solution, then Vital Sleep anti snore device mouthpiece is the solution for you. It is comfortable to wear, easy and effective to use with so many benefits accruing to it. Stop your snoring nightmare by getting yourself or your spouse an anti-snoring mouthpiece and enjoy quality and restorative sleep.



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