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The Simba design experts seem to have taken their time to come up with this cutting edge masterpiece that is Simba mattress. With four luxurious layers, this is the mattress that will give you the much desired sleep you have been dreaming of. The Simba mattress features a unique engineering, geared towards offering the ultimate support, no matter your sleeping style.

Each of Simba’s designs is made in the UK.  This is a feat achieved after extensive research and testing with The Sleep to Live Institute whose research is dependent on 10 million profiles of people and 180 million profile data points.

Neatly packed in an easy, space-saving box, you can expect your mattress to arrive in style packaged to perfection. With it also comes a box cutter as well as the product manual to help you get started with your new, exciting sleep surface. But what is its construction made of? Will this hybrid mattress live up to its billing? Let’s see.

Simba Construction and Materials

Standing at 25 cm thick, the Simba mattress is made up of four distinct layers of coils, latex, memory foam and poly foam. These layers are:

  • Top layer (Comfort and cooling)
  • Second layer (contour)
  • 3rd Layer (support)
  • Bottom layer (Foundation)

Top layer

Simba’s top layer is specifically meant to offer a comfortable sleep through its cooling properties. It is made of latex, 5 cm thick. With this thickness, the mattress achieves just the right amount of bounce.

Contour layer

This is 2cm of foam-encased microcoils. With this distinctively thin layer of microcoils, this layer is made to provide the utmost contouring to your body. Apart from this, the coils also come in handy in regards to offering the right response and bounce to the overall mattress.

The support layer

This layer is made of 3 cm of memory foam. This positioning of the memory foam layer between the microcoils and the foundation was deliberate with the aim of acting as a soft transition apart from offering additional support and compression.

Bottom layer

This is basically the foundational layer of the mattress. With 15 cm of the support foam, this is thick enough to offer just the right support, not only to the layers above but also to the sleeper. This layer also helps provide shape to the whole mattress.

The cover

The Simba Mattress features a cover made of 100 percent polyester. With its thin design, the cover is comfortably stretchy, breathable and easily responsive. After tugging the cover from various angles, we still managed to pop right back into its original shape.

We also noticed that since there is no foam integrated into the cover, air flows in freely making it breathe extremely well. This whole white top layer, complemented by grey side panels make for a sleek yet simple look.

Simba Mattress Firmness, Feel and Support

Notably, the Simba mattress has a distinctively unique feel, unlike what we have tested before. It is both comfortable and responsive, thanks to its top layer of latex. With a significant amount of pressure applied on this top layer, you will notice a nice level of sinkage but without feeling any development of pressure points.

What’s more, the microcoils layer below the top layer helps round out this comfortable feel.

As pressure is applied, the coils compress, thus acting as a nice transition deep into the memory forma layer. Unlike the conventional foam mattresses, the Simba mattress does not give you the feeling of being stuck but rather offer just the right support, thanks to the firm memory foam coupled with the microcoils.

On support, the Simba mattress also does pretty well. However, based on its support system, the Simba Mattress is most ideal for both back and side sleepers while stomach sleepers may face a bit of a struggle since the mattress will tend to sink in more at the mid section, thus causing some discomfort by straining your back.

With this said, however, it would also be fair to note that it is rare to find exclusive stomach sleepers. As such, by combining this with other styles of sleep, this should be just fine.

Side sleepers, for instance, will most likely enjoy what this mattress has to offer for it turns out to be a good mix of contour, sinkage and support. Clearly, Simba manufacturers created the zoned support foam based on the preferences of back and side sleepers.

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On bounce, we expected the Simba mattress to do well especially considering its microcoil composition but our expectations were even surpassed.

The response time may not be uniquely instantaneous but it does not lag either.

The microcoils, however, should not be confused with the conventional coils as they do not have the same level of push back or bounce as it would be expected of a contour steel coil.

Edge Support

Getting just the right edge support in a mattress is priceless and this usually comes in handy when you need to use the entire surface or in the morning when sitting on the mattress to put on your socks or shoes.

With the Simba mattress, all the layers work in unison to help prevent the collapse of the mattress, especially at the edges. This essentially creates and maintains a good level of support all round the perimeter of the mattress. So whether you love sleeping at the edges or simply prefer to have the right support when sitting by the edge, this mattress should work just fine for you.

With Simba’s hypoallergenic cover that is clearly breathable, you have a comfortably cool sleep surface. With this enhanced breathability, you body will find just the right temperature, thanks to its promotion of thermo regulation.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Perfect combination of medium and firm feel
  • Exemplary edge support
  • Unique microcoils offers good bounce
  • Perfect for side and back sleepers


  • Not too good for back sleepers

Warranty, sleep trials and shipping

Simba mattress offers 100 nights and sleep trial during which you can test if the mattress specifically meets your expectations. If at any point in time within this period you wake up unhappy, you do not need to spend another night of sleepless sleep. Simply return it and you will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

On warranty, Simba offers up to 10 years. In case of any manufacturing defect or flaw, you can return the product and you will get refund as long as it is not caused by the normal wear and tear. Simba also ships free, within one day for any orders placed before 4 pm on any business day.

If you are looking for a hybrid mattress that will give you a unique feel from the conventional types, then this is what you have been missing. With the perfect combination of the microcoils, memory foam, latex and 7-zoned support foam, you have what you have been dreaming of for a mattress.

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