Sleep Paralysis Stories- Demons or Dreamons- Science versus Spirituality

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Are there demons who linger around us? Do demons and ghost exist and can they hurt us?

These are all questions many people who suffer from sleep paralysis would like to know.

Sleep Paralysis Demon or Dreamon: Science versus spirituality

Demons that haunt the night. They have many names and can take many forms. One infamous name is “The Old Hag” or widely known as the “Witch riding your back”.

While in an episode of sleep paralysis the most common paranormal activity is pressing on your chess or holding your feet. Usually you can hear breathing, walking around, or just feel the presence of evil.

Is this evil real?

There are different theories with the different fields of belief. Each theory explains the sleep paralysis demons in their own way.

Science Field

Scientist define Sleep Paralysis as your mind waking up before your body. The brain conscious, but the body still paralyzed mimicking sleep.

They also explain that the evil presence and ghostly activity is just a mirror of your imagination because you’re in the middle of dreaming and reality.

The evil presence is the dream world conflicting with the real world. The demon is a generic entity that most people will experience while in the sleep paralysis state. But this sparks the debate; Why is the entity always evil?

Spiritual Field

People who are spiritual and believe in ghosts, demons, and spirits will define sleep paralysis as a spiritual experience involving your soul.

There is a theory that your spirit comes a few inches out of your body or sometimes may levitate a few feet. As in the case study #1 below, the host could see all around him, but his brothers see him as if he were sleeping.

This would also explain out of body experiences because some people claim they were able to leave their body and walk around, which sleep paralysis would be the like the launching pad for this experience to take place.

In order to successfully leave your body behind would take deep meditation and concentration, think of sleep paralysis as the key feature that allows your soul to eject out of the body.

While this occurs there are such entities like demons that try to snatch or replace your soul with itself. The sense of being alive is their motivation. The fellow in Case Study 1 calls these demons “Soul Snatchers” because it is if they try and snatch your soul. This would explain an exorcism which is the activity of taking out a demon from a body.

Enter the paranormal state of sleep paralysis

Paranormal is defined as a weird experience that cannot be explained. Paranormal sleep paralysis is when a host is experiencing sleep paralysis and witnesses or feels something that is beyond explainable.

Many times during sleep paralysis, a person can experience seeing shadows, noises, odd presence, demons, demonic figures, or any other weird paranormal event. This article explains some of the events that may occur.

A weird paranormal event that may occur while in sleep paralysis is the feeling of a presence in the room. A presence can feel like an entity or ghost in the room with you. You may hear breathing, noises, and foot steps with the presence. The presence can be in form of a shadow, ghost figure, or even nothing at all; just the feeling.

Another weird paranormal event that can occur is Astral projection. People say that sleep paralysis is a gateway to another dimension or universe. Astral projection is when your soul comes out of your body. You can wonder around in astral form without your body. Be careful because your body is empty and can attract demons, ghost, or entities. While you are in this astral projection, you may see weird stuff because you are witnessing things with your soul.

Last, paranormal events could be something as simple as an object moving. If you are in sleep paralysis and an object moves, keep track of it. When the sleep paralysis goes away check on that object. If it actually moved then you know a ghost, demon, or entity moved it.

Case Study 1: You Believe In Me

Background: Randy’s father fought for custody of his three boys. After winning the custody battle he purchased a house in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Knox Avenue he paid for his three sons to fly back from Ohio and had their rooms set up in the basement. The youngest, Randy, started experiencing sleep paralysis and paranormal activity.

Randy experienced many episodes of sleep paralysis and weird ghostly experiences. He was convinced that the devil haunted his home. He was eight years old so his father ignored his concerns.

The first paranormal activity was the first sleep paralysis experience he ever had. He woke up and was unable to move. He heard his dresser door creek open and his football shoulder pads from his elementary school team creeped out of the closest and moved across the basement floor by its self. He broke out of the paralyzed state and was in panic.

Many more experiences came with the forthcoming months. Including shadows, noises, heavy breathing, and the sound of hooves walking around the basement. Randy was certain about one thing; he was being tormented by a demon with hooves as feet. This thing was pure evil.

The worst episode of sleep paralysis Randy ever experienced was when the demon spoke. He awoke from a dream and could not move. He heard heavy breathing hovering over him and the feeling of warm breath. The demon spoke in a deep firm voice, “You believe in me” Then the demon and the presence of the demon vanished and Randy immediately became free from the sleep paralysis.

After experiencing many sleep paralysis episodes Randy has come to the conclusion that when the episode begins your soul/spirit is a few inches out of your body. He has evidence backing this up because when you awake from sleep paralysis you can see everything around you like your eyes are wide open, but the scary thing is people see you as though you are still sleeping, your eyes are closed.

Proof is backed with his two brothers. He was in a state of sleep paralysis making grunting noises to get attention so his brothers would move him. Instead, his brothers were looking over him and laughing at him. When Randy got out of the paralyzed state he asked his brothers why they did not wake him up and that he was looking right at them, they looked puzzled and said, “your eyes were closed Randy.”

Randy is in his forties now and still experiences sleep paralysis. Over the years he has also experienced out of body experiences, ghosts, and weird unexplained paranormal activity. In 2017 he captured a strange demon in a picture he took of his daughter. I have the picture and zoomed in to get a better view. It is certainly a weird unexplained object in the picture. We will soon have the picture up on this page.

Case Study 2: Demonic Figures Pinning me Down (Dev’s Story)

It started about a year and a half ago. I used to live in a.. well a party house. We would have people over all of the time.

My cousin and I would sleep in the same room. I used to work at 4 am so I would normally take a nap anywhere from 3-7pm.

Sleep paralysis happened to me before about once or twice but the time I had it with my cousin in the room is when I really took it seriously. I opened my eyes seeing specific things in the room (that I would see when I came to) and heard my cousin talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

I felt a force on my chest like a palm pressing down, not letting me move. I was able to make a type of moaning sound that my cousin told me later that he heard. This was only one event but this was the first time that I took it seriously. It has happened to me plenty of times.

Sometimes I see figures, usually always different but always seems as if they are trying to scare me, as if they are demonic. At first they scared me half to death. But I am a spiritual person and now know that they can’t harm me.

Sometimes I hear sort of a buzzing sound. Sometimes I hear a faint but somehow close screaming. Again it is as if the intention is to frighten me. Last night it felt as if my left ankle was pinned down and a big creature was leaning on my right shoulder making scary noises into my ear.

I was calm because I know it won’t harm me. But later on in the night I saw a sort of bald creature staring at me. It looks quite scary but again I wasn’t scared. I know God won’t let them harm me.

One night I almost ignored until I saw a video on YouTube. I couldn’t wake up again and felt something on my back (I usually sleep on my stomach) I remained calm and even felt as if I stood up and walked around my room. I knew I was in the state but it felt too real that I was walking around. I felt almost as if I was floating. I even managed to jump (more like float) over the second story window. But as soon as I hit the ground I woke up.

Case Study 3: Footsteps from the Presence (Carlton’s Story)

I have many sleep paralysis stories, but I will tell my first major story. The story that caused me to look it up in the first place.

I was sleeping in my room when I felt an evil presence. I tried to wake up and move or even call out for help but I couldn’t do anything. Then I heard footsteps come from the guest room (which is right down the hall) to the foot of my bed.

Then I felt something pushing down upon my chest. This was really shocking for me because normally my sleep paralysis only included me not being able to wake up. After a few minutes of struggling i was finally able to move. I woke up and decided not to go back to sleep. This happened when I was 18.

Is There a Sleep Paralysis Cure?

Is there a cure for sleep paralysis? Is there a way to prevent what seems to be visions, demons, and entities from bothering you?

Some scientists believe there is a cure and others think there is not because sleep paralysis may actually be a gift where the person is in the state of being between our world and the spiritual world.

After researching and studying different theories, I have made my professional conclusion. My conclusion is based on experience, known experiences, and research within the field of sleep paralysis.

First lets go over the facts; Sleep paralysis is random and cannot be determined when or where it will happen. Some studies show that it is more than likely going to happen when you are extremely tired and not completely in a deep sleep. But for the most part, the experience cannot be pin pointed or controlled in any way or form.

With that being said it is extremely hard to do research on. So without very much research it is hard to conclude a cure. Some cure theories include reducing stress, get enough sleep, treating sleep deprivation, sleep schedule, and even medication.

I disagree with this completely. I truly believe you cannot control sleep paralysis with the cures listed above especially when it is hard to research to begin with.

Scientist are so quick to find a cure for a phenomenon they cannot fully explain. They should not be worried about a cure when they still have no idea why or how it occurs.

Scientists have a basic generic theory on how sleep paralysis works. The theory is that your mind wakes up before your body. Your mind has not yet told your body that it can move and that you are still in a state of dreaming and at the same time have a foot in the real world.

They explain the reason people see shadows, demons, and even can feel someone choking them is that their mind is still half dreaming. On the Contrary, what if sleep paralysis is your soul not fully in your body and your seeing your surroundings through your spirits eyes and not through your physical body eyes? It’s possible. Especially convincing after reading case study #1.

In conclusion, I truly believe there is no cure for sleep paralysis. I have a theory that it is a curse and may be unlocked later in life or young. It is your spirit not fully out of your body, but not fully in, kind of “fitting it”

What if when you are dreaming your spirit (you) can leave your physical body which may be on accident and you just cant remember where or why you left in the first place because your physical brain stays with your body obviously. These are just theories, theories like scientist have.

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