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Best Nasal CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers


The letters “CPAP” stand for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It is commonly used by persons who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that can cause a person to wake up several times an hour, disrupting their sleep. It can also become a life-threatening condition, causing people to choke and even quit breathing while they are asleep.

If left untreated, this condition can lead to the death of the person suffering from it, so it’s best to follow a list like this one and find the best CPAP mask for your needs.

The Style Of The Nasal CPAP Mask

If you’ve ever been to an optometrist to get new glasses, you know that you have to consider the size of shape of your face and head when deciding on what will be comfortable to you and your lifestyle.

Choosing a nasal CPAP mask is no different. You must first decide what type of mask you’d like to try: Are you going to get something that covers the majority of your face or would you rather try for something that’s similar to a nasal cannula that just fits under the nose?

You have to take into account the actual size of it as well. Just like your shirts and pants come in different sizes, nasal CPAP masks also come in different sizes. You will need to work with your doctor and see if he or she is able to provide sample CPAP masks in the office so that you can get the sizing correct.

If you’re buying the mask online, the distributor should be able to provide a good set of instructions showing how you can even adjust the straps for a more comfortable fit.

You will also need to consider your bed-time rituals when looking through nasal CPAP mask reviews. Are you a person who goes to sleep about half of a second before your head hits the pillow, or are you someone who lies awake and reads for a while before you go to sleep? This can affect the style and size of the CPAP mask that you purchase as well.

Getting Used To A Nasal Cpap Mask!

For people, adjusting to wearing a nasal CPAP mask takes no time at all. They put it on, turn it on, and fall right to sleep to the best nights of sleep they’ve had in years. For most people, however, a small period of adjustment is necessary.

In the worst cases, some people will feel a sense of claustrophobia when putting on their new CPAP masks. In cases like this, it is often suggested that you try wearing the mask for small periods of time throughout the day while you’re awake so that you can adjust to the feeling of it.

Other people are severely bothered by the “forced air pressure” supplied by the nasal CPAP masks. Unfortunately, that is just something you will have to adjust to if you intend to carry through with the treatment. If you wear the masks for small periods throughout the day, you will adjust to the pressure rather quickly.

Still, others are bothered by irritated skin, dried out nasal passages, or even a stuffy nose due to the CPAP mask. If this is the case for you, you can try various facial lotions to repair the dry or irritated skin.

If it’s irritated sinus passages, there are CPAP masks and machines that feature heated humidifiers. That can re-moisten your airways and provide for a more comfortable experience. You can even try over-the-counter nasal sprays as a quick fix to see if it helps you to adjust to your CPAP mask.

Other Issues With A Nasal CPAP Mask…

Once you’ve selected the correct nasal CPAP mask and gotten adjusted to wearing it, there still may be a few other issues you come across on your journey to a better night’s sleep.

Different CPAP machines can actually be very noisy in your bedroom, and this will disrupt a light sleeper’s ability to sleep. You will first want to make sure that the machine is assembled correctly and that the air filters are properly situated within the CPAP machine.

If everything looks the way it is supposed to look, you may consider getting a pair of sleeping earplugs, similar to what a swimmer may wear, from the local drug store for a couple of dollars. You can also find a device online called a “white noise sound machine” which works to mask the noise and may keep you from hearing it at all!

Persons who move around a lot in their sleep may find that they accidentally remove the mask during the night. Luckily, there are several solutions to keep this from happening.

First, you can check to see if you have a properly-fitted mask and that the straps are adjusted correctly. Second, you should see if your CPAP mask has an optional chin strap that helps to hold it into place properly.

If neither of those suggestions helps to solve your problem, there is another solution. Try setting your alarm clock (or cell phone) to go off at certain intervals in the night. When it goes off, check to see if your mask is still on your face the way that it should be. Each night, set the alarm for a little later until you eventually find that you no longer need to wear it.

As you can tell from this nasal CPAP mask review, there are many factors that go into getting a good night’s sleep for a person suffering from sleep apnea. Getting a properly-sized CPAP mask, making sure that you adjust it correctly, and even picking out the right type of mask are only part of the solution.

You will also need to ensure proper usage of the mask and you may even have to wake up during the night to see if it’s staying on your face correctly. If you’ve found this nasal CPAP mask review helpful, please click around the site and see what else we have to offer!

Does the ZQuiet Mouthpiece Work?


Confused about all the different ZQuiet reviews? Don’t know if it’s worth buying? You have come to the right place. In this ZQuiet review we cover all you need to know before buying your anti snoring device.

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Free from latex and BPA, the ZQuiet is such a good product that it stands out in the crowded MAD marketplace. Very effective at reducing and even completely eliminating snoring, the Z Quiet works by pushing the lower jaw into a forward position and holding it securely in place to tighten the throat tissues and jaw muscles, thus reducing the vibrations which result in snoring.

It also prevents the tongue from causing an obstruction in the airways which also contributes to snoring. As an added bonus, the Zquiet also helps to improve breathing and to keep the body properly oxygenated. It is relatively inexpensive and incorporates several innovative features that improve the comfort and effectiveness of this device.

Not only that, but this device is manufactured from materials that are entirely free from both BPA and latex, two materials where are dangerous to wear inside the mouth. As Zquiet is produced from a thermoplastic elastomer, it has a softer and more comfortable feel inside the mouth.

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Pros & Cons


  • Featuring the innovative Living Hinge Technology for better mouth movement during wear. This allows the wearer to have a more natural bedtime experience
  • Airflow posts for more natural breathing through the mouth – a great advantage for those who cannot breathe through their nose. These are a much better solution than the more traditional air holes which are incorporated in many other MADs
  • Cleared by the FDA, and so guaranteed to be safe for use
  • 30 day trial period risk free
  • Designed by a sleep specialist
  • Made by a reputable company that have been awarded an A rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Soft and comfortable in the mouth, with a non-bulky feel
  • Free from BPA and latex, so no risk to your health
  • Able to be personalized to the correct size and shape with scissors
  • Can be used straight from the packet with no need to mold into shape
  • A long lifespan
  • Simple, easy to clean design
  • Can be ordered from abroad
  • Available in 2 sizes for a better and more customized fit. This means that you receive two products for the price of one – ideal if there is a second snorer in your household



  • Some soreness and drooling may be experienced for the first few days, although this will subside
  • Cannot be worn by anyone with loose teeth, weak teeth, caps, dentures or crowns, or any other dental prosthetic due to the need to bite down
  • Not custom-made so may not have as good a fit as some other similar devices which adopt the boil and bite technology. Even when the device has been trimmed to size, wearers may still find that this is a less comfortable device than those which use boil and bite technology to mold to the exact shape of the jaw
  • Shipping is not refunded if the product is returned during the trial period
  • May fall out of the mouth during the night
  • The hinge mechanism may eventually become useless causing the product to require replacement


FDA Cleared

This device has been cleared by the FDA meaning that it is guaranteed to be a good and safe product for use as well as effective in resolving the problem of snoring. While many mouthpieces claim to be FDA cleared, in fact this only refers to the materials used in their manufacture, so it is important to choose a product like ZQuiet which is fully endorsed by this body.

The FDA is the body in the USA responsible for vetting and authorizing a wide range of products including medicines and foodstuffs. By obtaining this regulatory body’s endorsement, it is clear that Zquiet is considered to be an effective anti-snoring product. This means when you choose the Zquiet, you can rest assured that you are selecting a reputable and trustworthy product that is completely safe and will not cause any damage to your health or well being.

How It Works

Like all other MADs, the ZQuiet works by holding the lower jaw in a forward position to keep the airways open and the tongue firmly in place. By tightening the muscles of the throat and jaw, it restricts the vibrations that result in snoring. The ZQuiet device, unlike many other MADs, does not use boil and bite technology and therefore requires no set up but can be used straight out of the packet after a quick wash. It can be trimmed with scissors to achieve a better fit, and incorporates Living Hinge Technology which allows the mouth to move more flexibly and breathing to be more natural.

What Makes ZQuiet Different?

The ZQuiet device uses a feature called Living Hinge Technology which permits the mouth to move more naturally and eliminates the discomfort often felt when wearing an MAD. This unique and innovative technology offers many benefits to the wearer, who will be able to talk or even take sips of water while this device is in place, allowing for a more natural bedtime experience.

This device is also different in that it does not adopt boil and bite technology but can be worn straight out of the packet with no preparation or molding required. This is an advantage over many of the other MADs which adopt this type of technology as they can feel hard and uncomfortable once the molding process has been completed.

The Zquiet’s improved two step comfort system allows two optimal positions for the jaw and its design is streamlined, featuring airflow posts to allow for breathing through either the nose or mouth during sleep. This is ideal for those who value the ability to breathe naturally during the night, and is vital for those who are unable to breathe through their nostrils, either because of an allergy or a cold, or because of a nasal medical condition or injury.

The Zquiet is made of quality materials that are free of BPA and latex, so it is very safe to use, having been cleared by the FDA and accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You can rest assured that when you wear this appliance you will not be putting your health and well being at risk.

Who is ZQuiet Great For?

The flexible and soft design of this device is quite unique, and this makes it ideal for those who hate the idea of an invasive object in their mouth during the night. Its smooth material is comfortable against the gums and the design is not bulky and therefore takes up less space inside the mouth than many other comparable devices which are harder and make the mouth feel very full which can prevent comfortable rest.

It also has airflow posts which allow mouth-breathers to wear this device at night. This is good news if you cannot breathe through your nose for medical reasons such as nasal polyps, a deviated septum or allergies.

Who Can’t Wear ZQuiet?

People with full dentures are unable to wear ZQuiet, (although anyone with partial dentures can use this product without any problems), and although the packaging does not mention use by those who have weak or loose teeth or who have bridgework or crowns, it is probably best that they too avoid this product as it requires the wearer to bite down on the material in order to secure it in place.

It is also not an ideal product for those who have a very sensitive gag reflex or for those who are unable to tolerate a device worn inside their mouth while they sleep.

The Fit

As no preparation is required for this device, it could not be simpler to use. There is no need to boil up any water or wait for it to cool, and there is no need to mold the device to the teeth through biting down on it using the boil and bite technology that is so common in other MAD devices. There is also no need to worry about achieving the correct fit first time as this device really is as simple as just deciding which of the two settings is the best fit, trimming it to size and then popping it into the mouth.

This makes this appliance an extremely convenient option, especially for those who are concerned that they will not be able to follow the necessary steps to ensure the proper customized fit necessary in a boil and bite product. To decide which of the two mouthpiece sizes you require for the best fit, look at the hinge of the product. They will be labeled as Size 1 and Size 2. It is recommended that you try the Comfort Size 1 mouthpiece initially, as this will only move the jaw slightly forward and will be adequate to resolve snoring problems in many people.

If you do not see any improvement when using this size of device, change to Size 2, and this will move your jaw a little further forward, which will widen the airways even further, and this should resolve snoring in more severe cases. If you discover that the device is a little too large for the size of your mouth, you are able to just use a pair of scissors to trim it to a more comfortable size. If you then find that there are rough edges that cause you discomfort, you can use an emery board or nail file to rub away any roughness that will damage your gums.

the fit

ZQuiet Price?

The ZQuiet can be tried for 30 days for just $9.95 (which includes shipping costs) and if the customer is not satisfied, they can simply ship the product back for no extra fee. Even if the device has been trimmed, the 30 day cover still stands. Should the user be satisfied, their card will be charged after the trial period to the sum of $79.95, making the full cost of this device $89.90.

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About the company

The ZQuiet was designed by Katrina and Dan Webster, two snorers who have been working on the design of this product since 2008. Their company, known as Sleep Well LLC, was registered in that year in Vermont. The pair teamed up with Avery Liberman DDS, an expert in the sleep medicine industry, and together they worked with a focus on snoring, oral devices and sleep apnea. Their resulting product is manufactured in America from high quality materials that incorporate no harmful BPA or latex, and their company’s credentials (an A rating) have been issued by the Better Business Bureau.


There are a great many MAD devices on the market today, however ZQuiet is ranked among the best thanks to its unbeatable comfort of wear and ease of use, straight from the packet without the need to mold into shape.

Its small profile and non-bulky design is great for those who have found that other, larger, MAD devices were too uncomfortable in their mouth for them to obtain a restful night’s sleep. As this product’s integrated innovative Living Hinge Technology also allows more freedom of mouth movement, it is an excellent choice for those who want to speak or drink water while wearing their device. The integrated airflow posts are also ideal for those who struggle to breathe through their nose and who appreciate the ability to enjoy a more natural style of breathing throughout the night.

Thanks to the 30 day trial which is offered as standard on this product, the Zquiet is ideal for those who want to test their product thoroughly to ensure it is the right choice for them before committing a large amount of money to their purchase, and while you will not receive a refund of the shipping costs if you choose to return the device, this only amounts to just under $10. Most users will be satisfied with their purchase and find that it significantly reduces their snoring problem, if not eliminating it altogether.

How to Get Your Roommate to Stop Snoring


Anyone who snores will already be aware of how disruptive the problem can be, both for their own sleep and for those around them. When you choose a stop snoring mouthpiece, however, you need to select one that is comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy a good night’s rest, as getting quality sleep is essential to your well-being.

If you can stop snoring, your mind and body will be able to obtain the vital rest that it needs – enduring repeated nights of poor sleep can eventually have a serious effect on both your professional and personal life. One of the best stop snoring devices is an anti-snoring mouthpiece, and once you become used to wearing it, it can actually feel so comfortable that you forget that it’s there.

Stop snoring mouthpieces are also quite affordable, especially when compared to other available options, and they are not only effective at preventing snoring but also improve breathing too. The effects of long term snoring can be serious, and even life-threatening should the snoring be linked with sleep apnea, which can lead to strokes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. Those who suffer from impaired sleep are also putting themselves at risk every time they operate machinery or drive a vehicle.

How To Choose The Best Anti-Snoring Device?

Everyone who snores themselves or who lives with someone with the snoring problem knows how disruptive it can be to get a decent night’s sleep. However in your search for a way to resolve the problem you are likely to encounter a range of products all claiming to help, so how do you know which is right for you? A product which is uncomfortable or painful will just make it harder to get to sleep, and obtaining enough sleep is essential to your well-being and a major factor in the maintenance of good health.

Even if you sleep alone and are not at risk of disturbing others, your snoring will disturb your mind and body. Snoring keeps you in a state of alertness and this prevents you from getting adequate amounts of sleep to ensure good health. This, in turn, will lead to severe consequences for both your personal and professional life in the long term.

There are a great variety of products available for purchase today, all proven to stop snoring effectively, and most of these stop snoring mouthpieces are surprisingly comfortable, so much so that soon you’ll even forget you’re wearing one.

These anti snoring devices are also considerably more affordable than some of the other available options such as surgery or a CPAP machine, and they have another benefit in that they improve breathing too.

Ignoring your snoring problem is simply not a solution. It will never go away by itself and it can even have severe and even life-threatening effects, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea. Sufferers are at greater risk of all kinds of medical problems from cancer and heart disease to strokes and high blood pressure. Snorers are also putting themselves in danger if they use machinery or drive after a poor night’s sleep. Best anti-snoring devices

Manufacturers of these oral devices often claim that their product has over 90% effectiveness, however, there are even better devices out there with a rating of 98% for effectiveness, and these represent the best possible solution for snorers and those close to them.

When you compare the products featured on our site, bear in mind that any difference in a device’s satisfaction and effectiveness are based entirely on the individual use of each. If you click on each product you are interested in you can find a detailed review outlining customer opinions.

This will help when making a decision over which product to choose thanks to the study findings by experts and accurate estimates given. For example, one study was carried out with more than 130 snorers who used stop snoring mouthpieces and you can publicly view the results.

At the end of the study, more than 85% of those participating chose to continue using their oral device. A different study carried out in 2005 with 20 snorers who were issued with MADs found that these devices represented an effective treatment for snoring.

There are two types of oral device on the market today that represent a practical solution to snoring. These are:

  1. MADs (Mandibular Advancement Devices)
  2. TSDs (Tongue Stabilizing Devices)

While they may appear identical in fact there are many differences. Here we look at each one’s features and see how they can give you a good night’s rest.

Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSDs)

Tongue Stabilizing DevicesA TSD or tongue stabilizing device functions by holding the tongue in position in order to reduce or prevent snoring altogether. During sleep, the tongue and muscles around it relax, allowing it to fall backward into the throat. This causes blockages in the airways which causes the vibrations that result in snoring.

This can be prevented by wearing a device that holds the tongue in place, and this is the purpose of a TSD. It uses a vacuum to hold everything in the right place, thus preventing constriction of the airways by the tongue, keeping them open and your night noise-free.

Safety and Comfort

safety firstIt is important that your anti-snoring device is both safe and comfortable to wear for it to be effective. A TSD allows the wearer to relax completely, with no need to bite down to keep it in position, and this is a great advantage compared to some other anti-snoring methods such as anti-snoring pillows which require the user to keep their head in a fixed position for it to be effective.

A TSD allows you to sleep in any position, except on your front, and it will still be effective. They are also manufactured from medical grade silicone which prevents irritation to the tongue, lips or gums.


TSDs are an extremely effective solution to snoring, with a success rate of around 80%. Their affordability and comfort ensure that they are very popular devices.


ConsiderationsYou should not wear a TSD if you are unable to breathe through your nose due to allergies or a cold. If you are suffering from nasal congestion, you could use nasal strips or natural herbs or essential oils like neroli, eucalyptus, eyebright, black elderberry or bayberry root as these may help to improve congestion, thus allowing you to return to using your device.

Some users also experience irritation or soreness on the tip of their tongue when they start using a TSD, but usually, this will subside after around 4-7 days. Obtaining the right amount of suction to attach the tongue to the TSD without causing pain can be tricky at first, and you will probably need to experiment to get it right for you. Also, some TSD users experience soreness on their gums, although generally, this subsides fairly quickly.

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD)

Mandibular Advancement DevicesThe second type of device known to be effective at stopping snoring is a MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device. These work by holding the lower job in place in a forward position.

In the same way that gravity allows the tongue to fall backward to obstruct the airways, so the jaw can also drop down onto the chest, having the same obstructing effect, especially in those who prefer to sleep on their back.

A MAD moves the jaw forward, preventing the constriction of the airways occurring.

Fitting Process

In the majority of cases, MAD devices use “boil and bite” technology in their fitting process. This involves putting the device in boiling water to soften the components which allow the product to be molded into the correct shape for your jaw.

The device is then removed from the water and allowed to cool a little before being inserted into the mouth whereupon the wearer bites down, allowing the material to mold to the shape of the gums or teeth. When a MAD is well fitted, it will deliver an excellent level of snoring prevention, encouraging the wearer to bite down in order to create tension in the jaw to hold it in the correct place.

What to Expect

When first starting to wear a MAD, it can take a little time for the jaw to get used to the sensation, so some soreness is common. Luckily, this subsides rapidly, and after a while, you will forget that you are wearing it.

Modern MADs offer a high-quality fit and are equipped with excellent features to ensure a pain-free and noiseless sleep. Features such as micro-adjustment or fine-adjustment are now often available, as well as visible measurement scales, allowing the wearer to easily track their adjustments.

MADs are also effective at preventing night time teeth grinding, as an added bonus. It is not necessary to visit your dentist in order to obtain an MAD, and indeed the ones available from the dentist are very expensive. Today, you can buy modern alternatives online which allow you to obtain a custom-fit in your own home.

how mad devices work

Top Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

Good Morning Snore Solution

gmssThe Good Morning Snore Solution is a Tongue Stabilizing Device, not a MAD, and this sets it apart from most of the other available products.

This device works well to eliminate snoring while being a comfortable and safe solution. Suitable for denture wearers, those who dislike the feel of wearing a device inside their mouth, and for those with loose teeth, the GMSS works even for heavy snorers by keeping the tongue in the right position during sleep to prevent it from falling back into the throat and causing an airway obstruction which results in the tissue vibrations that cause snoring.

Its soft, non-bulky material feels comfortable inside the mouth, and as it is free from BPA it promotes better health and well being. The design is simple and easy to clean, enjoying a long lifespan of at least 12 months, and as it has been FDA cleared, the wearer can be assured of its safety. Simple to use, the GMSS can be worn straight out of the box with no need to adjust and it will not aggravate TMJ, unlike many rival products. As no prescription is necessary to purchase this device, the GMSS is a very convenient option.

Vital Sleep

vital sleepThe VitalSleep is a Mandibular Advancement Device which has been cleared by the FDA and which has been designed to keep the lower jaw securely held in the correct forward position in order to prevent obstructions to the airways that result in the vibrations that cause snoring. Manufactured from USA-made thermoplastic, the VitalSleep is free from BPA and latex and is supplied in 2 sizes.

It uses the boil and bite technology so that the wearer can achieve the perfect fit, while the integrated Hex tool allows even greater customization to ensure the wearer’s complete comfort. This device also features a large air hole which enables users to breathe more naturally through their mouth while they sleep – ideal for those who struggle to breathe through their nose due to allergies, medical conditions or injury.

This product is suitable for anyone who wears partial dentures, and as an added bonus, it can help to guard against tooth grinding during the night. The VitalSleep is comfortable to wear, and thanks to its ability to allow side-to-side jaw movements, the strain on the lower jaw is reduced allowing a more natural feel to be achieved.


ZyppahThe Zyppah stop snoring device features an unusual and innovative design, and, with its vibrant coloring, it is visually appealing. This MAD device, which was designed by a qualified dentist, works by keeping the jaw securely held in the forward position while also featuring a stabilizing strap which stops the tongue from falling back during sleep and blocking the airway.

The Zyppah has been FDA cleared and uses the boil and bite technology to achieve a customized fit for the wearer. Safe to use, this hybrid solution combines both TSD and MAD technology to effectively stop snoring.

Light and small, it does not have a bulky feel in the mouth like many of its rivals, yet thanks to its robust construction, it boasts a long lifespan of up to 12 months. The integrated air holes allow the wearer to breathe naturally through either the nose or mouth during sleep, and as it is free from BPA, it promotes better health and wellbeing. It is also available in a choice of colors to suit the wearer’s preferences.


snorerxThe SnoreRX is a MAD device which consists of a copolymer mouthpiece that is molded to the correct shape for the wearer through the boil and bite technology. Designed by an American neuroscientist to Medicare standards, this product is free from latex and BPA for better user safety and its in-built Flex-Jaw measurement unit helps the wearer to keep track of their adjustments and to achieve the best possible personalized fit. Soft and durable, this device will cause no irritation or pain to the gums and as it has been FDA cleared, users can rest assured of its safety.

The SnoreRX features integrated air holes allowing for more natural breathing during the night while the cushioned tray helps to protect teeth from grinding during sleep. This device is certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and it enjoys a long lifespan of up to 15 months – longer than many rival products. Unlike many of its competitors, it is also designed not to aggravate Temporomandibular Joint Disorder while its ability to allow lateral jaw movements ensures the wearer’s best possible comfort at bedtime.


zquietThe ZQuiet is a MAD device that is free from BPA and latex for the wearer’s safety. Known to be effective at reducing or eliminating snoring, this device works by ensuring the lower jaw remains held securely in the correct forward position during sleep to keep the jaw muscles and throat tissues tight in order to reduce the vibrations which cause snoring. This device also stops the tongue from obstructing the airways and, as a bonus, it also helps improve the wearer’s breathing , ensuring the body stays optimally oxygenated. Made from a thermoplastic elastomer, the ZQuiet feels comfortable and soft when worn, and thanks to the integrated airflow posts and Living Hinge technology, the wearer can enjoy a more natural sleep experience. Easy to adjust to the correct shape and size with scissors, this product comes in two sizes and requires no molding, unlike many other similar products. It is also easy to clean and boasts a long lifespan. Made in the USA, the ZQuiet is approved by the FDA and has been designed by a sleep specialist, so purchasers can rest assured of the safety and effectiveness of this product.

Pure Sleep

puresleepPureSleep is a two-piece MAD stop snoring device which keeps the jaw held forward into the correct position during sleep in order to stop the tongue falling backwards into the throat and obstructing the airways. Unlike the majority of MAD devices, the PureSleep is a little different, being made of two pieces instead of a single piece. The upper and lower pieces are connected with 3 possible settings and this controls how far forward the lower jaw is pushed. Using boil and bite technology, it is possible to achieve a customized fit so that the device is comfortable to wear. Cleared by the FDA, this device is manufactured in America and contains no BPA or latex for the wearer’s safety. It also has integrated airflow holes to allow the wearer to breathe naturally through their mouth during the night. The PureSleep MAD device lasts for up to 9 months before requiring replacement.

My Snoring Solution

my snoring solutionMy Snoring Solution takes the form of a headband which supports the jaw during sleep. It is manufactured from a stretchy, flexible material that is worn around the head to encase it while the wearer sleeps. The chin is placed in the wide part of the headband and then the rest of the band stretches over the ears and the back of the head. It works by forcing the jaw gently forward and up, allowing the wearer to breathe naturally while resetting the muscle tissues of the throat. By keeping the mouth closed, it opens the airway passages automatically, reducing air velocity and preventing vibrations in the soft tissues that cause snoring. One size fits all, and it is suitable for most people, even those who wear dentures. This is a good product for anyone who dislikes the feel of a device inside their mouth while they sleep, and it is also very easy to use. Over time, it trains the jaw to move forward, meaning that eventually the device will no longer be required, and as it does not affect the tongue, teeth or gums, it causes no drooling or pain, unlike some other stop snoring devices.

Characteristics To Examine Before Buying

It can be hard to know which anti-snoring device is right for you, so here we look at the different characteristics that you should consider when choosing between products.


The quality and type of material used in the manufacture of your device is very important. You should ensure that it contains no BPA (Bisphenol A) which has been associated with liver problems, heart disease, cancer, erectile dysfunction and diabetes, as well as problems with brain and hormone development in children and fetuses.

BPA enters the body via the skin, and since you will be wearing your oral device all night long, it is best avoided. You should also check to see if your chosen device contains latex, especially if you know that you are one of the 3 million people in the country with an allergy to this material. The best material to choose is dental thermoplastic, which is used in the manufacture of professional produced mouth appliances and dentures.

Comfort and Adjustability

The more you are able to adjust your device, the more you will find it comfortable to wear, and comfort should be a key priority. It is pointless to choose a device that is so painful to use that it makes your sleep even worse.

TSDs do not need to be adjusted, however an MAD will benefit from incremental adjustability and boil and bite technology to allow for the most customized fit. Devices which incorporate boil and bite technology can often be remolded numerous times, allowing for you to maintain and excellent fit over the long term.

Although you could also choose a dental impression kit, these are more expensive. When choosing this option, you are sent a tray and molding clay by the manufacturer. You apply the clay to the tray and bite down leaving the impression of you teeth. The kit is then returned to the manufacturer who produces an oral devices customized to your own jaw. While these ensure a precise fit, they can take many weeks to arrive.

Boil-and-Bite Customization

Mouths are like snowflakes, and no two are alike. As such, if you decide to go with a MAD, it is important that it will be allowed to conform to your mouth’s exact shape. This can be achieved with the majority of devices that are on the market today with the technology known as “boil and bite.” You simply bring a pot of water to a boil and drop the device in. The boiling water will soften the material and then you take it out and let it sit and cool down to a temperature that is safe. Once it has cooled, place the device in your mouth then bite down.

The firm pressure of your bite will allow it to be customized for your gums and teeth. Some people have claimed the device can be remolded 5 times, which is an important aspect of the product. Because the more the device can be remolded, the better for you since many people’s mouths change over time.

For a thorough customization, there are dental impression kits on the market too, which are a bit more expensive. The manufacturer of these MADs will send you a mouth tray with enough molding clay to get an exact impression on the tray of your teeth.

After you have your impression on the tray, you mail the kit back to the manufacturer, and they will produce an oral device that is a customized fit for you. This allows you to get that precise fit, but the downside is the turn-around time can take a few weeks to receive your final product.

Breathing holes vs no breathing holes

Not every device features a breathing hold, and not every snorer requires one. If you have a medical condition restricting your airflow such as a sinus problem, you would probably benefit from a mouthguard that has a breathing hole. These are also a good choice for those who sleep with their mouths open.

It is important to keep in mind the size of the breathing hole, as one which is too small prevents enough air from reaching the lungs and once which is too big can force the mouth into a position that is not comfortable. A breathing hole can also produce whistling noises and may result in a dry throat and mouth.

Life expectancy of the stop snoring mouthpiece

It is important to have realistic expectations when buying an anti-snoring mouthpiece with regards to its lifespan. Remember that you will be wearing it for up to a third of each day and therefore it may need to be replaced relatively frequently.

Most products last between 6 and 12 months, although some require replacement more frequently, around every 3 months. In these cases, cost can be a factor and therefore choosing a produce which has a longer lifespan and yet is a little more expensive could be better value in the long run.

If you have a shorter period of sleep every night, your device will probably last longer, however if you grind your teeth during the night, you will probably need to replace your device more often.

Value and Affordability


Although a cheaper product may be appealing, if it has a short lifespan or is very uncomfortable to wear, it is false economy. Be prepared to spend a little more on a quality device as this is better value for money.

Devices generally cost between $35 and $200, however if you buy one from your dentist, the price will be a lot higher. Although cost is an important factor, it is not the be-all and end-all of your decision.

While you may not require the most expensive device on the market, you should choose one which the right features to accommodate you and your snoring problem effectively.

Things You Should Know

You probably have many questions in your mind when you are ready to choose the right anti-snoring device for you, so here we address some of the main queries which commonly arise.

Why do people snore?

In the center of the soft palate you will find the uvula, a conical-shaped projection. If the tissues of the throat make contact with this projection it causes the airway to become obstructed, resulting in vibrations and snoring sounds.Snoring may also be caused by failure to inhale enough air with each breath. Some people snore because they are in a very deep sleep through taking sleeping pills or drinking alcohol. Some people are nasal snorers, a problem caused by several conditions from obesity or enlarged tonsils to nasal polyps or a deviated septum.

How does an MAD work?

MADs can reduce or prevent snoring by holding the jaw in a forward position. Placed between the lower and upper teeth, it tightens the muscles and tissues in the upper airways, and prevents gravity from pulling the jaw downwards towards the throat where the airways can be constricted. MADs are simply placed in the mouth before sleep and are a popular anti-snoring solution in the UK, USA and Canada.

How does a TSD work?

Similar in approach to an MAD, a TSD fits over the tip of the tongue, holding it in position. Usually, it works by squeezing a bulb on the device before positioning the tongue against it and releasing the bulb to create a vacuum that keeps the tongue in place, preventing it from falling into the throat and blocking the airways. Usually, these devices feature tabs which protrude from the lips, keeping the device and tongue in the correct forward position. While they are not as popular as MADs, they are equally effective at preventing snoring and are a less intrusive solution.


How long do stop snoring mouthpieces last?

The life expectancy of an oral device can vary, but usually, their lifespan is around six to 18 months. However, each individual’s sleeping habits will have an effect on the life expectancy of the device. For example, those who grind their teeth will find they have to replace their device more frequently. A custom fitted device obtained through a dentist will have a long lifespan, often of several years.

Can anti-snoring mouthpieces be worn with dentures?

A TSD is an effective solution for snorers who have dentures as they do not have to be bitten down on to stay in place and therefore require no teeth to wear it.MADs are not a good choice for denture wearers as they require the wearer to bite down. While some devices are denture-compatible, they require the wearer to keep their dentures in at night.


Will a MAD make my mouth sore?
Many people experience discomfort in their face and jaw when they begin wearing an MAD, due to the tension in the muscles and jaw. This is the typical soreness associated with working the muscles in an unusual way and after around 3-7 days, this feeling will subside.


Will it help with teeth grinding?
One of the best things about stop snoring mouthpieces is that they work for both teeth grinding and snoring. By being positioned between both sets of teeth, these devices prevent the damage that can be caused by night time grinding.


Do I need a prescription to order snore guard?
Both MADs and TSDs are Class II Medical Devices (as classified by the FDA) and therefore you need a prescription to order one. However there is a way of getting around this and you require no prescription to order one online.


Can I breathe through my mouth while wearing my stop snoring device?
As long as you choose a mouthpiece that features a breathing hole you will find that you can breathe through your mouth as normal. If your device does not have a breathing hole however, you will not be able to. Make sure you choose a breathing hole in the right size, as one that is too small will limit your airflow while one that is too big will keep your jaw held wider than it should be.


How do I clean my MAD or TSD?

Keeping your oral device clean an disinfected is vital for your health. Luckily, both MADs and TSDs are simple to look after. You can clean most devices with a toothbrush and toothpaste, however some require you to use a particular cleaning solution, so you should pay attention to the care instructions from the manufacturer.The amount of effort put into keeping your device clean could be an important factor to bear in mind when making your choice of product – remember that if there are lots of nooks and crannies in the device it will harbor more bacteria and therefore need a more complex cleaning regime.


Is it possible to swallow it while sleeping?
Any product approved by a government regulating service like the Therapeutic Products Directorate in Canada or the FDA in the USA is considered to be safe and therefore should not be a choking hazard, and while it is not 100% guaranteed, it should not cause you any problems.


Spoiler title
The “Boil and Bite” method is often used to create a customized fit in anti-snoring devices. It works by putting the device into boiling water which allows the materials to soften. Once it has been removed and cooled to a safe temperature, it is then put into the mouth and the wearer bites down to form an impression of their jaw in the material. Once it has cooled and hardened, it molds into the shape of the wearer’s teeth. Devices which use this technology are less costly than those which have dental impression kits. A dental impression kit uses clay in a mouth tray, which the user bites into and then sends to the lab where the device is made professionally.


How effective are stop snoring mouthpieces?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some of the product’s manufacturers make claims of 94%, 96% or 98% effectiveness, and the general satisfaction rate appears to be described as “90%+”. You should be aware that there is a difference between satisfaction rate and a product’s effectiveness, and to find the most accurate estimate you should look at trustworthy medical research.A study in Belgium showed that 65% of snorers who used a low cost MAD device experienced improvement in their condition, with the conclusion that using a mouthpiece is a feasible solution to snoring and using a cheap MAD at first could determine how effective it was going to be before purchasing a more expensive custom-made device. There are also other studies which show an higher rate of success.


Is it okay for children to use these devices?
Mouthpieces are not recommended for use by children as they can interfere with the proper development of the jaw and teeth.


Spoiler title
In the majority of cases, a boil and bite device can be remolded 2 or 3 times, so there is no need to worry if you fail to get the perfect impression the first time. You should note, however, that each time you remold the material it will break down a little, and although some manufacturers state that their device can be remolded up to 5 times, this may be a bit of a stretch.


What does it mean for a device to be cleared by the FDA?
If a snore mouthpiece is cleared by the FDA it is considered safe to use. The FDA takes responsibility for thorough testing on drugs, foods, cosmetics, biological products, medical devices and many other products for the purpose of protecting public health.


If I have TMJ can I use a mouthpiece?

TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is caused by several things including grinding and clenching of the teeth, a misaligned bite, wear and tear to the cartilage, arthritis and dislocation. It results in pain in the teeth, ear and joint of the jaw.As the symptoms and causes of this condition are related to the jaw and mouth, it is advised that sufferers do not use MAD devices. However a TSD is often a suitable solution for TMJ sufferers, as long as you ask your medical practitioner for their advice before making your purchase.


Why am I being asked to fill out a questionnaire when purchasing online?

Many manufacturers will ask you to complete some questions about your oral health before you make your purchase in order to ensure that the product is suited to your needs.Not only are they helping to look out for you, but they are also protecting themselves legally. You should always answer the questionnaire truthfully as it is in both yours and the manufacturers best interests.


Are these anti-snoring devices safe to use?

Both TSDs and MADs are considered safe to use as long as it is under the following conditions.

  • It is only used for its intended purposes and according to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.
  • It has been approved for use by the FDA or another trusted regulatory body.
  • You do not have TMJ, loose teeth, gum disease or a medical condition that could be made worse by the use of the device.


How to Prevent Snoring on a Plane

how to prevent snoring on a plane

According to studies, 45% of the people snore occasionally and 25% do it regularly. It is a more common problem in men and in people who are overweight and also it worsens with age. But, why is it happening?

Why do people snore?

Snoring occurs when there is an obstruction to the airflow at the back of the mouth and nose, which match the tongue, palate, and uvula. When one comes up against the other, breathing vibration occurs which generates the typical noise.

The snorer has at least one of the following problems:

Muscle looseness in the throat or tongue:  When this occurs, the tongue falls back and, along with the throat, closes the passage of the airways. It’s easy to relax the muscle after having consumed alcohol, drugs or medications. Therefore, some people do not often snore and they do when they have drunk. But the relaxation may also occur in deeper stages of sleep without having eaten anything.

Overdevelopment of the tissues of the throat: Large tonsils are the main cause of snoring in children. Similarly, overweight people suffer an increase in the development of these tissues and, therefore, tend to snore.

Oversize palate or uvula: The large palate hinders the passage between the nose and the mouth, hanging between both airways and causing snoring sound.

Obstruction of the nasal cavities: This makes it necessary to make an effort to inhale air through the nose which generates a vacuum in the throat, leading to a drop in the soft tissues and causing the snoring. Therefore, some people snore only when they have colds or allergy attacks.

Finally, a deviated nasal septum hinders the passage of air and can cause you to snore.

What are the health risks involved with snoring?

Snoring is more than an annoying noise; it may be the alarm signal for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disease that is common in loud snoring sufferers. Breathing pauses occur during sleep, which may be followed by small lapses of awakening, called arousals.

As a result, daytime sleepiness occurs due to a lack of restful sleep, which in some cases leads to chronic fatigue. Lack of sleep also results in the temptation to doze anywhere in any situation, and there are problems with concentration and memory loss, irritability, headache, a decline in work performance, besides the risk of all types of accidents.

But the problems do not end here. Recent studies associate sleep apnea with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in patients and impaired cognitive symptoms in children.

Sleep apnea, also called Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome (SAHS), should be considered a “public health problem”.

However, we must clarify that snoring is not always synonymous with disease. In general, the SAHS appears progressively. Sudden awakenings and suffocating with choking feeling included, in addition to problems associated with lack of sleep, are more than enough to go to the doctor.

In any case, for this health problem to be considered pathological, a person must undergo 5 to 10 interruptions in breathing per hour during sleep, but can reach, in extreme cases, up to 90 during the same period. Each should last at least 10 seconds, during which time no air enters or leaves the lungs. In this period, the brain does not receive enough oxygen.

There are also children who snore. Most of them are suffering from the syndrome called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). In many cases, it is due to the presence of too large tonsils, which can be cured today by laser surgery without removing them, as it happened years ago. However, we must pay attention to this syndrome because it can trigger health problems with a direct impact on the physical and mental development of children.

Other effects of apnea in children are disorders in the shape of the face, bedwetting, daytime tiredness, and low weight development and height.

In the case of adults, the deficient of supply to the brain can be fatal in patients with hypertension and that in the long-term may increase the risk of ischemic stroke (stroke). The risk is normalized when patients receive proper treatment.

How to Prevent Snoring on A Plane

You will find various anti snoring devices and methods to help you stop snoring. Some of these ways involve adapting to a diet regime and make some changes to your current lifestyle factors like avoiding consuming too much alcohol and eating a heavy meal before your bedtime.

When selecting anti snoring devices, there are a few things to consider. Always read the labels before using anti-snoring devices and speak with the dentist or maybe a specialist whenever you think the anti-snoring product is truly perfect for you.

Keep in mind that in a few instances it might be designed being an anti-snoring device; however, it might offer you discomfort in return. The different types of stop snoring products that are available in the market are as follows:

Anti-snoring pillows – These foam pillows are designed in a way to fix the sleeping positions on the bed and on any other surface area that would help to decrease snoring.

CPAP machine (Constant Position Air passage pressure) – It is a mask that you may put on either on the nose or on the mouth which exerts air pressure into the nostrils. One drawback is that this device is extremely bulky and can be truly miserable for people wearing the mask whenever they sleep. This is considered to be a lifetime treatment and it has confirmed great effectiveness in quitting snoring in addition to sleep apnea.

Pillar process – It is one of the most effective remedies. It does not interfere with the patient’s consuming or speech and it can be accomplished at the physician’s clinic using a local anesthetic. It does not require the removal of any tissue.

Breathing pieces and sinus sprays – They decongest your air passageways helping you prevent noisy snoring.

Stop snoring mouthpiece – It is one of the most effective anti snore devices used to cope with loud snoring issues. It is also known as Mandibular Advancement Device. Stop snoring mouthpieces can be found in different types.

A person will most likely snore while sleeping when the lower jaw is pressed downwards which has a tendency to cause the airway to get blocked.

An anti snoring mouthpiece functions by maintaining the correct position of the mouth to expand the breathing airway, thereby, eliminate snoring. Maintaining the lower jaw in the forward direction can prevent the soft tissues of the respiratory tract from collapsing which block air flow.

1. SnoreRx Anti Snoring Device

This mouth guard is one of the simplest cures for snoring. Snore Rx is a product that has been designed to help people with snoring habits. It is essentially an anti snore mouthpiece that is fitted to the mouth and can help a person stop this loud habit when traveling on a plane.

Meant as an immediate solution, all that one has to do is purchase the product and try it out for oneself. It is a customized fit for any jaw size and shape.

How does it work?

SnoreRx mouthguard for snoring is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). It is an oral appliance that is fitted into the mouth such that the lower jaw is inched forward to prevent obstructed breathing. What this does is that it improves the process of taking in air and also opens up the airway to thereby completely eliminate the snoring issue for as long as it is used. However, initially, it may be difficult to wear as it is foreign and can cause discomfort due to its presence. Mandibular Repositioning Devices have been tested before and were proved to work wonders for people with snoring problems.

Features and Specifications:

1) One of the key features of this product is that it is adjustable unlike many of its competitors in the market. Since people have different jaw structures, this mouth guard can easily adapt to multiple jaw sizes. With SnoreRx, there is no size adjustment issue to worry about.

2) Another feature is its re-usability. This means that one strip can be used again, thereby making it more attractive to purchase as it potentially lasts longer.

3) The third is that it comes with a defined set of instructions that are easy to understand and read, thereby ensuring that the customer is neither confused nor does he spend too much time understanding how it works.

4) As its materials are all FDA approved, it is also quite recommended for usage by specialists as well. Its feature of Posi-Lock ensures that the setting selected by the user is locked and doesn’t cause any irritation. The calibrator measures the exact measurement by which the lower jaw needs to be moved outwards.

5) Due to its advanced snoring aids technology, SnoreRx is completely screws, nuts and rubber band free.

What are its advantages?

The Snore Rx comes with multiple benefits that make it a great buying option to help stop snoring immediately. The benefits of this anti snore mouthpiece include:

1) It is easy to use and does not take up too much time to fit into the mouth.

2) Compared to other products, it is relatively economical to use due to its functionality and long lasting strips that can be used for more than a year.

3) In a rare occurrence, that the consumer is not satisfied, there is also thirty-day money back guarantee which means no consumer will ever find the need to compromise or be dissatisfied.

4) Over time, it becomes very comfortable to use and can help a person sleep longer and with more peace.

5) Safety is ensured due to the high standards set be it for the ingredients used or even the technique applied.

6) SnoreRx is high in quality and meets all the related benchmarks because of its best design.

What are its disadvantages?

Like every coin has two sides, there is a couple of minor disadvantages that the product comes with. These have been explained as under:

1) It is not recommended for people wearing dentures or caps unless their dentists approve of the same.

2) It takes time to get used to and may seem a little uncomfortable during the first two nights.

3) The product is not covered by Medicare or by insurance.

Payment and Trial:

Due to the extremely consumer friendly mode of hassle free returns within thirty days of usage, consumers no longer need to worry about their money or their results. There are also special codes and discount offer provided. Besides this, the product is shipped internationally and can be delivered to most places in the world. This makes the process of trying the product far easier and much more convenient.

Customer Feedback:

There has been a resounding positive attitude and feedback from the consumers who used this product. A lot of people found extremely beneficial results after only using it for a short amount of time. Even those who were initially skeptical about the working of SnoreRx changed their minds after buying it. That is how worthy it is. Liza from San Francisco, California called it a ‘miracle’ and stated that it helped her cure her sleep apnea. For Janice in Georgia, though the price seemed steep, her doubtful purchase ended up being the road to recovery. These are just a couple out of the hundreds of success stories shared by customers all over the world.


In a nutshell, Snore Rx seems to be one of the best mouthguards for snoring product to eliminate snoring once and for all. With the company’s easy return policy and the list of advantages, no consumer can go wrong with the purchase of this device. This stop snoring mouthguard is not only recommended by specialists and doctors, but it is also a very worthy buy. So, order one today and bid your annoying habit goodbye!

2. My Snoring Solution

With an anti-snoring chin strap, you are able to prevent excessive snoring and increase the quality and the duration of your sleep at night. Snoring chin strap is one of the simplest and quickest ways to stop snoring. This leads to a happier, healthier, and better lifestyle.

The inventor of My Snoring Solution chinstrap was suffering from Sleep Apnea, a disorder in which a person’s breath repeatedly pauses whilst sleeping, causing them to awaken repeatedly in the night. The soft tissues and muscles in the throat relax and collapse, causing airway blockage which stops the person from being able to breathe properly. This can occur for ten seconds or more, depending on the overall health condition of the individual. Sleep disturbance is created, affecting the lives of sufferers and others around them, including partners and family members. By having to excessively get up in the night, the amount of sleep received by loved ones is also affected. Snoring also has a tendency to be loud and noisy, which can potentially disturb loved ones from receiving the amount of sleep that they need in order to function prosperously throughout the day.

How do chin straps work?

The chin strap works as an anti-snoring jaw strap when it extends over the intended range of the jaw. It increases the amount of three-dimensional spaces in a person’s airway, by keeping the lower jaw positioned upwards. The chinstrap reduces soft tissue vibration and air velocity. It prevents a person’s airway from closing whilst sleeping, stopping them from potentially choking in the middle of the night.

What are the benefits of My Snoring Solution chinstrap?

The benefits of using My Snoring Solution chinstrap include improved air ventilation, due to the thrusting of the jaw. This helps people to sleep throughout the night, without being awakened or disturbed by snoring. It also is kind to one’s partner, who doesn’t have to cover their ears at the sound of excessive snoring. Levels of energy are improved and restored throughout the day, as a result.

The chin strap is similar to CPR in that it makes air able to pass through the throat so that a sufferer is able to breathe pleasantly and have a harmonious eight hours of sleep. However, unlike CPR, the chinstrap is something that is easy to use, and can be used anywhere, at any time, without requiring the aid or assistance of another individual. Not being able to breathe properly whilst sleeping can lead to feeling tired throughout the day, due to inadequate sleep, but with the chinstrap this is no longer the reality.

What are some effects of sleep apnea?

OSA can cause an individual to be severely sleep deprived and suffer from chronic fatigue, as a result of waking up excessively in the night in order to breathe correctly. This affects a person’s daily life and ability to function normally. Poor performance in the workplace can also be a result of a lack of the sleep sufficiency.

Lack of sleep or quality of sleep can also lead to a development of psychological disorders such as ADD, or lead to a development of asthma. Heavy asthma attacks that can occur uncontrollably at night can be treated using the My Snoring Solution chinstrap.

Poor sleep can also worsen the breathing of an asthmatic, and combined with suffering from OSA, this creates a situation that is harmful to the individual’s health. Sleep deprivation can lead to the function of the immune system decreasing, the temperature of the body decreasing, and heart rate increasing. This can affect both adults and children, and the disorder is typically developed in childhood.

How effective are anti snoring chin straps? Do they work?

In a study investigating the effectiveness of the chin strap for snoring, ten patients diagnosed with OSA were observed in terms of their sleep. In the first study they were not given the chin strap, and the level of their apneas, hypopneas, snores, oxygen saturation, blood pressure in the morning, and blood pressure in the afternoon were recorded. In the second study, followed up two years later, the same patients were observed whilst sleeping, and wore the anti-snoring chin strap provided by mysnoring-solution.com. In the second study, it was reported that some patients experienced a large reduction in snoring frequency; a lower level in episodes of OSA, and lower levels of morning blood pressure. Most patients experienced a higher level of saturation of oxygen.

This study clearly shows that using one of the best anti snoring devices like My Snoring Solution chinstrap increases the long-term health of one suffering from OSA. This snoring solution jaw support strap improves the quality of sleep, restores blood pressure levels and increases oxygen saturation for patients. This leads to an all-around improvement in day-to-day life, such as better performance at work and healthier relationships, as a result of a better quality of sleep provided by the stop snoring chin strap. This means that family members and loved ones are no longer disturbed by the snoring of those suffering from OSA, and being woken up excessively during the night. By simply using the chin strap snore aids, a person’s lifespan is also greatly increased. Where can I buy the chin strap for snoring that you recommend?

Where can I buy the chin strap for snoring that you recommend?

The anti-snoring chin strap provided by My Snoring Solution puts an end to sleep deprivation for sufferers of OSA or asthmatic attacks in the night, forever. The airway is opened by being held forward, enabling air to pass through easily. Snoring becomes diminished, and sleep is able to be attended to throughout the night. Energy levels increase, as well as mental clarity. The jaw supporter strap is comfortable, provides full support, and is compact to fit the jaw so that no discomfort is experienced. Sufferers no longer have to experience restless sleep, or disturbing others whilst sleeping due to snoring and waking up in the night to use the bathroom. By using the chinstrap, a healthier, fuller life is experienced. As an investment that is helpful to all, it really can be said that purchasing and using a chinstrap can save lives, and create a richer quality of life that was previously unable to be experienced. Click here to buy My Snoring Solution chinstrap.

Phenibut for Sleep | What’s the Best Way to Take Phenibut for Sleep


One of the most unpleasant experiences I can think of is getting ready for sleep, getting into bed, and still being wide awake with thoughts racing through your head. All you want to do is sleep, but your brain just won’t let you. An hour goes by, then two. You are begging and pleading to whoever and whatever you can to just once, just this one night, to have a decent night’s sleep.

Of course, when you do finally go to sleep it feels like the very next second you have to wake up again. Instead of getting a refreshing night’s sleep you got a couple of hours less than you wanted. On top of that, you feel frustrated that you wasted a couple of hours of an already short day just lying in bed frustrated that you can’t sleep when that time could have been better focused on something else.

I know exactly how this feels, and unfortunately, as a life-long insomniac, there is no way to permanently get rid of these feelings. Anyone who tells you that they were an insomniac and then cured it forever by using this one simple trick is feeding you a lie.

The best you can realistically hope for is to keep insomnia at bay as best as you can. Believe me, it’s a much better feeling when you have only one sleepless night a month or so instead of almost every single day. And in this post, I’m going to show you how to keep your sleepless nights on the back-burner for the time being.

Using Phenibut for sleep

So given the articles I have already written about phenibut, I have already touched on how phenibut can be used to achieve a great night’s sleep, but I haven’t really gone into too much detail on how to do it.

Truthfully, phenibut is a recreational nootropic and not something you can take every day. So if you were hoping that you can take phenibut and never have to worry about insomnia again you are mistaken (as mentioned earlier, there are no shortcuts or cheats).

Instead, it’s best to take phenibut no more than twice per week and only once per week once you are starting out.

But while I mention that phenibut can be used for sleep, I wouldn’t recommend you use it strictly for that purpose. The reasons being it takes 5-7 hours for it to get into full effect, and it’s not something you can take every day.

That being said, there were nights when I went out partying and I took phenibut beforehand to lower my anxiety. As soon as I hit the pillow when I got back, I fell asleep instantly! The only times in my life that I have ever fallen asleep that fast was when I was taking phenibut.

The best practice is to take phenibut on a day when you are dog tired and don’t really need to get up in the morning. I have recommended in Phenibut Tips and Tricks to take it on a Saturday if you plan to go out on both Friday nights and Saturday nights. That might not be something that you are particularly interested in, so instead, you could take it on a Friday night instead. If you had a long work week and you just want to crash and get as much sleep as you can so you can have a full weekend of relaxation, take phenibut on Friday as soon as you get off work.

Make sure to take the full 2 gram dosage (or 1 gram if you are a beginner), because there is really no need to break up the dosage if you not planning on staying awake.

Once you do hit the pillow, you are out and might get an entire 12-14 hours of sleep!

This happened to me a couple of times, and I’m kind of glad that did. You see, we often don’t realize how tired we really are and how deep of a sleep debt we are in.

People often get an extra hour or two of sleep on the weekends thinking that they are making up the debt, but they might not realize that they needed several additional hours of sleep to be fully rested. If you are taking phenibut to temporarily cure insomnia (which it can), don’t be surprised if you also end up paying off your sleep debt too (which you will).

best way to take phenibut for sleep
Damn, this phenibut stuff worked like a charm!


What about when I’m not taking phenibut?

I understand that if you are taking phenibut for sleep twice per week (the maximum limit), there’s a good 5 extra days that you are on your own.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: phenibut is just a tool and is not something that you should solely rely on. Can it help you fall asleep on the occasional day you use it? Absolutely. Can you take it every day and cure insomnia permanently? Hell no.

So for the insomniac that needs help on those other five days, I have a couple of recommendations for you:

Take a Vitamin D pill

There are a lot of health benefits to Vitamin D (too many to list in fact, so maybe I’ll do a separate post on this). I started taking a single 5000 IU Vitamin D pill every morning because I suspected I had low testosterone levels (low Vitamin D levels lead to low testosterone levels, source). What I didn’t realize was taking a Vitamin D supplement in the morning would also help me get better sleep at night as well.

Odds are if you are not taking a Vitamin D supplement right now, or you are not getting a full hour of sun exposure daily, you are Vitamin D deficient. In fact, at least32% of Americans have a Vitamin D deficiency (source).

This is problematic because low Vitamin D levels can lead to sleep deficiencies. And I can speak from experience that taking Vitamin D supplements gave me a slight boost in my ability to fall asleep faster.

You don’t need to take a whole bunch of Vitamin D to get the effects of this, nor do you need to fork over extra money for overpriced stuff. I just use this Vitamin D from GNC. It will last you six months, and you will essentially spend 11 cents per day on it- a tiny price considering that it will progressively help you fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep.

One last note: don’t assume you are getting enough Vitamin D from your multivitamin. They usually skimp on the most important nutrients like Vitamin D and Magnesium, and instead, just have a bunch of useless filler. Just get the nutrient in as pure a form as you can.

Lift heavy, lift often

This should come as a no-brainer, but if you are not already lifting weights, you are doing yourself a disservice. Get out of your head about aesthetics or how much you can lift- you don’t need to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or bench 315 pounds to get the benefits that lifting weights can provide.

This is one of the most beneficial activities you could possibly do, so you need to start viewing it as a necessity, just like you would eating or brushing your teeth every day.

You should try to lift weights 4-5 times per week if you can. Doesn’t have to be anything extreme- even a 10-15 minute lift that’s very intense can help you fall asleep quickly at night. Not only that, but lifting weights increases your resiliency which makes it less likely for you to get sick, which will also help improve your sleep. So whatever excuses you were having about going to the gym, throw them out and get to lifting!

Cold showers at night

You may be tired about hearing me talk about how amazing cold showers are, but I stand by my statements- they really are something. A cold shower right before you go to bed will help slightly lower your body temperature. Our bodies have natural heat cycles that peak during the day and dip at night. This allows us to alternate between restfulness and sleep, which would also explain why it’s easier to fall asleep when the temperature in the room is nice and cool.

Taking a cold shower right before bed takes this a step further and really gets your body primed for sleep. Every time I have taken a cold shower before bed, I get this strange wave of relaxation and all the manic thoughts buzzing through my head just fade away. It may seem a bit contradictory (doesn’t cold water shock your body and keep it awake?), but a longer cold shower or even ice bath at night will get that body temperature nice and low at night, and pretty soon you won’t imagine going to bed without it!

Evening relaxation ritual

Since we are so accustomed to creating habits and running on autopilot, it’s important to preserve a block of time every evening for a relaxation ritual. 30 minutes before bed should do it, but even just five minutes would be better than nothing at all. Meditation is an awesome one to try and is what I do on a regular basis.  All you really have to do is spend 5 minutes every evening (starting out), and just clear your mind of wild thoughts and just focus on your breathing.  Do this every day for 5 minutes until it becomes a habit, and then you can increase the daily time you meditate by 5 minutes every other week.  It’s so easy to sleep when your mind is relaxed! 🙂

But if meditation isn’t your thing, you could always read a book. The catch is it needs to be on paper. The blue light that comes off of computers does murder to your sleep cycle, and they say you should not be on your devices in the hour before bed. However, that is often not practical because we are so busy and/or just dependent on our electronic devices that parting from it even late at night is easier said than done. For this reason, I recommend Flux. It’s a free program that you can install on your computer than decreases the blue light emitting from your computer at night. I have it and it works like a charm! It’s a bit more flexible for me since I have tried (and failed) to create a rigid hour before bed where I’m not on any sort of device. This made it easier for my work schedule and my sleep cycle. Give it a try!

In conclusion:

So let’s cut to the chase.  Can phenibut help you sleep?  Of course it can.  In fact, on the days that I have taken it, it was the most effective tool to allow me to fall asleep quickly and get an amazing night’s sleep.  I would highly recommend anyone who is desperate to get that quality sleep that we crave to try some for yourself.

That being said, I can’t say that it will make insomnia go away permanently.  Sure on the days you do take it you will get the best sleep of your life, but if you try to take it every single day you are going to build such a high tolerance to it that it will be pretty much worthless.  This is why I recommended the other tips that I did in the article.  It would be too easy to pedal phenibut by claiming it is all you need to get a good night’s sleep, but doing that would just feel unethical to me.  I want you to get the best resources available to you and if it means I make less commission than so be it.

I’m sure there are other sleep tips out there, but these were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.  If you know any others, feel free to share them with me!

Best CPAP Mask Reviews- We Reviewed the Best CPAP Masks

cpap mask

CPAP therapy can be hard to adjust for some sleep apnea patients. In order to adjust to CPAP therapy with maximum comfort, it is recommended to choose a CPAP mask that will be both effective and comfortable.

CPAP masks come in 2 main shapes – nasal CPAP masks and full face CPAP masks. However, there are some CPAP masks that offer nasal pillow system that allows it to be placed only upon the patient’s nostrils.

The type of apnea mask and sizing could be the most important aspect in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Most Respiratory Therapists agree that the proper apnea mask type and sizing is critical to obtaining relief from sleep apnea. An uncomfortable mask will not only make it difficult to sleep, but, will also make you not want to wear it.

Most patients are initially fitted for an apnea mask at the sleep laboratory.  However, CPAP mask sizing can be an imperfect process.

Make sure that you only use a specialized Medical Equipment Professional (usually a Respiratory Therapist) when getting “sized up” for a mask.

Additionally, the specialist need to have been trained by the Mask Manufacturers. It is the only way to ensure that you get a proper fit.

Top 10 CPAP Masks Available in the Market Today

There is a very wide range of sleep apnea CPAP masks available in the market. However, we made the work easier for you by researching the top 10 best cpap masks and listing them here:
1sleep apnea mask
Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow
2cpap masks for side sleepers
Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask
3cpap nasal masks
DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask
4new cpap masks
FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask
Full Face Cpap MaskPHILIPS RESPIRONICS$99.99
5types of cpap masks
Pico Nasal CPAP Mask
most comfortable cpap mask
ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask
Full FaceReSmed$91
7cpap mask reviews
AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask
Full FaceReSmed$154
8best cpap masks
ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask
9cpap masks reviews
Brevida Mask (Complete System)
NasalFisher & Paykel$105
10best sleep apnea mask
Swift FX Nasal Pillows System

Which is the Best CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers?

Best cpap mask for side sleepersFinding a cpap mask that makes you feel comfortable is generally not an easy task. It gets even harder if you are like me – a side sleeper.

A lot of people are trying to find a cpap mask that will allow them to sleep on the side. I personally love sleeping on the side and I have been out searching for quite some time. As we all know there is a good variety of cpap masks on the market. The truth though is that most of them are neglecting the needs of us, side sleepers.

Here are the models I have tried so far:

I have personally used all of the above mentioned CPAP masks for side sleepers and I have to tell you I had quite a challenge finding the right one. I am not sure what I can share with you will be the right choice for you, so my advice is to try and find the one for you. I found it to be a strictly personal experience.

See Also: Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Here is what I can tell you for sure.

No matter which brand and model you go for, which headgear, with or without velcro band etc.. there are certain things you will have to face as a challenge along your way. (For all side sleepers)

  • Waking up to find you have ridged marks on your face is not that uncommon, especially for people that have a deep, heavy night sleep.
  • Sleeping on the tube happens A LOT
  • It doesn’t matter that much which mask you will choose if you like to sleep with your nose/face in your pillow none of the masks will give you a perfect solution. Sealing your mask is a big challenge, believe me… I had the best success with the Brevida Nasal CPAP Mask. Even though when I don’t fit it as I should, I often find the tube moving around and off center which means you have to physically hitch it up and down to get it into position. The only way around is to sleep still.
  • Spend a lot of time fitting the mask, muck around with it and fiddle with the straps until you feel it is right for you. I found that the more I worked on the fitting of the pillow itself the better and more comfortable the fit. At the moment it is truly comfortable and most of the time I am not even aware that I’m wearing it at all.
  • If you sleep on your side, you will end up with mask marks – they have been called the ‘elvis sideburns’ and they can last 20 – 30 mins. But they do go away.

I love my Brevida Nasal Mask and I twist and turn, stomach, side, back through the night. Very lightweight, nothing much touching your face. The right size nasal prongs are important because w/out the right size you will be uncomfortable.

I hope this comes helpful.

The Different Types of CPAP Masks

Listed below are the variousCPAPp mask types that are available today.

Please note, it is very possible that the Sleep Lab where initial testing and fitting takes place may not have had all of these mask types, so check them closely to make sure you have a clear understanding of all of the different mask options.

Nasal or Nose Apnea Mask

best cpap mask amazon

This type of mask is held in place with straps or headgear and seals around the entire nose. The Nasal sleep apnea mask is typically recommended for first-time CPAP users.

Most first time CPAP users feel discomfort while wearing masks, so CPAP nasal masks are a good substitute for the traditional machines.

With conventional CPAP machines, both the nose and mouth are covered, whereas the CPAP nasal pillow is fixed at the nostrils. Thus face remains without any extra fitting which creates discomfort.

As the mouth is free from the mask in the nasal pillow, straps are stuck over the mouth to make sure that the patient breathes through the air tube.

The two types of CPAP nasal pillows are extended nasal pillow where it is extended into the nose. In another type, CPAP nose pillows are fixed at the base of nostrils. Only according to the personal experience the comfortable factor in these types can be revealed.

The most striking feature of cpap nasal pillow than other masks is the means by which the masks are stuck in the head. Though the nasal pillows are placed in such a way that it gives limited movement, these nasal pillows are preferred as it leaves less pressure on the face. The design of this pillow should be placed in a manner it is able to deliver air to the lungs in its best way.

The best known Cpap nasal pillow systems are discussed one by one. The modern Breeze sleep gear Cpap interface is very comfortable forthe patient to fix when compared to traditional mask headgear machines. It fits on the patient with multiple adjustments and gives the option for resizing.

Patients at times interface Breeze sleep gear with Nasal pillows or Dream seal mask. Along with this, an arrangement of thick padding gives more comfort for the patient’s pure sleep during night time. BIPAP is another method to treat sleep apnea. It helps to remove extra CO2 retained in the lungs so that the discomfort is relieved.

Mirage swift is one of the light weighted Cpap Nasal pillow systems. The system of mirage swift weighs 70g, so it is placed lightly on the face with more flexibility and comfort. Mirage swift provides easy fitting and removing. Next Respironics invented the first Optilife nasal pillow mask.

The Optilife mask is so simple that it needs only one hand to place it. Then the ResMed nasal pillow mask with Head Gear which has less contact with the face seems to be simple and soft. Even the prong cpap mask with headgear is used for comfort. Mostly claustrophobic users use these Cpap prong machines and also the beneficial cpap chin strap.

Full Face CPAP Masks

best sleep apnea maskIt is also held in place with straps or headgear and seals around both the mouth and nose.

The full Face Mask is recommended for people who regularly breathe out of their mouth.

When someone is a “mouth breather”, their mouth stays open during sleep. This causes the CPAP air pressure blowing through the Nasal Mask to escape. Thus, rendering the CPAP sleep apnea therapy ineffective as the pressure meant to hold the airway open flows out of the mouth instead of into the airway.

The Full Face Apnea Mask creates an environment that equalizes the pressure in both the mouth and nose.  The Full Face Apnea Mask also works well for someone who suffers from cases of nasal blockage or congestion from common colds or allergies.

nasal pillowsNasal or Nose Cushion Mask

This sleep apnea mask works in a similar fashion to the Nasal Mask using a nose cushion that seals over both nostrils, but it differs in the fact that it also fits under the nose instead of around the nose.

Additionally, the cushion does not rest on the bridge of the nose or fit over tip of the nose. There are numerous  sized cushions available for easy fit.

  1. Nasal pillows: These devices seal against the outside edge of each nostril. The pillows open into the nostril but are not inserted inside. Nasal pillows are useful for people who sleep on their stomach or side, or for those with mustache or beard.
  2. Nasal Prongs: This device is inserted into each nostril and rather than sealing around the outside edge of the nose, it seals the inside.
  3. Oral Apnea Mask: This device fits into the mouth to deliver the CPAP air pressure. It is available in only one size and is intended to fit any user. When this device is used, the CPAP air is not conditioned by the mucous membranes in the nose which results in drying out the mouth.  As a result, the Oral Mask requires the use of a heated humidifier attached to CPAP Machine.
  4. Total Face Apnea Mask: This mask works in a similar fashion to a Full Face mask except that it covers every opening on the face in areas where air might leak out.  A total face mask makes a seal over the entire area of the face, down the sides, under the chin, and at the forehead. It is exclusively used for someone who sleeps on their back. In fact, this is typically used as a “last resort”.

How to Choose the Best CPAP Mask

How do you find the mask that is right for you?

First you have to consider whether you are a mouth breather, a nose breather, or a combination mouth and nose breather. It is important to make this distinction in order to allow the CPAP machine to be most effective in delivering its therapy.

Next, you have to consider the shape of your nose, mouth, head, and face. We offer many different styles of masks because there are many different facial features and structures to fit. Most masks we carry feature adjustable straps so you can choose the tightness that you prefer.

It is vitally important that your mask be the right tightness and fit. For instance, if your straps are not properly secured, you can experience skin irritation. An ill fitting mask can also cause disruption in sleep due to its poor fit quality.

It is vital that you find a CPAP mask that you both find comfortable and that fits your unique facial features well and sleeping position. That is the key to success with CPAP!

To select the best CPAP mask, you need to know the types of CPAP mask the characteristics of each mask on the market.

Once selected the best CPAP mask, to ensure regular cleaning of your mask and check so that it continues to provide the best performance.

The most user of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or Bilevel CPAP is out of the recommendations of a doctor or respiratory therapist. The different type of CPAP mask may consider differ, such as: how to adjust the CPAP mask to reduce air leaks, how to maintain the required pressure and maximum comfort, how to wear a special bed pillows and more.

1. Types of CPAP mask

CPAP mask has a different design types, the more popular are the following paragraphs:

  • CPAP nasal mask: a triangular shape of the mask, worn over the nose to the upper lip area. Nasal mask fixed on the tip of the nose through straps, the hose attaches to the front of the mask and connects to the CPAP machine.
  • Nasal pillow mask: these “non-mask” mask diliver the continuously flow produced by the CPAP machine into the nose through the pillow mask that sealed around the two nostrils. Nasal pillow system, which fixed by a head, do not need to wound the cheek. Hose connected to the front extending to the top of the head, which makes this mask is ideal for those sleeping on side or stomach. In general, nasal pillow mask do not have the leak problems  as a full-face mask.
  • Full face mask : full face mask covering the mouth and nose, which can prevent the air pressure loss problem caused by mouth breathing. It is reported that about 40% of the users of CPAP nasal mask and full face mask experienced air pressure loss problem.

2. Size of CPAP mask

The key to the success of CPAP mask is the size fittable, can effectively reduce air leakage. Individual’s nose and facial contours will determine the size of the mask. Weight gain or loss may affect the suitability of the mask, tighten or loosen head gear may be sufficient to adjust the mask size to achieve the most appropriate state, thereby reducing air leakage.

Most users of CPAP and BiPAP CPAP masks would choose to select nasal mask, as nasal mask is easier to get used to than nasal pillow mask, and not so claustrophobic compared with full-face mask. CPAP users often switch to nasal pillows once they are experiencing air leakage with their nasal mask.  Full face mask is the most suitable mask for mouth breathing or those who tend to sleep with their mouth open.

Choose the best CPAP mask is the first step to have an effective CPAP treatment, then the following is the maintenance of CPAP mask so that it can operate more efficiently. Key maintenance steps include:

  • Keep the mask clean : wash the CPAP mask with mild shampoo in warm soapy water everday, then air dry.
  • Pay attention to deteriorate : once there are deterioration phenomenon in the pillows and forehead gel cushions, replace they as soon as possible.
  • Replacement of the forehead pad : replace the forehead pad when the silicon begin to soften, usually in three to six months. Softening of silicon, the mask will not close contact with the face, causing leakage.

Apnea Mask Replacement

The good news is that most insurance companies will typically allow for mask cushion replacement every 90 days and a complete new apnea mask system every 6 months.

Typically after six months of use most mask cushions start to deteriorate causing the material in the mask to become too soft to hold a seal.

It is generally recommended that you should replace pillows or cushions as soon as they start to soften.

Additionally, be on the lookout for mask air leaks because they may reduce the effectiveness of CPAP sleep apnea therapy and try to avoid headgear that is too tight which has known to cause facial sores at pressure points.


7 Ways to Discipline a Child Without Yelling or Hitting


As you gaze into the eyes of your newborn baby and start bonding, it’s hard to imagine that this little blessing will ever do anything wrong.

But keep in mind that someday she’ll be 2, then 3, then 13 years old. It’s important that you learn now how to discipline the child later.

Luckily, discipline is as easy as one, two, three.

That’s right.

There are only three things you need to remember (and do) to discipline your child effectively.

Defining Discipline

The meaning of discipline is different for people in different circumstances. For Army and Police people, discipline means strictly following a system, irrespective of personal likes, dislikes, traits, habits, etc. For schools, it is a slightly mild form of following the system. For homes, it is further mild as the rules and systems are never so strict at home.

However, most people see discipline as a consequence of fear of punishment … and therefore this concept of discipline seems to be a negative discipline, where people do not desire to behave in a particular manner, but they do so only because of fear of punishment.

Thus an outside force keeps them in discipline. Whenever this external force is removed, people cease to behave in that particular manner.

Positive discipline works in a totally opposite direction. It makes people feel like behaving in a desired manner. This force comes from within the hearts of people.

It takes a little time to settle but it does work. It can be taught and learned. There are ways and means to learn and teach it. After some initial support, it settles permanently in the behavior.

This kind of discipline is also positive because it produces positive emotions and feeling in the hearts of people. People do it happily.

It works on children even better.

Behavior Consequences

Behavior Consequences for children are an important part of disciplining them.

More than 300 years ago, Isaac Newton laid down his third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Since time immemorial, our forefathers have been teaching us: “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

These are universal truths and apply to every person and situation.

We suffer the consequences of actions that we do, which may be positive or negative. Negative actions produce negative consequences and positive actions produce positive consequences. Positive consequences are also called rewards.

For our discussion here, when I say consequences, I mean negative consequences. And when I say rewards, I mean positive consequences.

Experience teaches us what leads to what. Failures and sufferings teach us what not to do again. Success and rewards teach us what to do more and more.

We learn so many lessons from the experience of great hardships. And therefore, we want our kids to learn about negative actions and their consequences without suffering those hardships.

So, what do we do?

We start with teaching our children about small-small consequences about their small-small mistakes, so that they learn to relate their actions with consequences and learn to do more positive actions and avoid mistakes.

Behavior consequences teach kids what to do and what not to do and help them improve their behavior.

When Behavior Consequences don’t work

The most common complaint from parents is, “Nothing works with my kid.”

There could be many reasons for such a situation. However, the most common is that parents do not implement the consequences in an effective manner.

The following are important things while giving effective consequences to kids. If any one of the following is missing, consequences will not work and don’t blame your kids for that.

1. Keep emotions out of it

The most common reason of consequences being ineffective is that when the act of misbehavior occurs, parents lose their temper. They become mad at the kids and forget everything they know about ‘how to give consequences’.

We need to announce and implement consequences in a cool and calm manner. This makes us reasonable and judicious. When we bring our anger in it, kids can sense our anger only and nothing else. They and don’t listen to what we say. They follow the behavior consequences just to cool down our anger, not to learn a lesson from their mistake.

Kids learn better from a calm, composed and reasonable parent, than from an angry and unreasonable parent. So be calm and reasonable.

How to do that … keep reading.

2. Plan Behavior Consequences in advance

An effective way for parents to keep emotions out of implementing behavior consequences is to plan the consequences in advance.

Make a list of common misbehaviors and write their corresponding consequences in front of the misbehavior. Encourage the child to participate in this list making process. Believe me, kids will have fun doing it. Paste the list on a prominent place. It really helps, believe me.

How does it help?

When the child misbehaves, both the parent and the child know what to do … run to the list … and read the applicable consequence.

What does it do?

Both the parent and the child are eager to find out what consequence is applicable. This makes it a fun. The parents need not apply their mind to formulate a consequence then and there. This helps parents to take their emotions out of it.

3. Be clear

Tell the child what mistake he has done, and what consequence have you chosen for it. Be clear in your words and voice. The child must understand clearly about his mistake and the corresponding consequence. You can be much clearer if you keep emotions out of it.

4. Be Brief

Be very brief while telling the child about his mistake and the consequence. You’ll be tempted to speak a lot and preach. But don’t do it. Hold yourself. Few words will convey the message. The more you speak, more will you lose control on your words, and your emotions will come out in words. Soon you’ll be out of control. So be brief, Speak as few words as possible, in a calm tone.

5. Be consistent

Be consistent in your reaction. Whenever there is misbehavior, an appropriate and proportionate behavior consequence must follow.

If you give a consequence for misbehavior at one time and ignore it completely the next time, you are being seriously inconsistent. It doesn’t teach discipline to the child.

Children test their boundaries. Your ignoring misbehavior teaches the child that he can get away with it sometimes. So he keeps repeating the misbehavior because he knows that he can get away with it at least a few times. So the misbehaving pattern remains there, even if you give heavy consequences the other times. So Maintain balance and consistency.

6. Behavior Consequences must follow immediately after the misbehavior

Delayed consequences are no consequences because they confuse the child. He can’t connect them with the misbehavior, and therefore considers it unfair, and resents against it. So they don’t teach any lesson to the child. The time interval between an act of misbehavior and the consequences should be shortest possible.

7. Behavior Consequences must be capable of affecting the child in some adverse way

Every child is different. What affects a child may not affect others, and consequence are meaningless if they can’t affect the child. Consequences must be capable of affecting adversely the child to the extent that the child learns a lesson not to repeat the mistake. Withdrawing a privilege which does not interest a child is a meaningless consequence. It will be effective only when you withdraw some privileges which the child enjoys, like watching TV, playing games on computer etc. Evaluate child’s age and interest and choose consequences accordingly.

8. Quantum of Behavior Consequences

The ideal quantum of consequences is proportionate to the act of misbehavior. But it is not always easy to draw the proportion. Well, in that case, smallest quantity which causes affects the child adversely is okay.

Remember, too large quantity will certainly cause side effects, may be some serious ones. The child will apply his own judgment and evaluation on the consequences and their quantum. If the child finds it too unfair, he feels punished for no good reason and resent against it.

9. Complement Behavior Consequences with rewards and praise

Too much emphasis on behavior consequences for negative behavior and completely ignoring rewards for good behavior will lower down child’s self esteem. His acts of good behavior go unrewarded. It demoralizes the child. He finds no good reason to behave better. Under these circumstances, consequences further loose their effectiveness. The parents become enemies in the eyes of the child, and he misbehaves even more to tease the parents.

Consequences alone don’t work unless the child is rewarded for good behavior as well. Consequences must be complemented with rewards for good behavior. We need to maintain a balance between consequences and rewards.

10. Experiment with Behavior consequences

Generally, parents choose only a few consequences and keep repeating them for every kind of misbehavior. With the passage of time, kids get immune to these consequences. Now they need new and more effective consequences. So we need to keep experimenting with consequences.

Expand the list of consequences. Be innovative and creative about them. Talk to the kids as well and let them come up with their own ideas. They’ll be happy to participate in this.

11. Warnings don’t work

‘Barking dogs seldom bite’.

Kids know this intuitively. If you keep warning the child of consequences, he senses your non-seriousness about it and ignores your threat. There is no point in warning. Do it actually instead, and the child will learn a lesson that the misbehavior is not acceptable. The child will understand that you mean business and there is no point in testing boundaries any longer. If you have already warned three times and not done it, you convey a message to the child that he can still has the chance to get away with it.\

12. Afterthought

Give a thought after the event of consequence is over. Were you too harsh? Was your decision just and fair? If you think you were unreasonable, unfair, or too harsh, talk to the child about it and apologize. It will be a great soothing factor for the child, and strengthen your bond with the child.

13. Don’t expect magic

Behavior modification takes time. Behavior is a bundle of habits, and habits die hard. It takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit, that too when consistent efforts are made and thee is no obstructing factor. So be patient. Let the behavior consequences work over a period of time. Give them some time. Look for small changes and be consistent about them.

1. Parenting Discipline

Parenting discipline is a precondition for child discipline. Parental discipline creates a conducive atmosphere for the child to behave correctly. Right parenting and discipline go hand in hand. We must, therefore, discipline parenting first.

Children learn from Parenting Discipline

Kids are born with a blank mind. Like new or formatted hard disc. But this hard disc is live … fitted with powerful sensors like ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin. It can automatically programme itself sensing all kinds of data from its surroundings … without making out any difference between good or bad data.

During early years, children spend more time with us. Therefore we are their surroundings. As they are fully dependent upon us during these early years, we mean the whole world to them. We are their Hero … Superman … their role models. And therefore parenting discipline has a direct positive effect on them.

Parenting discipline: Dad I’m Watching You

As far as our children are concerned, we are the best in the universe. We are irreplaceable and indispensable for them. They want to be like us in every way. Therefore they imitate us in eating, standing, sitting, walking, talking, smiling, laughing, joking, making gestures, attitude, expressing anger or happiness, fighting … and much more. 
kid girl angelkid boy devil

Children are fitted with extremely sensitive sensors. Sensitive enough to detect, identify and record the message that we emit by our words, actions, body language, gestures or even being silent.

We are under their constant surveillance. Their sub-conscious mind is listening to us even while they are sleeping.

If we want them to do something, let’s do it in front of them. If not, let’s not do it ourselves at all.

So we better watch our words, gestures, emotions, actions and body language. We are the biggest influence in our child’s life, so let’s not miss the opportunity and make good use of it. Making them angels or devils is our responsibility. So, take parenting discipline seriously.

Consistent Parenting Discipline

As parents we are not supposed to surprise our kids by behaving in variety of ways in variety of situations. That would not only confuse them but also make them have a poor opinion of you. We are sensible grown ups. Our kids expect us to behave in a consist manner. If we are consistent in our behavior, our kids would follow it and they’ll learn to be consistent.

2. Parent-Child Communication

Communication is the most important component of any relationship. More so with kids. We pass on our values to our kids through Communication only.

Communication may be ‘verbal’ or ‘nonverbal’. Some times ‘ nonverbal’ communication has a more powerful impact than ‘verbal’ communication. ‘Non-verbal’ communication includes all kinds of emotional expressions, actions, body language, meaningless words or even being silent.

More than 300 years ago, Isac Newton laid down his third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

This law best applies to the communication. If we communicate something positive, it brings back something positive to us. Similarly, if we communicate something negative, it brings back something negative to us.

Dad hugs kid boy

Kids can sense the underlying emotion and message of any communication, and they follow Newton’s third law religiously. They react with the same emotions. So they can’t be blamed for any negative reaction.

You must have noticed that sometimes kids easily agree to what we say but some other times they don’t. Why does that happen?

In the first case, we unconsciously use some effective communication techniques, and in the second case, we do just the opposite.

We can choose to be in harmony with the kids by learning Effective communication with children. Interested? Here are some effective practical tips:

Be a good listener

Parents listening to their kids is the first and most important part of parent and child communication.

Children have lots of things to talk about. All they want is an interesting listener so that they can pour out all they have in their little hearts. This satisfies their sense of importance as well and certainly improves the parent-child relationship. Talking is fun for children and parents need to listen to them. Yes, it needs lots of parental involvement.

If the child doesn’t get enough opportunity to speak out his emotions and little experiences with his parents, the distance between parents and children keeps on increasing … and then parents complain of misbehavior.

Do parents listen to their children?

Listening is the most basic communication skills, yet most parents never do it. They are busy preaching their kids and telling them to do this or that. This brings complete communication breakdown between parents and kids.

Here are some tips for parents on how to be a good listener, and improve their listening skill and communication with children.

Words of encouragement and praises

If your child doesn’t listen to you, praise him for anything you find good about him and he’ll listen attentively. Few words of appreciation and praise get results where criticism and ridicule fail. If you praise him for the good things he does, he is more likely to do good things again.

You can maximize the power of praise by learning how to praise and encourage a child. But remember! everything has a limit. Over-praising a child might do more harm than good. A revolutionary study teaches praise the child for his efforts not for his intelligence or talents.
Constructive criticism

You think you are improving kids by finding their faults and criticizing them. But do they really improve by our doing this? No one likes to be criticized … including kids. Rather criticism hurts ego and arouses resentment. Nothing kills enthusiasm as criticism does.

If you still find need to find faults in your child, tweak your words a little and convert your criticism into constructive criticism. Criticizing in a constructive manner improves child behavior. There are lots of ways to do that. Want to explore? Here’s how to criticize your child in a constructive manner.

1. Do not argue with your children

‘If you win an argument, you lose a friend’. When we argue with someone, we directly attack his ego, and self-esteem and sense of pride. No one likes it … including kids. Every argument involves sharp criticism, which triggers hatred and resentment. Even if you think you have won the argument, you actually lose, because you have lost all prospects to have a good relationship with that person ever in the future. Every argument increases the distance between two persons.

When we argue with our kids, we complain, condemn, ridicule, scold, shout, humiliate and insult them. This makes the argument much more ugly and filthy. Does this correct the child’s behavior which triggered the argument? No way! The child will be more adamant than ever before. Result … things get messed up more than before. So, why argue with him?

But what if the child starts an argument and you have to face it? Here’s how to argue with your kids and win the argument.

2. Talking to Toddlers

Talking to Toddlers

Talking to toddlers is different from talking to older kids in many ways. Toddlers’ mind is not as developed as that of older kids. They have a limited understanding of language and society. Click Here!to find the best source in helping you talk with toddlers in a manner they like and understand. You’ll find valuable audio material here to help to discipline your toddlers, manage their temper tantrums and have a lot of fun with them. It is specially designed for toddlers’ parents.

It opens our eyes wide apart on very small things which we ignore in our daily life, which can make lots of difference in our parenting on a daily basis. You are missing out big parenting lessons without this.

You can begin applying the techniques right from the day you start reading it. The techniques are very simple to apply but they are very effective.

1. Be Firm.

best way to discipline a child

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be strong in stating your expectations without belittling or judging your child.

Being firm establishes parameters and helps children understand their limits. It guides them in the right direction and encourages them to behave appropriately.

“There is a difference between being firm and being mean,” says Ann Douglas, author of 16 parenting books including The Mother of All Parenting Books.

Firmness does not involve constant yelling. In fact, the most successful disciplinarians never raise their voices.

Being firm also does not require anger. On the contrary, it works best when emotion is removed.

By stating in a firm, calm voice, “We don’t hit,” the child learns what is expected. If the behavior continues, consequences are enforced. The rules are clear. The child makes the choice.

Many parents undermine their authority by failing to be firm. Whether it’s through idle threats or tacking on words such as “OK” to the end of a command, children see their parents as weak and able to be manipulated.

It is important for parents to be in charge, says Douglas, “not a tyrant, but in control.”

2. Be Fair.


Being fair implies doing the right thing.

It does not always mean doing the exact same thing for each of your children. All children are different and have unique likes, dislikes and personalities.

Additionally, each child has different needs. “You can’t have the same standard of fairness for every child in the family,” Douglas says. “It has to be custom-tailored to each child.”

Rules and consequences established for a 12-year-old will be different than those for a 2-year-old. Even children of the same age need to be treated according to their own individual needs.

For example, if you have a child who loves to be alone in his room, time-out may not be an appropriate consequence for him, even if it works for your other children. Negative behaviors may increase rather than decrease because to him the consequence is actually a reward.

Additionally, being fair requires that the consequences fit the infraction. Canceling your child’s birthday party because he didn’t take his breakfast bowl off the table is an unfair consequence. Having him clear all the dishes for the rest of the day is more appropriate.

“It’s hard to be fair when you’re angry,” says Douglas. “Remind yourself to take a step back and make sure the offense and consequence are somehow related.”

3. Be Consistent.


Young children are fascinated with cause and effect. If they drop their spoon, Mommy will pick it up. They try things over and over to see if they will get the same response. This is how young kids learn.

It is the same way with discipline. If your rules state that biting leads to a time-out, it should happen that way every time. Your child will learn the cause and effect relationship, and eventually the biting will stop.

Being consistent helps your child make sense of his world.

However, Douglas says, sometimes parents can be too rigid. She suggests “consistency with common sense.”

Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that lead a child to behave inappropriately. For example, if your child is cutting new teeth, the reason for his biting does not deserve a consequence.

Consistency may also be moved to the back burner if your child or family is going through a crisis. Being sick or overtired, getting a new sibling or moving to a new house are all reasons children might behave inappropriately.

Think of what your child needs before you hand out the consequences.

Easier Said Than Done

The problem with boiling discipline down into three seemingly simple steps is that parents may think the job is easy. Yes, there are only three things to remember, but following through with these steps can be extremely difficult.

“Nobody does this right every day,” says Douglas. Discipline is hard, and there will be days when you fail to be firm, fair and consistent. Anger, frustration and fear often keep parents from using these three keys.

That’s OK, says Douglas. “Take a step back, figure out what went wrong and why, and then get back on track.”

Keeping the keys in mind when you discipline will help you and your children learn and grow in a positive environment based on trust and respect.

And it just may happen that the beautiful baby you are gazing at today will turn into an even more beautiful adult.

Snuz Mattress Review


Snuz mattress review

Made by Sleep Choices LLC, The Snuz mattress isa sleeping companion that will guarantee you  comfort and support while at the same time relieving  pressure off the shoulders, hips and leg area. The Snuz mattress is good for all sleeper types but is great for back and side sleepers. It is exclusively made in the U.S. A but can be shipped all over the world. Once you receive it, all you have to do is open the box, remove the rolled package, get rid of the plastic from the top of the mattress then unroll it to sit on your preferred base, be it a wooden frame, boxspring or on the floor. Your bed is then ready for use.

Construction and material

Snuz mattress was designed with the aim of giving extra support to the sleeper, and thus, its 10-inch thickness is made of four main layers. These are;

•Zipper cover layer

•7-zone polymer layer

•Charcoal infused memory foam layer

•Memory foam layer

Zipper cover layer

This is the top most layer that binds all the other layers together. The material used to make this layer is a combination of a woven rayon and polyester that stretches to allow breathability and comfort. It has anti-dust properties that guard against dust absorption. 

The fabric also has a cooling effect that will give the sleeper more comfort, and the best part, incase of any damage on the fabric, it can easily be removed, changed, cleaned or even replaced without having to buy the entire mattress again. The fabric comes in clean white zippered color decorated by the company’s logo of blue clouds and stars, well arranged to reflect the modern style of the company.

7-zone polymer layer

This is the second layer and the one that has highest density. You could say this is what sets the Snuz mattress apart from other mattresses since the technology used is specifically based on the seven zones of the human body, which are further categorized into two. 

The first part is solid but smooth and will offer support and comfort to the more contoured areas of the body like the waist and the neck, while the second is designed to relief pressure from the heavier parts of the body like the shoulders and the hips. The two zones combined will support the natural contours of your body and make your 6 hour sleep feel like 12. 

Charcoal infused memory foam layer

This is the third layer and its main purpose is to absorb the natural moisture that comes from human body while sleeping. This will ensure the mattress does not smell. This 2-inch layer also ensures comfort and support and has a cooling effect.

Memory foam layer

This is the bottom most layer and the foundation of the mattress. Its 6-inchsize makes it the thickest part and thus gives it its main structure and stability, making it bounce nicely when you jump on it, responding and adjusting according to your body movements. Moreover, the materials used to make the memory form are CertiPUR-US certified, that makes it free from harmful chemicals that could be dangerous to your health.

Firmness and support

As a resultof its poly layer, the Snuz mattress appears soft and supple at the surface but when you press harder past the first 2-inches, you will realize that it’s actually firmer and more supportive. This is achieved through the 7-zones that are made of high density and soft foam. On a scale of 10, snuz mattress is rated at about 6.5, 1 being soft and 10 being firm, just the right support that you need.

This level of firmness conforms to the weight of your body, no matter how heavy. The 10-inches of foam is enough, even for the roughest and toughest of sleepers. No matter how you toss and turn, snuz caters for you; supporting the contours as well as relieving any and all pressure, making your body feel as though it were one with the mattress.

Sense on motion/motion transfer

Snuz is does pretty well at minimizing any motion on the bed. The company is sensitive to the fact that you might share your mattress with a spouse, children or even pets, and your sleep might get disrupted in case that other person turns or gets out of bed. Sometimes you even end up losing sleep, which is not healthy. 

With snuz however, the chances that you will notice when the other person moves are minimal. The various layers and canals that Snuz is made out of are responsible in dispersing energy and motion so you won’t have to wake up every time the other person gets in and out of bed.

Cooling effect for hot sleeper

If you have a problem of heat or sweating while sleeping, Sleep Choice designers had you in mind while designing snuz mattresses. They have been made with a cooling effect to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout your sleeping time.

Three steps have been taken on the different layers to achieve this cooling effect.teh foam features grooves that add ventilation that ensures heat is not retained and that there is a free air flow from your body all through the sleep period. The second layer is also made of cooling components that are meant to keep the mattress well ventilated and hence, cooler. Then there’s the memory foam layer that’s charcoal infused and helps to absorb heat.

Edge support and comfort

Like most foam mattresses, Snuz does not have rods or springs on the edges to hold your full body weight, thus the edge support is weaker than the other parts of the mattresses. As you sit on the edges, you will notice that it will crumple inwardly but as you adjust more away from these edges and towards the center, the mattress will quickly rebuild itself to its former position, almost immediately to give you the much needed support and rest.

Warranty, trials and shipping

The company gives a 10-year limited warranty on the mattress in case of any manufacturing defects. This, however, excludes normal wear and tear. 

You will also be given 100 days of free trial so you can test and decide the  mattress meets your expectations, and if you not, you will simply contact the manufacture and a company representative will be sent to pick it and you will get full refund, no questions asked.

The company also caters for all the Shipping and other expenses up to when the product is delivered at your doorstep. 

Advantages and disadvantages


•Peace of mind. When you buy snuz mattress, you can rest assured that your money has gone to good use. The comfort and support that it offers you is valueless.

•No fuss purchasing the product. It’s just a click away, anytime, any day, every day. And the best part is, it can all be done at the comfort of your home. 

•Efficient Delivery: This is done at your doorstep and will take two weeks at most and setting it up is just a matter of minutes.

•Easy to clean. Because of its zippered removable cover, cleaning is easy breezy. If you spill your morning coffee or stained it however way, it can be washed, wiped, patched or even replaced. 

•Flip it feature: The mattress can be rotated regularly and will not affect your sleep in any way due to its uniformity. Thus if one side is stained and you are not ready to replace, just turn it over.


•Pricy: If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, then snuz might not be for you. The price however reflects on the value of snuz, which goes beyond just a beautiful mattress.

•Limited user experience: Snuz has not been around for long. If you are one that likes to buy products that have been time tested, then snuz isn’t for you. 

Additional facts

•All snuz mattresses are made in the U.S.A and will be shipped to any part of the world once you complete your order. The shipping costs are covered by the company and usually take between 5-7 business days to ship. Delivery is made at your door.

•You may experience some discomfort at the beginning, but worry not. The mattress will take between three to five weeks for it to completely break-in and adjust to your body and sleeping habits, though you can still use the bed almost immediately.

•Through the snuz websites, there are offers and promotions that are given from time to time that might greatly help you with your saving plans. There are also payment plans available at 0% APR in partnership with a Swedish banking entity known as Klarna

•Snuzoffers different sizes of mattresses that range from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for more comfortable and healthy nights, snuz is the mattress for you. Remember, how you sleep determines a great deal how productive you become in your everyday activities. If you have health related issues such as back and general body pains, you are probably using the wrong mattress. With, snuz you will be assured of more than just a sound sleep.

Simba Mattress Review- Unbiased 2019 User Reviews


Simba Mattress review

The Simba design experts seem to have taken their time to come up with this cutting edge masterpiece that is Simba mattress. With four luxurious layers, this is the mattress that will give you the much desired sleep you have been dreaming of. The Simba mattress features a unique engineering, geared towards offering the ultimate support, no matter your sleeping style.

Each of Simba’s designs is made in the UK.  This is a feat achieved after extensive research and testing with The Sleep to Live Institute whose research is dependent on 10 million profiles of people and 180 million profile data points.

Neatly packed in an easy, space-saving box, you can expect your mattress to arrive in style packaged to perfection. With it also comes a box cutter as well as the product manual to help you get started with your new, exciting sleep surface. But what is its construction made of? Will this hybrid mattress live up to its billing? Let’s see.

Construction and materials

Standing at 25 cm thick, the Simba mattress is made up of four distinct layers of coils, latex, memory foam and poly foam. These layers are:

  • Top layer (Comfort and cooling)
  • Second layer (contour)
  • 3rd Layer (support)
  • Bottom layer (Foundation)

Top layer

Simba’s top layer is specifically meant to offer a comfortable sleep through its cooling properties. It is made of latex, 5 cm thick. With this thickness, the mattress achieves just the right amount of bounce.

Contour layer

This is 2cm of foam-encased microcoils. With this distinctively thin layer of microcoils, this layer is made to provide the utmost contouring to your body. Apart from this, the coils also come in handy in regards to offering the right response and bounce to the overall mattress.

The support layer

This layer is made of 3 cm of memory foam. This positioning of the memory foam layer between the microcoils and the foundation was deliberate with the aim of acting as a soft transition apart from offering additional support and compression.

Bottom layer

This is basically the foundational layer of the mattress. With 15 cm of the support foam, this is thick enough to offer just the right support, not only to the layers above but also to the sleeper. This layer also helps provide shape to the whole mattress.

The cover

The Simba Mattress features a cover made of 100 percent polyester. With its thin design, the cover is comfortably stretchy, breathable and easily responsive. After tugging the cover from various angles, we still managed to pop right back into its original shape.

We also noticed that since there is no foam integrated into the cover, air flows in freely making it breathe extremely well. This whole white top layer, complemented by grey side panels make for a sleek yet simple look.

Firmness, feel and support

Notably, the Simba mattress has a distinctively unique feel, unlike what we have tested before. It is both comfortable and responsive, thanks to its top layer of latex. With a significant amount of pressure applied on this top layer, you will notice a nice level of sinkage but without feeling any development of pressure points.

What’s more, the microcoils layer below the top layer helps round out this comfortable feel.

As pressure is applied, the coils compress, thus acting as a nice transition deep into the memory forma layer. Unlike the conventional foam mattresses, the Simba mattress does not give you the feeling of being stuck but rather offer just the right support, thanks to the firm memory foam coupled with the microcoils.

On support, the Simba mattress also does pretty well. However, based on its support system, the Simba Mattress is most ideal for both back and side sleepers while stomach sleepers may face a bit of a struggle since the mattress will tend to sink in more at the mid section, thus causing some discomfort by straining your back.

With this said, however, it would also be fair to note that it is rare to find exclusive stomach sleepers. As such, by combining this with other styles of sleep, this should be just fine.

Side sleepers, for instance, will most likely enjoy what this mattress has to offer for it turns out to be a good mix of contour, sinkage and support. Clearly, Simba manufacturers created the zoned support foam based on the preferences of back and side sleepers.

See: Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

On bounce, we expected the Simba mattress to do well especially considering its microcoil composition but our expectations were even surpassed.

The response time may not be uniquely instantaneous but it does not lag either.

The microcoils, however, should not be confused with the conventional coils as they do not have the same level of push back or bounce as it would be expected of a contour steel coil.

Edge Support

Getting just the right edge support in a mattress is priceless and this usually comes in handy when you need to use the entire surface or in the morning when sitting on the mattress to put on your socks or shoes.

With the Simba mattress, all the layers work in unison to help prevent the collapse of the mattress, especially at the edges. This essentially creates and maintains a good level of support all round the perimeter of the mattress. So whether you love sleeping at the edges or simply prefer to have the right support when sitting by the edge, this mattress should work just fine for you.

With Simba’s hypoallergenic cover that is clearly breathable, you have a comfortably cool sleep surface. With this enhanced breathability, you body will find just the right temperature, thanks to its promotion of thermo regulation.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Perfect combination of medium and firm feel
  • Exemplary edge support
  • Unique microcoils offers good bounce
  • Perfect for side and back sleepers


  • Not too good for back sleepers

Warranty, sleep trials and shipping

Simba mattress offers 100 nights and sleep trial during which you can test if the mattress specifically meets your expectations. If at any point in time within this period you wake up unhappy, you do not need to spend another night of sleepless sleep. Simply return it and you will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

On warranty, Simba offers up to 10 years. In case of any manufacturing defect or flaw, you can return the product and you will get refund as long as it is not caused by the normal wear and tear. Simba also ships free, within one day for any orders placed before 4 pm on any business day.

If you are looking for a hybrid mattress that will give you a unique feel from the conventional types, then this is what you have been missing. With the perfect combination of the microcoils, memory foam, latex and 7-zoned support foam, you have what you have been dreaming of for a mattress.

Nectar Mattress Review


Think of nectar and all that comes to mind is sweetness, right? Well, the Nectar mattress seems to promise just that; sweet sleep all the way.

This is an 11-inch memory foam mattress that offers its users an affordable buy without compromising on quality. Its plush feel, coupled with attractive features makes this mattress one of the most sought after in the industry.

The Nectar mattress features balanced levels of comfort and support as well as state of the art technology that has seen it gain a name for itself in the industry.

Being an online retailer shipping company, Nectar ships its memory foam mattress to the consumer directly. So will this thick comfort layer live up to its billing in terms of relieving pressure, especially with such heavy use of memory foam?

Construction and Materials

The nectar mattress utilizes several layers of memory foam that includes an inch quilted into the cover. This helps create the true feel of memory foam for the sleeper.

This construction is meant to focus more on pressure relief by giving the sleeper that sinking feel and thus makes it ideal for side sleepers.

The cover

Nectar mattress features a tencel-cotton blend in its construction, making it sufficiently soft. Apart from being an eco-friendly material and made from trees, it is also highly breathable.

The cover has an inch of gel memory foam quilted. This not only helps contour the body but also relieves pressure. Additionally, the gel memory foam helps the sleeper sleep cool, thus doing away with cases of discomforts due to sleeping hot. 

We noticed that the blend of tencel material and gel memory foam not only helps to guarantee a soft cover but also does a good job in regulating the right body temperature.

Middle layers

Below the cover are two layers of memory foam that eventually creates the comfort layer for the Nectar mattress. Just after the one inch of quilted memory foam layer, you will notice a 3-inch layer of memory foam. 

This layer is noticeably slow in regards to responding to pressure and thus helps in distributing weight evenly across the mattress surface. It also works in conjunction with the cover layer to contour the body, thus giving the sleeper a classic feel of an ideal memory foam mattress.

Just below this layer is another memory foam layer that acts as the transition layer from the top layers to the base layer below it. As much as this is still a type of memory foam like the rest, it is noticeably springier and responds faster to pressure compared to the rest of the layers above it.  It features an added bounce that will help keep the sleeper from feeling stuck while sleeping.

Base layer

The base layer is made up of dense poly foam. This layer is meant to support the comfort layers above it. It is also the foundation that keeps the mattress in shape while also helping hold up the sleeper above. Its special design offers just the right ventilation, thanks to its breathability.


When it comes to the firmness of a mattress, this would be felt differently depending on the type of sleeper. However, it would be fair to note that the Nectar mattress is designed to appeal to most sleepers, whether light or heavy.

As you press the top of the mattress, you will notice an initial softness that comes about courtesy of the memory foam, the quilted layers in the cover as well as the slow response layer just below that. These layers are a great addition in helping relief pressure, especially for side sleepers that are known to struggle much in regards to pressure issues.

As a heavier side sleeper, you may notice that you will push through the layers much easily.

However, you will then meet with the transition layer that is a bit firmer and does a pretty good job at supporting you. With this, in place, you will not suddenly hit the rigid firmness of the base layer.

Notably, the nectar mattress, unlike most mattresses is designed with only one level of firmness; medium firm. As such, its firmness scale would be rated a 5 out of ten, just the ideal firmness for a majority of sleepers.

Nectar is a high density memory foam mattress that promises greater longevity. It is therefore widely recognized for its hug and contour as it allows your body to experience just the right sinking into the foams. 

However, it would be noted that the mattress’ response time is rather slow. This is especially noted when you change positions or roll over as you will not experience an instant response time. The Nectar mattress may take several seconds before its molds into a new position.

Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, the nectar mattress does a pretty good job at offering just the right support, thanks to its 1-inch quilted cover with gel memory and its 3-inch layer of combined comfort memory foam.

Motion transfer

When buying a mattress, one of the top factors to consider is how your mattress performs in regards to motion transfer. Sleeping is meant to be peaceful and the moment you notice that you get too much disturbance from your sleeping partner, than its ceases to be a good mattress.

We therefore sought to determine the intensity of motion that can be detected from one side of the mattress to the other. To help determine this, we did a test using a 10 lb ball by dropping it from heights of 12, 8 and 4 inches then measuring the amount of disturbance caused on the other end of the mattress for each case.

With this test, we noticed that the 4 inch drop shows low disturbance levels. This represents someone turning around in bed and in this case, the memory foam helps isolate the transfer of motion. It is also notable that the quilted cover in combination with the slow response memory foam layer does a pretty good job at neutralizing the disturbance.

With higher levels of drops however, a significant spike is noted but these quickly fade out. This therefore means that the mattress can keep even the lighter sleeper asleep even ad their partners get on or off the bed.

Edge Support

All-foam mattresses are usually known to lack in terms of edge support. For Nectar mattress however, this does not seem to be the case as the firm base layer offers the right firmness that works all the way up to the edges. 

As such, the mattress has a good edge support, whether you love sleeping by the edge or just want some support when sitting on the mattress in the morning as you put on your socks.

By lying on the side of the mattress, you will feel a notable even support right from the centre of the mattress, all the way to the sides. You can even roll around and hang off but still not cause much compression.

Nectar Certifications

Just like any other consumer product, mattresses are also bright under scrutiny by relevant authorities to ensure that they live up to the expected standards of the industry. This is meant to ensure that all business aspects like quality and environmental stewardship are up to par. 

Notably, Nectar mattress is both OEKO-TEX and Certi-PUR US certified. Some of the notable regulatory standards they meet include:

•Banned Azo colorants, pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, nickel and cadmium

•Mattress made ozone-depleter free

•Mattress made without lead, mercury or any other heavy metals for that matter

With these certifications in place, you have the peace of mind knowing that the company is giving itself up for scrutiny by the relevant watchdogs in the industry. It is a sure prove that they are committed to providing quality products to its consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages


•Up to one year risk-free sleep trial

•Innovative cooling system

•Quality materials 

•Perfect for side sleepers

•Lifetime warranty offered


•Just one firmness level available

Warranty and sleep trial

Nectar mattress stands out with its 365-night sleep trial. While the industry standards stand at about 100 nights, Nectar went a notch higher, just to prove that it believes in its product. This means that you have a whole year to try out the mattress before deciding whether it fits your specifications or not.

Along with the sleep trial also comes an impressive warranty period as the company offers a lifetime of warranty. In case the mattress develops any manufacturing flaws at any point in time, you are free to return it and get your refund, no questions asked.

In regard to shipping, the company offers a white glove deliver option in case the buyer needs assistance with the set up. Nectar ships its mattress for free within the United States. 

However, you will be required to incur additional shipping charges for shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. The mattress comes in the typical sizes of Twin, Twin XL , King, Queen, Full and California King.