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GoodMorning Snore Solution Reviews | Best Price & Where to Buy (2019)

best snoring mouthguard review

Snoring, keeping aside the severe embarrassment it causes to the self and disturbance to other people while asleep, can also affect negatively to your otherwise happy relationship. That is the reason why we recommend a solution to stop it at the earliest. Good Morning Snore Solution is such a product that can help you take control of your snoring problem. It is a clinically proven, doctor-recommended anti snoring mouthpiece that also offers a risk-free return policy.

Are you a chronic snorer? I am, or at least, I was. On a good day, my snoring was super frustrating and caused everything from restless nights to dry mouth and bad breath. On a bad day, it felt like snoring ruined my life. I wanted so badly to find a product that would help relieve my snoring that I tried everything from herbal remedies to throat sprays to nose strips to mouthguards.

NOTHING WORKED!!! Not to mention, the cost of buying most of those remedies gets pricey when you have to purchase them over and over again.

If you are like me, then this is the part where you roll your eyes and give up hope because nothing else has worked for you thus far. So go ahead and wallow in that thought for another three seconds, but that’s all I will allow you.

Enter the Good Morning Snore Solution.

When you’re ready to move on, I want to share with you about the relief I FINALLY found in Good Morning Snore Solution.

So…What is the Good Morning Snore Solution???

When I first heard about this product, I read many Good Morning Snore Solution reviews. I kept seeing the same things over and over: It solved my snoring problem!” and “It really works!”

At the end of my rope, I figured I didn’t have too much to lose.

Good Morning Snore Solution ReviewLong story short, the Good Morning Snore Solution is a brand new type of anti-snoring mouthpiece that utilizes a new strategy to stop your snoring.

What’s the new strategy?


Sounds a little crazy, but it’s going to change your life! The mouthpiece utilizes suction to pull the tongue forward creating a clear airway. A clear airway means NO MORE SNORING!

Some Important Facts

The mouthpiece provided by the Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is 100% safe and recommended by doctors from across the globe. The device has been licensed and approved by several regulating bodies, including but not limited to Health Canada, FDA, European Commission (EU Medical Directive), Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Based on clinical data, the device has been proven to highly effective in more than 70% of snorers. You can find details of the clinical trials on the official website (click here).

Apart from being 100% safe, the GMSS mouthpiece is easy to use and designed to fit comfortably into your mouth, even while you are soundly asleep (which is of course when you will be using it). It is considered one of the best and most cost effective alternative to other expensive oral appliances and CPAP used for curing snoring or sleep apnoea problems.

So if you are still wondering what to do with your snoring problem or with the snoring problem of your partner, get the GMSS mouthpiece today and try it out. Since it comes with a simple and hassle free return policy, you have nothing to worry and no reason to stay wondering.

If you have any doubt about the product, please feel free to contact us or contact the official support team, whose contact details are available on the official website of the GMSS. We hope (in fact we are 100% confident) that you will surely enjoy the product. If so, please do not forget to visit back and leave your valuable feedback on the website so that we can share the same with our other visitors, who also probably suffer from similar snoring problems.

Where to Buy it Online

The GMSS device is available online through its official website. A direct link to the latest offer page is provided below for your reference. Caution: Please order it online through its official website (link provided below) to avoid being scammed by replica sellers, which are reported to be making rounds for a variety of products these days.

It is recommended to purchase GM Snore Solution from the official website(url). This is so that you can ensure you are receiving the genuine product and that you have access to great discounts, deals and the 60-day money back guarantee. Currently, the device can be purchased online as a single device or as a pair.

Ultimately, if you have trouble snoring or know someone who does and have been unable to find a solution, GMSS is a clinically proven, effective anti-snoring device boasting virtually no side effects. With such a high success rate, it will likely put an end to your snoring allowing you – and your partner – to get a peaceful night of sleep.

Read more on their official site >>>


Considering what the GMSS can do for you, the price point of $99.94 (see current price)isn’t that bad. The shipping charges are around $10, more if you want expedited shipping.

You can get two units for $129.94, great savings if you have two people that snore or put one up for later. The thirty-day money back guarantee gives you some relief in spending that much money too.

Clinical Trial for Good Morning Snore Solution

A group of 32 participants was split into two groups with one group receiving the GMSS device while the other group received a similarly designed mouthpiece that did not have the suction mechanism. All the participants had been previously evaluated by a physician and diagnosed with some type of snoring problem.

The device was to be used for one week. Following this one week, there were three factors evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the device used. These three factors were:

  • Respiratory Disturbance Index – RDI for short, this is the measure of how many times your sleep is disturbed during the night divided by the number of hours you were asleep.
  • Snoring Index – SI for short, this is how many times you snored each hour while asleep.
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale – ESS for short, this is how sleepy you are during the day as determined by answers to eight questions.

So, in short, each subject was evaluated for how many times they snored each hour, the number of times their breathing was disturbed while asleep in relation to sleeping hours and how sleepy each person was throughout the day.

Clinical Trial Results

In 34 percent of the participants, there was an average reduction of RDI of at least 50 percent. Basically, it was shown that the GMSS reduced the number of disturbances to fewer than 10 per sleeping hour.

Those that had been diagnosed with severe OSA and sleep apnea saw a 50% reduction in nighttime disturbances. The Snoring Index was reduced by almost 40 percent, on average, with the GM Snore Solution device helping participants see a drastic improvement in snoring.

Nearly all of the participants, more than 70 percent, wanted to continue using GMSS after they experienced such an improvement in their nighttime snoring habits. Participants said that the device not only improved their snoring but also how sleepy they were during the day.

This clinical trial was published in May 2008 in the Journal of Sleep and Breathing.

This was the first and only controlled and randomized cross over clinical trial of its kind for anti-snoring devices. The results from this study quickly established Good Morning Snore Solution’s scientific credibility and efficacy.

How to Use Good Morning Snore Solution

This mouthpiece is extremely easy to use. Here’s how to use it:

1. Place the mouthpiece between your front teeth and lips.

2. Squeeze the very tip of the device with your first finger and thumb. At the same time, suck the air out.

3. Push your tongue – just the tip – into the end of the mouthpiece and let go of it.

4. Relax and go to sleep.

While it may be a little uncomfortable at first and your tongue may be tender or you may have a little excess saliva, these small problems will generally resolve themselves with regular use. Unlike snoring surgery or other stop snoring products, these side effects are minor and should disappear in time making them a small price to pay if it gets you and your partner a good night’s rest!

Company Information

With funding by the Alberta Research Foundation for Medical Research, the GMSS was created by Dr. Leslie Dort and manufactured by Mpowrx Health and Wellness Products, Inc.. The company is BBB accredited with A-rating, rare for this industry.  Unlike many manufacturers in this industry, they make their contact information clearly visible on their website.


GMSS possibly is the best stop snoring solution on the market right now. We really liked this product and we think that this is a great device. This device is affordable, comfortable and effective.

Five Reasons the Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews Won Me Over

5. Safe for Long-Term Use

This mouthpiece doesn’t cause any jaw pain like so many other anti-snoring mouthpieces, and it won’t cause long term bite misalignment, which I confirmed with other Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews.

After all, who wants to trade up their snoring problem for dental problems? Not me.

4. Clinically Proven and Dr. Recommended

Doctors even say that this mouthpiece has addressed all their safety concerns about other anti-snore devices, such as cleanliness and negative effects of long term use, in their Good Morning Snore Solution reviews.

3. Price Point

I have paid out the nose (or mouth for that matter) for anti-snoring products. Some promise benefits and are unreasonably priced making out of reach, while others are inexpensive, but do little to help with the problem. This product is a one time investment for LASTING results, and the perfect balance between cost and benefits.

2. 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

I LOVE that the makers of the Good Morning Sleep Solution offer this guarantee. I have tried SO MANY products that promised results but failed to deliver and after the fact, you are left with a piece of junk and an empty wallet. This promise lowers the risk to nothing! If you don’t like this product (oh, but you will), you can return it for a refund!

1. IT WORKS!!!!!

Not to be a broken record, but what I found in the Good Morning Snore Solution reviews were right, it really does work!

I sleep WAY better than I ever have in the past. When I sleep better, I have a better outlook on life, I work better, I have more energy. I could really go on for hours about how different my day to day is because I have been using this product. (Not to mention, my partner loves sleeping better without my snoring!)

A Few Downsides…

While this product came out a winner, it still isn’t without its faults. There were a few things I wasn’t wild about and wish I could change.

These things were only mentioned a couple of other times in the Good Morning Snore Solution reviews I read, so I’m not sure if I’m just experiencing strange things!

I feel like since I have been using this product, my mouth has produced more saliva at night. I will say, it hasn’t been so excessive that I would even consider stopping use of this product, and it hasn’t bothered my sleep at all, but no one likes waking up to that wet puddle on their pillow!

Unlike some other products, I did have to take a little time to become proficient using this anti snoring mouthpiece. I would say it took four to five nights to get the hang of this mouthpiece and to get to a place where I could keep it in the whole night. This was the most common frustration I read about in other Good Morning Snore solution reviews.

And finally, this might seem silly to you, but because the mouthpiece is a true “one size fits all” device, my mouthpiece and my partner’s mouthpiece look identical. The sanitizing process is really effective and really easy, so if we get them mixed up, it really isn’t too big a deal. For convenience sake, however, it would be nice if there were a few different color options for households that will end up with multiple mouthpiece users in them.

What’s Still Standing Between You and a Great Night’s Sleep?

I know for me, these little inconveniences mentioned in Good Morning Snore Solution reviews were far outweighed by the great night’s sleep I experienced SNORE-FREE. Not to mention that you can try this product risk-free for 30 days, taking the guesswork out of finding the right solution for you.

If you’re still on the fence, or ready to claim your free 30-day trial, you can visit Good Morning Snore Solutions’s official website by clicking the link below.

Good Morning Snore Solution is a mouthpiece developed by MPowRx Health and Wellness Products and it is designed to help people stop snoring as well as get relief from mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The snoring mouthpiece is designed to fit almost anyone, it is comfortable to use and it won’t cause serious problems later on.

It is approved by a number of medical/health organizations such as the FDA, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, Health Canada and the European commission as a safe remedy for snoring as well as mild to moderate sleep apnea.

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Mouth Breathing Treatment: Stop Mouth Breathing with 7 Easy Everyday Tips

how to stop mouth breathing

You’ve probably heard the joke about mouth breathers but if you are one of them, you know there is nothing funny about it. In fact, it could be a matter of life and death.

Mouth breathers are those who breathe through their mouths instead of their noses. Breathing through the mouth has negative health implications. There are those who breathe with their mouths only when they are asleep and those who do even when they are awake

How do you know if you breathe through your mouth at night?

You can easily check this by checking for dryness in the mouth immediately you wake up. If your mouth is dry, then you breathe through it in your sleep.

What causes mouth breathing?

Mouth breathing can be is as a result of either one of these:

  1. Nasal obstruction: There is resistance to the smooth flow of air
  2. It can also be habitual where you formed a habit of breathing through the mouth since you were a child
  3. In the third trimester of pregnancy, mouth breathing is common. However if you are not a mouth breather this will stop.

Why is it important that you breathe through your nose?

The normal anatomical function is to breathe through your nose. And there are good reasons why you should maintain this natural provision.

  1. Breathing through the mouth reduces the oxygen absorption capacity of the lungs. As you breathe through the nose, nitric oxide gas is produced by mucus in small levels. This gas increases the lung’s oxygen absorption capacity. Prolonged oxygen inadequacy has detrimental long term effects to your overall health.
  2. Air breathed through the nose is cleansed of harmful microbes and other impurities. As the air travels through the hose, they are filtered in the mucus lining of nose. This mucus lining also moisturizes and warms the air.
  3. Breathing through the mouth is detrimental to your oral health. It dries out gums and promotes acidity increasing the risk of cavities and plague. It also increases the risk of gum disease.
  4. Research has proven that mouth breathing at night worsens snoring.
  5. As absurd as this may sound, breathing through the mouth can lead to facial deformation. This mostly happens in children.

How to Train Yourself to Sleep With Your Mouth Closed

Have you been wondering how to sleep with your mouth closed? Here are some options you can try

#1 Train yourself how to breathe with your mouth closed

how to stop mouth breathing
Learn how to breathe through your nose at all times

The brain is a powerful tool. Utilize its full potential to help to deal with this problem.

During the day, if you subconsciously find yourself breathing through the mouth, try and break this habit. You can even stick notes and set a reminder in your phone.

Try as much as you can to breathe through your nose and maintain a consistent breathing pattern if you can. Try to keep your mouth closed at all times and maintain a good posture.

Most mouth breathers tend to have a head-forward kind of position. Try to stay with your head pressed back a little and breathe though your nose.

Over time, you will condition your brain to breath in that particular pattern and maintain a straight position. This may not happen overnight. It may take some time before you see any significant change.

#2 Practice nose clearing exercise

how to stop mouth breathing
Buteyko for mouth breathers

The reason you have trouble breathing through nose at night is possibly because you have nose congestion. Whenever you feel like your nose is too blocked to take a proper breath, do this simple nose clearing exercise.

The exercise is also called the “Buteyko.”

It is named after its Russian inventor and recommended by an Australian breathing therapist known as Dr. Rosalba Courtney.

This method is used to correct many breathing problems.

It helps you reestablish your breathing volume to normal. It might be your most effective and free mouth breathing treatment.

How is it done?

With your mouth closed preferably in a sitting position, breathe normally through your nose for 2 to 3 minutes. Then breath in and press closed you nose with your fingers.

Hold your breath for as long as you can. When you feel that you can’t hold it any longer, slowly let out the air through your nostrils. Remember to keep your mouth closed during this exercise. Repeat this several times.

You can take it a notch higher and do it as you pace or as you do other things.

#3 Elevating your head while you sleep

how to sleep with your mouth closed
Try sleeping with your head elevated

If you are a mouth breather and you do not elevate your head when you sleep, doing just that might be the solution you are looking for.

A poor sleeping position can worsen your snoring especially if it forces your mouth to open. Always sleep with your head elevated above the rest of your body. Using a pillow or an adjustable mattress might be a good place to start. Your pillow should ensure that your back is tilted a little to the back.

Why is elevating your head important

  1. If you suffer from acid influx, an elevated head helps deal with that problem. It prevents acids and other intestinal fluids from going up your throat.
  2. It creates a clear passage for air allowing for maximum nasal breathing and unrestricted flow of air.
  3. It reduces stress on the heart.

#4 Adopt a proper sleeping position

how to stop sleeping with mouth openSome sleeping positions lead to or worsen mouth breathing. Sleeping on the back is particularly not good for mouth breathers.

When you sleep on your back, you are forced to take heavier breaths. It becomes impossible to channel out the air through the nose. This forces you to breathe through the mouth.

The base of your tongue and soft plates are forced to collapse at the back of your mouth. This makes them produce vibrating sounds when you breathe. Try to either sleep on your side or stomach. Sleeping on your side is also good for your back.

#5 Exercise

why do i sleep with my mouth openExercising is one of the ways of stopping mouth breathing.

Believe it or not, exercises like yoga and cardio exercises improve your breathing. They involve breathing work and will help you improve breathing through the nostrils.

Research has also found overweight people to have problem mouth breathing. Exercising to lose the extra weight might help you stop breathing through your mouth as you sleep. Exercising is also important for your general well being.

#6 Remove all known allergens

sleeping with mouth openIf you are allergic to anything, remove it from your bedroom. If you sleep with your pet, you might want to stop it.

It is also advisable to remove any plants that might be in your sleeping area.

During the night plants use up oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. It leads to competition for oxygen between you and the plant.

Remove carpets and rugs from the bedroom. They worsen the quality of air in your room by harboring dust and bacterial. You should also change your bed sheets regularly and wash them in clean warm water often.

Consider the blankets that you use. If they are too warm, they make breathing through the nose uncomfortable. Old and dusty pillows do not make nasal breathing any easier. Lose them all.

#7 Mouth taping

how to stop mouth breathingThis sounds ridiculous right?

However mouth taping has proven to be one of the most effective techniques on how to sleep with your mouth closed.

How does it work?

As the name suggests this method involves taping your mouth to keep it closed during sleep.

All you need is surgical tape and some cream. The cream makes removing the tape painless. First apply the cream then put a small tape at the center. You can either vertically (across) or horizontally (along). The tape keeps the lips closed at all times forcing you to breathe through your nose. It is as easy as that.

However, this method might be a bit uncomfortable at first. It’s just a small price to pay compared to its benefit.

#8 Using nasal saline spray

Nasal saline sprays are very helpful in adding moisture to your nose. When you feel like your nose is too congested to take adequate breaths, it’s easy to find yourself breathing through the mouth.

Saline nasal sprays are very effective at decongesting your nose making nasal breathing easier.

#9 Using mouth guards

If you have been wondering how to keep your mouth closed while sleeping, using mouth guards is one of the best options to explore.

Sleeping mouthguards are designed to keep your mouth shut as you sleep when installed.

There are numerous brands of mouth guards in the market today. When you purchase one, make sure it is comfortable enough for you to want to wear it. You should also consider the material it is made from to avoid harming your gum.

You might also want to try using chin strips. These are horse shoe shaped and support the chin while you sleep. They help stop mouth breathing and promote nasal breathing. By doing this they also offer relief for snoring caused by mouth breathing. They are effective when used alone or in combination with other methods.

Now to you

There you have it, if you have been wondering how to stop mouth breathing, try one or two of these options might be the solution you are looking for. Feel free to drop us a comment on what you think or what works best for you.


Luma Mattress Review

Luma Sleep Review
Overall Score

Luma sleep is a relatively new bed-in-a box company operating and selling sleep products online.

They have the Luma mattress as their flagship product. This is a latex hybrid mattress made with pocketing spring coils and Talalay latex. Apart from this, Luma also offers two other types of mattresses

Notably, Luma sells its mattresses exclusively from its website. This ensures that they have the right control over the supply, demand, and quality of their product.

The luma mattress has been in the market since 2015 and has since received favorable reviews from users. Some of the common features that make the Luma mattress stand out to include the following:

Luma Mattress Customizable Comfort

Ever wanted to have a mattress that can fit in any specification you wish to achieve? Well, the Luma mattress does just that.

You can get this mattress in three different levels of firmness. What’s more, users are given up to one year to change their firmness preference in case they are not comfortable with their current mattress.

Highly Responsive

Luma mattress is made from high-quality Talalay latex, one of the most responsive materials around.

As such, it helps to play along with the contours of your body by giving you neck, back and joints support just at the right spots.


Considering the open-cell latex is all-natural, it is way more breathable compared to memory foam.

In addition to this, the mattress’ Talalay foam is ventilated to help increase airflow.

Luma Mattress Construction & Materials

Luma sleep mattress firmness

The Luma mattress cover features a Tencel fabric. This explains why it is soft to the touch and moisture wicking. Notably, the cover can be removed by unzipping it. However, it is important to note that it is not machine washable. Apart from helping cover the mattress completely, it also acts as the protector to the inner layers.

Luma is an 11-inch hybrid mattress that involves three distinct layers:

  • Comfort layer
  • Innerspring support layer
  • Base layer
  • Comfort Layer
  • Innerspring Support Layer
  • Base Layer


The Comfort Layer

Luma sleep comfort layer


This is the top layers and is 1.5 Inches thick, made of ventilated Talalay latex.

This is the layer mandated with making sure that your neck, back and joints get the right contouring thus giving you the most comfortable surface to sleep on.

Innerspring Support Layer

Luma sleep mattress review


This basically forms the bulk of the whole mattress and measures 8 inches thick.

This layer is solely made of coil core springs. Each of these springs is pocketed to stand along so as to act independently from the rest.

This construction ensures that the mattress conforms to the body of the sleeper.

Base Layer

Luma sleep mattress base layer


This part of the mattress features an extra-dense layer of foam in HD.

It basically works as a foundation that protects the innerspring coils while at the same time acting as a responsive foam surface to help in support.

Luma Mattress Performance

Generally, the Luma mattress receives high ratings especially based on the fact that it can be easily customized.

It ensures that the user chooses the firmness option that best suits them. However, it doesn’t mean that the mattress will be perfect for everyone.

Considering that the Luma mattress is actually the basic model from Luma, it may still leave certain types of sleepers unsatisfied.

Now let’s take a close look at how this mattress actually performs in various instances.

Luma Mattress Motion Transfer and Bounce

Well, we understand that sometimes, you may need to share your mattress with someone else. However, this should not be a license to have a sleepless night courtesy of their unrest on the mattress.

It is therefore important to determine how best your mattress can isolate motion to prevent you from disturbance caused by your partner as they get off, on or rolling over on the mattress.


Luma mattress’ ability to isolate motion is solely dependent on the firmness level you choose to go for.

Notably, the firm and medium option have been reported to isolate motion pretty well but from user reviews, the plush version does not offer much in regard to motion isolation.

However, the plush option does have a better bounce, something that may excite most sleepers too. At the end of the day, it should be upon you to choose between motion isolation and the need to have just the right bounce.

Edge Support

Just like motion isolation, the firmness level of your mattress determines how supportive its edge is.

While some sleepers prefer sleeping just closer to the edge, others simply love to feel their legs or hands dangle off the bed.

This is where you would need to go for a mattress that does not sag at the edges when pressure is applied.



The Luma Mattress is made from high-quality Talalay latex that is known not only for its responsiveness but also its durability.

Considering that its innersprings are expertly pocketed, coupled with the protection of the firms base layer, this mattress is pretty durable compared to the industry standards.


When it comes to firmness, we prefer to measure it on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is extremely soft and ten is on the extreme firmness.

The firmness levels in this case, will correspond with the three firmness options available for the mattress.

Luma Sleep Firmness

The plush option – has a firmness rating of 4. This comes to effect considering the Talalay latex comfort layer used that is very soft. As a result, this layer sinks in much easier. This, therefore, means that heavier sleepers may face challenges sleeping on it as they will be feeling trapped or stuck into the mattress.

However, side sleepers may potentially like this option as it has better motion and bounce transfer.

The medium-firm option – for this option, we rate it a 6. It is much firmer than the plush option. As much as it may still leave some sleepers unsatisfied, it is generally ideal for most sleeper types. With this firmness level, you can expect to get a slight bounce and low motion transfer.

Firm option – We rate this option a 7 in firmness. It is quite firm, so much that some sleepers have complained of pains and aches. As such this may not be the best option for side sleepers but works just fine for stomach and heavier sleepers.

Sleeping Cool & Temperature Regulation

Research shows that sleeping in a cooler environment helps induce sleep. This explains why all the materials used on making the Luma mattress promote efficient air flow.

Well, foam is known to be the least breathable materials. For this mattress, however, the foam used is not only quite thin but also well ventilated to prevent any chances of heat buildup.

On the other hand, the cover helps bring in the cool feel, thanks to its breathable Tencel fabric that wicks moisture, thus preventing you from waking up feeling sweaty.

Caring for Your Luma Mattress

Right from unboxing, the Luma mattress is practically ready for use.

Always ensure that the cover is completely zipped and secured. This helps prevent moisture and allergens from getting in contact with the mattress. Any sign of such exposure may spell doom as it voids the warranty that covers the mattress.

Luma recommends spot washing for the mattress in case it gets dirty. Notably, the cover is not machine-washable but in case it is extremely dirty, it can simply be dry-cleaned.

As already established, the Luma mattress only features three layers. This typically means that it cannot be flipped over. However, you can basically increase the life of the mattress by rotating it 10 degrees after every three to six months.

Sleep Trials & Warranty

By buying the Luma mattress, you get up to 100 days of trial. During this time, you are at liberty to return the mattress and demand your full refund or simply opt to go for a different firmness option.

As much as the window to return the mattress for full refund ends at 100 days there is still some allowance to exchange the mattress for a period of one year after the purchase.

As for the warranty, the company offers a 10-year warranty. During this period, the company offers to cover for any manufacturing defects as well as some wear and tear like cracks, sagging or broken zippers.

Luma Mattress Review Verdict
Materials & Construction
Value for Money
Comfort & Edge Support
Trial & Warranty
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Breathable and sleeps cool
Three firmness options to choose from
Made from all-natural latex
Moisture wicking cover
May not be the right fit for heavy sleeper
Isolated complaints of poor customer service
Overall Score

Best Wheatgrass Juicer: 2019 Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

wheatgrass juicer amazon

So, you’ve decided to begin juicing wheatgrass at home and have realized a wheatgrass juicer is really an essential device for your healthier lifestyle. The problem begins now; trying to decide which juicer is the best for juicing wheatgrass.

There is an incredible number of wheatgrass juicers available on Amazon and other stores today. Selecting the right juicer can be confusing. Should you choose a centrifugal juicer or masticating juicer? Manual juicer or electric wheatgrass juicer? Which juicer will extract juice from wheatgrass the best?

And, the list of questions goes on. So, here I’ve put in information that might be useful for you to choose the best cheap wheatgrass juicer.

Top rated wheatgrass juicers

Why do you need a wheatgrass juicer?

If you are more of a vegetarian than a fruitarian, I’d strongly recommend you buy a wheatgrass juicer. Its specialized razor munches any fibre and leaves of vegetables and wheatgrass into a nutritious cup of vegetable juice.

Besides, the best wheatgrass juicers are such versatile kitchen helpers. They can be used to prepare ingredient from celery juice to herb extracts.

There are two kind of juicer that does wheatgrass juicing:

  1. Manual Wheatgrass Juicers, which specialize in wheatgrass only, and
  2. Electric wheatgrass juicers which juice a huge variety of fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Manual wheatgrass juicers

A manual Wheatgrass juicer is a hand-operated juicer that you ‘crank’ to extract juice out of wheatgrass.

One benefit of using a manual wheatgrass juicer is that the juicers are easier to clean, more cheaper than their electric counterparts, and easy to store due to their compactness.

The downside is that the variety of produce you can juice is a little narrower because most manual wheatgrass juicers specialize in wheatgrass only.

Manual wheatgrass juicers are the best choice if you are considering juicing wheatgrass only.

Click here to see our most recommended manual wheatgrass juicer on Amazon right now

Electric wheatgrass juicers

Most manual wheatgrass juicers specialize in wheatgrass only. So if you want to juice fruits as well, you’ll have to find a masticating juicer that does a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, such as wheatgrass, spinach, parsley, cilantro, Kale, Swiss Chard, etc.

These juicers are electric and tend to cost double what you’d spend on a great wheatgrass machine, but they are much more versatile and allow you to juice a wide variety of produce, as well as do other things like make nut butter, pasta, and even baby food.

The best manual wheatgrass juicers

There are two manual juicers that come highly recommended:

  • The Hurrican Stainless Manual Wheatgrass juicer, and
  • The Z-Star Manual Juicer

You can read their reviews below:

1. Hurricane Stainless Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

wheatgrass juicer reviews

This small wheatgrass juicer is made of stainless steel parts, which is great value for the money.

The compact size and manual operation makes it really portable. You only have to find a table top to clamp it on.

The best part of this wheatgrass machine is that it only takes one minute to wash. So for your daily wheatgrass juice, just clamp on the juicer, place a bowl under the spout, then run the wheatgrass through by cranking the lever.

Catch the pulp with your hand and run it through again for good measure! Then just undo the cap, handle and gear, and rinse them clean. How easy is that?

Check the latest price and reviews on Amazon

2. Tribest Z-Star Z-510 Manual Juicer

The Z-star manual is one of the most unique wheatgrass juice machines available in the market. It is a single augur masticating juicer, but without the motor.

This means that it will have the thoroughness of a masticating juicer but without the accompanying heat that characterizes electric wheatgrass juicers. Without the heat, the enzymes and other nutrients in your wheatgrass are better preserved.

I find The Z-star manual juicer easier to use than most other manual wheatgrass juicers. This is because its hopper (the opening that receives the hopped product) is bigger. But that’s as far as the advantage goes. The cranking is about the same with that of other masticating juicers.

With this juicer, you can juice a variety of other producing including tomatoes, vegetables and other harder produce such as apples, carrots, and ginger.

Check for the latest price and customer reviews on Amazon

The Best Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

If you have more bucks to spend on a juicer – and you think you might eventually like to try juicing a wider variety of produce – we’d recommend saving up for a single gear masticating juicer which does an excellent job juicing wheatgrass as well as other produce.

You can not simply use any old juicer to try to extract juice from wheatgrass—or leafy vegetables such as kale—and expect to get good results. The best type of electric juicer for wheatgrass is a low speed, masticating style one. These juicers operate at around 80 rpm instead of over 1,000 rpm for a centrifugal type juicer that is better suited for handling fleshy fruit.

These machines operate by crushing rather than tearing apart the leaves, and this leads to the highest amount of juice extraction possible—leaving a remarkably dry pulp. The lower speed also has the benefit of preventing oxidization and helps keep greater amounts of vitamins. In addition, electric juicers can be used for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. They are also great at crushing nuts to make fresh nut butters.

The top of the line electric juicer suitable for wheatgrass is the Super Angel 5500. The best-selling and highest-rated model is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. For those who prefer a vertical juicer design, the highest recommended one is the Omega VRT350 Vertical Juicer.

And here is our recommendation on single gear masticating juicer for juicing wheatgrass.

Champion G5 PG720 Juicer Review

best wheatgrass juicer

When I first got hold of this juicer, I was practically stunned for a moment or two; flabbergasted by the unique design and appearance of this very product.

Initially, I was rather reluctant to purchase it because of how it looks and the enormous size would most probably occupy half of my kitchen top space. Yet somehow I ended up getting it from the display shelf unit as the lady there recommended me this for heavy duty usage purpose.

After a considerable duration of using the juicer at home, to my amazement, I find it to be one of the best juicers that I have ever stumbled upon.


The heavy-duty motor of 1/3 horsepower operates continuously with the help of the floating cutter is an added advantage. This is because no intermittent cleaning is required as the juice is directly separated from the pulp when the juicing takes place. By having this feature, I could practically save up almost half the time on the preparation process which is the main reason why I fancy this juicer a lot!

Unlike any other wheatgrass juicers, the Champion Juicer also has a large feeding chamber which enables easy application even if the wheatgrass, fruits, and vegetables are not diced into smaller pieces. This is definitely something I look upon deeply as I am a very lazy person. By having this feature, I don’t have to waste time cutting up my fruits and vegetables into smaller portions to be put in the juicer. Basically, a whole fruit or a whole vegetable could be place into the funnel at ease!

Furthermore, to be frankly honest, after a few times of usage I find the sturdy built of this Champion juicer somewhat assuring as the strong stainless steel body seem to be able to thwart off any daily wears and tears. My parents who fell in love with frozen banana and pineapple said that the Champion Juicer is all they need to make this scrumptious and delightful concoction.

With a whopping 10 years warranty, this juicer certainly captures the heart of many users nationwide even though the price of it is a little more expensive compared to others in the market.

After trying out on the Champion G5-PG710/ G5-PG720, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone out there who plans on getting a new juicer. It produces amazing results and best of all, it is healthy and rich with nutrients.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon.

Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304

wheatgrass juicer reviews

The Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 rocks when it comes to squeezing out fresh juice that lasts! The new bio-ceramic and magnetic technology it uses ionizes the juice as it comes out, so the juice can be kept fresh for as long as 72 hours.

Do you know what that means? No more going into all the trouble of preparing fruits and veggies for juicing when you crave that refreshing drink right now. I’ve found that preparing extra juice when I’m free is so much easier.

There are other things I like about this Green Power Twin Gear Juicer as well. Its horizontal twin gears can juice many kinds of greens, herbs, plants, veggies, and grass, besides fruits of course.

Surprisingly, they don’t clog up even when there is a lot of pulp, because this juicer totally crushes the fruits and veggies and the remains are pretty much dried up. However, one user pointed out that the juice is pulpy, which is what I like, but if you don’t, a strainer will help.

The motor is good and strong, and if anything too hard meets with the gears, it will automatically stop to protect the juicer. In any case, the Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 comes with 10-year warranty. Other users will tell you that the customer service is pretty good too.

One little trouble to go over the Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 though, is that screens have to be changed when juicing veggies after juicing fruits, or vice versa. If you juice both kinds, then washing up both screens will be required afterwards.

If you’re willing to go to that trouble in exchange for a time-saving, all-versatile juicer, the Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 is just great!

Omega J8005 Single Gear Masticating Juicer

manual wheatgrass juicer review

We also recommend this Omega J8005 Juicer due to its versatile functions and the relatively cheap price. This powerful masticating juicer ensures high yield by thoroughly chews up every bit of fiber and extract all the nutrients into juice with its 1/3 horsepower single phase induction motor.

The unit’s dual-stage juicing system ensures maximum efficiency, while keeping its low rotation speed around 80 RPMs means no foaming, no clogging, no heat build-up and no nutrient oxidized. Other than being a fruit juicer, this product can also functions as food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder. Yes, that means you can make your own peanut butter and apple sauce with it.

Check the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Pros of a wheatgrass juicer

  1. It can be use to juice vegetables and herbs. Most generic juicers will experience jerks and ((lag)) when juicing leaves due to the strong fiber. Wheatgrass juicers on the other hand will perform seamlessly even with fibrous leaves.
  2. It is a cheaper solution for leaf juicing. Why pay more if you are only using a juicer for vegetables and not for fruits? Wheatgrass juicers are available in a long range of prices where you can choose the most ideal one for yourself with highest performance/price ratio.
  3. High yield. Wheatgrass machines utilize the single gear masticating technology to chew and dry up the pulp.
  4. Low motor speed. This ensures that the operation is silent and the maximum nutrient in juice is preserved.

The cons

  • Most wheatgrass machines are Specialized as ‘Non-fruit friendly’. Most models of wheatgrass juicer cannot be used to juice fruits.
  • Intricate assemblh. You certainly want to read the manual before assembling and cleaning it.
  • Bulky and heavy. Typical units weigh from 6kg to 13kg.

How to Choose the Best Wheatgrass Juicer

A wheatgrass juicer is somewhat different from the usual juicer. Most wheatgrass juicers specialize in wheat grass only. So if you want to juice fruits as well, you’ll have to find a single gear masticating juicer that does fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass.

But hurray for the wheatgrass juice fans, a good wheatgrass juicer can be found at a much cheaper price if you don’t need it to do anything else except juice wheatgrass.

Manual or electric wheatgrass juicer?

Wheatgrass juicers can be manual or electric, but from what I’ve observed, the best juicer for wheatgrass in the market are manual ones. Not to say that the electric ones won’t work well, but they are so expensive that you might as well spend the money on a single gear masticating juicer that is versatile. The manual ones are also more portable and easy to store away due to their compactness.

Metal or Plastic?

You’re paying a lot for your wheatgrass machine, so you’ll want to know whether it will last. The general idea is that the more metal parts, and the less electronic parts it has, the longer it will last.

There are wheatgrass juicers that consist fully of stainless steel or cast iron parts, while some are plastic with a stainless steel auger. But I don’t advise getting a cast iron juicer because they need a lot of maintenance to keep them from rusting over time.

Ease of Use

Read the reviews to see whether users find it easy to use. You don’t want a juicer that needs a lot of effort on your part to set it up, make it juice, and then take it all apart to clean it. Remember that the easier it is to use, the more you will use it, and that means getting your money’s worth.

Zyppah Review 2019: Does The Zyppah Mouthpiece Work?

zyppah reviews snoring mouthpiece

Zyppah is an appliance that is self-molded in a boil-n-bite process that stops snoring. It has been cleared by the FDA and has proven to be effective and easy to use as well as safe with no risks or side-effects.

How does a remarkable unit help? By holding the lower jaw forward slightly as you sleep keeping the airway open toward the backside of the throat. By doing this, it eliminates that vibration of the soft tissues surrounding that area and the snoring stops.

Not only that, but the Zyppah has a unique patent-pending elastic that holds the tongue and keeps it stabilized so that it won’t fall back down into the throat. This is one more step it takes to keep the airway open and prevent snoring. Let’s take a closer look at our Zyppah review.

zyppah review

Pros & Cons

There Are Pros and There Are Cons To Anything…

…. and the this mouthpiece isn’t any different. There are many people that have tried this uniquely designed device  and claim it works great. There are some people that have some issues and reservations with the unit, mostly in regards to the comfort. But they will also tell you it did stop their snoring. And there are some that will say this device was uncomfortable because their tongue felt strapped down too much, causing them to drool.

  • The theory behind the design is a sound idea that will ease snoring and provide snorers relief.
  • The construction is light-weight and small, making it easier on the mouth and other associated muscles.
  • The ability to get the fit personalized with the boil-n-bite concept from a BPA-free material.
  • It gave users confidence in the unit being designed by a dentist so it is safe for teeth.
  • The unit is not only FDA approved but it is made in the USA.
  • The ninety-day money back guarantee and that if taken care of, can last for up to 12 months.
  • They hybrid design is favored over other models because how it holds the jaw forward and the tongue in place to keep the airway clear as you sleep.
  • The airflow hole makes it easy to breathe through your mouth.


  • Having something in their mouth makes it hard for many people to sleep.
  • Complaints about their jaw being sore for the first day or two.
  • It is more expensive some of the other models on the market.
  • It causes some people to drool, but most of the products like this do.
  • Not advisable to wear with capped teeth, crowns, dentures, or loose teeth.
  • The process to customize the fit is more specific than other models on the market.
  • Denture tabs are required for cleaning the unit.
  • There isn’t any current way to adjust the jaw advancement feature.


Offering Two Solutions All In One Piece

There are other mouthpieces on the market today that claim to keep the jaw tilted forward, but they have not proven to be as reliable as the Zyppah. They don’t keep the tongue from falling back into the throat after it relaxes. This remarkable unit has that additional feature which will allow you and those around to get a good night’s rest. No other mouthpiece on the market today has this patent-pending elastic feature that this device has.

Safe To Use

The FDA has cleared this unique mouthpiece and gave it their seal of approval. If any product has any possible potential danger, the FDA won’t clear it and give their approval. With the Zyppah having that in place is a sign of confidence that you can count on, especially since this is a product that you put in your mouth and leave while you sleep. There are some mouth pieces models out there that can make you feel as if you are choking. But this one won’t and the FDA knows that.


While this device doesn’t have an adjustment to the jaw advancement feature, other models on the market don’t have it either at this time. This does take away the fact of the effectiveness the ZYPPAH offers that it does reduce jaw, muscles, and teeth aches and pains that are common to MADs.

And like any mouthpiece, the soreness and tenderness that people experience is common among all MADs, not just Zyppah. The process for customized fitting is more involved than other devices on the market now, but the different process does give the user a more personalize fit. And while this device isn’t recommended for those who have dental prosthetics, there is another device on the market that can help those snorers. In conclusion, this is a great product and it works for many people.

What is Zyppah?

what is zyppahThere are 4 different styles of the Zyppah and it positions the lower jaw forward which reduces the airway blockage risks by the tongue or other obstruction. This is considered a hybrid device because it not is like a TRD (tongue retaining device), it holds the tongue stabile too. But, instead of the suction bulb effect, it has a rubber-like strap that is softer and still effective.

The Zyppah is designed by a dentist, it is American made and is accredited by the BBB and is approved and cleared by the FDA. There is a boil-n-bite fitting process but the airflow hole if has allows breathing by mouth.

Like any MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) this unit repositions the jaw of the snorer to the front and stabilizes the tongue so that it doesn’t fall to the back of the throat, blocking the airway. If the airway isn’t blocked, you don’t snore and that is the one feature that puts the Zyppah above all other models and styles.

Product Details of the Zyppah

The TSD features of the Zyppah is the design that keeps the tongue stabilized while wearing the mouth piece. Normally, MADs do the job of unblocking the airway, but that isn’t always enough. The tongue is also a muscle and when you sleep, it relaxes allowing it to fall back into your throat while you sleep, causing you to snore. This is especially true for people who sleep on their back. Even though the Zyppah requires a prescription to  get it, it is well worth a trip to your dentist or doctor.

How Does Zyppah Work

When we sleep, our muscles relax and that tongue is a muscle. As we sleep, our tongue collapses toward our throat because your muscles relax, including our neck muscles. When all of this is relaxed, it comes together at our throat and the palate and uvula tissues block the airway partially causing a vibration, thus the sound of snoring. The Zyppah is a unique device that works based on what research and studies have proven.

The Zyppah holds the lower jaw forward and the tongue stationary. This keeps the soft palate and uvula from collapsing in the throat, thus no vibration, no snoring.  There are two different ways the Zyppah works:

First, the airways are opened up because the device is pushes the lower jaw forward and holding it in place. This causes the loose tissues to tighten around the neck so they can’t fall into the throat and vibrate resulting in snoring.

And second, there is a soft, strong elastic band that is positioned towards the back of the Zyppah that gently holds the tongue in place but firm enough to keep it from falling to the back of your throat. Anyone that has been a snorer their entire life can attest to that being the main cause of snoring.

Not only does this unique designed device stop the snoring, but it enables the person wearing it to still breathe easily with the airflow hole that is built into it.  Other MADs do not have this feature, making them more uncomfortable and the snorer aggravated.

Zyppah Price

When the Zyppah was first released it retailed at $123. But today, the pricing is much more affordable at just over $98 and when purchased online from the official website, the price drops to $89.95. There is a $9.95 flat fee for handling, processing, and shipping. Buy two Zyppahs and the second one is discounted to $59.95.

Read more on their official site >>>

About the Company

With thirty years of dental experience, Dr. Jonathan Greenburg is the designer of this unique device. After ten years of intense research on sleep apnea and snoring, and using his dental experience and his undergraduate education in bio-engineering, Greenburg discovered that was vibrations that were producing the sounds of snoring.

Once he determined that the vibration was caused by the airway being blocked, he began work on designing a product that would address those issues. And the result was the revolutionary, unique Zyppah product and the company “Snore No More” was born, creating a way for snorers to get a good night’s rest. With 5 facilities located in California, this product has hit the market with a vengeance.

What Customers Are Saying

There are a lot of people that have tried the Zyppah and have had great results with little not complaints or issues. And others have expressed some reservations about sticking something in their mouth and sleeping with it. But the ones that did have some concerns and gave tried the Zyppah was quick to say that it did fix their snoring. And for those who have said the Zyppah device was bulky, uncomfortable, and the tongue strap did not cause them to gag, but felt strange.


The Zyppah was released in 2008 and has an excellent reputation to date. In comparison to other MADs and like products, it is relatively new, but its popularity has surged. The fact that it was designed by a dentist with 30 years of experience and a background in bio-engineering is a plus in the favor of the Zyppah.

This has proven to be an effective device that has completely eliminated snoring for those who have tried it. It is made in America from BPA that is safe and soft which repositions the jaw and stabilizes the tongue. The looks of the device may not be something you’d want to wear out in public, but it works and is completely safe. It is priced higher than the other models on the market, but because the product is unique and works in two ways, it makes it a worthwhile value.

Old Review

Zyppah snoring device is priced in the middle price range, in between higher end prices and cheaper products.

The mouthpiece will cost you a one-time payment of $89.95. This price includes handling and shipping. Buyers also have the choice of a trial purchase for 30 days. The price for this is only $9.95 shipping charge and two installments of $39.95.

Zyppah is a hybrid, double action mouthpiece that works by combining the action of positioning your jaw forward and holding your tongue in place.

Although it does relieve snoring, we’ve found a few issues that makes this not our most recommended anti snoring device. The mouthpiece will make you gag and drool.

Have you had the chance to try the Zyppah Snoring mouthpiece? Leave your review below and read what other people who bought the device are saying. And don’t forget to check out our recommended alternative here.

Zyppah Review: Does It Really Work?

There’s something else about Zyppah that will make you whip out your wallet faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

Maybe it is Zyppah’s unique design. Or it is probably because it combines both tongue restraining and jaw positioning to make it work. But the fact is, Zyppah stands out a mile away from other anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market today.

zyppah review

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Incredible Savings: 24% Off on Your Next Zyppah Purchase

Zyppah Snore Guard Design

Zyppah’s design will intrigue you. There is no debate about that. Unlike most of the other MAD’s in the market, Zyppah has a cool and sleek design. The unique design is complemented by warm colors. The device features an attractive black and neon-green color combo.

But that’s not all that is unique to this anti snoring mouthpiece. No. I wouldn’t be this excited if the design and eye-candy were all there was.

To say Zyppah is revolutionary would be an understatement. It is the only mandibular adjustment anti-snoring mouthpiece that tackles snoring by using a knockout double action.

Here is how Zyppah Works

The Zyppah snoring mouthpiece comes with a special feature that the manufacturers call “Revolutionary z-flex Technology.” In our simple understanding, this technology is a tongue stabilizing strap that is located at the back of the mouthpiece.

In essence, Zyppah RX stops snoring by combining jaw adjustment and tongue stabilization, an approach that no other stop snoring device has so far adopted.

But do you really need tongue stabilization in order to stop snoring?

Most of us are used to Mandibular Advancement Devices, and the thought of a device that combines MAD with tongue stabilizing strikes us as a little strange. But technology is evolving fast, and tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs) are becoming quite popular.

Good Morning Snore Solution is an example of a tongue stabilizing device that has received quite some positive reviews in the market.

But does the combination of the two make the anti-snoring device more effective?

I don’t have any conclusive data to show that combining TSD with MAD makes a snoring mouthpiece more effective. I can only offer my experience with the device, and what struck me (after the excitement of buying a strikingly beautiful mouthpiece had waned off) was that I had acquired a torture contraption.

Every anti-snoring device takes time to get used to, and I was willing to continue test-driving Zyppah Rx even after I woke up with a very tender jaw after the first night of use. In addition, my tongue felt like it was in a straitjacket throughout the night. I didn’t wake up feeling rested like I had done when I used the Pure Sleep device.

But I refused to give up. You don’t give up when your wife is threatening to throw you out of bed if you do not find a permanent solution to your snoring.

So, I tested Zyppah over the next two weeks. And guess what? My tongue didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore and the tenderness on the jaws greatly reduced.  And I didn’t snore during the 14 days when I used Zyppah. But I drooled a lot! Most of the other Zyppah reviews that I have come across seem to make the same observations.

Would I recommend Zyppah? I definitely would. It is chic and functional, but you’ll have to bear with your tongue feeling like it’s in a straitjacket and a sore jaw until you get accustomed to the device.

Does Zyppah Work?

Now, now, before you whip out your wallet for a quick purchase, I’d like to offer a disclaimer. Zyppah, like any other snoring mouthpiece, is not for everyone.

  • If you have full dentures, forget about using Zyppah or any other stop snoring devices
  • One missing tooth should be okay… but for a snug fit, Zyppah’s special band requires that all teeth be present
  • If you just had dental implants, consider waiting for at least 12 months before using Zyppah

If you do not have any of the following conditions but still find that Zyppah does not work as it should, you need to make sure that you followed the standard procedure for preparing boil-and-bite devices for use.

Custom fitting Zyppah Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Although Zyppah looks different than many other MADs the process of preparing it for a custom fit does not differ. In order to set it, you will need: a mirror, two small bowls or mugs, tongs, a pot, and a stop watch.

  1. Before you start preparing Zyppah, it is advisable that you first rinse it with warm water and place it into your mouth to get its feel before you bite into its pliable material during preparation.
  2. Heat a pot of water, and bring it to boiling temperature.
  3. As you wait for the water to boil, pour ice into one of the bowls/mugs
  4. Transfer the boiled water into the other bowl/mug. It is important that you transfer water into a bowl as the device might be spoiled by coming into contact with the hot surface of the pot
  5. Using tongs, submerge Zyppah into the boiled water for 60 seconds. Use the tongs to hold the device into the water as it tends to float.
  6. Remove the device from the boiling water and let it cool for a few seconds. 20 seconds should be enough. Handle the device with caution at this step. The thermoplastic material tends to get very hot and sticky after it’s been submerged in boiled water.
  7. Before you proceed, understand which side should be up. The lower portion, the one that reads, ‘Zyppah’ should be the lower tray.
  8. While facing the mirror, place Zyppah into your mouth, starting with the lower tray/teeth. Ensure that your lower teeth align with the lower teeth line against the harder black plastic. Once your lower teeth are well aligned, push your jaw forward until the edge of your upper teeth are place against where the harder plastic meets the softer plastic in the upper tray.
  9. Once aligned bite down on the device and hold for at least one minute. You should feel your teeth deep into the soft thermoplastic.
  10. After one minute, carefully remove the Zyppah anti-snore device from your mouth and dip it into the bowl of ice for a minute.
  11. Once cooled, check to see that the device fits you. If it doesn’t, consider reheating it in boiled water and repeating the process.

Zyppah and Sleep Apnea

I can’t stress this strongly enough. The online version of Zyppah is not, and cannot, be used as an alternative treatment for sleep apnea. The device only use involves eliminating the sound of snoring. It does not treat any underlying issues that might be the cause of snoring.

Like with all stop snoring devices, it is wise if you consult your physician to determine whether you are simply a snorer or whether you suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

What Else Do I need to Know?

Nothing much. Seriously, at this point you can order Zyppah online, and you’ll all the information you need to work with it.

However, if you are a facts-oriented person, here are a few fascinating ones:

  1. Zyppah is a brainchild of a long-serving dentist, Dr. Jonathan Greenburg. Greenburg has served as dentist for over 3 decades, and spent the last ten years studying sleep apnea and snoring. He currently runs 5 “Snore No More” centres in California.
  2. Zyppah is “Happy Z” spelled backwards! That is Happy Sleeping.
  3. There are two types of Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpieces available: The one that you can buy online (OTC), and others that you need to have a doctor’s prescription to purchase. These latter ones are custom fitted by a doctor in one of the 5 “Snore No More’ centres, and are used to treat sleep apnea.
  4. Zyppah is the only double action snoring mouth guard. It uses the tongue-stabilizing technology as well as the Mandibular Advancement technology to prevent snoring.
  5. And last but not least, Zyppah is FDA-cleared!

How Much Does Zyppah Cost?

Compared to the cost of snoring surgery, Zyppah’s $80-89 price tag almost feels like a drop in the ocean.

The cost is also flexible, allowing you to pay the whole amount at once or to first get a trial without paying the whole amount upfront.

If you go with the trial, you’ll be required to pay the shipping fee and you’ll have 30 days to test Zyppah. If you like it, and you’d like to keep it, your card will be charged $40 twice to bring the total cost of Zyppah at $90.

If you don’t like it, you can send it back to the manufacturer and no charges will be made on your card.

Other Zyppah RX Reviews

It is important that you read other Zyppah reviews before you make up your mind whether this is something you want. However, based from my experience, Zyppah is not only a revolutionary mouthpiece for snoring, but also a very effective one for that matter.

The fact that the manufacturers are willing to let you try it for $10 only also makes it among our very favourite anti snoring devices, right in the league of Pure Sleep and ZQuite.

Best Bunk Beds with Mattress Under $200


Top 7 Low-Priced Bunk Beds to Buy (2019)

Getting a bunk bed with mattress for under $200 might be a tall order. But here is a list of the 7 cheapest bunk beds that you can buy right now:

1. Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bed

bunk beds under $200

Bunk beds in the bedroom can provide extra space in a small room or provide “sleepover” bedding for a friend.  Most children can’t wait to get their first set of bunk beds.

Parents have not necessarily been as fond of the idea of bunk beds.  Children can fall from the top bunk or off the ladder. The Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Bed design goes a long way to alleviating parents’ concerns over safety.

Safety was a major concern in the development of the Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Bed. The tubular construction has a lead-free powder-coated finish that gives a dramatic accent to any room. The ladder is down the right front side of the unit and it can not be removed – also for added security.  The upper bunk has full-length guardrails while the lower bunk is without guardrails.

The Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Bed is a good choice for a family concerned with value as well as quality.  The frame is a beautifully geometric design with an integral ladder.  The style is Contemporary and can compliment many different furniture types and the white color fits in most decors.

The beds can be used as two individual beds as the children grow and want more privacy.  The Contemporary design can flow easily from a “kids” room to a “teens” room.  The tubular design provides for a number of different decorating options.

The Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bed takes up less floor space than many other bunk bed units.   It has an attractive design as well as being very durable.  The bed provides good support as long as the weight limit of 175 is taken into consideration.

The Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Bed unit in white also conforms to the latest consumer product safety standards.  It is well made with sturdy construction and has an integrated ladder and full-length guard rails for added safety.

The mattresses and bedding are not included with the unit. Mattresses can be a maximum of 9 inches thick.  Standard twin mattresses fit both the units and standard twin bedding can be used on both units also.

What people are saying about the Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bed White:

Although the majority of the reviews are very positive on the Twin over Twin Bunk Bed unit by the Walker Edison company, one of the main complaints involves the assembly of the unit.

The bed unit comes in one large box that weights approximately 90 lbs.  One main complaint was that the instructions were complicated and didn’t do a good job of “going from A to B to C – sometimes B was missed and then brought back in later when it was too late.”

Two people are best when trying to assemble the unit and, although tools were included with the unit, a number of people said that it was best to have a flat-ended metal rod for putting in the plastic clips that hold the slats.

There are 22 slats and a plastic clip is needed for each end so putting these together can be very time consuming and a major hassle.  The use of an electric screwdriver with Allen’s head can also make construction easier.

Other people said that assembly instructions were missing and vital information was left out.  On a positive note, since the slats are so close together, boards are not needed to hold the mattresses.  There is also online support and a telephone number to call for additional help in constructing the unit.

Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bed Conclusion

The Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bed has very good reviews, except for the assembly issues.  It is rated with four out of five stars on Amazon with over 20 reviews. Many reviewers said that, once the unit was assembled, it was very sturdy.  Overall the reviews have been positive with the bed called “very sturdy and longlasting” and “a great value” for the price.

If you need additional sleeping space either for at home or in a vacation home or cabin, the Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in white can be an excellent solution.

2. Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed

bunk beds with mattress under $200

Stork Craft has gone a long way to eliminating many of these safety hazards in their Caribou Twin Bunk Bed unit. The Caribou Bunk Bed has many safety features built into the design to provide added protection to children and peace of mind to the parents.

Here are just a few of the safety improvements in a Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed unit:

  • Solid wood construction
  • Non-toxic finish in a beautiful Expresso color
  • Sturdy ladder to the upper bed
  • Full-length guard rails on the upper bed
  • Full-sized slat mattress support
  • Unique fastening system for added stability
  • Meets current United States Safety Standards
  • Meets current Canada Safety Guidelines
  • One Year limited warranty

The full sized slat mattress support and full-length guard rails help to minimize the safety concerns of parents about children sleeping in bunk beds.

Why choose a Caribou Bunk Bed?

Bunk beds provide the extra sleeping space needed without taking up a lot of floor area. The Caribou Bunk Bed by Stork Craft is a great addition to any child’s room. It is stylish and practical and can be used for both boys and girls.

The Expresso color and clean-lined design make the Caribou Bunk Bed a nice addition to any room and color scheme. The design brings to mind the open spaces, mountains and blue skies of Canada.

Assembly and Dimensions:

The Caribou Bunk Bed comes in a compact package using only one box. The box weighs approximately 120 lbs. Assembly instructions are included in the package as well as all components necessary for assembly. It may take more than one person to assemble the unit, however.

The final dimensions are:

  • D: 78.4 inches
  • W: 42.6 inches
  • H: 58.2 inches

The Caribou Bunk Bed by Stork Craft has less height than most bunk beds so it can be used in a room with a lower ceiling. This is an advantage to homeowners who have gabled ceilings and less height to their bedrooms. The unit is designed with a smaller stature than a regular size bunk bed so it also takes up less floor space.

Mattresses are not included. Caribou Bunk Bed uses a standard size twin mattress and standard Twin size sheets.

What people say about the Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed.

There are very few reviews on the Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed. One of the few negative comments was that the guardrails could not be used if the beds were separated – the rails are attached to the side rails. Due to this, once the bed was separated into two separate singles, the bed could not be used for a toddler who still needed side rails for safety.

The Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed can be used to provide additional bedding in a small room or even as part of a “bunkhouse” in a vacation home. It will give parents peace of mind and still give the kids that sense of adventure bunk beds can bring!

Tips for Choosing Cheap Bunk Beds for Kids

Cheap bunk beds are often the first option for kids’ rooms. Cheap bunk beds will only occupy one side of the room, which allows the rest of the space to be used as a play area for kids.

Bunk beds for kids are designed to withstand some degree of roughhousing so they are ideal for boys’ rooms. Some cheap bunk beds come with storage areas underneath which are great options for toy storage.

There are some things to consider when choosing cheap bunk beds. No matter how affordable cheap bunk beds are they still have to pass the quality control standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Regulations. This means that the bunk bed has to be made of durable material, with parts that are securely attached to the main frame of the bed.

Cheap bunk beds should be designed to accommodate the height of the child when sitting or standing and should not have any sharp corners and rough areas, which can cause accidents. A good way to check if the bed is sturdy enough is to perform a simple shake test to see if it can withstand rough uses by children.

Also, you will have to decide if you want a twin over full style, full over full, triple bunk beds, futon bunk beds or loft bunk beds.

You can get some great discounts on cheap bunk beds for sale when shopping on special days of the year, such as the Black Friday holidays, summer sales and closing out sales.

Most stores slash prices on their bunk beds when closing to get items sold faster. Look for notices of fire sales in bedroom and furniture stores in the area and time purchases of large items of furniture like bunk beds around these times to get bunk beds for cheap.  The best deals I have found tend to be online though and those are available all year round.

Cheap Bunk Beds:  Wood vs. Metal

Most cheap bunk beds are made of either wood or metal. Wooden bunk beds have a certain log cabin style charm to them and are perfect for homes with a traditional or country feel.

Metal bunk beds often look sleeker and modern, perfect for modern and contemporary rooms. Metal twin over twin beds also have the advantage of being lighter and more flexible compared to their wooden counterparts.

Metal and wooden beds offer the same performance in safety and durability but some people prefer metal bunk beds because these often last longer. In addition, wooden bunk beds may fall prey to termites when not treated properly, which can turn the bed into an accident hazard later on.

Metal beds are also cheaper compared to wooden bunk beds and they are lighter, which means that they can be easily moved around the room when the redecorating bug hits. Metal bunk beds also come with metal stairs and ladders, which seem sturdier compared to wooden steps.

Most parents prefer metal bunk beds because of their flexibility and the ease with which these beds can be assembled. Metal is lighter compared to wood, which makes the beds easier and more affordable to order online and ship across the country.

Most mattresses are not included in most cheap bunk beds, which is actually preferred by most buyers since this allows them to choose the kind of mattress that they want.

Other cheap bunk beds may also have storage and/or drawers built into the beds, either on the bottom of the lower bunk or as hanging headboard cabinets, while some beds come with trundle bed options for additional sleeping space that is very easy to store when not needed. Some cheap bunk beds can be used by both children and adults. Cheap bunk beds are perfect as guest room accommodations for adults.

The bunk bed has been around for many years, historically used where there isn’t enough space for everyone to have their own floor space for a bed. They have been used in ships, submarines and prisons.

They are more often associated with children’s rooms especially when you have a large family and not enough bedrooms to go around.

Children seem to love them too as they easily transform into a fort or whatever the child’s imagination holds.

The top bunk bed generally has a ladder or stairs to reach it. Smaller children may feel more secure climbing stairs to reach the top instead of a ladder. Many bunk beds also have storage drawers underneath the bottom bunk. This is an added advantage and can help to keep the room free of clutter.

There are many styles of bunk beds. There is the traditional style of two twin-sized beds, one on top of the other. The loft style bed has the top bunk placed at a 90-degree angle from the bottom bunk, which opens up some space above the bottom bunk and below the top bunk.

The loft beds also come in standard and queen sizes. Then you have the futon bunk bed which has a futon couch instead of the lower bed. When the other bed is needed, the futon pulls out to become a bed. This gives versatility to one child room with extra seating but also a place for a friend to spend the night.

A trundle bed is not the usual bunk bed but has a pull out bed underneath a twin bed that pulls out when needed. This is also a bed that would be better used for a single child that needs an extra bed for sleepovers.

bunk beds with mattress under $200

Bunk beds are constructed of either wood or metal. The wood is larger and can be more clunky looking. The metal frames are just as sturdy as the wood or even sturdier and take up less room.

You might need to buy a second hand bunk beds. If you do, only purchase one that is made by a well known brand. Inspect it to see if it is sturdy and not shaky. Continue these inspections on a regular basis so that the bed does not become unsafe without your realizing it.

Bunk Beds Safety Tips

The biggest concern with bunk beds is their safety. Small children under the age of 6 should not sleep on the top bunk.

  1. Check the railing on the top and the ladder often to make sure they are attached securely.
  2. Know how much weight the top bunk can hold. Grab the top bed and shake it as hard as you can to see how stable it is.
  3. Another good idea is to have a larger bed on the bottom bunk. That way if anyone slips off the top bunk, they will hit the mattress instead of the floor.
  4. When replacing the original mattress you need to get one that is the same size, especially in thickness. Using a mattress that is thicker or wider than the original can interfere with some of the safety features of the railing and ladder.
  5. Do not let your children hang things on the bunk bed like belts or ropes that they could become caught in while playing. Playing on the top bunk is not safe either.

If a child were to fall off of the top bunk they could be severely injured, especially if there are toys on the floor. This did happen to my sister’s nephew when he fell off of the top bunk and landed on a Tinkertoy stick. Fortunately, he recovered from the injury but it was a very scary time that no parent wants to have to live through.

Having a bunk bed or two can solve many problems with limited space. Find the style and size that will work in your situation. Remember the safety precautions and you’ll enjoy the bunk bed for years to come.

Three Tips For Buying A Bunk Bed Under $200

Safety first

The first thing you need to consider when making a bunk bed purchase is safety. This is especially true when young children will be using it. Even if an older college student will be using the bed you still want it to be safe, because they might fall off for reasons we will not mention here.

Make sure the bed meets all safety standards and has strong attachments for the ladder and guardrails. Whatever you do, do not sacrifice safety for price.

Decide What Type You Need

There is a remarkable number of options available. When buying one for children the standard version or a twin over full usually works best.

There are all different styles and designs available, so just find one that matches the room. If you are going to be using it in a dorm or apartment the loft or futon styles are always a big hit. The online market has really opened up the different bunk bed options that are available. No matter what your needs are you should be able to find one to fit them.

Find Bunk Beds Under $200 Online

The first place I start looking whenever I need a new piece of furniture is the online classified market. Every day people are getting rid of nearly brand new stuff just because they are either moving or are rich and found something they like better.

If you search around a little bit you can almost always find one of these hidden gems. If that does not work out for you, or you prefer not to buy something used, there are literally hundreds of stores selling this type of bed online. They do not need to worry about showrooms, so they are able to give you much better deals.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers


Side sleeping is healthy and many people sleep this way.  It keeps your joints relaxed, the spine aligned and can stop snoring, since snoring usually occurs when sleeping on your back.

It’s important to select the correct mattress when you are a side sleeper for the spine to rest in its natural curve so that you do not awake with an aching back.  Soft mattress work well but firmer pillow top mattress work well too.

What Firmness of Mattress is Best for Side Sleepers?

Soft mattresses manufactured today provide support similar to firmer mattresses because of 4 primary materials used for manufacturing that are steel springs and foam (memory, poly, latex, and soy).

The mattress cover materials of cotton, polyester, bamboo, and plastic/canvas in air and waterbeds are available from which to select in the marketplace.

best mattresses for side sleepers

Firmness levels are rated 1 for firm and 10 being soft and plush.  The thicker the mattress the more soft and plush it will be.

An 8-inch mattress is designed and created for back sleepers.  The 10- to 12-inch thick mattress is for side and back sleepers.  A 13-inch thick mattress is for all sleepers and stomach sleepers.

An ordinary soft mattress might not be your comfort preference, so moving up to a firmer mattress might please you best.  The comfort scale from 4 or 5 and up will be the best mattress for side sleepers.

Ratings of 4 and 6 feel soft initially with firm support underneath.  A higher rating of 7 plus offers more pressure relief for side sleepers.

Side sleepers generally stay away from firmer mattresses because they do not have enough give for your hips and shoulders that can cause aches, soreness, and pain in the morning.

Top 6 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers (2019)

We have listed 6 mattresses here for side sleepers with many possibilities and alternatives for you to decide your best fit when sleeping.

Memory foam and latex mattresses rate highest in owner contentment and innerspring mattresses rate lowest.

  1. Zotto Sleep Mattress
  2. Layla Sleep Mattress
Zotto Mattress, a latest entrant in the memory foam mattress field is currently the best mattress for side sleepers.

1. ZINUS™ Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress

best memory foam mattress for side sleepers

Our Rating: 4.8 / 5


Zinus USA has its headquarters in San Leandro, California, and was established in 1979 with an emphasis on bedding products in 2003.

The Ultima® is made of pressure relief memory foam to conform to your body size and shape having a firmer feel.  The layers of 4.5-inches of high-density base support foam and 1.5-inches of memory foam is of high quality for side sleepers and all sleepers.

The foams are CertiPUR-US® Certified for durability, performance, and content.  This means the foam is made without flame-retardants (PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“TRIS”), without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and no formaldehyde and phthalates.  The foam is low for VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million (ppm).  Moreover, the company is ISO-9001 certified in accordance with all certification requirements.

For a fresh mattress, the BioFoam is used with natural plant oils instead of the customary petroleum-based products.

Your one-third time sleeping will be transformed forever with this mattress using a soft layer of body-conforming comfort and a thick layer of support foam.

You will gently sink into this mattress taking any pressure from your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders.  The cover is made of a soft knitted fabric for comfort when topping with your sheets.  It has a zipper to remove it for laundering.  The foam is not hot and it will fit a futon.

The ZINUS Sleep Master Ultima® is also available in deeper choices of 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch for a softer feeling offered in twin, twin XL, full, short queen, king, and California King—all at Amazon.com®.

The queen-size mattress dimensions are 80-inches long x 60-inches wide x 6-inches high and weighs about 44 pounds.

The ZINUS Sleep Master Ultima® comes with a User’s Manual, initial set-up instructions out of the box, and a 10-year Limited Warranty.  It does not come with a box spring or bed frame; only the mattress.

2. Sleep Innovations® Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

best soft mattress for side sleepers

The Sleep Innovations® Shea mattress with memory foam is the ideal solution for you medium feel bed lovers!  Back, side, and stomach sleepers will sleep like a dream with this medium to firm with gentle cushioning for you to read, relax, then sleep like a log all night long.  You will never sense or feel your partner’s movement that could disturb your deep sleep.

This mattress is truly innovative for small, large, short, or tall people.  Its DuoComfort design, 3-inch top layer of SureTemp memory foam, and 7-inches of Support-Plus foam will give you annoying pressure point liberation so that you do not endure this pain and it aligns your spinal column for no aches and pains in your lower back the next morning.

The mattress cover is made of polyester and cotton blend.  It does not have a removable casing that can be washed and put back on.  You will receive a bonus of 2 free memory foam pillows with a striking design.  The mattress comes in twin, full/standard, queen, king, and California king sizes.

There are no known toxins in the Sleep Innovations® polyurethane foam mattress such as formaldehyde, PBDEs, or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).  No fire retardants are used.  The foam is resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic.  The foam is treated with microbial products so that mildew and mold will not grow.

The queen dimensions are 80-inches long x 60-inches wide x 10-inches thick and it weighs about 80 pounds.

Use this mattress with your existing box spring, new box spring, slat bed, or a platform that is well ventilated.  It is not advised to put your mattress on the floor or any flat surface.  You can use it on either side.  The contoured side is a lighter cuddling feeling.  Both sides will give you what you want—support and comfort.  The open cell design permits airflow for a great body temperature while you sleep and it feels cool when you touch it.

Sleep Innovation WarrantyThe Sleep Innovations® mattress comes with a User’s Manual, initial set-up instructions out of the box, and a 20-year Limited Warranty.  It does not come with a box spring or bed frame; only the mattress.  The foam and finished mattress is made in the USA.

3. DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress 10-inch

mattress for side sleepers reviews

best mattress for side sleepersThe DreamFoam Latex Mattress is made of 3-inches of Talalay® latex from the sap of rubber trees.  The foam provides contouring feeling comfortable to your body for excellent support.

Talalay® is a method for producing molded pieces of latex foam great for the cervical spine using this mattress.

It is high density to give you firm support, yet is soft.  It offers pressure point relief and an orthopedic foundation perfect for a good night’s restful sleep.  Talalay® breathes and is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, good for people with allergies and asthma staying cool never becoming hot.

The bamboo knitted cover is quilted for beauty and comfort containing over 100% of biodegradable fibers having 1.5-inches of soft reflex foam.  The cover is washable with cold water on the gentle setting.  Do not put in the dryer.  The mattress has 5.5-inches of high-density complex base foam to increase airflow with a high level of conformability for exceptional relaxation and sleep. u Graphic shows my measurement words

The Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) is 4-pounds/14 ILD for the gel layer, 4-pounds/13 ILD for the memory foam layer, and 6-inches 1.8-pounds heavy-duty poly foam for the core layer.

Latex lessens high-pressure points that can cause tossing and turning due to capillary blood flow diminishing from using other types of mattresses.  With this mattress, blood rich with oxygen will be sent to your muscles for more relaxation drifting into sleep.  You will awaken feeing rejuvenated and ready to start a new day.  Use your latex, foam, or feather pillows for a comfortable soothing sleep.

The dimensions for the queen shown here are 60-inches wide x 80-inches long x 10-inches thick and it weighs about 70 pounds.  It is one-sided and cannot be turned over.

The DreamFoam mattress comes with a User’s Manual, initial set-up instructions out of the box, and a 10-year Limited Warranty.  It does not come with a box spring or bed frame; only the mattress.  The mattress is made in the USA.

4. Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 Memory Foam Mattress

best mattresses for side sleepers with back pain

The Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13-inch memory foam mattress with a bamboo cover of natural wool is made in the USA.  This incredible mattress is perfect for contouring to your body and gives an exorbitant amount of relief at the knees, hips, feet, and back, aligning the spine.

Your joints will love the comfort.

The weight is evenly distributed for you and your partner.  This is a medium feel mattress offering you a comfortable fit for a restful night’s sleep.

what mattress is best for side sleepersThe foam layer underneath breathes and keeps you cool whenever it is hot.  The top gel memory foam has 2 layers of support memory foam with ventilated foam.

You will never fell sticky and sweaty with this mattress.  The wool from New Zealand makes an excellent liner and you can wash the zippered bamboo removable cover.  The wool is not scratchy and you will not know it’s there.  The gel memory foam layer is 3.5-inches with 2-inches for the ventilated airflow layer having 7.5-inches for its therapeutic support base.

The mattress is 23% memory foam and 77% polyurethane.  The 7-inch base layer has 4 pounds density.

No box springs are needed and no coils are inside a memory foam mattress.  It should hold a 300-pound person.

All the foams used are CertiPUR-US®, free of toxic flame-retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates; is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 ppm).

This mattress is also available in twin, twin XL, full, king, California queen and king, and more including RV mattresses in a variety of sizes.

The dimensions for the queen shown here are 60-inches wide x 80-inches long x 13-inches thick and it weighs about 70 pounds.

The Brentwood Home mattress comes with a User’s Manual, initial set-up instructions out of the box, and a 25-year Limited Warranty.  It does not come with a box spring or bed frame; only the mattress.  The mattress is made in the USA.

5. Lucid® 10-Inch Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress

best mattresses for side sleepers

Lucid® makes firm support with its 7.5-inch thick polyurethane base of high-density foam and its 1.5-inch middle comfort layer topped by a zippered hypoallergenic cotton velour cover that can be removed to be washed for a clean and fresh top.  It prevents allergens and dust mites.

The comfortable and durable mattress will provide you with all the support you will want.  Memory foam adapts to your body weight and will relieve pressure point pain aligning to your position.

best side sleeping mattressWith the memory foam, transferring of motion by a partner is eliminated.

best mattress pad for side sleepersThe thick layers of highly concentrated and dense foam provides all the support for a healthy night’s sleep.

recommended mattresses for side sleepersThe two layers of foam on top and the bottom help to equalize and provides stability and support for your body.

recommended mattresses for side sleepersHaving a removable cover that can be washed ensures you of a clean and fresh mattress that discourages dust mites.

The methods used for the open cells keep the air flowing, keeps the mattress cool and so very comfortable.  The texture of the foam will adapt to your body weight and evenly distribute the pressure of your body over the entire mattress for a restful night’s sleep.

The queen-sized mattress is 80-inches long x 59-inches wide x 10-inches thick and weighs about 50 pounds.

The memory foam is CertiPUR-US® Certified for durability, performance, and material content.  This means the foam is made without flame-retardants (PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“TRIS”), without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and no formaldehyde and phthalates.  The foam is low for VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality.

Lucid WarrantyThe Lucid® mattress comes with a User’s Manual, initial set-up instructions out of the box, and a 25-year Limited Warranty.  It does not come with a box spring or bed frame; only the foam mattress.

6. Signature Sleep® Contour 8-Inch Mattress

what firmness of mattress is best for side sleepers

The Signature Sleep® independently encased coil mattress with CertiPUR-US® Certified foam will align to your body shape and provide even weight distribution to alleviate pressure points at your body areas.  The 17-inch 15-gauge coils that are enclosed in the foam will do away with any tossing and turning by your sleep partner and you will never feel the coils.  With its layer of foam at the bottom and the top, rest assured you will have an endless good night’s sleep.

The Contour 8 polyester cotton jacquard cover provides a comforting surface for a heavenly rest.  The quilted mattress cover gives you extra comfort with its additional cushioning on the mattress top surface.  With its 1.25-pound density foam, your body will feel gently cuddled when you rest, relax, and sleep.  It does not come with a box spring and does not need one.

The mattress comes in various sizes: twin, full/standard, queen, and king.  The mattress is made of all new materials: 35% polyurethane, 26% rayon fiber and 7% polypropylene.

This mattress meets Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633 and is shipped compressed, rolled, and vacuum-sealed for your convenience.  The foam used in this mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“TRIS”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead and heavy metals and is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 PPM). The foam is made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Safety Product Commission.

The full size mattress is 75-inches long 54-inches wide x 8-inches thick with 660 coils and weighs about 55 pounds.

The Signature Sleep® Contour 8-Inch mattress comes with a User’s Manual, initial set-up instructions out of the box, and a 1-year Limited Warranty.  It does not come with a box spring or bed frame; only the mattress.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Side SleeperWhen you sleep on your side, the weight of your body is completely pulled by that side of the body and hip.  This produces an out-of-balance or out of alignment pressure while the opposite side is relaxed.

This can cause pain in the hips and that side of the body. To eliminate this, is by using a softer mattress for removing pressure points.  This will be cushioning and comforting for a good night’s restful sleep.  The mattress will contour to your body for extreme coziness and relaxation, aligning your spine.

When you sleep on an old, sagging mattress, your lower back will hurt and you will feel achy all over in the morning.

Advantages of sleeping on the right mattress for side sleepers is that back and neck pain will not happen once your body has rebalanced itself on a great mattress.  Sleeping on your side will stop snoring, a problem for your partner to get good sleep.  Sleeping in the fetal position is comfortable and many sleepers like this position.  This posture also prevents snoring and back pain.

Mattresses for Different Sleeping Positions

The differences between mattress for side stomach and back sleepers is discussed below.  We all prefer a certain sleep position for comfort all night long.  Damage can occur to your back, spine, and joints when you sleep on the wrong mattress.

Side Sleepers

which mattress is best for side sleepers

Sleeping on your side means you will need a mattress that keeps your spine straight and aligned all night.  You will need to have level support near the places of the neck and waist where the mattress you have now might not touch.

The openings where these do not touch will give you neck pain and lower back pain because gravity is trying to pull you down.  The best mattress for side sleepers would be a soft to medium firm memory foam mattress for support to the area of your neck and waist.  The medium firm is the best way to go.

A mattress made of several layers where the top layer is memory foam and the next layer of latex would be great for support and spinal alignment.  Be sure you have the right pillow with the right loft for a comfortable feel or you will suffer from aches and pains in the morning.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your lungs and breasts, and this is not the idyllic position for wonderful refreshing sleep.  The latex foam mattress springs a bit and pushes into you causing pressure; therefore, it’s not a good choice.

The best selection would be soft plush memory foam that contours and molds to your body and is not so firm that it causes you to sleep uncomfortably.  It will let you sleep flat on your tummy where the foam sinks in to a lower level forming a cushion around your downward extended parts of your body such as your legs, feet, and hips.

Back Sleepers

This is the most common and best position because your spine will be straight.  With no bending, consequently, lower back and neck pain will not occur.  Comparable to side sleeping, this positon must have sufficient support for your spine to not have lower back pain.  Analyze how this looks and feels to you.  The back arches inward toward the lower back.  The butt sticks out to make a valley at the lower back.  You do not want this part of your body to be bent when lying or you will suffer from lower back pain, the most common pain today.  You will need support and cushioning but not a super soft mattress top.

A latex mattress that is springy will give you orthopedic support.  Additionally, a memory foam mattress fills those spaces in your body with its contouring ability on the top.

Best Mattress Reviews on Snorezing

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer- 2019 Reviews and Buying Guides


The best cordless hedge trimmers are a great tool to have in every lawn and garden. Let’s talk about why Cordless hedge trimmers are an ideal appliance compared to other types of hedge trimmers.

Cordless hedge trimmers are the best for several reasons:

  • Cordless-no need to have extension cords and get tangled up or get injured from the cord itself
  • Clean operating – No need to put fuel or oil in it like gas hedge trimmers so there is no mess, no maintenance, and no fuel cost
  • Lightweight – Much lighter than gas hedge trimmers so you cam work longer without tiring out

As you can see, Cordless hedge trimmers are ideal if you want to get the job done easily, cleanly, and without wearing yourself out. We are going to take a look at the other types and they do have some good points and might be considered if you can use them. But right now, let’s review 5 of the best cordless hedge trimmers.

#1 WORX WG800.1 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Hedge Trimmer Review

Best cordless hedge trimmer reviews

The WORX WG800 is a popular yard maintenance tool in the market. It is professionally assembled by high trained and experienced engineers that are determined to make sure that you enjoy trimming your hedges.

Here are some of the features that set it apart from other similar models.

Over-mold Handle:

A quality hedge trimmer must have a strong and comfy handle. This modern trimmer meets the requirement as evident from its strong mold handle. The handle is specifically designed to improve grip and reduce fatigue as well as minimize chances of accidents occurring.

Economical on space:

The total amount of space in your home or yard store largely depends on its architectural design. There is need to economically utilize this space in order leave enough room for other accessories.

Fortunately, WORX WG800 hedge trimmer has a really outstanding compact and light weight design that not only saves space but also enables users to conveniently move it when relocating or rearranging the store.

It weighs approximately 3 pounds hence you can use it to trim expansive hedges without straining.

Lithium Battery technology:

Traditional batteries had to be recharged every now and then due to their inability to store energy for long. This bush trimmer has a lithium ion battery that is designed using the latest technology. This in turn helps operators to complete tasks within the agree time frame since there is no need to recharge it every now and then.

In addition, the trimmer has battery charging indicator that will automatically light up when the battery is fully charged. This helps to avoid overcharging. It is also important to note that this new battery does not discharge itself hence it can retain power for long hours.

Quick tool free conversion:

Unlike other bush trimmers that can only cut shrubs, this one is designed to cut all species of landscaping grass and shrubs. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Additionally, it comes with a sharp grass blade that helps users to trim tall grass that usually grows around flower gardens and lawns.

Who should buy this hedge trimmer?

There is no restriction on who can purchase or use WORX WG800.1 3.6 Volt Lithium Grass and Hedge Trimmer. It is a perfect choice for small touch up shrub and hedge jobs.

Black & Decker NHT518 18-Volt 22-Inch Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Did you know that the shape and appearance of your landscape hedge has a direct impact on the beauty and value of your home?

You should maintain your homestead’s hedge by regularly trimming its branches.

Hedges that exhibit high vegetative characteristics should be trimmed at least three times every month while less vegetative hedges should be trimmed twice or once a month depending on your preferences.

Black & Decker NHT518 18 Volt 22 inch Cordless Electric hedge trimmer is one of the best yard equipment that you can use to get rid of unnecessary hedge twigs. Here are is a close review of its features.


This electric hedge trimmer is capable of trimming 1,200 square feet hedges when fully charged. It can be used to trim bushes, shrubs and hedges that exhibit varying growth characteristics. It weighs only 8.6 pounds hence it can be used to trim even the tallest hedges.

You will love the speed and precision that its 22 inch blade cuts and levels the hedge.

Additionally, it has no extension cords hence you can cover an unlimited area at any time.


This is one of the core factors that you need to consider when purchasing any yard equipment. The NHT518 trimmer has dual blades that are made from quality steel. The steel is actually hardened before being used in the manufacturing process. During transportation, the blade is packed in a rust resistance cover. Be sure to use this cover when storing it in order to increase its longevity.

18 volt NiCad Battery

Advancement in technology has led to the development of a new NiCad Battery that can produce up to 18 volts power when charged. Its very light in weight hence it does not affect the total weight and functionalism of the trimmer.

Use the provided charger to recharge it in order to derive maximum utility from it. Desist from charging it more than the recommended hours so as to avoid destroying its internal parts.


All the buttons such as lock off switch that prevent accidental start-ups are clearly marked. This, in turn, helps users to experience all its unique capabilities.

Who Should Buy This?

Black & Decker NHT518 18 Volt 22 Inch Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer can be used by customers from all walks of life since it’s easy to use and affordable. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty that covers you from repair expenses that may arise after purchase.

Use Black & Decker NHT518 18 Volt 22 Inch Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer today to give your hedges a new touch of elegance and beauty.

Black & Decker HH2450 24″ Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer Review

Do you want a technologically advanced cordless hedge trimmer that is efficient and affordable?

Relax. we have the right product for you.

Black & Decker HH2450 24 Inch Hedge Hog trimmer is one of the technologically advanced yard tools in the world today. Thousands of positive reviews from customers who have already purchased and used this product is a clear indicator of its efficiency.


24 inch Pre-hardened steel blades

Steel is one of the hardest, durable and weather resistant metals in the world. And Black & Decker HH2450 24″ Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer has dual action blades that are made from pre-hardened steel.

This makes its very strong and capable of cutting thick branches without bending. For example, it can slice a 1 inch thick branch in less than three seconds.

Note that a dual blade covers a large surface area per stroke as compared to single action blades.

3.3 Amp inline motor

In a bid to deliver the much needed power, the guys behind this incredible cordless hedge trimmer incorporated a 3.3 amp inline motor that can deliver a maximum of 2,900 strokes per minute. Its long blades enable operators to trim large branches and tall hedges safely since it produces very little vibration.

Safety features

This best cordless hedge trimmer has an in-built cord retention system whose main role is to ensure that the extension cord is always plugged in as you work on your landscape hedge. Other safety features includes a lock on and off switch that gives you maximum control of the motor.

Cost effective

A hedge trimmer that requires regular repairs and maintenance can dig a hole into your pocket. This cordless hedge trimmer uses very durable parts that require very few repair and maintenance practices.

For example, the movable parts should be regularly lubricated in order to reduce friction and wearing out. It comes with a two years all-inclusive warrant that you can use to save money on repairs.

Modern Design

Most customers who have already tried out this product can attest to the fact that it’s professionally designed. Its weight is well distributed and balanced hence chances of accidents occurring are drastically minimized.

Its inline motor design allows operator’s hand to be as close to its center of gravity as possible. This in turn helps users to optimally control the blade.

Who Should Buy This

Black Decker Cordless Hedge TrimmerBlack & Decker HH2450 24 Inch Hedge Hog Trimmer is an ideal choice for both short and tall hedges. Black & Decker HH2450 24 Inch Hedge Hog Trimmer is and remains the best hedge trimmer in the market today.

GreenWorks 22132A 24-Volt 2 Amp-Hour Cordless Lithium Ion 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks cordless hedge trimmer reviewGreenWorks 22132A 24-Volt 2 Amp-Hour Cordless Lithium Ion 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer promises both efficiency and durability.

One of the major benefits of investing in this product is that its planet friendly. That is, it’s economical on energy and does not pollute the environment.

Here Are Some Additional Features That Place It On list of best cordless hedge trimmers.

Powerful motor

This cordless hedge trimmer is powered by an efficient motor that can deliver up to 24 Volts. It’s interconnected with other technologically advanced gadgets that help to ensure that all electric operations are efficient and Eco-friendly. For example, the motor is designed to efficiently produce maximum horsepower without producing carbon monoxide and other pollutant gases.

Dual Blades

As mentioned earlier, durability is one of the major aspects that sell this product to customers from all across the globe. It has 21 inch dual action blades that are made from high quality rust resistant steel material.

Just like any other dual bladed trimmer, this one can cut a wide array of branches without predisposing users to high vibration levels.

It is also important to note that all operations are very quiet hence it is an ideal choice for learning facilities and office yards that require a clean and quiet working environment.


All electrical appliances have to be designed as per the set safety and regulations measures. The geniuses behind this product understand this fact too well as evident from its various safety features.

For example it has a lock off switch that one can use to turn the gadget off in case of an accidental start up. By choosing this product, you can rest assured that you are safe and secure.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Only one lithium ion battery is required to run this new era gadget. Be sure to recharge the battery before you start in order to enjoy maximum performance.

Who Should Buy this Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

greenworks hedge trimmerGreenWorks 22132A 24-Volt 2 Amp-Hour Cordless Lithium Ion 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer can be used by anyone.

It comes with a comprehensive user’s manual hence you do not have to be a technology savvy to use it.

All the information required to operate it is included in this manual.

Finally, it is important to appreciate the fact that it has over molded cushioned grips that enhances operator comfort and safety. GreeWorks 22132A 24V Cordless Lithium Ion 22 Inch Dual Action Hedge Trimmer is available at a shoe string budget in all leading online and land based stores.

Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8 Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole/Hand Held Hedge Trimmer Review

hedge trimmer reviewsLooking for a hedge pruning or trimming equipment?

Earthwise CVPH41018 hand held hedge trimmer is an ideal choice for you.

This technologically advanced gadget is designed to make pruning and trimming of tall landscaping scrubs and fences easy.

In a bid to promotes its durability, the engineers only use certified raw materials to craft the parts. It is actually first tested before being released in the market hence quality is guaranteed.

Here are some of the major features that give it an upper hand in the market.

An 18-inches cutting blade

Its cutting blade comes with a similar blade cover that protects its from harsh weather conditions when stored. It is also important to note that it has an aluminum support that enhances its strength and ability to cut or trim all sort of hedges. In addition it offers a 0.75 inches maximum cutting width.

5- Position rotating head and soft grip

Its head is capable of rotating up to 150-degree. This in turn helps homeowners to trim or shape their hedges in any manner. Also, it has a soft yet very strong threaded handle that makes it easy for one to safely use it.

Efficient motor

This state of the art hedge trimmer is fitted with a 2.8 amp motor that can produce up to 120Volts. One of the major benefits of investing in this product is that it saves time and money for other activities since it can deliver up to 3,200 strokes per minute.

Extendable hedge trimmer

This is perhaps one of the major features that make it unique. Designers have incorporated various features that help home owners to transform it from a hand-held trimmer by just adjusting the blade and pole. Hence, it is capable of trimming all size of hedges and scrubs.

Who Should Buy This

best hedge trimmer reviewsEarthwise CVPH41018 hand held hedge trimmer is an ideal choice for all homeowners and organizations that wish reduce their expenses on yard maintenance without compromising the beauty of their landscape. It’s available at a very pocket friendly price in all leading shopping stores and e-commerce websites.

Despite its unique functionalism, it’s economical on electricity. One can comfortably carry it around since it very compact and weighs only 10 pounds.

You will also get a comprehensive user’s manual that will help you utilize all its features fully. Be sure to follow the instructions in order to use it safely. Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8 Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole/Hand Held Hedge Trimmer is the ultimate solution to all your yard hedges or shrubs trimming needs.

What about Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers were popular before Cordless hedge trimmers were available but after gas powered hedge trimmers had been used for decades. They were light weight and used no fuel so seemed like a good option.

Let’s take a look at electric hedge trimmers closer:

* Lighter weight – The lightest of the three types of hedge trimmers because there is no battery or engine on the hedge trimmer itself.

* Cheap – They aren’t built that well and tend to break often.

* Corded – They have a cord which is the most dangerous because it can tangle you up when in or near a tree. You can also cut the wire while trimming and suffer electrical burn or die

* Clean – They are much cleaner to operate than a gas hedge trimmer

* Light use – Built for light use of hedges and will not last long if you’re cutting branches or heavy foliage

Depending on your lawn mowing needs, an electric hedge trimmer might work but you are limited with it. They are not safe either and you might want to stay clear of them if for this reason only.

Gas powered hedge trimmers

Gas powered hedge trimmers are the oldest type. They have been around for decades and were essential before other types started evolving. They have a good quality about them and that is that they are powerful.

Let’s look at gas powered hedge trimmers:

Powerful – They can rip trees apart and keep going. They tend to be built strong because they have the engine that can tear up even the toughest tree branches

* Heavy- Because they have an engine, they are very heavy and cumbersome

* Gasoline – They use gas and oil and tend to be very messy. They are also the hardest to maintain due to this

* Dangerous – With the power comes danger. They can tear a limb from a human body with ease. Only professionals should really use one of these for this reason

Safety first with any lawn and garden tool or appliance

With any of these three types of hedge trimmers, you should always be very safe while operating them. They all have their hazards from the mundane to the extreme. Always use goggles for your eyes, plugs for your ears, boots for your feet, and heavy duty work gloves for your hands.

And when all work is done, don’t forget to use the best backpack leaf blower to get the debris from your compound.

If you’re doing what millions do every year, then a cordless hedge trimmer is the perfect solution. If you plan on working one season and throwing the hedge trimmer away, then an electric might get you by. Adversely, if you plan on doing this for a living, a gas powered hedge trimmer might be you’re solution. But more than likely, you will be very happy by choosing cordless hedge trimmers. Above, we have information on the best cordless hedge trimmers.

My Snoring Solution Chinstrap Reviews: Does it Really Work?

My snoring solution review

Looking for My Snoring Solution reviews? You came to the right place…

A few years ago the inventor of My Snoring Solution stated that “It was either get help or die”.  He was referring to the extremely painful struggle that most people go through every night AND day – sleeplessness because of snoring.

If you have ever had trouble sleeping and snoring is the cause, then you need to sit down, pull up a seat, and read this My Snoring Solution review before you do anything else.  I’m about to share a story with you that will relate to your problem and open your eyes to a safe and effective cure for your snoring.

The Creator Of The Solution

Steven Matthews considered himself like a lot of other people because he suffered from snoring every single night.  And if you suffer from snoring as Steven did, then you know that waking up the next morning is the worst part.

Driving to work with a full tank of gas, but having your body running on empty is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Unlike most people, Steven Matthews didn’t settle for the old fashioned “solutions” that doctors were offering him:

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Machines
  • Etc…

Instead, he set out to find a solution that was safe, non-invasive, and natural.  What he created was just short of a miracle for people who suffer from snoring.

The Snoring Solution Was Actually Comfortable

Matthews invented what is called the My Snoring Solution device, which is unlike any other solution for snoring yet.  It comfortably supports the jaw in a way that corrects your snoring problem and ensures that you will wake up rested the next day.

If you would like to visit the official website, you can do so here www.MySnoringSolution.com.

Remember, now is the only time to solve your problems.  Those people who put off solving their problems until tomorrow never find a solution because they eventually fail to act.

Go to the website above to learn more about My Snoring Solution and see if it is right for you.

Is It The Best Way To Cure Snoring?

When we look at the alternatives to snoring cures, My Snoring Solution starts looking really good.  I’m sure you have already seen some of them: medicine, surgery, and other risky procedures.  I can’t speak for anyone else about their snoring problems, but I can talk about what I’ve personally dealt with.

Waking up every day and having your family complain about how loud your snoring was is funny at first.  But after that, it starts to turn into a whole family issue.  Your snoring becomes as annoying as the dog barking out back.  The only difference is that your wife can’t open up the back door and tell you to shut up.

That is why I’d recommend My Snoring Solution to anyone who is currently dealing with snoring.  Whether it is affecting your sleep, the sleep of your family, or both, I would say that it is a great safe solution to loud snoring.

It might look uncomfortable, but after a little while, you will get used to it.  And I’m sure that discomfort is the least of your worries when your wife or husband is upset from not getting enough sleep.

My Snoring Solution Chinstrap is the simplest and most effective anti snoring solution in the market today. This is a simple device that goes around your back head and your chin. They are usually made of stretchy neoprene that keeps the jaw and mouth closed, thus forcing the snorer to take breaths naturally all the way through the nasal passage.

I’ve suffered, just as you have suffered from your snoring problems. The real problem is not knowing what to do about it. I’ve tried a lot of different snoring aids with the hopes of finding something that would work for me.

I’ll admit that a lot of the snoring solutions that I tried were pretty much crap. I wish I didn’t have to say that, but they’re just absolute junk and a waste of money.

I continued on trying things because I knew I was annoying my wife half to death. Having the added stress of sleepless nights, she wasn’t exactly the most pleasant person to be around.

My snoring solution review

What is My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is a snoring chin strap that holds the jaw in the correct position during sleep.

When you go to sleep the muscles in your face also go to sleep. This causes them to let go and it causes your jaw to become loose. This actually causes the throat to contract and you end up snoring.

Most people who snore loudly have a problem with their jaws falling backward during sleep, which results in the tongue vibrating against the throat during the night.

Anti-snoring devices like “My Snoring Solution” prevent that from happening by holding the chin in the right position.


How Much Does My Snoring Solution Chinstrap Cost?

This particular jaw strap isn’t as cost effective as the others. A single jaw strap goes for about $70. Inclusive of shipping, the price will rise to about $80/ unit.

I know what you must be thinking, that is a bit too expensive, right? Keep in mind that while other similar products go for less they are not as effective.

Furthermore, My Snoring Solution has a buy one get one free solution which makes it so much more affordable as it slashes the original price in half.

With my solution anti snoring chin strap, you get your money’s worth. What’s more, there is a 90-day money back guarantee so you could always return it for a refund in the event it doesn’t work for you.

Review Summary

Snoring is not just keeping your wife up all night; it is also wreaking havoc to your health.

This is the reason why finding a solution to this problem ASAP is a must. The bothersome noise when you sleep is caused by many factors and the severity varies. Fortunately, there are many treatment options and each one is designed to fit right into the type of snoring you are suffering from.

My snoring solution review

But what is the most practical way to stop snoring? What solution can you use that does not cost a fortune?

I recommend you try a snoring chinstrap.

The snoring chin strap is a simple device that cups the chin during sleep. It can help a lot of people get rid of their snoring once and for all. Read on and decide for yourself if this anti snoring solution is right for you.

What is an anti-snoring chin strap and how does it work?

The chin strap is attached from your chin all the way back to your head. It is designed to hold up your chin while sleeping.

These straps come in different designs – some come with easy to adjust straps while others are worn like a fixed mask.

You’ll need to assess your needs carefully so that you can purchase the one that is both comfortable and works for your snoring problem. No single chin strap can work for everybody.

How do these anti snoring chin straps work?

anti snoring chin strap

Muscle tone is lost when the body is fully rested during sleep, even paralyzed to some extent. This explains why people cannot immediately move after being abruptly roused from sleep. As you sleep, your jaw tends to go down.

Your tongue as well as your muscles which are located in your upper airway will also move down towards the throat, blocking the airway and making the distinct snoring sound.

The more tissue there is in the throat the louder the sound and the more serious the snoring problem becomes. In some cases such as in sleep apnea, the collapsed tissue blocks the airway completely, inhibiting breathing entirely.

The chin strap for snoring cradles the chin so that the jaw stays in place during sleep. The strap positions the jaw upwards thus preventing the tongue from going towards the back of the throat. This also stops the muscles from moving backward to the upper area of the throat.

Many people wonder how a simple strap can completely stop their snoring but if you understand what actually happens when you snore it’s easy to see why it works.

Can it work for everybody?

The real issue when it comes to a snoring strap is not about its effectiveness but if it is right for your snoring problem.

If you snore with a closed mouth then chances are, this solution may not work for you simply because it cannot address the root cause of your snoring.

Here are other cases wherein the chin strap might not be suitable:

  • Snoring is caused by nasal congestion. You might be suffering from an allergy or sinusitis. In this case the strap will not work for you. In fact it makes sleep more problematic as you cannot voluntarily breathe from you mouth because it is sealed shut.
  • You toss a lot when you sleep. The mask can easily get dislodged when you move so as a result, you won’t be able to benefit from it. You may however choose those that have longer straps to better secure it in your face even with excessive movement in bed.
  • This chin strap is not meant to be used for people with sleep apnea as this worsens the problem by completely closing the mouth. If you notice signs and symptoms of sleep apnea, it’s best that you see a medical professional right away. Sleep apnea can be dangerous if not treated.

Don’t know if you sleep with your mouth open?

You can ask someone – such as your sleeping partner to observe you when you sleep. If your wife, girlfriend or room mate tells you that you do, in fact, sleep with an open mouth then the anti snoring chin strap will work wonders for your snoring problem.

The Pros and Cons of A Snoring Chin Strap

If you are considering using a stop snoring chin strap, take a look at our list of pros and cons so you can make the right decision:


  1. This chin strap has been proven effective.
  2. It’s inexpensive and a lot cheaper than other anti snoring solutions.
  3. On your first night you will already know if the strap works or not.
  4. If a snoring mouth guard is not suitable for you then the chin strap might be your next best option.
  5. It’s a short term snoring solution that needs to be supplemented with exercise and weight loss, or even surgery to permanently address your snoring problem.


  1. Some users have reported experiencing only marginal results from using the chin strap.
  2. You have to deal with some discomfort especially on the first few nights. After all, having a piece of fabric wrapped around your head all night will take a while to get used to.
  3. If the strap is too tight, you might have a headache when you wake up.

Not all chin straps are created equal so how can you be sure that the one you are planning to buy is the right one for you?

Well, you should read at least one in-depth snoring chin strap review so that you will know which particular brand of chin strap has the most number of positive feedback.

One of the most sought after chin straps for snoring is a product called My Snoring Solution Chinstrap. It is a very simple device that’s very comfortable to wear.

Most people who have tried it have reported great results. My Snoring Solution Chinstrap is a quick fix solution to snoring that’s easy on the pocket. Buy it now!

What is “My Snoring Solution?

“My Snoring Solution” is a snoring chin strap that holds the jaw in the correct position during sleep.

Most people who snore loudly have a problem with their jaws falling backward during sleep, which results in the tongue vibrating against the throat during the night.

Anti-snoring devices like “My Snoring Solution” prevent that from happening by holding the chin in the right position.


Unlike other snoring products, these kinds of cures for snoring are easy to use. All you have to do is put the strap around your jaw before you go to sleep at night, and you will snore no more. That’s really all there is to it.


The one truly bad thing about “My Snoring Solution” is that it does look a little silly when you put it on.

However, this is offset by the fact that you only have to wear it at night while you’re sleeping in order for it to work. If you can live with looking a little strange while you sleep in your bed, then it shouldn’t be much of a problem.


Click Here To Visit My Snoring Solution Official Website

Well, the best thing is that it actually works. If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to prevent snoring for years, it’s a good solution.

I’ve read many a satisfied My Snoring Solution Reviews from people who had been snoring for years before trying it. It works far better than most remedies for snoring ever have.

There’s also a distinct advantage in that it has a 90 day money back guarantee, so if you try it and it doesn’t work for

you, you can return it. I think it’s great that the few who aren’t affected by this type of product won’t have to lose their money because of it.

My Snoring Solution addresses mouth snorers. These are the kind who snore through the mouth.

If you are a mouth snorer, you have a problem keeping your mouth closed.

Whenever you fall asleep, your mouth falls open. You breathe through the mouth at night, and this causes you to snore as air hits the back of your throat causing the soft tissue there to vibrate.

Furthermore, the tongue falls back which causes a blockage of the airway. This could prove fatal as air won’t make its way to the lungs.

Mouth snorers are particularly at risk of developing a more complicated form of snoring known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

My Snoring Solution jaw strap seeks to keep your mouth closed when you sleep.

When you wear it, the chin strap will keep the lower jaw supported which keeps the airway open throughout the night. This reduces tissue vibration, stops the snoring sound or greatly reduces it.

Moreover, with the mouth closed, the tongue won’t fall back and hence you breathe normally throughout the night. This translates to a peaceful uninterrupted sleep.

A brief history of My Snoring Solution Chin strap

my snoring solution chin strap solution

Stephen Matthews. This is the man we have to thank for bringing this device to the world. Like many more people, Stephen suffered from a far too common condition. Snoring.

Like other snorers, his snoring not only affected him but his family as well since it was next to impossible to sleep through the ‘chainsaw-like’ noises.

At one point it got so serious that it literally posed a threat to his very existence. He tried to get a CPAP Machine but unfortunately for him, he had a 3 month long waiting list before he could hope for a doctor’s prescription.

Then one night he had a genius idea.

Why not keep my mouth closed during sleep?

And thus the very first anti-snoring chin strap was born. It was not as fancy as the one we have today. It was made from strips cut from a towel. It worked all the same and for the first time in a long while he was able to sleep for 12 straight hours!

After seeing how effectively his innovation worked, Steve dedicated his time to make it even better. And after a lot of modifications the device we now call My snoring Solution anti-snoring Chin Strap was born!

Discover a high-quality anti snoring chinstrap

My Snoring Solution Jawstrap

As much as 80% of the people who have tried this particular jaw strap have had a positive result from it. Judging by these statistics, it is safe to conclude that you can trust it to get the job done.

Check Price on Official Site

 Frequently Asked Questions About My Snoring Solution Chinstrap

1. Is snoring really that serious?

A majority of people think that snoring is nothing to be worried about. Much like a yawn. However, that is far from the truth. If you were to observe a snorer and a non-snorer long enough, you will begin to notice the difference between them, especially in their productivity.

You will observe, that the non-snorer is more active than the snorer.

This is because the former had a good night’s sleep. The much can’t be said for the latter.

Lack of a proper sleep means your body is not well rested hence you will not be up to your full potential.

What’s more, your snoring interferes with the sleep of those around you hence affecting their productivity as well.

Snoring has also been proven to kill relationships and even lead to divorce. This is because it slowly kills intimacy as it is next to impossible to sleep in the bed as a snorer.

It may seem harmless but the truth is snoring is far too dangerous to go unattended.

2. How effective is My Snoring Solution Chin Strap? Does it Work

Very effective. As much as 80% of the people who have tried this particular jaw strap have had a positive result from it. Judging by My Snoring Solution reviews, it is safe to conclude that you can trust it to get the job done.

3. Are there clinical trials to back your claims?

A clinical study was carried out over two years featuring 10 patients.

Readings such as the number of snores, the occurrence of OSA incidences and blood pressure were taken before any of the patients begin using the snoring chinstrap.

Two years later, the same parameters were recorded. Most recorded a substantial decrease in the number of snores and the occurrence of OSA incidences. A few actually recorded a total decrease in snoring!

4. Is the snoring chin strap guaranteed to work for me?

Tough to say.

Like any other product, it may work for the vast majority yet not work for you. For this reason, I would advise a kind of ‘trial and error’ approach. You really have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t stop or reduce your snoring, return it and get back your money.

5. Is it comfortable?

From the many unbiased My Snoring Solution reviews we have come across, yes it is. Unlike other snoring aids, the jaw strap is a non-invasive device making it comfortable to wear. It doesn’t cause headaches or other side effects associated with other snoring solutions.

Furthermore, it comes in 3 sizes; small (up to 120lbs), medium (120-250lbs) and large (250lbs and above). This makes it possible to choose one that will fit perfectly, something that contributes to its comfort.

And just in case you were wondering, you don’t need to take it off to talk and/or drink.

6. Do I need a prescription?

You don’t need a prescription for this snoring aid. However, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with your care giver. This is because your snoring may be indicative of OSA, which may require advanced solutions.

You should also contact your doctor if you suffer from TMJ. Consulting with him/her is important so as to ascertain whether its use will make the condition worse.

7. Can I use My Snoring Solution chin strap on my kid?

Yes, you can. It is as comfortable as it is effective on kids as it is on adults.

If your child has a snoring problem that goes unsolved for so long, he/she can develop complicated health problems.

Snoring denies your kid of a fulfilling sleep. Instead of waking up feeling relaxed and well rested, he/she wakes up filling tired.This will translate to inattentiveness in class among a few other social complexities.

People who are not familiar with the child might think that he/she suffers from ADHD.

I strongly recommend that you get My Snoring Solution if your child has a snoring problem.

8. Will I Have to wear the snoring chin strap every night?

Think of it, no one was born a snorer. It’s something we pick up as we grow older so it’s quite possible to train our bodies not to snore. Some consumers have claimed that after using it for a long period of time, they regain their ability to sleep with their mouths closed even without the snoring jaw strap on.

But his is not true for everyone who uses the anti snoring chin strap. There are those who over time, manage to completely do away with it while others will require it less often as they did in the beginning. There are also those that go back to snoring when they halt its use.

To know which category you fall under, you have to try the jaw strap.

My verdict on My Snoring Solution Chin Strap

I won’t lie to you.

I have been a snorer and I have however lived with a snorer, my college roommate. He snored so loudly that even our next door neighbors found it hard to sleep through it.

Sleeping earplugs did very little to block the noises. By the third week, we needed twice as much coffee just to keep awake during class since we hardly slept in the night. We couldn’t take it anymore and we decided to have an intervention with him.

He decided to try some of the snoring aids we had suggested.

After trying several anti snoring solutions, our college buddy finally settled on My Snoring Solution Chin Strap. Our dormitory became so quiet in the nights that we sometimes had to turn on the bulb just to make sure that he was in the room.

He is a testament that the snoring chin strap really does work.


Admittedly, it isn’t the most cost-effective chin strap for snoring available in the market today but cheap could prove expensive in the long run.

My Snoring Solution snoring jaw strap works in a fairly simple yet effective way compared to others which are difficult even to fit. In addition, other aids, though effective are very uncomfortable. Some are associated with side effects such as jaw pains, drooling and tooth pain.

The Jaw strap from My solution does its job with no side effect at all. And the best thing is that it is now available on Amazon.

However, do not judge its effectiveness solely on the reviews. What works for one won’t work for another and what won’t work for one might work for you. If you are snorer or know of a snorer, put this jaw strap to the test and you won’t be disappointed.


Malem Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

malem ultimate bedwetting alarm review

Hi there! My name is Anna Gardner and I’m a mother of two beautiful children (that’s us on the left!).

I work as a nurse and part-time preschool teacher in Sacramento, California. I started this website to share my experience with the wonderful Malem bedwetting alarms

Both of my kids had bedwetting problems and it was frustrating, not only for me but for them.

I was worried about their emotional health because I’ve read about how bedwetting can negatively affect self-esteem. I spent a lot of time researching on natural bedwetting solutions because I didn’t want to put my children on drugs or medication of any sort at all.

Through a recommendation from a friend, I discovered Malem alarms and with regular use of them, my kids stopped bedwetting completely within a month. Yes, a month!

It’s such a simple little gadget that I really didn’t think it would work when I first saw it. But the results are amazing, as many other parents would tell you.

I decided to write a detailed review buyer’s guide for Malem alarms because I had a difficult time choosing the right Malem alarms when I got started. There isn’t much information about Malem alarms available and so I thought a simple webpage with malem alarm reviews as well as other usage tips would be helpful for everyone out there.

If you’re looking for the best malem bedwetting alarm, you’ve come to the right place. Please continue reading my guide to malem alarms to learn more about choosing Malem alarms and how they can help your child.

What Are Malem Bedwetting Alarms?

Malem bedwetting alarms are small devices worn on the top of the pajamas, near the collar that attach to a sensor that alerts the child with a vibration and/or sound when he or she begins to urinate.

The child very quickly begins to associate the wakening with urination and after just a few times they will learn to wake up and hold it until they get to the bathroom.

Malem bedwetting alarms are not designed for potty training of toddlers, but rather for older children over 5 years old, that still have bedwetting problems.

After the first few nights, most children wake immediately when they begin to go and after a week or two, most children are waking up and going to the bathroom on their own.

Here are a few features that make Malem bedwetting alarms stand out from the competition:

  • Each Malem alarm has a clip-on moisture sensor which can be placed on the outside of the underwear of your child. there is no sewing need and you do not need to buy any mini-pads.
  • The alarm is not triggered by skin contact or sweating as the sensor is placed within the clip.
  • tamper proof selection switch inside the battery compartment is used to set the alarm to sound only, sound and vibration or vibration only.
  • Included with every alarm are instructions for use, charts to track progress and an extra set of batteries.
  • Malem Ultimate and Ultimate Selectable alarms uses 2 X AA batteries while the single tone/audio-only alarm uses 3 alkaline “button” style batteries per set.

The Different Models of Malem Bed Wetting Alarms

There are 3 different models of Malem bedwetting alarms available on the market today. They come in many different colors and patterns. Because they all look the same, it might be a little confusing to understand of each of them is different from the other. I’ve taken the time to sort them out by name and have written in-depth reviews of each Malem alarm.

Without further ado, the Malem bedwetting alarms available on the market include the following:


The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm

malem bedwetting alarm instructions

The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm comes in several colors and features a vibration and one tone. You can set the alarm to sound only, vibration only or sound and vibration for maximum effect.

It weighs less than 2 ounces and has a easy clip-on moisture detecting sensor that you can easily attach to your child’s clothing. Its powered by relatively inexpensive triple A batteries that last much longer than the batteries of other bedwetting alarm brands.

This particular bedwetting alarm also has a little light at the side of the alarm which flashes when it rings and vibrates. My son is a really deep sleeper but this alarm manages to wake him up from his deep slumber.

The pin-on system doesn’t protrude, slide or tear off during sleep, unlike other bed wetting alarms on the market. This is important as that defeats the purpose of wearing an alarm in the first place.

Every night, all I have to do is simply pin the device on the outside of his underwear. After which I put a pull up on him to minimize clean up and watch him climb to bed.

At first, the combination of light, sound and vibration perplexed my son somewhat. But after a few nights, he grew accustomed to the alarm sounding off.

In the middle of the night, he wakes up when the alarm and vibration goes off, signaling that he has wet himself a little. My son has to be led to the bathroom and be assisted with changing out of the wet pull-ups.

After a few weeks, my boy was able to wake up before a puddle is formed and in no time, he was able to gain total control of his bed wetting situation.

Monitoring your child for the first few nights is required as the system does take getting used to. But after a few nights, using the alarm becomes routine and your child should be able to head to the bathroom without much intervention.

I am so proud of my son. This little device has given my son a huge boost in self esteem. He is able to sleep without worrying about troubling us or himself over his bed wetting habits.

It takes awhile to get used to using the alarm for both my son and myself but after a few weeks of supervision, the rest of the period has been smooth sailing.

There are some days in between where he is completely dry but there are other times when he regresses. However, the gradual signs of improvements in bed wetting were overall promising. This proves that the device really works to training children to consciously kick bed wetting habits.

Although the average for complete treatment of bed wetting with the Malem alarm is about 10 to 11 weeks, my son was almost completely cured in 5-6 weeks. I highly recommend this product to any parent with children who face bed wetting problems.


Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm

malem ultimate bed wetting alarm

The Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm features eight different tones, a light and a vibration. You can choose between tone and vibration, vibration and light or sound and light.

It’s similar to the Malem Ultimate but this particular alarm offers a Selectable feature: you can set it to a specific single tone or rotate through all 8 tones. This means that you have a choice of 8 single sounds or random 8 sounds.

Having 8 different ring tones makes this particular Malem alarm perfect for large households where more than one child may have bedwetting problems.

You can set a tone for a specific child so you know exactly who needs help. This is also a good choice for a very heavy sleeper.

This is my top recommendation and favorite Malem alarm. It has worked wonders for my child and if you want to buy only one Malem alarm, this is the one you should purchase.

You may find some ring tones more effective in waking your child up than others. As with my son, he likes and responds to particular ones he likes from the eight after developing a resistance to the same sound after while.

This alarm has the same handy pin on clip that is steadfast and easy to use. The directions for the alarm is really direct and straight forward- just be sure to lift the lever on the on clip and press down the button to turn off the alarm.

It is also advisable not to turn off the alarm until both your child’s feet are on the floor. Whenever the alarm sounds, I will take my boy’s hand and lead him to the bathroom to pee even if he doesn’t have much pee left as a form of training. After a while, he is able to automatically go to the washroom by himself as he needs to.

As with any child of training, time and patience is required. Positive rewards and praises are given to encourage repetition of the bathroom visits. Whenever he lapses back to wetting himself, I would just take him to the bathroom, careful not to make a big fuss over it. After 5-6 weeks, my boy is proudly able to stop bed wetting.

The volume of the alarm is not annoyingly loud but ample enough to wake my boy who is a deep sleeper. My boy has a rather sensitive disposition and dislikes sudden loud noises. With the selectable tunes built into this alarm, he personally chose the ring tones himself and never complained about how it sounded.


Malem Bedwetting Alarm

malem ultimate bedwetting alarm reviews

The Malem Bedwetting Alarm is the smallest and lightest Malem alarm. It’s only 2 inches square and weights 2oz.

This alarm does not vibrate at all and is purely sound-only. You can choose from a single-tone version or a 8-tone version, but you cannot specify the specific tone to use.

This is the most basic Malem alarm on the market. The lack of vibration means that it may be less effective (or discreet) than the Malem Ultimate or Malem Ultimate Selectable.

Which Malem Bedwetting Alarm Should I Buy?

When choosing the right Malem alarm, consider your child’s sleeping habits and personality to decide on whether you want a single tone, tone plus vibration, variable tone or light.

For light sleepers, a single tone is probably sufficient, but for heavy sleepers you may want the full gamut with sound, vibration and light. For children with poor hearing, the light and vibration combination works very well.

Then you should probably decide between a single tone or a multi-tone malem alarm. As mentioned earlier, an 8-tone alarm like Malem Ultimate Selectable offers several benefits: First of all, a specific alarm can be set for each child so you know exactly who needs help.

Secondly, having multiple tones can stop your child from getting too accustomed to one specific sound and therefore ignoring it.

When shopping for a Malem bedwetting alarm, do also keep the child in mind. You want this to be a positive experience so be sure to get one that the child will enjoy using. If you can get him or her to help you pick out the one he or she likes, that is even better! Let them decide on the color and pattern and you decide on the model. They can choose from red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, orange and even camouflage.

Truth be told, all of the Malem alarms are equally effective so consider choosing based on the factors above. But bear in mind that you should not start with a vibration-only mode as the child may not be woken up by the alarm. It’s advisable to get vibration + sound/light alarms because as the child improves, you can turn off the sound and use a vibration only mode discreetly, especially if the child is sharing the room or having sleepovers.

My Verdict

Malem bedwetting alarm review

Bedwetting alarms are really a great natural treatment and cure for bedwetting. They work quickly, so they eliminate a lot of frustration and disappointment with learning.

Many families resort to medication for bedwetting in older children, but this can be harmful and is often not necessary. Alarms, on the other hand, are 100% safe and effective and eliminate the need for any drugs at all.

Children learn very quickly with them and they are able to save the child a lot of embarrassment.

Two of my children have used the Malem bedwetting alarms with great success. With both of them, we were able to get them accustomed to waking up by themselves and going to the toilet within 14 days.

My daughter was getting up on her own after 9 nights and my son after 12. My daughter was 6 ½ years old and beginning to want to have sleepovers with her friends, but was too embarrassed because of her problems.

My youngest son had the same problem and we started using the Malem bedwetting alarm as soon as he turned six. He was terribly upset about the bed wetting, even though he wasn’t into sleepovers yet.

With the Malem bedwetting alarm, a lot of encouragement from her father and I and perseverance on all of our parts, their bedwetting problems were eventually solved after 4 weeks.

I know some parents with children who even stopped bedwetting after just 2 weeks of using Malem alarms so my kids were not just exceptional cases. Generally, malem alarms or other bedwetting alarms can cure bedwetting for good within 1 to 2 months.

But parents do have a role to play as well. You need to make sure the child gets up and goes to the bathroom as soon as the alarm goes off. I recommend using a baby monitor so that you can hear the alarm go off and get up right away to make sure they go to the bathroom. My son was such a heavy sleeper that on the first night the alarm woke him up, but he went right back to sleep! After that I made sure to get him up right away. Within a few nights he was getting up as soon as the alarm went off.

I would recommend Malem bedwetting alarms to anyone whose older child is having trouble with bedwetting. They are safe and they work very quickly. Once my children were able to stop bedwetting, their confidence levels rose dramatically and I see a big difference in their whole personality now. They’re happier and more at peace with themselves.

Malem alarms have been a godsend to both of my kids who needed them. If you’re still wavering, my advice is simple: just bite the bullet and get them today. They will help your child a great deal and make them feel better. And in the end, that’s all that matters to us parents.