Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows Review: Is it The Best Buckwheat Pillow?

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Choosing wrong pillows could ruin your daily sleep by causing exhaustion and muscle pains. A very firm head pillow is good only if it can compress a little bit without getting back on its shape.

Many useless cushions fail to conform to the shapes of your body contours, and that is why they cause aches. If you want the most reliable styles, try buckwheat hulls pillows. They are made of natural buckwheat waste products called hulls or husks.

Pillow fillings can be anything, ranging from pieces of cotton wool, feathers, sponge, to husks. If you have not tried the latter, then you have no clue what you are missing. These types of cushions do not only add to the beauty of the bedroom, but also that of your sleep. Numerous users of this item sleep like sweet little angels until dawn. They work just fine whether the weather is extremely cold or hot. That is why you should have them, as they would serve you all year round. You should not just enjoy the health benefits associated with buckwheat.

Even a healthy body needs to rest peacefully and comfortably all night through. There are two ways of enjoying these types of cushions. First, you can decide to do a do-it-yourself task using the hulls. In this case, you would have to choose a good bundle of high quality materials. This is not a difficult task because you could use the Internet stores. There are very many online stores that sell organic husks and related products. You might need to discover a few tips and guidelines on how to perform home projects.

Making buckwheat hulls pillows is not hard. In fact, you could invite your kids to join you in this fun activity. Making your own cushions can enable you to take care of personal preferences and tastes. Take a look at your home interiors, especially in the rooms that require new pads.  This will assist in the choice of fabrics’ texture and color. Another decision you would have to make is about size.  Would you need small and big sized pillows?

Both styles need enough pounds of husks and that is why you should have a rough idea prior to ordering.  If you have no time for doing home projects, then try ready-made pads.  These are available on the Internet too, and you would only search, pick the best and place an order. On a serious note, you should stay away from suspicious sellers. The only reason why you would opt for this kind of cushioning is its organic quality. If it were not natural, then you would rather get the ordinary high quality artificial styles.

The best items have official certifications, telling customers that he or she is about to get a healthy, natural pillow. It is important to read product reviews and testimonials so that you can discover what other people are saying.

Buckwheat hulls pillows are appropriate for every type of user whether elderly, sick or healthy. They contain zero toxins, and if properly filled and compressed; they would provide a soothing, comfortable feeling all night long.

Best Buckwheat (Sobakawa) Pillows of 2019

Buckwheat pillows are high quality pillows that use natural buckwheat hulls instead of other fibers or stuffing materials.

These pillows are highly regarded for their ability to contour to the person’s head and provide the exact amount of comfort and support that is needed.

Unlike other pillows, the best buckwheat pillows distribute the amount of support that it provides evenly, creating more comfort and eliminating the risk of applying pressure to certain points, creating more pain and discomfort.

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What Goes Into the Best Buckwheat Pillows?


Buckwheat hulls are what fill up a buckwheat pillow. Buckwheat is actually, not a wheat but a fruit (fagopyrum esculentum) related to rhubarb.

The hulls will be the husks which protect the actual buckwheat kernel from threats posed by nature. The actual hulls aren’t merely chaff, but are a much-desired product which is typically a lot more valuable than the buckwheat kernel it protects.

If you are a side sleeper you will love this pillow. It supports your head neck and back by taking the shape of your head without the whole pillow being squished under your weight. This results in support under your neck keeping it nice and straight as your head rests in its comfortable position.

The same concept is applicable to any type of sleeper. If you like to sleep on your side back or stomach the best buckwheat pillows will take the strain off your neck and back which results in a straight solid spinal column.

For those who suffer with any type of chronic neck or back pain, buckwheat neck pillows offer a great advantage.

Environmentalists and those who are committed to greener living often find that buckwheat pillows are a better solution than other pillows. There are many organic suppliers of buckwheat available to choose from and this is better for the environment as well as your health.

Best Buckwheat Pillows Reviewed


1. Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow


The Sobakawa pillows are contoured and filled with over 13 million micro-air beads. The contour and the micro-air beads both allow the pillow to shape to your head and to your neck without breaking down the material in the pillow or losing the shape of the pillow. If you’ve ever tossed and turned, Sobakawa pillows would be a great alternative for those restless nights!

Not only is the product uniquely designed, but the features add even more incentive for you to buy and use this product.

The Sobakawa buckwheat pillows are filled with 100% buckwheat hulls that easily shape to your neck and to your head.

buckwheat pillowbuckwheat pillow

These pillows also feature basket weaving and an outside pillowcase to protect the husks from dirt and oils. Getting a good nights’ sleep is such an imperative part of life.

Why wouldn’t you want to include the sobakawa pillows as a unique addition to getting your full 8 hours of sleep?

Sobakawa pillows

Natural and hyo-allergenic Pillows

Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows are all-natural and hypo-allergenic. They can support the head and neck unlike any other pillow.

In addition to the support that is offered, the pillow never gets too warm and best of all, they never flatten out. They are lauded as not only one of the best buckwheat pillows on the market, but one of the best pillows period.

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Is the Sobakawa pillow worth it?

This buckwheat pillow is among the most inexpensive, not to mention, among the most effective organic pillow I ever used. It is a standard pillow with perfect dimensions. It has a length of 20 inches and a width of 15 inches.

It is not machine-wash-friendly which is totally fine with me, but I made sure to have it covered with another pillow case aside from its washable cover that was included upon purchase. More to its simple and fresh look, I noticed that it was thoughtfully- and suitably-made for people with high demands for hypo-allergenic items.

As I conclude this review, getting a Sobakawa pillow is among the best purchases ever. Whoever said that a well-worth-it product comes with a price, can change his or her view in just one night.

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2. Bucky Buckwheat Bed Pillow

Buckwheat hulls were used for many centuries. In fact, pillows made from buckwheat hulls are highly prescribed by many health care professionals. This is because buckwheat hull-filled pillows can relieve many discomforts felt by both the young and adult population. It can ease back pain, neck pain, muscle tension, headaches, torticollis, snoring and many others.

Today, buckwheat hull-filled pillows are still being used to support a good spine positioning and to keep the head and the back muscles comfortable while sleeping. In addition, this kind of pillow also guarantees to keep the head cool, relaxed and in its proper alignment no matter what sleep position is used.

Why you should go for a Bucky Buckwheat pillow?

This Pillow provides support and comfort as it easily adapts to any sleep position.

It evenly dispenses the weight to other parts of the pillow. While other pillows require you to sleep in a specific position for support and maintain a good head, back and neck posture, the Buckwheat hull-filled pillow works differently.

It allows you to sleep at your comfortable position, even when changing positions while you sleep, it would still follow the contour and snugly support your neck and head as you modify you position.

sobakawa pillowsobakawa pillow

Moreover, it is very soft and flexible and helps to deliver the best sleep that one could ever ask for without having to worry for back pain or headache in the morning. My buckwheat hull-filled pillow had also given me relief from neck pain that is associated with the back pain that I often experience after sleeping.

As much as you already know, Back pain is a frequent complaint. It can usually be experienced with an abrupt onset. However, many people experience back pain in a persistent or constant occurrence. As explained by my doctor, back pain may develop from strained muscles and improper posture which may happen during sleep. Since this is the case for many individuals, including myself, a simple home treatment using a buckwheat pillow is among my best solution.

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3. Buckwheat Organic Pillow

Organically-made pillows, as the name imply, come from natural sources. In this category, Buckwheat hull-filled pillows are among the best naturally-made pillows of all time. They are highly recommended by health experts and have existed for thousands of years. This kind of organic pillow can offer many health benefits. Thus, they are extensively utilized up to this moment. In my long years of experience, a 100% organic buckwheat pillow lives up to what it claims.

Buckwheat hull pillows are prescribed for the treatment of various conditions that include back pain, headaches, snoring, neck pain, torticollis, TMJ syndrome, muscle tension, cervical and lumbar subluxation, neurasthenia and insomnia. These discomforts come from a common cause – improper alignment of the head, neck and spine during sleep.

sobakawa pillowsobakawa pillow

Buckwheat hull-filled pillows enhance proper blood circulation. It is essential in alleviating high blood pressure and abnormal blood flow. In addition, while other pillows require me to sleep in a specific position, my buckwheat pillow followed my head and neck contours during sleep. Finally, I was able to comfortably move from my back to my sides without worrying about pain the next morning.

To conclude, great mornings with no pain and headaches are not too hard to achieve after all. Moreover, it can be dealt with simply and naturally with organic pillows.

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Benefits of Buckwheat Pillow


· You can adjust the pillow per your preference by adding or subtracting hulls

· The pillow can be easy formed to where you need it most (neck/head)

· For those living in hot or humid places (or during summer), you can put the pillow in the freezer and you can use it as sort of an ice pack to cool you down

· You can also do the opposite (for winters) – heat the pillow up in the oven or microwave to warm you up

· Buckwheat pillows can last up to 8-10 years

· No bugs!


Making Sure That a Buckwheat Pillow Will Not Cause an Allergic Reaction

It seems like every day people are finding out that they are allergic to something and one of the industries that benefits from this is the pillow industry. Walk into any store and there are dozens of different types of pillows to choose from. One type of pillow that is starting to become very popular is the buckwheat pillow.

Because this is not the typical filler for a pillow, there are some arguments out there that it can cause an allergic reaction and while that is true to some sense, it is also false. The problem generally lies in the quality of the pillow and not what it is stuffed with. People who are not allergic to buckwheat can still have issues with cheaper buckwheat pillows.

When searching for a buckwheat hull pillow, one most do some research and investigate the actual product that they are planning on buying. The first place to look is on the label to see how the hulls are treated before they are put into the pillow. Anything but roasting can lead to problems for those with allergies.

The reason that this is an issue is because if they are not roasted, they are usually just vacuumed and that may not remove all the particles that are on the hulls. They may appear to be clean, but dust and other organisms may still be hanging on to the hull. When they are roasted, the process kills everything and the consumer is left with a clean hull in their pillow.

Reasons Why a Buckwheat Pillow is Truly Made for Travel


Many people will suffer through a long travel because they simply do not trust the pillows that are provided on an airplane. This is a common fear because of the many things that have been said about them and the threat that the airline stewards have not changed the pillow case. Even if they have, who really wants to put their head down on a pillow that someone else has already used. If this sounds familiar, think about taking a buckwheat pillow along on the next trip.

Buckwheat pillows are picking up steam as one of the most popular pillows on the market. Organic buckwheat pillows are grown with no chemicals and provide a wonderful night sleep because of the way that they are made. The hulls allow air to pass freely inside the pillow and this means that the pillow will never get too hot.

One of the problems with flying is that when the flight is too long, neck problems can start to come into play. It is always tough to get perfectly comfortable in those tight little chairs and from sitting in an awkward position with no neck support, you arrive on the other side of the country with a stiff neck. That problem can be avoided by using buckwheat neck pillows on the trip.

With hotels getting so much bad press lately about their cleanliness and bed bug issues, it may be a good idea to take a buckwheat travel pillow along just in case. Again, who knows how many heads hit that pillow before yours and it is always better to play it safe and know that the pillow under your head is a clean one and free of any bugs or dust mites.

Traveling is often a necessity, but also often a form of unneeded stress. From getting to the airport on time to being uncomfortable to being worried about who was in the bed before you. While a buckwheat pillow will not solve these issues, it can lessen some of them and guarantee you a good night’s rest.


Why Buckwheat Pillows are Superior to Memory Foam and Feather Pillows

The saying “cooler than the other side of the pillow” was invented for a reason. When we sleep on our pillow, our natural body heat ends up heating up the pillow and on those warm nights, it can make sleeping very difficult. The natural makeup of most pillows does not allow for good airflow and because of this, the pillow will get hot. With a buckwheat pillow, the stuffing allows air to travel through and a better night’s sleep is the result.

Unlike foam and feather pillows, buckwheat pillows have natural pockets where the air can flow and remain cool. This is something that is totally unique to this pillow and one of the reasons that they have become so popular over the last few years. They are no more expensive than regular pillows and the sleep difference that they make, makes them something that must be considered.

These pillows first started to gain popularity in the “organic” and “yoga” circles. However, as word started to spread about the comfort that they provide, mainstream started to buy into the idea that organic buckwheat pillows may be something to consider. After one night of sleeping on a buckwheat pillow, people are thoroughly convinced that this is the way to go.

While there are, some cheaper buckwheat pillows out on the market, it is worth seeing how they prepare their hulls before buying them. If they are not roasted, avoiding that brand could be the best course of action. This is because the roasting kills off everything and they are thoroughly cleaned. If they are only vacuumed, there may still be some dust particles on them that could cause allergy problems.

Buckwheat pillows may not be the first option, but for many people they are truly the last one. The price and comfort are hard to overlook and who out there is not looking for a way to get a better night’s rest? Throw tradition out the window and give a buckwheat hull pillow a one night test. What do you have to lose other than a night’s rest that you are not getting anyway?


What Makes a Buckwheat Pillow So Comfortable?

When you think buckwheat hulls, the first thought that comes to mind is something that would be very dry and crunchy, but that is hardly the case. Those that have taken the plunge and slept on a buckwheat pillow consistently talk about how great they are. What is it that makes buckwheat pillows so comfortable?

The first thing that makes them so different and so great to sleep on is the natural makeup of the buckwheat hulls. Because of their shape and the hulls, themselves, they lend to an easy contour of your neck and head. This allows almost perfect support of the neck allowing for a great night of sleep.

Another reason the buckwheat hull pillows are effective is because they allow a constant airflow within the pillow itself. For some, this is hard to comprehend how air can flow between these hulls, but because of the makeup of them and how they are inside the pillow itself, there is plenty of space for the air to naturally come through. This means a pillow that is never uncomfortably warm or cold depending upon the season.

What all of this adds up to is a great pillow at a very reasonable price. While people will spend hundreds of dollars on fancy foam pillows that claim they can offer a perfect night’s rest, they often wear down quickly and lose their shape. On the other hand, buckwheat pillows will rarely lose their shape and will often outlast the mattress lifespan. If there was ever a smart way to spend less, this is it.


A Buckwheat Pillow Helps Aid in Deeper Sleep

If you are one of the people in the world who suffer from insomnia, this is the right pillow for you! Either you snore and wake yourself up or simply find it hard to get comfortable of which makes you wake up constantly to change position, consider buying a buckwheat pillow.

Buckwheat hull pillows allow for more comfort when sleeping. There are few reasons for this. The first is that the pillow will mold itself around the sleeper’s head. This allows for even weight distribution of the head and neck. It also helps to make the pillow more ergonomic. The sleeper will have more comfort to their head and neck and will sleep better.

Another reason that a buckwheat pillow makes sleep deeper is that the husks allow for perfect temperature control. They stay warm in the winter months when you do not want to be too cold. When it is hot outside, they stay cool to keep your body from getting too hot which can make a person wake up during the night. When the head stays cool or at a consistent temperature one will sleep better all night long.

Having the air circulating in this way not only aids in temperature control, but it keeps the pillow fresh and cleaner than a typical foam pillow would be. Very little air can circulate through a foam pillow and they will need to be laundered more often. With buckwheat pillows you simply remove the hulls and wash the cover. The hulls stay clean and fresh.

You can also adjust your buckwheat pillow to any firmness that you prefer. You simply add or remove the hulls to get the pillow to the perfect proportion for you. If you like a firmer pillow you add hulls. If you like a pillow that is a bit fluffier then you can remove some of the hulls. You cannot do this with any other filler type without making a huge mess or needing to get out the sheers.

Those that travel a good deal will appreciate the buckwheat neck pillow. They are small enough to take on any airplane or bus and help to keep the neck protected while napping. You can then use the pillow in your hotel room while you are working or under your neck while you are sleeping.



A good night’s rest is one of the secrets to many people’s success and it just may be the only thing that is holding you back from reaching your potential. If a person starts their day behind the eight ball, it is very difficult to catch up. It would seem as though a buckwheat pillow will go a long way in getting people on the right side of that eight ball for once.

Basically, there’s no need for you to regularly change the hulls for good quality buckwheat neck pillows have zipper along the side of their casing that permits you to add or minus any amount of the buckwheat hulls if you want to.

For those who suffer with allergies, choosing natural and organic buckwheat neck pillows gives you the assurance that the buckwheat was grown without additives, such as chemical ingredients. However, since buckwheat is the natural hull of the plant, some people may find that they are allergic. If you are allergic, then you should stop using your pillow, right away. But for most users, buckwheat neck pillows relieve pain and stress in the neck and spine area and are great choices for those looking for green products.

When choosing buckwheat neck pillows, it is important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Buckwheat is thermodynamic, enabling it to be easily heated or cooled. However, if your pillow has these functions, you should always heat and cool them per the instructions. Never try to heat or cool your pillow without first reading the warranty and instructions as set forth by the manufacturer. You should also launder and clean your pillow according to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations as well.

When we say about hulls, they are actually the fibrous outer covering of the buckwheat. The main purpose of these hulls in the buckwheat hull pillows is to act as a barrier or shield for the seed. Put in mind that when you want to save the hulls, keep them inside the casing and they will not get soiled in there.

With a good-quality organic buckwheat pillows, they will very much last for a long time like 10 years probably. With the cheaper types of buckwheat pillows, they are made of hulls that are far inferior to the hulls that are being grown in the USA and Canada.

The cheap ones also have hulls that are broken and prone to getting more dusts but with the good quality ones, they make sure that these items have been cleaned many times over and absolutely 99% dust free. In addition, the hulls still stay as whole and they do not compress for it is part of their structure and that is mainly the reason why the pillows last for long, as they do.

If regular pillows are just not working anymore, it may be time to make a change. Buckwheat pillow offer a nice alternative at a very reasonable price. It may not seem like something that can possibly be imagined as the stuffing of a pillow, but more and more people are finding them to be very supportive and offering a great night’s rest.