Tango Mattress Review

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Have you always wished that you had the chance to get a mattress with two levels of firmness? Well, the Tango mattress seems to give you just that. This is a two-sided mattress that features both soft and firm sides. This is especially ideal for sleepers who are yet to be decided on the level of firmness that best suits them.

Construction and design

Obviously, the tango mattress stands out from the rest courtesy of its two-sided design. As a result of this construction, the layers on the Tango mattress feature a sandwich layout where the outside is made from memory foam while the center has a firm polyurethane foam. In regard to construction the tango mattress has distinct features in the following areas:

  • Cover
  • Firm top layer
  • Firm second Layer
  • Base layer
  • Plush Second Layer
  • Plush top Layer

So how do these parts make up for the construction that eventually works in favor of the sleeper?

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The Tango cover is made with the need to regulate body temperature in mind. It, therefore, makes use of the phase change material to ensure that you do not sleep too hot. Part from this, we also noticed that the cover is pretty stretchy. This basically means that it will not bunch up in case you rolled over around the mattress.

Firm top layer

This is the layer that lies just below the top cover of the mattress. It features a gel memory foam that helps conform to your body while at the same time ensuring that the mattress does not retain too much heat.

On the first test, you would feel a thin layer of memory foam. However, the mattress’ firm side is specially defined by the layer below. This is basically logical since this side ought to hold you up and not sink in too far.

Firm second layer

This is the layer located between the base and the memory foam. It is basically the layer that defines the firmness of the mattress as it helps the sleeper sleep comfortable without sinking in. Based on its ability to quickly respond to pressure, you would not feel stuck whenever you sleep on it.

This part of the mattress basically acts as the mattress’s base layer extension even as it should be working as the transition layer between the memory foam top layer and the base. As such, it is made firmer than the plush side of the mattress as you would notice on your first trial.

Base layer

The base layer basically works to bring into perspective the whole aspect of a double-sided mattress. Usually, the conventional mattresses would have its base layer at the bottom of the mattress. The Tango mattress is, however, unique in the sense that its base layer is located at the middle of the mattress.

This construction is sensibly thought over as both sides of the mattress are usable by simply flipping it over, unlike the rest that just have one to side usable. By placing the base at the middle of the mattress, it ensures that each side of the mattress has firm support and the sleeper does not fall over through the comfort layers.

Plush second layer

Basically, Tango uses polyurethane for both second layers. However, the plush second layer was made to act more as a transition layer that goes from the memory foam top right to the middle where the base layer is located.

The plush end layer responds to pressure pretty swiftly. As much as it has some more room for sinkage compared to its counterpart on the other side, you would not feel stuck sleeping on this side.

Plush Top layer

This is a gel infused memory foam layer. Since this is meant to be the softer side of the mattress, the plush top layer is made from a softer foam and tends to take a little more time in its response to pressure. It does a pretty good job in conforming to the contours of your body and sufficiently relieves pressure as you lie on it.

With the gel in place, you do not need to worry about too much heat as it retains much of it to avoid the common problem of too much heat notable in most memory foams.


Tango is one of the mattress types that have taken the issue of firmness seriously in its construction. It would be notable that different body types, shape and weight will feel the firmness of a mattress differently.

Our tests show that indeed the firm side of the Mattress lives up to its billing. This is courtesy of the layer just below the memory foam where you would clearly feel the firmness as you lie on this side. This side is best for sleepers who love sleeping comfortably without having to sink into the mattress.

For stomach sleepers, the firm side of the Tango Mattress is no doubt your best bet. This is because the second layer of the mattress does a good job in ensuring that your hips to not sink in, thus keeping you back in line. This, however, may not ideally work for side sleepers as the firmness would mean more pressure points.

On the other hand, a back sleeper will also see the benefit of sleeping on this firm side since it aligns your back while at the same time giving you the feeling of a memory foam right from the top layer.

The plush side of the Tango mattress, however, offers a relatively softer form of firmness. This gives you a comfortably softer feel for pressure relief.  Naturally, you would feel yourself a little more into the mattress compared to the firm side.

For side sleepers, this is no doubt the best side to sleep on if you decide to go with the mattress. This is because this plush side helps to avoid the development of pressure points at the shoulders and hips. As much as this side is softer, you will not sink too much to a point of feeling stuck and thus gives you a chance to roll over even while in your sleep.

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Motion transfer

If you sleep with a partner or friend, it is only natural that you would expect some form of disturbance when they toss around or when getting on and off the bed.  It is, therefore, important to determine the amount of detectable motion from one side of the mattress to the other.

From the tests done on this mattress, there seems to be some notable transfer of motion, though not pronounced enough to cause any disturbance to the sleeper. Naturally, you would expect the firmer side of the mattress to detect more motion transfer compared to the plush side. Interestingly the two sides seem to register the same results. This can be blamed on the common base layer at the middle of the mattress.

Edge Support

Whether you tend to roll over too much while sleeping or share the mattress, edge support is something you need to consider. Foam mattresses do not usually offer the best edge support compared to conventional innerspring mattresses. For the Tango mattress however, its performance in regard to edge support seem to be the same, whether you are on the plush side of the firm side. Lying on the side, you will notably feel even support right from the edge of the mattress to the center. As such, you do not get the feeling that you may roll off the best as a result of too much compression.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Tango Mattress


  • The double –sided firmness gives the sleeper freedom of choice to choose between the firm and the plush side.
  • The feel of a memory foam mattress easily conforms to the contours of your body
  • Best to be used for guests as you may not be too sure of how firm they want their mattress to be.
  • Durable due to the several layers involved and the fact that the base layer at the middle supports each side of the mattress.
  • Made in the USA and therefore, quality is assured


  • Regular flipping of the mattress from one side to the other can be hectic
  • May not work best with a bed whose slat base is warped or further than 3 inches as this may destroy either side of the mattress easily.

Trial Period and Warranty

Tango offers 120 days of trial for their mattress. In case you decide that the mattress does not fit your preference within 120 days, then you will get full refund for your purchase. Tango also promises to help you remove the mattress and give it out as a donation to any local charity.

Notably Tango offers a 10-year guarantee for their mattress. This means that in case the mattress gets any defect related to a manufacturing malfunction, then they can replace it at no extra cost.

Final recommendation

It is no doubt that the Tango Mattress is a unique approach to making foam mattresses within the bed-in-a-box market. The patent 5-layer construction means that you basically have two comforts in one bed.

The versatility offered by the mattress will definitely fit into the preference of most buyers. The combination of the various materials helps keep the foam mattress as cool as it can. What’s more, the infusion of the memory foam and use of core foam not only makes the mattress more breathable but also ensures that heat dissipates more conveniently. This basically makes it a mattress worth going for.

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