Aerobed Guest Choice Airbed Mattress Review

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A high quality inflatable bed will always come in handy when you are going out in the woods or camp ground for camping. And that’s what the Aero Guest Choice Airbed offers you.

The inflatable bed fits in most tents easily and is much better than putting your sleeping bag on the hard ground. Even worse is when it starts getting cold or when winter is setting in, how comfortable is the frozen ground really.

With this blow up mattress, you are lifted off the ground and are laying on something that is air soft and enjoyable for sleeping on.

I like the way it is easy and quick to set up air mattress and I am certain that you would like this one too.

Since this is a review I think it is necessary to check into the different specifications and the different features concerning this airbed mattress of the Aerobed Guest Choice airbed.

Here they are.

Aerobed Guest Choice Features and Specifications:

  • Twin and Queen sizes for the Aeroned inflatable bed.
  • Made for travel, guests and sleepovers too
  • Constructed and made of heavy gauge puncture resistant vinyl
  • Also has a non-allergenic pvc vinyl so it’s safe for all people and uses
  • Comes with a powerful A/C pump that inflates bed in only 60 quick seconds
  • The Release valve easily deflates the air mattress in 15 seconds only
  • A Velvety sleeping surface with an added Interior coil construction for superior comfort and support
  • Measures 78x60x8 inches (WTL)-inflated
  • Aerobed also Includes a storage bag that holds 750 pounds!
  • Queen airbed mattress has a 13% discount
  • Comes with free super savers shipping
  • 4 1/2 star rating through over 200 personal reviews of this air mattress
  • Shipping weight is only 13 pounds

The Aerobed Guest Choice has an interior coil construction for support and comfort, and it surely works. I am sure you have found as well too many of the air mattresses are too flimsy.

This makes for an awful night sleep and generally sore bodies. You don’t have this here it’s almost like sleeping in your own bed. This is nice to know when having guests use it.

You can get the Aerobed Guest Choice Airbed that’s on sale here at for 13% Off. Click the link here

This best inflatable bed is also a great size (74 by 39 by inches) so will accommodate most of your guests. If you wanted to get a larger one it does come in queen size as well. There is a one year warranty with this air mattress.

It also comes with a handy storage bag, so when not in use it can be put away.  That handy bag can actually hold a lot of weight too, over 700 pounds. The airbed mattress comes with a 13% discount for the Queen sized airbed but unfortunately not that Twin size one.

Does not have a built in pump but does come with one. It can quickly inflate in a little as 60 seconds and deflates in an even quicker rate of about 15 seconds.

Whether you are out camping with the family or friends or you are using for a bed for visitors in your house. This airbed mattress called the Aerobed Guest Choice will come in dire value when you need it most.

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