Best Dog Bark Collar Reviews For Dog Bark Collar Seekers

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Does your dog bark so excessively that you cannot stand it? Do you get a lot of complaints from your neighbors about your dog’s barking? Do you want to stop your dog’s excessive barking as fast as and as effectively as possible? If so, a dog bark collar is a perfect choice for you.

This article focuses on reviewing the best dog bark collars offered today on the market. This will give you more information on dog barking collars so you can make your informed decision before purchasing the best one for your lovely pet.

barking collars for dogs reviewsCitronella Dog Bark Collars

The first dog barking behavior control supplier is Citronella Bark Collar. This device is indeed one of the best forms when it comes to controlling excessive barking created by your four-legged friend.

It works by releasing a spray of citronella whenever the dog barks. Your dog can hear it, see it and most importantly, can smell it. So, the dog will quickly find out that whenever he or she barks, the Citronella bark collar will spray.

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Citronella bark collar is one of the most common dog barking training aids on the market nowadays. The reason is that this kind of device uses a harmless citronella spray to stop your dog’s excessive barking behavior.

The Citronella dog bark collar is scientifically proven to be twice as effective compared to electric shock collars.

Whether your dog is the largest breed or only small dog, this collar still works very well for the dog. Because it is adjustable up to 24 inches and weighs only 2.5 ounces.

Look at the best dog barking alarms here.


The premier citronella bark collar kit comes with a bark sensing unit, one citronella refill can, an adjustable strap, two 6 volt alkaline batteries and instructions manual.

By purchasing the premier citronella bark collar, you are good on your way to achieving control over your dog’s barking problem.

Tips on using the Citronella Bark Collar

There are some tips you should know before buying this citronella bark control collar. Here they are:

  • In the process of attaching the spray device to the strap, if you fail to pass the loose strap through the keeper, you will increase the likelihood that the strap will slop causing a need to constantly adjust the fit. So, try not to fail to do so.
  • The device cannot be overfilled, so do not try to do that. There are normally 25 sprays in the reservoir once completely filled.
  • In order to extend battery life, you must turn the spray device of the premier citronella bark collar off when it’s not in use.
  • Because the reservoir only holds 25 sprays when completely filled, you must take the collar off and then refill the reservoir with citronella before it becomes dry. If you do not do so, you accidentally teach your dog that if he (she) is persistent, he (she) will be able to get rid of the spray.
  • The spray comes in the type of organic and non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment, so you can use the collar indoors or outdoors anytime your dog keeps barking continuously, and do not stop no matter you yell at him “shut up”, “quiet”, etc,…
  • If you love your dog and care about him so much (I know you do), you might realize that the dog needs to play and relax. So, do not leave the premier citronella bark collar on the dog 24 hours a day. It’s recommended that the collar should be put on the dog no more than eight hours per day.
  • While your dog is swimming, you must take the Premier citronella bark collar out of the dog’s neck. The reason is the spray device, though, is water resistant, but not waterproof, so it may stop working if it is put in water.
  • If you put the spray device away for more than a week, do not forget to take the battery out and then empty the reservoir.
  • If you want to prolong the spray device and the Premier citronella bark collar, simply fill the spray device only (and only) with recommended spray products. And off course, you must always store the spray device away from kids reach.
  • If your dog has problems related to health, you should consult a veterinarian before trying to use this successful training system.

The Premier citronella bark collar has been proven to be 90% effective at stopping or curbing dog barking. This citronella bark collar trains the dog quickly and painlessly that barking will trigger the bark collar to spray citronella onto his face, and there is only one way to get rid of being emitted a spray is to stop barking.

Last but not least, there are two things to bear in mind if you want to use a citronella bark collar to modify bad barking behavior of your dog. Those are:

  1. You must make sure the microphone’s sensitivity is properly adjusted. Because if you do not, the device will pick up sounds of other dogs barking and make a correction by spraying citronella into your dog’s nose. It’s not fair for the dog, right?
  2. The cost it takes to refill batteries and citronella is expensive. The monthly cost is about $40.  However, the result this collar brings you worth its price.

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Lentek Super Bark Free

Lentek Super Bark FreeThe Lentek Super Bark Free emits either ultrasonic or audible sound to discourage dogs from barking.

This outdoor device will train most dogs that barking results in an unpleasant ultrasonic response.

This “training” is most effective against boredom barking, and is less effective against territorial behavior or trained behavior.

The unit is effective up to 25 feet away, which also makes it a great option for the NEIGHBOR’S dog(s) that never seem to stop barking. If you have a large yard, or the neighbor’s animals congregate at a certain spot further than 25 feet, consider purchasing and installing multiple units.

Many homeowners report that this finally restores a bit of peace of quiet!

For about 2 out of 3 dogs, the Lentek Bark Free unit will cause results within 24 hours of being installed.

Other dogs may be more difficult, for various reasons, and may require several days or weeks to train. A small percentage of dogs just will not respond at all; for example, some older dogs or breeds with congenital hearing problems are unable to hear the ultrasonic sounds and will just ignore the dog barking alarm.

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In a few situations where there are a lot of other noises, the ultrasonic sound may be masked or reduced to such a degree that it is not effective.

Most pet stores and online retailers offer a money back satisfaction guarantee on their products. In the case of the Lentek Super Bark Free most dog owners DO get a positive result, so it is certainly worth trying for your unique situation.

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Why do dogs bark?

Barking is how dogs communicate, either with each other or with their owner/pack leader.

People talk. Dogs bark. That part is simple.

How do persuade a dog NOT to bark?  Well, that can be more tricky.

Domesticated dogs (as opposed to wolves, a close cousin) may bark for one or more of the following reasons:

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  • The dog perceives a threat to his territory.  A bark, then, is a warning.  “This is mine…back off!”
  • The dog is excited, energetic and wants attention. “Play with me…play with me NOW!”
  • The dog is left alone and is bored.  This is a huge problem for apartment dwellers, and those with neighbors in close proximity. You’re away at work and the dog is barking his head off…
  • The dog is fearful.
  • The dog is sounding an alarm.  For example, a car is pulling up into your driveway.  He wants to let you know.  Someone rings the doorbell, he wants to make sure that you heard it!
  • The dog is just being friendly.
  • The dog is exhibiting aggression.
  • Dogs who have poor eyesight may bark out of fear or confusion.
  • The dog wants YOUR attention.  (After all, he IS the center of the universe, right?!)  Attention-seeking barkers will do this when the owner is on the telephone, watching television, or otherwise not paying attention.
  • The dog is lonely.
  • The dog is communicating with other dogs in the neighborhood.
  • The dog is anxious or under stress.
  • The dog needs to go out. “I have to potty….please take me out!”
  • And the list goes on…


So now you know some of the reasons why dogs bark.  Expecting a dog to never, ever bark again would be like telling a person to never, ever talk again!

It’s communication that sometimes just gets out of control. However, there are methods and tools to teach the dog when it’s permissible and when it’s not.

The most important step you can take in getting your dog to stop barking?  Spend time with your dog, build a relationship and trust.  He/she needs to see and respect you as the pack leader.

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Why should you use a dog bark collar?

Normally, a bark control collar works when there are your dog’s barking noises. Besides, there are some bark control collars sense the vibrations from your pet’s vocal cords as it starts barking and make correction.

Basically, the bark control collars use a spray, or a light electronic signal, or a sound to send corrective signals to your dog when it barks. The dog will learn very fast the fact that anytime he or she barks, the correction signals of a collar will shoot on him or her. The dog will quickly find out the association between his barking and correction signals from the collar, and stop barking continuously.

The good thing about bark control collars is that they can be used with almost all kinds of dogs and breeds no matter your dog is “hard” or “soft”. However, it’s better for the dog if he or she weighs at least 7 pounds and is at least 6 months old.

Another benefit of a bark control collar is that it does not harm the dog in any way. It will not make the best friend of your family get hurt.

You should have a veterinarian to examine thoroughly for your dog to rule out any medical problems. This examination is an important aspect of any behavioral work-up, and it also helps you to determine if a bark control collar is right for the dog.

One mistake that many dog owners make is that after the dog is trained not to bark abnormally, they stop wearing the bark control collar for their dog. In fact, the dog may need to be “reminded” in order to control his barking from time to time. So, you have to occasionally wear the bark control collar for your dog. It’s good for you as well as the dog.

One another thing to keep in mind is not keeping the collar on the dog for more than 8 hours.

One last thing about the bark control collar you should know is about battery using in the collar. The battery should be charged for 12-24 hours, if it is the first time you charge it. Thereafter, you can charge as long as you want. There is a led light on the collar which helps you find out if the battery is low. When the light blinks rapidly, approximately 2 per second, it is the signal of low battery.


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