Best Full Face CPAP Mask for Beards

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It is rather confusing for people when they just find out they have sleep apnea after doing a sleep study. It is confusing because there is a lot of terminology involved and it can be really disturbing to not know which direction to go.

I have been there myself and that’s why I am providing the research info here so I can cut down the learning curve and help you pick the right CPAP products, what you need to have a healthy and calm night sleep again.

What CPAP Masks Are Available?

Let me first clarify about the different types of cpap products, let’s call them categories for the sake of this research.

You will encounter three different types of cpap masks – nasal masks, full face masks and the so called nasal pillow systems or also cpap pillows.

In this article I want that we look at the full face mask in more details and discuss what are the benefits and what you need to know before you pick one for yourself.

One of the most important properties for your full face cpap mask is how comfortable it is.. after all what is more important than feeling good while wearing your cpap mask at night. We suffer enough and we all strive some comfort.

The specific thing about a cpap full face mask in comparison to the other options is that it will cover both your nose and your mouth. People can be divided in mouth breathers and nose breathers and this mask has been reported by a lot of mouth breathers to be their top pick from the 3 different types of cpap masks (as discussed above: nasal masks, full face masks and cpap pillows).

One of the top factors in favour of the cpap full face mask so far has always come to be the level of security that it grants its owners. The cushion on those types of cpap masks completely fits your face lines, the bridge of the nose and your mouth and chin.

However you have to consider the fact that all the different manufacturers deliver their products with different cushion thickness so our suggestion is to chose carefully.

It can be very irritating to wear something on your face all night and only the people with sleep apnea will really know what I mean. We have to deal with things like this EVERY night and this is not an easy task to cope with and live with.

Choosing your type of mask and then the brand and then model is not an easy job. Some cpap full face masks have been reported to be noisy, we will keep you updated if we find more info on the models that are noisy so you can stay away from them.

The main thing that the mask needs to do for you is make sure it maintains a proper balance of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Full Face Masks… it may be long but that is what CPAP stands for. Most people after trying the full face mask have no complaints which means that it is one of the products that deserve our time and attention.

Some of the few complaints from people using cpap full face mask that I have personally heard so far are about how they feel their nose and mouth in the morning. Very often they say they have stuffy dry nose, I haven’t experienced the same effects so it may be personal thing and I will not discuss it in more detail in here.

Let’s talk a bit about one of the other very important characteristics of the cpap full face mask – the price. Usually the cost of those is around $90 – $260. They come in various brands and also colors/styles and designs. Here we will list some of the most popular models for you to explore:

  • Resmed Quattro FX Full Face Mask System
  • Resmed Mirage Quattro Full Face
  • Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask
  • Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face mask
  • ResMed Ultra Mirage™ Full Face CPAP Mask
  • Fisher & Paykel Flexfit 432 Full Face Mask
  • Resmed Mirage Liberty™ Full Face Mask
  • FullLife Full Face CPAP Mask
  • Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face Mask
  • Respironics Comfort Full Face II CPAP Mask
  • Fisher & Paykel Flexfit 431 Full Face Mask
  • SleepNet Mojo Gel Cushion Full Face CPAP Mask
  • FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask
  • Tiara Full Advantage Full Face CPAP Mask
  • SP Medical Full Face CPAP Mask

A lot of those models come with headgear in various sizes that benefit users of all ages and head shapes / sizes.

Please remember to ONLY use a cpap full face mask after you consult with your doctor. What he/she should do is examine your sleep disorder and use the tests results to determine if a device like this one is advised for your case in particular.

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