1. Having to push yourself to remain alert
  2. Decreased ability to concentrate
  3. Having to fight to stay awake
  4. Decreased ability to remember things
  5. Having to force yourself to go to work or school, etc.
  6. A tendency to give what energy you have to accomplish only work-related activities.
  7. Difficulty getting home maintenance or chores done around the house
  8. A decrease in your ability to do exercise and leisure-type activities
  9. Being told that your snoring disturbs your spouse’s or partner’s sleep
  10. Less interest in socializing
  11. Wanting to be left alone
  12. A decrease in sexual intimacy
  13. A tendency to look for excuses for being tired
  14. An increase in the number of conflicts/arguments
  15. Frustration
  16. Irritability
  17. Depressed or feeling down
  18. Impatience
  19. A decreased ability to cope with everyday issues
  20. Decreased energy
  21. Excessive fatigue
  22. Difficulty in staying awake while reading
  23. Ordinary activities require an extra effort to perform or complete
  24. Falling asleep if not stimulated or active
  25. Waking up often during the night
  26. Restless sleep apnea concerns about the times you stop breathing at night
  27. Waking up at night feeling like you are choking
  28. Having an extremely large neck; i.e., 17″ or larger
  29. Sudden weight gain – especially a large amount

Life after tracheostomy: One man’s successful fight with sleep apnea


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