Best rollaway bed Reviews: The best folding bed for the money

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What is a Roll-away Bed?

Also known as a folding bed, a rollaway bed is a type of bed that is most commonly found in hotels. They are wheeled into a guests room when there are more sleepers than beds. Ex. 5 people in a room 2 queen beds.

The most common type of foldable bed is a metal frame hinged in the middle for easy folding, storage, and maneuvering through hallways and into elevators.

The best rollaway beds are designed with a folding mattress that stays on the bed frame while in the folded position, making it all the more convenient.As I stated previously, roll-away beds are very common in hotels. They are also a very popular option for people who may have house guests or visiting family members from time to time and don’t want to dedicate the space in their homes permanently for visitors.

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Are there cheap rollaway beds?

Price ranges on the best roll-away beds will vary greatly depending on the comfort level and convenience you are looking for.

Models can vary greatly from a simple camping cot all the way up to a super-luxurious model complete with wooden headboard and foot board.

As with most things, you get what you pay for with a rollaway bed. A decent middle of the road model could conceivably set you back $200 to $300 dollars.

The most comfortable rollaway beds have a price tag of about $495.

Here are a few models of the best rollaway beds compared side by side to give you an idea of the differences in the prices. Click on the images to learn more about these models or to see more options


Cheap Rollaway Beds (under $100)

The best folding beds are a great way to add sleeping space if you have guests stay over. Unfortunately some of them can be quite expensive. Especially when you probably will not be using it that often.

But that does not mean that cheap rollaway beds do not exist. We have put together a quick list of options to help you find a rollaway bed under $100

Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed

Your overnight guests will enjoy the luxury of this cheap folding guest bed.

The Sleep Master Folding Guest bed comes with 0.5 inches of fiber padding and 2.5 inches of base of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam.

Click here to check for the latest price on Amazon

If compactness and lightweight influences your choice of a fold up bed, the Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed has them both. The bed weights a meagre 26 pounds. When folded, the width is 32 inches while the length is only 39 inches, which makes it portable in the back of a minivan.

Is it comfortable? It is better than having your guests sleep on the couch. However, this fold away bed lacks enough support towards the center. The base is made of canvas, and it kind of feels like you are sleeping on a tight hammock.

At its cheap price, I’d say the Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed is a worthy purchase. The price justifies the few drawbacks the fold away bed might have.

More Info/Buy

Coleman ComfortSmart Folding Cot

The Coleman ComfortSmart folding cot is another incredinly cheap rollaway bed. The bed retails for less than $100 on Amazon.

For the price you pay for this folding bed, we’d say it is a complete steal, although it is a bit smaller than the King’s Guest bed.

The overall dimensions are 69” long by 25” wide, so a larger guest may not be as comfortable sleeping on this bed.

However, this guest bed would be a nice convenience for camping or for a short term guest stay.

At 16 pounds the roll-away bed is very easy to move and store even in the smallest places.

More Info/Buy Best queen size rollaway bed reviews Best folding bed

JAY-BE Saver Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress (Regular)

Jay-be, the company, is synonymous with quality innovative folding bed, and that’s what the Jay-Be Saver Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress brings.

At less than a hundred dollars for the regular folding bed, this one is a steal! For a rollaway bed under $100 the Jay-Be Saver Folding Bed is a nice middle of the road option.

The mattress is what sets the bed apart. The mattress uses open cell structure technology, which allows it to breath. A mattress that breaths will stay fresher for longer. The comfort you get from the freshness is worth every penny you pay for this foldaway bed.

Talking of compactness, this folding bed is 100% portable and can be stored almost anywhere. It will fit in your closet, in your car’s trunk. And you can even squeeze it under your bed. The bed folds up so flat that storage and space will never be an issue.

The bed’s support is something else of a marvel. The frame not only offers full body support, but also guarantees durability.

At its price, this is a comfortable bed for the guests. It is way better than an inflatable air mattress that would leak out all the air at night.

More Info/Buy

A guest bed on stereoids!

best rollaway bed to buy

This is quite possibly the coolest guest bed I have ever seen.

It is the SimplySleeper Hideaway Guest Air Bed with Integrated Travel Case.

The bed sets itself up and takes itself down at the push of a button. No more fighting with a heavy bulky roll away guest bed. Simply hit the button and let the bed do the work.

​The frame is engineered for durability and powder coated for long life.

The bed is rated to support a full 300 pounds and is long enough at 77.5″ to allow your adult guests to stretch out comfortably for a great night sleep. The SimplySleeper Hideaway Guest Bed comes in a twin size option and a queen size option.

When closed this Roll away guest bed is a mere 23.5″ x 14.5 x 20″. That’s less than 6 cubic feet! The compact size makes this a great choice for any size house or apartment. It weighs about 42 pounds, so the wheels come in very handy to move it from place to place.

As I stated before, not only does the bed self inflate, but it also deflates and retracts ready to be packed away into it’s own durable wheeled storage case.

The entire inflation process takes only 2 minutes.

This could come in hand for guests that arrive late at night.


The SimplySleeper Roll away guest bed won’t break the bank either. Both The Twin Size Bed and the Queen size are under $200. This prices the SuperSleeper less than some of the traditional, bulkier roll away guest beds.

If you are in the market for a roll away guest bed, you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at this innovative solution. Comparing overall size, cost, and storage options, this bed is on my “Best Bet” list for guest bed solutions.

Things to consider when looking for the right Rollaway bed:

iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed

How will the Mattress hold out in the long run?

Three things to keep in mind about mattresses:

  • Mattresses are not meant to be folded.
  • Mattresses are not meant to be folded and re folded.
  • Mattresses are not meant to be folded for extended periods of time.

Rollaway beds do all three of these things to a mattress on a regular basis. So when you are buying your rollaway bed, Keep the mattress in mind.

You may want to go with a softer more flexible mattress to allow it to move. The firmer the mattress, the harder it will be to fold and store. Some rollaways come with an air mattress to allow the user to adjust the firmness and give it a smaller footprint.

Do I have a place to store it?

Some rollaway bed frames can be bulky and unsightly.

Make sure you have a spare closet or maybe a designated storage space for it in the basement when you aren’t using it. Sure, the bed folds up and out of the way when you are not using it, but that does not make it invisible.

Leaving it along the wall in a room is an OK short term plan for when the guests are there, but, Make sure you have a long term storage option before you make the purchase.

Limited on Storage Space? Check out the iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed

How difficult is it to operate?

Getting a rollaway bed into position for use should not cut into the operator’s sleeping time.

The better the bed, The simpler it will be to use. It should be as easy as unfolding and locking a few pieces into place. This is another feature that will be dictated by the price you pay.

The easier the setup, the more you will pay.

That is not to say that once you get the hang of cheap roll away bed, it won’t be quick to set up, but by the very nature of the thing, they are not used often and it is easy to forget how to operate if you don’t do it all the time.

How often will I be using it?

This point kind of goes with all of the previous sections. If you are going to be using the roll-away bed quite often and want the user to get a semi decent night sleep, the mattress on the bed will need to be of a better quality.

The more you put the bed up and take it down, the easier you will want it be to set up. If it is going to be used on a regular basis, storing it along the wall or leaving it set up for a while would not be as big of an issue for you.

Who will be using the bed the most?

Not to sound mean, but do you like the people that will be staying with you? How much? Enough to care about their comfort and the way they sleep?

Or are you afraid that if they get too comfortable they may just decide to stay?

Take into consideration the age of the user. Younger people can generally sleap on and through anything. They will be less likely to be affected by a lower quality mattress.

Older visitors may tend to be more affected by the quality of the rollaway bed. If they are already tough to get along with, you may want to splurge.

For the Ultimate in Luxury Check out this Extra Long 79″ Rollaway Bed with Super Comfortable Coil Spring Mattress for Your Overnight Guests!

The best rollaway beds are a very nice option for sleeping space when the need arises. Make sure you consider these factors before making your final decision. By doing your homework and researching your options, you will be happier with your rollaway bed purchase in the long run.

Buy it Now! Do they make Queen size folding beds?

Most of the time when you look for or think about the best rollaway beds the majority of the selection are twin beds. So the question arises…Do they make queen rollaway beds? The answer is, yes. Although not as popular as a regular twin rollaway bed, due to their size and storage issues, queen rollaway beds do exist and are very much available for sale.


What is the Difference Between Twin and Queen Rollaway Beds?

To answer that question, we really first need to start with what is the difference between a normal twin and queen bed?

Obviously the main difference is going to be the size. Here is a bed size chart that will give you a comparison of all bed sizes. The chart lists general sizes. These are not hard and fast measurements.

  • California King 72″ x 84″Queen Rollaway beds
  • King 76″ x 80″
  • Queen 60″ x 80″
  • Full or double 53″ x 75″
  • Twin or single 38″ x 75″

Why would I want a Queen Rollaway Bed?

Queen beds are larger for a reason. They are made for two people. So, if your newly married son brings his wife home, it might be nice to show your support for their marriage by having a rollaway queen bed ready for them.

Or, if your parents come to visit, a queen rollaway bed is a much nicer option than stacking them in the twins bunk beds.

Drawbacks of Queen Rollaway Beds

The big one. Size. Moving one of these monsters would be an issue in itself not to mention the setup and take down.

Storage also plays a big factor.

Are you going to have enough room for a rollaway queen bed folded in half. There are available options out there that work around this issue.

Recommeded Queen Rollaway Bed

queen rollaway bed Buy it Now! lorem ipsum dolor


This too goes along with size.

In most cases, you have to buy the queen rollaway  bed frame and the mattress separately. Together, it would just be too large to ship to the store and to your home.

Although queen folding beds with mattresses are still available, the purchase will just require some additional planning.

Choosing a rollaway mattress that goes with your bed

rollaway bed mattress

Choosing the correct rollaway bed mattress is very tricky because most of the time the person buying the rollaway bed is not going to be the person sleeping in the rollaway bed unless it is for a cabin or a vacation home.

Most of the time the people sleeping on the rollaway bed mattress are going to be guests and visitors.

Not knowing the firmness that a person prefers makes it as a difficult process to choose the perfect mattress for every situation.

The most common choices for a rollaway bed mattress are: innerspring, memory foam, and air mattresses. Here are the differences in the three.

Memory Foam Mattress

Most memory foam rollaway bed mattresses are a visco-elastic material surrounding a standard, firmer foam core.

Memory foam mattresses are very good at relieving pressure on painful joints, and they are usually more expensive than a standard sprung rollaway bed mattress.

The firmness of a memory foam mattress is determined by the temperature. In a cooler bedroom, the memory foam mattress will be firmer. The bed then conforms to the sleeper’s body gradually based on body heat.

Look at the Amazing price on this Memory Foam Mattress!

Innerspring Mattresses

An inner spring rollaway bed mattress consists of three components: the core, the foundation and the upholstery layers.

The core supports the sleeper’s body. The core is made up of steel springs called coils. The firmness of the mattress is factored by the number of coils in the mattress and the gauge of the steel used in making the coils. The firmer a rollaway bed mattress, the more difficult it will be to fold and store.

The foundation, much like it sounds, is what the mattress rests upon. A boxspring is the most common foundation in a traditional mattress, but a rollaway bed mattress will typically have a grid-top foundation made from either steel and wood or all steel.

The upholstery layers are what covers the spring core and gives the rollaway bed mattress it’s cushioning and comfort. This layer can contain fiber batting, traditional foam, memory foam, felt, cotton fiber, egg crate foam and a number of other materials to form the comfort layer.

Click Here to take a look at the Coleman Quickbed Air Mattress

Air Mattress

Air Mattresses are mattresses that contain one or more “bladders filled with air to provide support as opposed to coil springs.

The firmness of an air mattress can be adjusted by controlling the amount of air in the chamber. The more air, the firmer the mattress.

Care should be used when using an air mattress as a rollaway bed mattress as the foundation could puncture and deflate the mattress. Make sure when buying a rollaway bed frame that it is air mattress friendly.

Pimping Your Rollaway Bed- The Must Have Accessories


When most people think about a rollaway bed they don’t really think about the accessories to go along with them.

A rollaway bed isn’t like a car or a house or something that you really want to accessorize to show it off. It’s not a luxury item to be envied. It’s there for sleeping on. The right Rollaway bed accessories can enhance your ownership and protect your investment for the life of ownership.


Do you have the right size sheets for your rollaway bed? Maybe all of the beds in the house are queens. Most rollaway beds are twins.

Having the right size sheet on the bed will make you look like a better host and give your guests better night sleep.

If you have ever tried to sleep in a twin bed with queen sheets, you know that in the morning you will most likely not have any sheets on the mattress at all.

Sheets are most definitely one of the rollaway bed accessories on your must have list.

Click here to see Available Sheets at


Like sheets, blankets are rollaway bed accessories that you should have on hand.

Build up asmall stockpile of blankets for your guests. Make sure you buy them like clothes, in layers.

A couple lightweight, a couple medium weight and a heavy weight blanket. You wouldn’t want to give your summer visitors a heavy winter blanket or your winter visitors a skimpy lightweight blanket.

Layers will make your guests more comfortable.

Dust Covers

Dust covers are very handy rollaway bed accessories.

If you’re going to be storing the rollaway bed for any period of time, it’s a must-have to keep your mattress clean and free of dust mites, excessive moisture and other allergens that might get into a mattress as it is in storage.

You want to be able to pull your rollaway bed out of storage and set it up without being embarrassed by the smell or having a guest hit it and have dust come flying out of it.

Check Out This 2 Pack Rollaway Bed Cover At

These rollaway bed accessories will prolong the life of your purchase and make ownership an easier and more enjoyable experience.

​I don’t want a roll-away bed. What are my alternatives?

Due to size or cost or other factors, it may not be possible to obtain a rollaway bed for your guests. But much like Christams, Your guests are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them.

So, What rollaway bed alternatives are out there to help you get your visitors a place to sleep? (short of giving up your own comfy bed)


3 Rollaway Bed Alternatives

Camping Cots

Camping cots are usually a bit smaller than a standard twin bed, but can still be a great rollaway bed alternative. Cots usually don’t come with a mattress and the foundations are made of cloth.

The Frames can be made out of any material from wood to steel to fiberglass or aluminum. One nice advantage of a cot over a rollaway bed is the storage factor. A Cot folds up much smaller than a rollaway bed and can be placed almost anywhere.

See for yourself! the TETON Sports Camp Cot is not your Father’s Army Cot!

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses used to be a big air bag that deflated as you slept. By morning you were sleeping most uncomfortably on a vinyl mat on the floor.

But the best air mattresses of today are much better.

There are self Inflatable mattresses, bed height mattresses, Mattresses on frames and air mattresses with individual pockets.

Have you heard of the sleep number bed? Guess what? It’s an air mattress.

Like a cot, They are very easy to store once deflated and can be put back up in a matter of minutes. As rollaway bed alternatives go, the air mattress is probably the most economical option as well.

Take a Peek at some of the latest Air Beds on the Market

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The Couch

Of the three rollaway bed alternatives in this article, this is probably my favorite option.

The hide-a-way bed. Couches with fold out beds have come a long way since I first slept on one back in the early eighties. Advances in mattress materials such as memory foam and more versatile framing materials have made the fold out couch a rollaway bed alternative that is almost as good as sleeping in a real bed…almost.

And it’s not just couches that that have fold away beds in them either. I slept on a fold away chair bed the night my oldest son was born, so if you are looking for space saving rollaway bed alternatives, look at couches and chairs.

Hey, you need those anyway why not get something that does double duty?

I’ll bet you’ve never seen a sleeper sofa like this before!

Buying vs renting roll-away beds


Rollaway beds are a convenient way to add extra sleeping space should you have unexpected company. You may want to purchase a new bed or you may want to look into renting rollaway beds.

Renting rollaway beds is an affordable option. You do not need to shell out a ton of cash for the use of the bed. I have seen companies that will rent a rollaway bed for as little as $10 per night. That is a huge savings over purchasing. Here are a few options to consider before renting rollaway beds.

Points to ponder before Renting Rollaway Beds

How Many Beds Do I Need?

The number of beds you will need will greatly influence this decision. If Jimmy is coming home from college and you have turned his bedroom into an office, buying may be a better option. If you are hosting a fraternity or sorority reunion and you find you are in need of 20 extra beds for the weekend, renting rollaway beds is the way to go

Click Here to See Some of the Many Options Available in Rollaway Beds

Is This a One Time Thing?

In the aforementioned example of Jimmy coming home from college, chances are it will not be a one and done situation. He may be coming home every weekend for four years. If you want to keep your new office, you will probably want to buy your rollaway. If it is a one time deal like the reunion, you are not going to want to shell out the cash, or have the room to store the beds when done. Renting would be the better option.

Do I have the Storage Space?

As I said previously rollaway beds are convenient and fold up when not in use but that doesn’t mean they become invisible. If you have the space to store a rollaway bed the means by one but if space is a limitation you probably want to consider renting or borrowing a rollaway bed from a friend neighbor or a company this specializes in renting rollaway beds.

Check out the Affordable Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed at

Keep these factors in mind when you’re looking at making a decision between purchasing and renting rollaway beds. They can help you make the right decision.

Rollaway Bed in Operation

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  3. I got the Hospitality Rollaway Bed for my 82 year old mom who can no longer go upstairs to where the “real” beds are. This bed is terrific; she slept well and was very comfortable. It’s also high enough to make it easier for people with knee problems. The bed rolls nicely, but like most other reviewers, the strap that is supposed to hold it shut is insufficient, but a bungee cord solves that. The small wheels are easy to install by yourself BUT I strongly recommend that you have another person hold one large wheel when you are hammering on the opposite large wheel hub. Once I finally figured that out, it was truly a snap.

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