Best Heated Mattress Pad Reviews

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If you live in an area that remains cold most of the year, with very limited number of sunny days, you’re likely to have the problem of sleeping on your cold bed at night and would be looking for an alternative to keep your bed warm.

Most people living in cold climatic conditions have a fireplace that keeps the room warm, but at times mere warming the room is not enough. Having the best heated mattress pad in your bedroom would be an added advantage. Use of such pads allows you to sleep comfortably in a warm bed even in the absence of a fireplace.

For people who want to enjoy a good night sleep even in the very cold night of winter, a heated mattress pad can be the best option. It induces and promotes a very relaxing and comfortable sleep especially during the very cold winter season.

However, some people thinks that they will spend extra money from their hard-earned savings to keep and maintain the mattress pad heated and perform comfortably well. So, for those who are not yet aware, there are now available models of various sizes and easy to maintain pads that they can choose from.

Best Heated Mattress Pad Reviews

1. Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad


If you are looking for a perfectly engineered therapeutic heated mattress pad, consider going for the Sunbeam brand. It is sure to provide you relief from your aching muscles enabling you to sleep comfortably and prepare you for the day ahead. Here, let’s see what made this bedding so popular.

Apart from keeping your body warm in winters, it promotes better circulation of blood. You see, in winters the pain that you have in the neck, shoulders, back, legs or feet is primarily due to poor circulation of blood caused by low temperature. Using heated mattress pad warms the body and causes blood circulation, thus you feel relieved of pains in different part of your body.

As the comfort level of individuals vary, so does the temperature during night, this therapeutic heated mattress pad has arrangement to adjust the temperature to ten different levels. That enables the user to adjust the temperature that keeps him very comfortable while sleeping.

best heated mattress pad reviews

This is a great facility to have, especially when the temperature is low in cold season. There is nothing better than a good night’s restful sleep. You are aware that our body needs to rejuvenate itself, and the only time it can do so is at night while we are asleep. If we don’t get to sleep comfortably during the night our energy level and alertness would low in the next morning. Thus, it becomes difficult to concentrate on work during the day.

The advantage of this product is not limited to normal and healthy people as the elderly or those affected by arthritis find its use of great help, particularly in cold climate.

Additionally, Sunbeam offers 3 years’ warranty for its mattress pad products. Sunbeam therapeutic heated mattress pad continues to provide low level heat therapy and has three target heat zones that need the heat most. These are your neck and shoulder, back and of course your lower legs and feet.

It comes wrapped in 100% cotton top with 100% polyester underneath. Another helpful feature is an auto shut-off that switches off the mattress pad automatically after ten hours of operation, thus making its use very safe even if you forget to switch it off.

Most of the users are happy that they bought it and there are many who have been using it for long.


2. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads – King Size


The purpose of having a heated mattress is to provide comfort to the user by providing the much desired and needed warmth during winter. Such mattresses are said to help relieving bodily pains by relaxing your muscles.

Sunbeam is one such brand that makes your home comfortable by combining technology, performance and style in every product developed for the comforts of their customers. The company aims to develop products to enhance the quality of sleep of its patrons enabling their body to get the rest it deserves. Here are some useful features of buying Sunbeam heated mattress pad king size.

The pad is kept on top of the bed, just beneath your sheet. It comes with an electric wire that needs to be plugged for it to work. Such pads are available in different sizes, enabling the user to buy an appropriate size.

best heated mattress pad 2018

However, before you go to buy one, it will be worthwhile spending some time and effort to conduct your own search and gather some data. Perhaps you would prefer to save yourself the trouble of visiting different stores and conduct you research online? The idea is to compare the prices and features and choose the one that most suits your budget and requirements.

You should consider this one when looking for a good quality durable product. However, make sure that the pad has a temperature control and an auto off, the latter is for safety considerations. Having such a product certainly helps to have a comfortable sleep, which is essentially required by human body for its rejuvenation and thus prepare itself for the challenges of the next day.


3. Slumber Rest Heated Mattress Pad


The Slumber Rest heated mattress pad is known to perform very well amongst the available brands of heated mattress pads.

It comes in all the different sizes and regarding to wire, you need not have any problem as you won’t feel the wire inside. Within about ten minutes of turning it on, the bed gets warmed. It may take slightly longer when you want to heat a big bed like queen, king or California king size.

When you want to heat the mattress quickly, just cover the bed with a blanket during the preheating period. The idea of using the blanket is to prevent the loss of heat from within the mattress and that results to quicker heating.

This Slumber Rest heated mattress pad has a simple tune for on and off, which means you need to keep it farther from your bed if you don’t want it to turn off while you are sleeping. This heated mattress pad comprises of 140 threads count cotton and polyester quilting, giving a soft and comfortable feeling that allows you to sleep peacefully.

heating mattress pads reviewsking size heated mattress pads

Slumber Rest heated mattress pad comes with 10 setting for temperatures control, enabling the user to adjust the temperature as per requirements. It is also provided with a preheat feature for warming of cold sheets or mattress before bedtime and an auto shut off after ten hours of use with ambient temperature control.

There is also a fine thermos-control system, which automatically switches of the supply as soon as the desired temperature are reached. That surely helps to save you on electricity bills.

The mattress is offered with a five-year warranty.


Points to Consider when shopping for the best heated mattress pad


Here are some points you should bear in mind when shopping for the best heating mattress pad at a very competitive price:

· You should know the size of the bed for which the heated mattress pad would fit.

· When checking the mattress pad, look for the features that best fulfill your requirements and make sure that you don’t feel the wire while sleeping.

· Its wiring is very important. It should preferably be detachable from the pad. See that it can be washed and dried in machine.

· The mattress pad should be made from durable and soft material that is comfortable to sleep on.

· It should offer you power level settings, enabling you to heat the mattress as per your desired temperature.

· It must have provision for an auto switch off after 10 hours or so of use and include a quick warm up setting as well.

· If you require the queen, king or California king size, ensure that the mattress is provided with a dual power control, on either side of the bed.

As far as getting a heated pad at economical price is concerned, here’s the tip. Buy them well before the onset of winter as the dealers and manufacturers raise the prices during winters. At the time of purchase make sure to get the necessary documents confirming that it can be washed and dried in machine.

Reasons to Buy Heated Mattress Pad


Investing in a heated mattress pad needs a prolonged serious thought. There are many options of keeping oneself warm at night and combat winter. One popular way is to keep the whole room heated. That way you warm up everything within the room and that includes its occupants too. However, this proves to be expensive, especially when you heat the room every night.

The other option is to buy an electric heating blanket. These are very light blankets that are kept on the bed. The limitation is that they don’t warm the body from all sides. Alternatively, you may just sleep in warm clothes. This is quite economical but you may not feel very comfortable in bed with so many warm clothes. The other choice is using a heated mattress pad, which has many advantages.

A heated mattress pad is a highly effective way of protecting you from cold temperatures while you sleep, as it covers you from all sides, unlike an electric blanket. Another advantage compared to an electric blanket is that a mattress pad is kept beneath you. Heat goes in an upward direction. So, heat travels from the pad up to your body, keeping you very warm. That makes a heated mattress pad a better solution.

Another convenience of a heated mattress pad is that you get brands that evenly distribute the heat throughout the entire surface and thus keep the whole surface warm. There are no hot and cold spots making it very pleasant and comfortable. It surely is not a pleasant experience to suddenly get a chilly sensation on touching a cold spot while moving in bed. This ensures you have a comfortable sleep, as your body gets warmed evenly. Your head, shoulders, knees and toes, and your arms are protected from cold.


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Moreover, there are brands that can be completely washed and dried in machine. This is a very convenient feature that saves you the labor of washing it with hands. It’s vitally important to keep your bedding pad clean. The fabric with large surface area is prone to attract dirt. In most cases the fabric will have a relatively large surface area. Thus, it will tend to retain a lot of dust, necessitating its frequent cleaning. It is quite convenient to wash the mattress in the washing machine. Apart from that, in between the washes it will be good to vacuum clean your bedding pad for getting it rid dust.

As the heated mattress pad is meant for directly heating your body, there is no need to heat the entire room as much. You could switch off the heater and just use the bedding pad to keep you warm. This surely brings down your energy bills while keeping you and the bed warm all the time, eliminating the unnecessary heating of the entire place. So, you are being energy efficient. Further, heating of a sleeping pad is much faster than heating the whole room which saves your money and time to heat.

It’s a common knowledge that mattress pads help us combat winter, but they offer another benefit too: they help relaxing and rejuvenating muscles. As the heat from the pad warms your body, it causes better circulation of blood that has a therapeutic effect. It contributes to reducing pains and aches. Using this pad is as good as having a nice and long warm hug every time you sleep. It’s a very comfortable experience at the end of a hard day. Imagine the pleasure of being able to snuggle in a warm bed to have your body rejuvenated and getting up fresh and energized the next morning!

Heated mattress pads are often built to include a sensory system, to keep the temperature at a comfortable level that suits your body. A mattress pad gets heated soon after you turn it on, and automatically stops heating on sensing that it has reached an appropriate temperature. This is a great feature that ensures you do not feel a bit too hot or too cold in bed. And, look at its convenience. You are not required to manually fiddle with the controls to get the desired temperature you find comfortable in. Thus, you sleep undisturbed, without having to stay awake to continually adjust the temperature.

With this mattress pad, you need not fear sleeping in bed with electric wire going around it all over. The wires are heavily insulated and laid beneath the pad. Thus, the mattress pads are practically fool proof and remain non-hazardous. Surely, you can sleep without any worries of getting electrocuted in a warm and comfortable bed.

Nevertheless, do take care to read the manual accompanying the equipment and observe prescribed precautions. It’s not difficult to understand that using a heated mattress pad on a waterbed will not be desirable. Exercise a bit of caution and feel the comfort of sleeping in a warm bed.

It’s worth investing in a good heated mattress pad, especially if you live in cold climatic conditions or face severe winters. At the end of a hard day, it’s a nice feeling to have the provision of snuggling into a warm comfortable bed. It keeps you warm and rejuvenates your body for the coming day. It’s energy efficient too and reduces your utility bills in the process.


Advantages of Heated Mattress Pads

I would recommend a heated mattress pad for the following reasons:

They come in a range of colors and fabrics which suit all types of beds. Whether you like the feel of cotton or wool, there is a heated mattress pad to suit you. I find them very easy to wash as well.

Most heated mattress pads come with a temperature control which allows for your bed to be pre-heated before you get in it for a good night’s sleep. Constant temperature is important as we do not want our bodies to have to deal with fluctuations between hot and cold. Heated mattress pads provide this constant temperature.

The best heated mattress pads have dual temperature control. Maybe your husband or wife prefers a slightly warmer or colder bed. Not a problem, they can simply set their side of the bed to whatever temperature they like without you having to sleep in discomfort at the wrong temperature.

Some heated mattress pads allow for your feet to be warmed more than the rest of your body which is perfect for those of us with poor circulation.

Heated mattress pads are easy to fit to your mattress and remain secured throughout the night. If you toss and turn in your sleep they are perfect as opposed to an electric blanket that can be thrown off causing you to become cold.

I find that using a heated mattress pads has a very therapeutic effect on me and seems to soothe away such aches and pains more quickly.


Different Choices with Heated Mattress Pads

Heated mattresses can be categorized on different parameters. The most important obviously, is the kind and quality of material used for its making. Some of the manufacturers, in their efforts to offer low priced items to consumers, opt to use cheaper raw materials for producing the final product.

The two important constituents of the heated mattress include the fabric used and the electrical circuitry and component, which make and affect its operation. The quality of the fabric is very important as it remains in touch with your body while you use the mattress, and poor quality of material could cause skin related problems, apart from wearing sooner than expected.

So, the quality of mattress is to a good extent dependent on the quality of stuffing used, which is turn directly affects the comfort it can provide to the user. Many are available made from ant-allergic materials and are thus safer to use.

The electrical parts should be handled with utmost care to avoid chances of receiving high voltage. The current supply to the bed should always be monitored, because it could prove hazardous to the person sleeping on it if it exceeds certain limits. Apart from controlling the supply of current, the material of the wire and its insulation should not give way, no matter how much ever you move while you are asleep.

Heated mattress pad categorized as per size:

Another decisive factor for selection of matter is its size. You may have a large double sized mattress or a very small one, depending on personal requirements.

The mattress can also be categorized depending on its thickness. As can be expected, the thicker ones are more comfortable as they can accommodate good heating system and connected accessories, but are usually better priced than the thinner variety which gets still thinner over a period and doesn’t remain comfortable to use.

What you generally get varies from one and a half inch to four-inch-thick, though you can have specially made thicker ones.

Classification based on technology used:

While choosing mattresses, people keep in mind the technology employed for heating it, though primarily, all work on electric current. Technology, here, refers to the technique employed for having a control over temperature as everybody has his own comfort level.

The simplest and inexpensive way to control temperature is just to have an on/off switch. Another option provided by manufacturer is to have provision for manual adjustment of temperature to different levels, usually ten.

The advanced designs employ remote controls for the purpose. The hi-tech designs have sensors that keep an auto-check on temperature and control the same of their own as they can sense your requirements after a couple of uses.


Maintaining mattress pad heated

The pads that are now readily available at prices so affordable are equipped with low-voltage heating wires that make them non-hazardous and easily warmed up compared with the previous models manufactured and sold.

They come in dual controllers for each side and allow users to adjust for a comfortable sleep. The mattress pads maintain the original size and do not shrink after washing so the owner can do the easy maintenance herself and maintain the mattress pad heated for her comfortable sleep.

Properly cared for mattress pads are always in good condition and give better performance. The mattress pad is cleaned just like any other home item and appliance. The surface should only be kept clean while electrical heating parts are kept at operating condition. Eating on top is not to be done since this can do no good.

Maintain and keep the mattress pad heated to give the comfort one really should get out of having the gadget. In the same manner, kids playing and jumping on top may break or misalign the electric heating cables and may render the gadget inoperative for the rest of the season when you need it most.

To maintain the mattress pad heated properly, the owner needs to always clean its surface. Daily cleaning of the unit is required being it made of soft, hypoallergenic and quality fabric that touches the owner’s skin. However, the cleaning does not need complicated procedures; just simple dusting makes the pad very clean.

For the electrical parts maintenance, the easy to understand user’s manual has all the detailed instructions that are easy to follow to avoid overheating and prolong the life of the pad.