Allswell Mattress Review

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Allswell Mattress Review

Walmart seems to be keeping up with the trend if the recent launch of Allswell, the company’s latest online-only bedding brand is anything to go by.

They have come up with a design conscious aesthetic that is expected to inspire the imaginations of its users by making it their “Instagram-worthy bed”.

Allwells is no doubt a flagship mattress, thanks to its decision to release two beds, notably the Firmer One and the Softer One.

As much as these two beds share some features in common, they employ distinctively different constructions; while the Firmer One features a hybrid design, the Softer One is an all-foam mattress.

For the sake of this review therefore, we will be looking at each of these separately.


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What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

  • Motion isolation could be improved, especially for the Firmer One

Construction & Materials

allswell mattress review

Some of the common similarities you can expect to get from both of these versions is that they both sleep cool, feature a 12-inch profile and share the same plush topper.

Other than that, each of these mattress feature unique construction and we will be  breaking them down the features you can expect  to find for each.

The Firmer One has been deliberately made with a hybrid design in order to help bring in an all-encompassing sleeping experience. This not only keeps the sleeper supported but will also help in pressure relief.

To help the mattress achieve this much efficiently, it is outfitted with both pocketed coil system and soft foam.

The firmer one


For the cover, you can expect to find a quilted, 3 inches of both super soft  and memory foam. With this blend of foams you get immediate pressure relief, apart from some nice cooling.

Comfort layer

Just under the plush cover, you can expect to find 1 inch of Airflow foam. This is almost identical to memory foam in the sense that it response slowly to pressure, thus giving the sleeper both contouring and pleasant sinkage.

Unlike memory foam however, this material does pretty well in terms of breathability and dispersal of body heat.

Transition layer

The transition layer features 2.5 inches of soft poly foam material. Unlike the one above it, this layer is somewhat firmer and functions as a transition between the soft layer just above it and the pocketed coil system under it. This is the point that you will start to feel the buoyant support, courtesy of the layers below.

Support layer 

This is basically made of 7.5 inches of pocketed coils. This is where the whole bed derives most of its bounce and support. Notably, each of these coils are warped individually. This means that motion isolation and airflow is greatly improved.

The Softer one

The Softer One, unlike the Firmer One is exclusively built from foam. The manufacturer here hoped to come up with a gentle bed that will offer the sleeper just the right pressure relief all night long, thanks to the classic memory foam feel.

The Cover

Just like the Firmer One the Softer One’s cover is quilted with 3-icnh super soft foam. This allows you to sink in right away. To top it all, this cover is breathable and thus allows for some significant cooling for the mattress.

Comfort layer

This is 1.5 inches of pure memory foam. As it blends with the quilted cover, you get 2.5 inches of memory foam that satisfactorily gives you a plush, pressure relieving feel

Contour layer

This layer lies just below the comfort layer. This is where you will meet an inch of the brand’s Airflow Foam. It is noticeably soft to the touch and this is coupled with its slow response to pressure. As such, you can expect to get an extension of your body contouring from the comfort layer all the way deeper into the mattress.

Transition layer 

This is 3 inches of Supersoft foam. This layer does even better on pressure relief compared to the layers on top. It basically acts as a bridge between the top layers and the firmer base below it. This layer basically offers you some lift that will mean you do not feel stuck while lying on the mattress.

Foundation layer

The base layer consists of a solid 5.5 inches of high density poly foam. Apart from giving the mattress its distinctive shape, this layer also helps in offering some deep compression support.

Motion Transfer

If you are planning on sharing your bed with a partner or a friend, then it is important that you determine the amount of disturbance you are likely to face in case they roll over or when they are getting in and out of bed.

You do not want to go through sleepless nights as your partner stumbles to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

To better make an illustration of motion transfer on the Allswell Mattress, we dropped a  10 lb. steel bar from 12 inches, 8 inches and 4 inches high. This was then measured in terms of the disturbance caused.

For the firmer one, we noted high motion transfer results. Notably, the individually warped coils perform pretty well in terms of motion isolation but the bounce noted on the firmer foams at the top do not do much in terms of dissipating the disturbance caused.

As such, you will most likely feel your partner as they move around at night, especially if you are a light sleeper.

For the Softer One, we noted a pretty good job in terms of isolating motion, thanks to its features that offer less bounce. With its thick layers of memory foam, the Softer One absorbs and evenly disperses movement all through the whole structure.

As such, you will not face much disturbance from your mate even as they roll over or get out of bed.

Based on the properties above, it would be fair to recommend Allswell to couples as long as you are both ok with a memory foam feel.

Edge Support

Apart from the overall support that you can expect from a mattress, it is also important that you determine how it performs at the edges in terms of support. This is especially so if you love sleeping just next to the edge or you share your bed and forces you to sleep on extreme ends.

The Firmer One

While lying on your back just near the side of the bed, you will feel comfortably secure just as you would in the center. In this position, your weight will be distributed evenly. In fact, the support layer does a pretty good job at keeping you on top of the bed.

As you scoot all the way to the edge, some slight compression will be notable through the top foam layers but you will still feel solid anyway.

The same firm support will be felt as you roll on your side.

With the pocketed coils system in place, you will not feel stuck even as you sit at the edges. This is the feeling you will get as you sit on your bed in the morning, either putting on your socks or lacing up your shoes.

The softer one

Just like the firmer version, you will notice a similar feeling at the edge just as you do at the centre. As you close into the edges, your body tends to sink through the softer layers but not so much that you will feel you would fall over.

Notably, the cushiony support may appear to affect the edge support for the bed but the former foam at the base does help in maintaining its shape even as you insert more pressure further to the side.  This is a clear indication that you will not struggle much when sitting at the edges in the morning or  just before you retire to bed.

Sleep Trials & Warranty

For the Allswell mattress, you get 100 nights of sleep trial. This should be sufficient amount of time to determine if the mattress fits into your sleep needs. In case you feel this is not meant for you, then you are free to return it within this time and you will get your full refund.

Allswell gives its customers a 10 year limited warranty. Just like most other 10-year warranties, this one is prorated to go hand  in hand with the natural wear and tear of the bed with time. This is a fair industry standard that should give you confidence that the company believes in its product.

Apart from the expected wear and tear, the company promises full refund in case the mattress malfunctions or manufacturing flaws are noted.

The Allswell memory form mattress has two options for shipping. One, you can decide to pay $25 for shipping to your doorstep or two, choose the white glove delivery system where you will incur an additional $99 fee.

With Allswell, all is well as long as its features fit to your specifications.