Best Under Bed Storage: Ideas, Products & Tips

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I was in a very small single house when I was living alone and the space in the house was a very valuable thing to me. I had to utilize that space very well to avoid clutter of things in my house and to make my house look very neat.

I had to put some things under my bed because it was a spacious space doing nothing yet the house was just too small to fit everything in its right own place.

I decided to look for something that I could use for the storage of the shoes and other things under the bed and I was glad to have come across the Dazz Jumbo Under bed Shoe Storage.

I ordered for two from the Amazon online market to use for the shoes and other small things that I wanted to fit there. The next day, I was able to get my ordered Underbed storage and they were looking very nice and long lasting.

I realized how neatly it was made with the polyester cotton on the inside and the cedars are inserted in a good way making them to act as a shield against the odors, insects and mildew that may affect the shoes. It was great to realize that this Under bed shoe storage also has a vinyl window which is good for easy view of the shoes.

This enables me to save so much time when am in a hurry to get a particular pair of shoe from the storage because I can see all of them and pick the one that I want very fast. The natural cotton canvas that is used to make this shoe storage gives it a perfect look and quality that it deserves.

Then it actually fits under my bed very perfectly. In fact the two of them are fitting quite well and I was able to put all my shoes there and there was still some space left for my other items.

I also was glad that just one Jumbo Under bed Storage is capable of carrying up so many pair of shoes. This has saved me so much space in my small house and I love my house so much because it is now very neat and perfectly arranged as I desired.

I was very amazed at how the DAZZ Jumbo Under bed Shoe Storage is big enough to store all my pair of shoes and have some space left yet they are small enough to fit under my one bed. This was just making my life very easy and comfortable in that small house. It even had the side pull handles which I could use to carry them easily and for removing them from under the bed.

I was very pleased to see that I could also fold them away into something looking very small and store them when am not using them at the moment. They are the best Under bed Storage to have.

Do You Really Need Under Bed Storage?

Most of us have a lot of stuffs in our homes but not as much storage space. Add to that the limited size of your bedroom giving no more room for additional cabinets or closets.

Well, if getting your things tidy is one of your main concerns lately, then it’s time to look under the bed. I don’t know if you are aware of it but there’s actually room under the bed for some of your things. And there are lots of great underbed storage ideas that could work well for you.

Your bed doesn’t require a certain height to qualify for usable storage potential; although most of our beds are raised about a foot or more above the ground. What you need to do primarily is to measure the height between the ground and your mattress. Afterward, you can go out to find the things that you need from your local superstore or a home specialty store. Or you could get rid of the old bed and purchase something like a captain’s bed that already have drawers fitted into them for instant underbed storage facilities, however, this would cost you more than what you may be prepared to spend besides not being such a practical idea because where to put the old bed would add to the dilemma of limited space.

If you don’t want something expensive you can buy several plastic boxes in sizes that will fit perfectly under your bed. You can even buy those with wheels or rollers under so they could easily be pulled out when you need to get something in them and you could just as easily roll them back in when you are done. You could choose to have wooden crates or drawers instead of plastic. There are other great ideas especially for containers that are going to be seen. You can be creative and stylish with boxes or baskets that you could wrap in textiles and prints to match your bed sheets or covers. These containers may or may not have lids depending on your preference and creativity.

Some items you could stash inside your underbed storage:

  • Seasonal decorations and apparels
  • Shoes you don’t wear very often
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Seasonal and extra clothes
  • Stuffed toys or toys in general (in the kids’ bedrooms)

While you are thinking about the things to store under your bed which could be anything really, consider also which ones you are going to extract more frequently and which ones will not be needed as much. In this way, you can likewise plan about the positioning of your containers based on the items inside and the number of times you will need access to each one. Remember too that if you are planning to store excessive clothing (stuffed toys included) in your underbed storage, you should make sure the boxes containing them are covered for they are most likely to gather dust and mites if they are not.

Once you have made up your mind, go out there and find the things that you need for your underbed storage, start packing those things, and put a smile on your face for getting your room organized and giving yourself more breathing space.

Tidier Bedroom

If you always end up having a full drawer or closet and you still have a lot to keep, you can go for underbed storage to help you organize your stuffs properly. These are hidden storage boxes that can help you clean up even the messiest room in your home. Storage boxes under the bed are great for hiding unworn winter or summer clothing, towels, toys and extra bedding as well.

Materials for Underbed Storage

Underbed boxes can be made from various materials like wood, plastic or even canvas. Wooden storage boxes that need to fit under the bed usually have runners or wheels at the bottom for easier access.

Plastic of canvas storage boxes, on the other hand, are easier to clean.

Plastics can be easily wiped over while canvas can be stripped for machine wash. Plastic storage boxes usually come in various colors, meaning you can easily find one that will match the color of your room or you may also go for transparent storage boxes.

If you want more style, you may opt for canvas or wooden storage boxes instead. Wood is easy to pain or dye so you can choose the color that will blend with the color scheme of your room.

Your very own Underbed Storage

If you decided to have a canvas or wooden storage box, you might need a hammer or a screw driver to prepare your box for use.

However, you should know that some suppliers can have them setup for you but you can also do it by yourself. If you do not want to go through the trouble of installing a storage box, then you may simply opt for the ones that are made of plastic.

The size of your underbed boxes depend on the material used, as well as the number of boxes that you want to have. There are beds that may come with pre-installed storage boxes or drawers underneath but for those without this feature, you can purchase a storage box for your bed or you can have it customized and installed for you.

An average bed can fit 2 to 4 large, oblong-shaped storage boxes underneath but then again, this depends on the material that you will be using, the size of the box you want and the size of your bed.

Shopping for an Underbed Storage

Underbed storage boxes can be bought in your local store or you can also purchase them online. Some people prefer to do their shopping online as it is easier and more convenient.

You can find a list of suppliers for storage boxes, pick a supplier, purchase a storage box and have them delivered right at your door.

However, before you start with your online shopping, make sure that you have taken the measurements of your bed to determine if the box you want will fit underneath.

You can also contact the supplier’s customer service assistance to help you determine the right size of storage box that you should opt for. You can do this by simply providing the size of your bed or ask what measurements need to be taken in order to find the right box that will fit under your bed.

What are under bed storage boxes?

Under bed storage boxes are next-generation space-saving furniture that transform into a cupboard and a dual-purpose cot. With these boxes, you don’t only keep your room clean and well organized, you also get to save a lot of space. Just among the things you can conveniently keep in your under bed storage boxes are your blankets, linens and other such furnishings as well as the old things you don’t use much but would like to store where you can easily access them should you need them.

What are the benefits and advantages to using under bed storage boxes?

If you find yourself having trouble with lack of space, you will find a nifty solution in under bed storage boxes. It is not uncommon for people to not have enough space in their cabinet, bureaus and cupboards for all the things they keep at home. It’s great how you get to have additional storage space right under your bed. Much unlike bedside cabinets and other such storage bins, you would not need extra floor space for under bed storage boxes.

Many people find themselves experiencing a serious lack of space at home, as the closets and bureaus are filled to the brim with accessories, shoes and clothes. Other items such as DVDs, books and toys are left to create a clutter that messes up what would otherwise have been a lovely site at home. Having a seriously disorganized house can be extremely stressful. It is simply a displeasure to go home tired from work only to find that your home is the least relaxing place there is. This is where a simple problem of lack of space turns into something that could seriously hurt your well being (and that of your family’s too). No wonder things like under bed storage boxes are gaining popularity. People these days have gone all the wiser and have started to see their true value.

If it is the kids’ room that you are trying to organize, toy sets would be the ideal items to store under the bed. Under bed storage boxes are great bins for collections of play figures, building sets and wooden trains. One great advantage you get from the boxes is that you get to keep a toy set all in one container. This is especially important if you are dealing with pricey toys. It makes for a great training ground for kids as well. Early on, you should teach them how it is to be well organized and to have a place for everything. The storage boxes will be a great way to demonstrate organization and keeping things together.

How are under bed storage boxes best used?

You will find under bed storage boxes most ideal in storing items that you don’t always use. Seasonal items are great items to store in these boxes, like Christmas ornaments, seasonal clothing, shoes you rarely use and replacement linens for your bed.

You do have to take on some extra precautions as storing things for too long it is as good as attracting bugs like dust mites. And you don’t want to have them thriving right under your bed. If you are looking to store items than have any type of fabric, a stuffed animal perhaps, make sure that you keep the under bed storage boxes well-sealed. Things you don’t usually use for a very long time, like your winter clothes, make for great moth attractors. So make sure that you take extra precaution.

When planning what to place in your under bed storage boxes, put into consideration the accessibility. Think of how often you usually use the items. Place those that you would need to access more often near the entrance of the bed. If you have a couple of boxes stacked one over the other, make sure that you keep things that you use more often on top of the stack. This is especially important if you have a queen- or king-sized bed. The items that you use the least often, like winter clothes and Christmas ornaments should be right smack in the middle or any area that is least accessible.

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What are the main features of under bed storage boxes?

Under bed storage boxes come in many designs. You would want to look for a couple of features as they will make things more convenient for you. For one, you want the boxes to be made of a sturdy material so they hold their shape. Your things will look much neater this way. Slumped boxes will make for an unpleasant sight under your bed. More so, it is most likely that you will have a couple of these boxes and that you will be placing them on top of each other, so make sure that you choose under bed storage boxes that are stack-able.  And you would want them to be collapsible too so it would not be hard to store them when not in use.

Also, you want your storage boxes to come with matching lids for added protection. You want the lid to be sealed enough to actually protect the contents from unwanted bugs, dust and mold. It would also be very beneficial if the boxes have a viewing window. A transparent part in the box will allow you to survey the contents of the boxes without having to empty all contents or having to open all the wrong boxes before finding what you are looking for. And of course, the boxes would have to fit under your bed. It is important that they have a low-profile design.

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