Can Bed Bugs Live in An Air Mattress?

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Bedbugs are little creatures but can become a great nuisance to sleep once they invade your bed. As such, it is important to take this into consideration when shopping for a mattress.

One of the common mattresses on the market today is the air mattress, but can bedbugs live in an air mattress?

Well, to answer this question, it is important to understand the conditions conducive for bedbugs to live in. To start with, bedbugs love to stay in dark places. This is where they will lay eggs and make a little colony.  They can also burrow into fabrics and make a home in regions with little disturbance and out of sight.

So, is it possible for bedbugs to live in an air mattress?

Not really. This is because an air mattress is majorly made from rubber and therefore do not have any preferable material for bedbugs to live in.

However, this is not to mean that by getting an air mattress, you will get rid of bedbugs completely. Notably, they can still survive in other regions like:

  • Bed frames
  • Fabrics materials
  • Heads of bed screws
  • Under picture frames
  • Wardrobe joints

What to do about bedbugs

By replacing your previous mattress with an air mattress, you are one step ahead in your bid to get rid of these little blood-suckers. Make sure that you get an air mattress with an inflator.

The last thing you would want to experience is an attack from bedbugs that crawl out of their hiding seeking to suck your blood and you also end up spreading them all over the house.

Apart from getting an air mattress, it is also advisable that you get a mattress encasement to help lock out the bugs.

Which bed frames work best with air mattresses to of bedbugs?

Having noticed that getting a good air mattress and use it on the wrong bed frame is pointless in regards to getting rid of bedbugs, it is important to consider replacing your old bed frames.

Bed bugs especially love wooden frames as they live and breed in between the joints. In this regard, we would most prefer that you go for a metal bed frame as this deters the bugs.

Apart from all these measures, however, you also need to take care of the source. Bed bugs do not just show up out of nowhere. They can come in through old stuff introduced into the house or even from visiting guests.

With an air mattress, always ensure that it is properly inflated and fits into the bed. This leaves no room for any bugs finding their way into the bed frame joints. It is recommended that you re-inflate the mattress at least twice a week.

As tiny as they are, bedbugs can be a great bother to your sleep. Before introducing air mattress, ensure that you get the right fumigations services to help you get rid of them once and for all. This will mean near zero chance of them getting back especially with the air mattress in place.

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