Eight Sleep Mattress Review

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The Eight Sleep Mattress  Review

The Eight Sleep mattress  is no doubt one of the most unusually revolutionary mattresses around. This is definitely one that stands out especially considering the fact that it does not only  rely on material properties to offer you the perfect sleep but also makes use of technology. Ever thought of a mattress smart enough to track all your sleeping habits and patterns? Well, here you have it!

Eight Sleep is majorly driven by science and data. This explains why they made it their focus to come up with the most comprehensive sleep improvement and measurement system. With a clear understanding of the sleeper’s needs in terms of challenges faced as they see the most comfortable sleep, Eight Sleep made it their business to introduce the world’s first smart bed.

The Eight Sleep smart mattress comes in three distinct versions, interestingly named after three of our most common planets. These are:

  • Saturn
  • Mars
  • Jupiter

For the sake of this review however, we will focus on the Jupiter.

Cover and Layers

As much as many would take it for granted it is always critical that you understand what the contents of your mattress in terms of its layers. Usually, you may find yourself pushed to the wall by the sweet talk from salesmen who try their best to deflect your focus from asking pertinent questions with their special deals and aesthetics.  The best thing about shopping online however, is the fact that you have all the time in the world to check critically and make worthy comparisons. So what’s inside the Jupiter version of the Eight Sleep mattress?

The cover

The mattress cover makes use of a blend between polyester yarns and Silica Murtzco that works for flame retardancy. There is nothing much to talk about in terms of its design, other than the notable small dots all across the surface. Notably, it is also pretty thin and can be prone to bunching in case some pressure is applied. This thin design however was put in place for a good reason. The mattress cover allows you to engage more effectively with the mattress foams underneath, especially if you choose to use the smart cover.

The layers

The whole mattress is divided into four distinct layers.

The comfort layer – This is 2 inches of reactive poly foam. Its design is made to allow for a good bounce just like latex but at the same time maintain the feel of a foam mattress.

Contouring layer – This stands just below the comfort layer and helps support the upper layer in offering a good bounce and support.  With a combination of the two layers, you get to reap the benefits of memory foam while at the same time maintain mobility.

Transitional layer – The comfort layers are specifically designed to offer contouring and cooling. As you move further in to the third layer, you will notice foams specifically focused on support. This starts right from the supportive transition poly foam. It is meant to help in proper distribution of weight apart from being a transitional layer between the comfort layers at the top and the base layer.

The base layer – This is made of high density foam and stands at 4 inches thick. This layer helps  provide overall durability to the mattress. It adds just the right amount of firmness to the mattress and most importantly, it is breathable. With this base layer, the mattress maintains its distinct shape.

How “Smart” Is The Eight Sleep Mattress Cover?

One thing that sets the Eight Sleep mattress cover is its  ‘smart’ properties that make use of technology to offer you even better sleep. It is designed complete with movement and information gathering sensors all though the cover and these synch to a sleep app that is compatible with both android and iPhones.

Each morning, you will be met with a customized report already compiled through the night based on your sleep pattern. This helps give insight on how your sleep was. As such, you will be in a position to view your sleep trends in terms of the instances you woke up, when you got into REM and how long you were there.

You will also get reports on your breathing, heartbeat and such interesting insights. In fact, the app can even help you perform an experiment that will let you know how things like taking caffeine or exercise affects your sleep.

The smart cover also syncs with other smart systems in your household through Wi-Fi. This therefore gives you many options to go for in terms of customizing your sleep environment. The other notable feature in the cover is the multi-setting white noise player that helps you get to sleep much easily. You will also notice a warming feature that also has a timer and it works independently for each of your bed’s sides. This means that if you are sleeping with a partner, each of you can choose their ideal temperature specifications.

With the inbuilt sensors, you have a rare opportunity to track your stages of sleep and even determine if you have a deep or light sleep. The best thing about the top layer of this mattress’ cover is that it  can be unzipped and therefore washable. However, the bottom layer should not be washed since this is where all the electronics are located

Eight Sleep Mattress Firmness and Sinkage

As much as Eight Sleep comes in different models meant to diversity the firmness levels, Jupiter+ comes in a distinct one firmness setting.

To make a test how this mattress would perform on sinkage, we used a 130 pounds tester directly to cover an area of around 9 by 7 inches. With this, we noticed that this sleeper sunk in about 6 inches and so this puts this mattress on the firm end of the test spectrum.

Notably, the indentation load reflection at each of its layers are proprietary. With this test however, you have an idea of how firm this mattress can be.

As such, on a scale of one to ten where ten is on the extreme firm while one is on the extreme plush, we would rate the Jupiter+ a 6.5. This basically means that stomach sleepers as well as those with more weight can comfortably use this mattress.

Feel and Comfort

Now that we have an idea of what constitutes the Jupiter+ mattress, it’s high time we looked at how its blend of materials affects the overall feel. As you lay down on the mattress, you can definitely feel the memory foam beneath you. We also notice the quick contour that usually happens to your body for this type of mattress but this aspect resumes to its form pretty quickly as you release pressure.

While some may try to test the firmness of a mattress by pushing into the mattress with the hand, this may not really work efficiently with this mattress as you cannot detect the memory form. So the best way to do this is to lie down.

As you lie on your side, you will notice that the mattress clearly conforms to your shoulder and pelvic areas. This therefore means that the mattress can easily release the pressure points usually associated with these areas.

We believe that Eight Sleep did a pretty good job when it comes to creating a product that overcomes the common challenge of pressure points by offering that extra amount of bounce courtesy of its reactive poly foam found in the first layer.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Extremely comfy with great body support
  • Use of smart technology ensures you track your sleep pattern
  • Bed warming works independently on both sides of the bed
  • Pressure relief without feeling stuck
  • Home integration through IFTTT


  • Comes in one firmness level

Sleep Trial, Warranty and Shipping

Eight Sleep offers 100 nights of trial. In case of any issue that becomes uncomfortable for you to sleep on the mattress, Eight Sleep will make arrangements with you on how best to dispose the mattress. When this happens, there are no shipping fees and you get your full refund. In case you decide to purchase the tracking technology together with your mattress, this will also be included in the trial package. Notably, the smart technology comes in two pieces. You can therefore return each of them separately for a partial refund.

Eight Sleep offers a warranty of 10 years. In case you encounter any manufacturing defect in the mattress within this period, you are free to return it back for a refund. However, research shows that customers of the mattress feel that considering the much that this mattress promises, especially on technology, its warranty period ought to improved.

The company does shipping for free in the United States and you can expect to get your package within 7 days. The mattress is neatly packages in an easy-to-open box and you can expect to take a few minutes to unbox it.

Generally, this is a mattress to go for especially considering the digital generation that is more conscious about what technology can do.

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