Luma Mattress Review

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Luma sleep is a relatively new bed-in-a box company operating and selling sleep products online.

They have the Luma mattress as their flagship product. This is a latex hybrid mattress made with pocketing spring coils and Talalay latex. Apart from this, Luma also offers two other types of mattresses

Notably, Luma sells its mattresses exclusively from its website. This ensures that they have the right control over the supply, demand, and quality of their product.

The luma mattress has been in the market since 2015 and has since received favorable reviews from users. Some of the common features that make the Luma mattress stand out to include the following:

Luma Mattress Customizable Comfort

Ever wanted to have a mattress that can fit in any specification you wish to achieve? Well, the Luma mattress does just that.

You can get this mattress in three different levels of firmness. What’s more, users are given up to one year to change their firmness preference in case they are not comfortable with their current mattress.

Highly Responsive

Luma mattress is made from high-quality Talalay latex, one of the most responsive materials around.

As such, it helps to play along with the contours of your body by giving you neck, back and joints support just at the right spots.


Considering the open-cell latex is all-natural, it is way more breathable compared to memory foam.

In addition to this, the mattress’ Talalay foam is ventilated to help increase airflow.

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Luma Mattress Construction & Materials

Luma sleep mattress firmness

The Luma mattress cover features a Tencel fabric. This explains why it is soft to the touch and moisture wicking. Notably, the cover can be removed by unzipping it. However, it is important to note that it is not machine washable. Apart from helping cover the mattress completely, it also acts as the protector to the inner layers.

Luma is an 11-inch hybrid mattress that involves three distinct layers:

  • Comfort layer
  • Innerspring support layer
  • Base layer
  • Comfort Layer
  • Innerspring Support Layer
  • Base Layer


The Comfort Layer

Luma sleep comfort layer


This is the top layers and is 1.5 Inches thick, made of ventilated Talalay latex.

This is the layer mandated with making sure that your neck, back and joints get the right contouring thus giving you the most comfortable surface to sleep on.

Innerspring Support Layer

Luma sleep mattress review


This basically forms the bulk of the whole mattress and measures 8 inches thick.

This layer is solely made of coil core springs. Each of these springs is pocketed to stand along so as to act independently from the rest.

This construction ensures that the mattress conforms to the body of the sleeper.

Base Layer

Luma sleep mattress base layer


This part of the mattress features an extra-dense layer of foam in HD.

It basically works as a foundation that protects the innerspring coils while at the same time acting as a responsive foam surface to help in support.

Luma Mattress Performance

Generally, the Luma mattress receives high ratings especially based on the fact that it can be easily customized.

It ensures that the user chooses the firmness option that best suits them. However, it doesn’t mean that the mattress will be perfect for everyone.

Considering that the Luma mattress is actually the basic model from Luma, it may still leave certain types of sleepers unsatisfied.

Now let’s take a close look at how this mattress actually performs in various instances.

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Luma Mattress Motion Transfer and Bounce

Well, we understand that sometimes, you may need to share your mattress with someone else. However, this should not be a license to have a sleepless night courtesy of their unrest on the mattress.

It is therefore important to determine how best your mattress can isolate motion to prevent you from disturbance caused by your partner as they get off, on or rolling over on the mattress.


Luma mattress’ ability to isolate motion is solely dependent on the firmness level you choose to go for.

Notably, the firm and medium option have been reported to isolate motion pretty well but from user reviews, the plush version does not offer much in regard to motion isolation.

However, the plush option does have a better bounce, something that may excite most sleepers too. At the end of the day, it should be upon you to choose between motion isolation and the need to have just the right bounce.

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Edge Support

Just like motion isolation, the firmness level of your mattress determines how supportive its edge is.

While some sleepers prefer sleeping just closer to the edge, others simply love to feel their legs or hands dangle off the bed.

This is where you would need to go for a mattress that does not sag at the edges when pressure is applied.

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The Luma Mattress is made from high-quality Talalay latex that is known not only for its responsiveness but also its durability.

Considering that its innersprings are expertly pocketed, coupled with the protection of the firms base layer, this mattress is pretty durable compared to the industry standards.


When it comes to firmness, we prefer to measure it on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is extremely soft and ten is on the extreme firmness.

The firmness levels in this case, will correspond with the three firmness options available for the mattress.

Luma Sleep Firmness

The plush option – has a firmness rating of 4. This comes to effect considering the Talalay latex comfort layer used that is very soft. As a result, this layer sinks in much easier. This, therefore, means that heavier sleepers may face challenges sleeping on it as they will be feeling trapped or stuck into the mattress.

However, side sleepers may potentially like this option as it has better motion and bounce transfer.

The medium-firm option – for this option, we rate it a 6. It is much firmer than the plush option. As much as it may still leave some sleepers unsatisfied, it is generally ideal for most sleeper types. With this firmness level, you can expect to get a slight bounce and low motion transfer.

Firm option – We rate this option a 7 in firmness. It is quite firm, so much that some sleepers have complained of pains and aches. As such this may not be the best option for side sleepers but works just fine for stomach and heavier sleepers.

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Sleeping Cool & Temperature Regulation

Research shows that sleeping in a cooler environment helps induce sleep. This explains why all the materials used on making the Luma mattress promote efficient air flow.

Well, foam is known to be the least breathable materials. For this mattress, however, the foam used is not only quite thin but also well ventilated to prevent any chances of heat buildup.

On the other hand, the cover helps bring in the cool feel, thanks to its breathable Tencel fabric that wicks moisture, thus preventing you from waking up feeling sweaty.

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Caring for Your Luma Mattress

Right from unboxing, the Luma mattress is practically ready for use.

Always ensure that the cover is completely zipped and secured. This helps prevent moisture and allergens from getting in contact with the mattress. Any sign of such exposure may spell doom as it voids the warranty that covers the mattress.

Luma recommends spot washing for the mattress in case it gets dirty. Notably, the cover is not machine-washable but in case it is extremely dirty, it can simply be dry-cleaned.

As already established, the Luma mattress only features three layers. This typically means that it cannot be flipped over. However, you can basically increase the life of the mattress by rotating it 10 degrees after every three to six months.

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Sleep Trials & Warranty

By buying the Luma mattress, you get up to 100 days of trial. During this time, you are at liberty to return the mattress and demand your full refund or simply opt to go for a different firmness option.

As much as the window to return the mattress for full refund ends at 100 days there is still some allowance to exchange the mattress for a period of one year after the purchase.

As for the warranty, the company offers a 10-year warranty. During this period, the company offers to cover for any manufacturing defects as well as some wear and tear like cracks, sagging or broken zippers.

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