Luxi Mattress Review

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Luxi mattress review

The Luxi Mattress Review

The Luxi mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress that perfectly blends latex and foam to give you the comfort you desire. This mattress stands out, thanks to its unique adjustable feature; you can practically split and flip each single layer.

Basically, the luxury mattress gives you the chance to customize how firm you want your bed to be. In fact, you can simply adjust your individual side of the bed by rearranging the order of the foam layers inside. By allowing the sleeper to interact with each layer, the Luxi mattress gives a completely personalized sleeping sensation.


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The Pros & Cons

What We Liked

  • checkIt is fully customizable into multiple firmness options
  • checkOffers amplified contouring to the sleeper
  • checkThe split foam construction ideal for couples and partners sharing the bed.
  • checkRevolutionary Support Balance technology (SBT)

What We Didn’t Like

  • Notable initial off-gassing but fades off with time
  • Edge support could be made better
  • Uncertain lifespan of the mattress due to the short company history


Construction & Materials

As much as this mattress comes in the standard 10-inch construction, the Luxi mattress has many other unique features that set it apart from the rest that we have tested.

Ideally, it comes in four basic layers of foam. By flipping over these layers, you get the soft, firm and medium feel. A look at the soft version of the mattress gives you the perfect impression of the whole mattress in regard to its construction.

The main sections to consider in regard to the construction of this mattress are shown below. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

  • Cover
  • Comfort layer
  • Pressure relief layer
  • Support layer
  • Foundation layer

luxi mattress reviews 2018

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The Cover

Luxi mattress review

The cover of the Luxi mattress features a perfect combination of viscose and polyester materials. Research shows that viscose is an absorbent material and this in turn means that the user will sleep cool.

Apart from these two materials however, this section also features a little amount of memory foam and this helps provide the sleeper with immediate relief and comfort.

Based on these materials, you can also expect it to be comfortable, breathable and elastic. Notably, the cover features a “waterfall edge” design. This means the edge is more rounded on the lines and this basically helps to improve the visual appeal of the mattress.

The Comfort Layer

Luxi mattress reviews

This layer features what Luxi likes to call the SBT (Support, Bounce and Technology) layer. This would naturally mean that the layer is pretty firm and would quickly respond to pressure.

On the technological front, the layer has small series of channels running through it to give just the right contouring and pockets of airflow.

This layer is 1.5 inches thick and made of Dunlop latex. The aeration provided by the combination means that you do not have to worry about feeling sweaty while in your sleep.

Pressure Relief Layer

luxi mattress reviews hybrid

This is a 1-inch memory foam found just below the comfort layer.

Apart from its quick response to pressure, it complements the comfort layer in contouring your body.

Notably, this regular memory foam layer also acts as a transitional layer between the layer of latex and the foam heads.

Support Layer

luxi mattress support layer

This layer comprises of 1 inch of LuxiTex foam, the brand’s proprietary, almost similar to latex.

As such, the LuxiTex foam, just like latex helps keep sleep cool while at the same time responding quickly to pressure. With this layer, the sleep will be conveniently lifted and will not feel stuck into the mattress while sleeping.

Please note, based on the flipping ability, this layer would have to be placed on top in order to get that medium firm feel.

Foundation Layer

luxi sleep mattress review layers

This is basically the base of the bed and features high density polyfoam.

Apart from being the source of the mattresses durability, it also helps to support the whole structure.

In case you wanted to have the firm version of this bed, this layer would be placed on top, with the SBT layer following then the rest of the layers.

Overall Construction Rating


Luxi Mattress Firmness

Having looked at the construction lets shift to the actual firmness you can expect to have on your Luxi mattress.

Notably for queen sizes and above, the adjustable bed gives you split firmness levels. This means that in case you are sleeping as a couple or with a partner, each of you can customize their firmness levels.

For instance, if you like it soft and your partner loves it firm, then you can literally achieve this by flipping your side of the same mattress.

On the soft option of the mattress, we noticed that pressing your hand into the mattress, you immediately interact with the soft memory foam that is quilted into the cover. There was also a nice contouring on the hand and this helps provide instant pressure relief.

By pushing in further into the mattress, you would come to contact with the SBT layer which practically lengthened the contouring that was already developing on the comfort layer and this goes all through to the rest of the bed.

The fact that this bed allows even deeper contours just makes its unique. This is made possible by the high quality memory foam heads that are made to collapse in case a heavier sleeper uses it. With this contouring, it becomes much easier for h the mattress to streamline into the shape of your body no matter your sleeping position.

Luxi Mattress Motion Transfer and Bounce

Nothing pleases a sleeper like a mattress with just the right bounce. In this regard, we tested the medium firmness side of the mattress whereby the top layer was the latex.

With this layer on top, you would notice a slight but pronounced push-back. As such this option provides you with impressive comfort and a serious support, thanks to its workable bounce.

Luxi mattress motion transfer

In regard to the contouring capabilities, the Luxi mattress posts enviable and rather impressive results. The mattress works for all types of sleeping positions especially the back and side sleeping positions.

For stomach sleepers however, flipping to the softer option would be most ideal.

In regards to motion transfer, the Luxi mattress is pretty average. Notably, the SBT layer does a good job in dissipating motion interference across the whole surface. However, its all-foam construction seems to be a hindrance to its ability to fully dissipate movement.

Having said this however, it is important to note that the disturbance that is likely to be caused by your partners may not be pronounced enough to a point of messing with your sleep, unless you are a really light sleeper.

Edge Support

At some point, you may need to use the entire surface of your bed, especially when you are sharing the bed.  This is where the importance of the right edge support comes in.

While lying on your back, you would notice the same feeling of support as you would in the center. However, as you scoot to the edge of the mattress you will detect some compression forming through the top foam layers.

luxi mattress edge support

Edge support

As much as the SBT layer will particularly contour your body, you will not feel insecure or stuck. By rolling on your side, you can still experience the compression. At this point though, the top foam layers will be hugging your body, shaping to cradle your shoulders and hips. Even with so much sinkage in this position, you will still feel firm and solid at the edge but not as much as it should be.


Sleeping Cool

In regard to temperature regulation and sleeping cool, this mattress performs averagely well compared to the industry standards on all foam mattresses.

The Dunlop latex used in its construction cools down much quicker.

This topper layers was meant to neutralize the heat buildup from the all foam layers below. With this combination, you not only get the best memory foam feel but also sleep cool.

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Sleep Trials & Warranty

Luxi seems quite confident with its mattress, offering up to 100 days of sleep trial.

In connection with this, there is a 30 day break in period. Users are therefore expected to use the mattress within this period and before they can be eligible o get full refund.

On warranty, Luxi offers up 10 years of cover against product defects. This warranty starts on the date of purchase. This means that the company commits to replace or repair all mattresses deemed faulty as long as the warranty period is still active.

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Final verdict

With all said and done, the Luxi mattress stands out in a league of its own and does cater for a wide range of sleepers.

We liked the fact that it can be fully customizable through its revolutionary flip-it and split-it system.

What’s more, the Luxi mattress does abide by the medical necessities of sleepers struggling with certain conditions, thanks to its perfect contouring.

It is also worth noting that the mattress is made in the United States. This should give you full confidence that the entire manufacturing process is fully certified and meets the highest standards possible. As much as it may not be the best fit for everyone, it does accommodate most sleepers.

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