melatrol natural sleep aidPregnancy is a very blissful moment for a couple, especially for the woman. But, sometimes pregnancy is not as easy as others might experience it to be. There are certain situations that soon-to-be-mothers experience discomfort and one of them is insomnia.

A sleeping disorder, such as insomnia, is not uncommon for pregnant women.

Pregnant women may experience insomnia because of pregnancy-induced pains and discomforts. It is difficult and uncomfortable for them to sleep because of their growing tummy. Pregnancy insomnia usually occurs during the last trimester. This results in common pregnancy complaints like nausea, cramps, heartburn, body aches, and frequent urination.

Finding ways to reduce pregnancy insomnia is by experimenting with sleeping positions like sleeping on your side. It also helps to drink plenty of water in the morning but reduce fluid intake before bed time to curb frequent urination. Add comfortable pillows on your bed. Taking a warm bath and have a soft massage before sleeping to reduce stress may also help. Play relaxing music, turn on the TV, or read a book when you are about to sleep. Practice deep relaxation breathing techniques like the method taught in pregnancy classes.

If these things don’t work, taking natural sleeping aid like Melatrol may be beneficial. But, before taking any supplements, remember to ask your doctor if this is safe for you and the baby. Although, it contains natural ingredients and has no known side effects when taken by pregnant women, it is still important to check first with your healthcare provider.