Best OTC Sleep Aids and Sleep Machines: Reviews, Comparisons, and Buyers Guide

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emwave solution for better health

EmWave Solution

If you are looking for a drug free way to solve to your stress related sleep problems then look no further than the emWave solution.

The emWave Solution includes a Personal Stress Reliever (PSR) and a better sleep guide combined these powerful tools and techniques help you to reset your natural body rhythms allowing you to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

This personal stress reliever was developed after 15 years of research into the relationship of the heart, brain, emotions and stress. It will help you to attain better health, more energy and improve your emotional and mental clarity.

Product Features

  • Includes the Solution for Better Sleep Guide and the Coherence Coach CD
  • Adjustable LED brightness and audio feedback levels
  • Advanced user mode
  • Four challenge levels to help you sharpen your coherence building skills
  • Free user orientation calls, online training and lifetime customer support

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Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock Light Box

natural dawn simulator

This cutting edge dawn simulator from Sunrise Systems can help you wake up naturally and feeling refreshed and if you suffer from the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) this sunrise simulator can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with light therapy devices.

Simulating dawn helps your body to maintain its natural circadian rhythms which in turn helps to greatly improve or adjust sleep phase disorders.

The BlueMax Sunrise System comes with a full spectrum bulb used to simulate sunrise as well as a warm bulb which is used to simulate sunset. This dawn simulator can be set to use both dusk and dawn or just the sunrise simulator to wake you up in the morning.

Unlike other systems the BlueMax Sunrise System comes with heaps of other features to really help you get a good nights sleep.

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One feature we really liked was the high quality built in MP3 player with a headphone socket making it perfect for use with the SleepPhone System (headphones you can sleep in).

You can either download your own mp3′s to the player or listen to the supplied MMC smart card with pre-recorded sleep sounds.

You can set the system so that you can fall asleep to a perfect sunset while listening to natural sounds such as ocean waves on the MP3 player and be woken up in the morning to a natural sunrise and we recommend downloading a bird song MP3 to go with your sunrise for a completely natural start to the day!

​Additional Features

The BlueMax Sunrise system really is crammed full of extra features there is even a random security light option for when your away from home – that’s if you can bear to leave home with out it!

  • Wake up gently to simulated sunrise
  • Relax to restful sleep with simulated sunset
  • Quality stereo MP3 player
  • Wake up to your own choice of music or a downloaded MP3 file
  • Relax to sleep sounds or music
  • Sunrise & sunset programmable between 15 to 90 minutes
  • Unit comes with (1)60w full spectrum bulb + (1)60w warm bulb
  • Supplied with free MMC smart card with pre-recorded sleep sounds
  • 7 day programmable alarm with optional audible alarm
  • Large backlit display clearly indicates the function being altered/set
  • Random security light option while you are away
  • Power fail back up

NOZOVENT Anti-Snore Scandinavian Formula


The NOZOVENT Anti-Snore Scandinavian Formula is clinically proven to help prevent snoring by opening the nasal passages to increase air flow.

For most patients NOZOVENT greatly reduces the severity and frequency or totally eliminates snoring

This device also helps to reduce unhealthy mouth breathing for those who find it hard to breathe through their nose.

It is also ideal for anyone suffering with nasal restrictions from colds or allergies or people with mild sleep apnea.

The plastic strips can be reused several times and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. We liked NOZOVENT because it is a very affordable, effective and easy to use anti-snore solution.

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SleepPhones System: Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD

sleephone system review

If you have a partner that snores loudly for most of the night and is driving you nuts then you’ll want to get your hands on the SleepPhone™ earphone set.

Whether it’s a partners snoring, other annoying noises or if you just have trouble sleeping this wonderful product will almost guarantee you a good night’s sleep.

Block out that endless snoring sound and gently fall asleep, listening in comfort to your favourite tracks on your MP3 or natural sounds such as the supplied ocean waves CD with built in binaural beats which help your brain to sleep.

The SleepPhone system is the first headphone set designed for sleeping in and consists of a specially designed handmade headphone set that you wear in the same way as a headband.

Unlike the standard earphones that come with most mp3 players it is soft and incredibly comfortable to wear.

If you’ve ever tried to sleep wearing normal earphones you’ll know that even the the softer rubber ones are extremely uncomfortable after a while especially if you sleep on your side. Apart from the discomfort sleeping in them can damage the inside of your ears causing ulcers and ear infections.

The SleepPhone system headsets are specially designed for comfort and safety and are fully adjustable, the head phones are of a very high quality with noise cancellation and dolby sound and unlike normal earphones can even be washed!​

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Brez Anti Snore Premium Nasal Breathing Aid

Brez anti snore nasal strips

Brez is different from the usual anti-snore strips because it works from inside the nasal passage to gently lift and expand the walls of your nose.

It sounds uncomfortable but really it isn’t!

Opening and supporting the nasal airway stops snoring and reduces vibration which also helps you to get better more refreshing sleep.

In tests 88 percent of snorers partners reported that they had much improved sleep when Brez nasal breathing aid was used by the snorer!

  • Clinically Proven to Significantly Reduce Snoring
  • Fits Comfortably Inside Nasal Passages
  • Drug Free, Latex Free & Adhesive Free
  • Soft & Pliable

The bed is eleven inches off the floor while the distance between the top bunk and the bottom bunk is 31 inches (bedding excluded).

Are you worried that you might get scratched by the roughness of the wood? Don’t worry because it has been coated with finish that is smooth. The finish allows for no cracks and scratches in future.

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The Snoreclipse Snoring Solution

snoreclipse snoring solution

The Snoreclipse Snoring Solution is ideal for people that snore through their nose.

Containing rare earth magnets it works by applying a comfortable pressure on the septum (the part of the nose that divides the two nostrils), a light pressure encourages increased circulation and opens the nasal passages preventing snoring.

The Snoreclipse Snoring Solution will not work for people whose snoring is caused by relaxed throat muscles but has a very high success rate for nose snorers.

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CHI FLOW CY106L – Chi Machine

chi machine reviews

This Chi Machine is great for both getting in to shape and restoring your sleep pattern.

The Chi Flow machine helps to increase blood circulation and relieve stress by helping you to exercise effortlessly.

The Chi machine LCD control lets you choose from several different programs at various speeds.


  • Eliminates fatigue and reinforces healthy sleep patterns
  • Increases blood circulation and blood production
  • Alleviates stress-related conditions
  • Relieves upper and lower back pain & much more!

Engineered to the highest standards the Chi Flow passive aerobic exerciser will revitalize you, increase your well being and balance your body’s Chi.

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SnoreStop Extinguisher

Snore stop extinguisher sleep aidTaking the homoeopathic approach the Snorestop Extinguisher is a viable alternative to chemical nasal sprays, containing 100% natural ingredients it works by clearing the nasal airways to help you breath freely and quietly.

The Snorestop Extinguisher formula is simple to use and is particularly helpful to those whose snoring is caused by respiratory congestion such as sinus problems. In tests an independent randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study found SnoreStop Maximum Strength Formula to be effective for 79.5% of the treatment group with no side effects!

Use the link below to get more information on SnoreStop Spray or to order this product from Amazon:

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Better sleep with The Stress Shield

stress-shieldThis amazing pocket sized gadget works by emitting a subtle energy known as a scalar field. Utilizing physics conceived by Nikola Tesla the Stress Shield aims to relieve nervous stress and allow your body and mind to relax and achieve deeper sleep states.

The Stress Shield also reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution from electrical and electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and wireless network signals placing you in a protective energy bubble.

If you’ve ever suffered from jet lag you’ll be pleased to know that the device also helps to prevent jet lag and the effects of travelling across the Earth’s magnetic field lines by air.

Benefits Include

  • Stress relief
  • Increased energy levels
  • Delayed and reduced fatigue
  • Calmer and happier mood
  • Significant reduction or elimination of insomnia or sleep disorders

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