Wax Ear Plugs For Sleeping: What You Should Know

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Whilst not everybody’s cup of tea, my personal favorite earplugs for sleeping is the wax ear plugs. Usually arranged in order of NNR, bear in mind that it’s usually a lot more important to find an ear plug that fits you comfortably.

Ear Plugs were a godsend to me when I first tried them on. I had always had problems sleeping and having a new partner that was a big snorer made things even worse. I had tried listening to ambient music and whale sounds from the best white noise machines, but things only started to improve when I bought some of my very own sleeping ear plugs.

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My first pair were some cheap disposable foam ear plugs. Although they made a massive difference, I found that they would often fall out. And even when they didn’t, they sometimes disturbed my sleep so that I would end up taking them out of my ears whilst half asleep once I had started nodding off.

After my first pair I went on a mission to find the most suitable ear plugs for me. I had a pair of cheap silicone ones for a fair amount of time and then ended up buying some higher end professional foam ear plugs.

Today I only ever use wax ear plugs for sleeping. For most people these aren’t the most suitable, but for me they are the only option.

I initially bought these due to a desire to go online and find some ear plugs that fit extremely comfortably, block out noises and most importantly; didn’t hurt when I was sleeping on my side (I am a bit fidget when I’m sleeping).

Just like the research I had undertaken had indicated to me, the wax earplugs I ended up buying from Amazon were comfortable, formed well to my ear and proceeded to blocked out more noise than I had experienced with any form of foam ear plug before.

Unlike most ear plugs, for me they are ridiculously comfortable due to the wax and the way it molds to fit in your ear. One great benefits to good wax ear plugs is that they can sometimes be trimmed to customize them perfectly to your ear.

My girlfriend snores, shocking considering how girly she is, to the point where I feel like a woman married to some kind of deep sleeping monster. It’s absolutely hellish and initially I started getting really worried about her.

Wax Ear Plugs for Sleeping really do muffle out the sound extremely well. When I first started having these problems, knowing nothing about ear plugs, I would genuinely have paid money upto the £100’s range (yes, I am British).

Some people report problems with getting them out in the mornings, it’s always been an absolute breeze, perhaps due to the shape of my ear or something? They’ve always held together fine so I’m never worried about getting bits stuck in my ear or anything along those lines. My only advice would be to try to make effort to clean your ears out of wax once in a while (if you don’t do that already).

Cheap and poorer quality wax earplugs tend to be less reusable. However, a good pair of wax ear plugs for sleeping are the best you can get! Malliable, comfortable, EXTREMELY effective, soft and they will last a good number of days.

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  1. Maybe wax earplugs as you pointed out are ones that I’ll get are custom earplugs for sleeping since you said that it’s comfortable. I was not aware that the way they fit into one’s ear is really unique and blocks lots of sounds. I’ll be sure to ask around if the custom earplugs allow trimming as you suggested since I know that they might need some trimming just in case I buy some online.


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