Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart Review

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Many of us have been looking for the best underbed storage, one that can fit almost anywhere aside from under our beds.

We search at almost anywhere and even surf the Internet just for this storage. How important is underbed storage, that we should be looking for the best?

Well, it depends on how you will use them. As for me, it is needed for some shoes, toys and maybe a few of my bedsheets and pillowcases. How about you?

So while I was searching Amazon, I stumbled upon this product: Whitmor 6023-304-SW Rolling Underbed Cart. Yes, an underbed cart! Wow!

Who would not want an underbed cart for such a cheap price? It seems easier to have one, since it has wheels. According to its manufacturer; it is convenient, durable and made of heavy duty plastic. It is 23.7 x 6.3 x 24 inches and 5.6 pounds. And so I bought them! Let’s have a look.

Whitmor 6023-304-SW Rolling Underbed Cart, White
The underbed cart was easy to assemble and use. It will take you around 10 minutes to assemble. And voila! You have an underbed cart! It sure can hold toys, shirts, and other items, and can be useful not only under the bed but also in other place. At the kitchen, to store some of your kitchen supplies; inside the garage for some tools and even on your walk-in closets for some shoes, slippers and more. How flexible can this cart be? And as soon as I used them, organizing and cleaning has never been easier.

Everything was in its place for a couple of minutes. Plus pushing and pulling the cart made it easier to clean the underbed and other areas of the house, since I don’t have to stock other kinds of storages or boxes.

But, oops, I think there’s a catch.

As I was trying to use it at the living room to pile some magazines and store under the center table, it was kind of disoriented, like some drunkard rolling on the other side instead of its usual course.

And yes, it should not be piled with heavy items since it’s not as durable as it says it should be. It sagged as I put on the magazines and was afraid to add more, since it might break. The wheels were not stable now and would fall off. Uh-oh, so how was that for the Best Underbed Storage in the World.

As a whole, I’d still say this cart is worth it for.


I can find use for it, just not stacked too much on it or put on heavy materials. And also to remember not to put it on a carpeted floor, it is best to use on a smooth floor. But perhaps, if they made it a little sturdier and up the price to $20-$25 and made it a little wider, it would be the best out of all the underbed storage.

Since, it is easy to move, would not accumulate dust and really very convenient especially for busy mothers like me. What do you think?

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