Write for Us: We Are Now Accepting Guest Posts From Bloggers & Talented Writers

You can now write for us!

Snorezing delivers engaging content and ideas that educate, motivate, and inspire our readers to adopt healthy sleep habits.

We are always looking for sleep researchers and enthusiastic healthy sleep proponents to contribute to our blog. If you’re a talented writer with ideas that can improve sleep quality, we welcome you to contribute a guest post here.

Our editorial team will work closely with you to deliver the best story possible- one that not only educates but also entertains and provokes thought. At the same time, we will promote your message by sharing it with our readers and interlinking it with other related posts on the blog.

What Topics Can I Write About

We are proponents for healthy sleep habits and therefore we publish posts that are closely tied to sleep. Choosing a topic that is closely related to our healthy sleep philosophy will help your article go live earlier. Do not send us guest post pitches for unrelated topics.

Topics covering new, innovative, and revolutionary products/discoveries that help make sleep better will be a great resource for the Snorezing community.

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Original Posts: We ask that posts submitted to Snorezing.Com be original and exclusive to this blog. We do not accept posts that have been published elsewhere (even on your personal blog) or ones that you’re planning to distribute to other sites.
  2. Content Ownership: All articles written for Snorezing become the property of Snorezing and cannot be redistributed/published elsewhere.
  3. Word Count: Posts must be a minimum of 1500 words in length and without filler content.
  4. We are not interested in SEO-Motivated Guest Posts: If the sole reason you’re submitting articles is to link up keywords in order to improve website rankings, then we are not interested. If your submission or bio references a product/service that is not in line with our healthy sleep philosophy, then we are not interested.
  5. Bio and Promotion: Since we do not compensate guest post contributors, we are happy to include a brief author bio with a link to your website or social media accounts. You can also include outbound links in your post, but those must be related to the topic of your article.
  6. Health Claims: If you mention a study or statistics in your guest post, please make sure you link to it. If you are making claims that a certain habit/practice is healthy for sleep, please tell us how you know. Ideally, you’d do this by linking to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals or credible news websites. This allows our readers to follow your line of thought and further investigate the claims for themselves.
  7. Editing: We reserve the right to edit all submissions (but we will never publish a substantive change without discussing it with you first). We reserve the right to change the Title and add keywords for SEO optimization.

Ready to Write for Us?

  • Start by thinking of 2-3 interesting topics and pitch them by email to [email protected]. Make sure the subject of your email is “Guest Post Pitch on Snorezing.Com
  • Please include a little information about yourself in the email. Tell us who you are, what you do, etc
  • We will respond to every email within 14 days (with the exception of spammy, low-effort generic pitches)