Zyppah Review: The Most Revolutionary Snoring Mouthpiece Ever

zyppah reviews snoring mouthpiece
Zyppah anti snoring mouthpiece
Zyppah rx anti snoring mouthpiece

Zyppah is one of the best snoring mouthpieces that money can buy. It is right there in the league of the other best snoring mouthpieces we have reviewed on this website.

But there’s something else about Zyppah that makes it our favorite anti snoring mouthpiece.

Maybe it is Zyppah's unique design. Or it is probably because it combines both tongue restraining and jaw positioning to make it work.

But the fact is, Zyppah stands out a mile away from all other anti snoring mouthpieces in the market today.​

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Zyppah’s unique design

Zyppah’s design will intrigue you. There is no debate about that. Unlike most of the other MAD’s in the market, Zyppah has a cool and sleek design. The unique design is complimented by the warm colours. The device features an attractive black and neon-green colour combo.

But that’s not all that is unique to this anti snoring mouthpiece. No. I wouldn’t be this excited if the design and eye-candy was all there was.

To say Zyppah is revolutionary would be an understatement. It is the only mandibular adjustment anti-snoring mouthpiece that tackles snoring by using a knockout double action.

Here is how Zyppah Works

The Zyppah snoring mouthpiece comes with a special feature that the manufacturers call “Revolutionary z-flex Technology.” In our simple understanding this technology is a tongue stabilizing strap that is located at the back of the mouthpiece.

In essence, Zyppah RX stops snoring by combining jaw adjustment and tongue stabilization, an approach that no other stop snoring device has so far adopted.

But do you really need tongue stabilization in order to stop snoring?

Most of us are used to Mandibular Advancement Devices, and the thought of a device that combines MAD with tongue stabilizing strikes us as a little strange. But technology is evolving fast, and tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs) are becoming quite popular.

AveoTSD is an example of a tongue stabilizing device that has received quite some positive reviews in the market.

But does the combination of the two make the anti-snoring device more effective?

Stop Snoring with ZyppahI don’t have any conclusive data to show that combining TSD with MAD makes an snoring mouthpiece more effective. I can only offer my experience with the device, and what struck me (after the excitement of buying a strikingly beautiful mouthpiece had waned off) was that I had acquired a torture contraption.

Every anti-snoring device takes time to get used to, and I was willing to continue test-driving Zyppah Rx even after I woke up with a very tender jaw after the first night of use. In addition, my tongue felt like it was in a strait jacket throughout the night. I didn’t wake up feeling rested like I had done when I used the Pure Sleep device.

But I refused to give up. You don’t give up when your wife is threatening to throw you out of bed if you do not find a permanent solution to your snoring.

So, I tested Zyppah over the next two weeks. And guess what? My tongue didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore and the tenderness on the jaws greatly reduced.  And I didn’t snore during the 14 days when I used Zyppah. But I drooled a lot! Most of the other Zyppah reviews that I have come across seem to make the same observations.

Would I recommend Zyppah? I definitely would. It is chic and functional, but you’ll have to bear with your tongue feeling like it’s in a straitjacket and a sore jaw until you get accustomed to the device.

Will Zyppah end my snoring?

Now, now, before you whip out your wallet for a quick purchase, I’d like to offer a disclaimer. Zyppah, like any other snoring mouthpiece, is not for everyone.

  • If you have full dentures, forget about using Zyppah or any other stop snoring devices
  • One missing tooth should be okay… but for a snug fit, Zyppah’s special band requires that all teeth be present
  • If you just had dental implants, consider waiting for at least 12 months before using Zyppah

If you do not have any of the following conditions but still find that Zyppah does not work as it should, you need to make sure that you followed the standard procedure for preparing boil-and-bite devices for use.

Custom fitting Zyppah Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Although Zyppah looks different than many other MADs the process of preparing it for a custom fit does not differ. In order to set it, you will need: a mirror, two small bowls or mugs, tongs, a pot, and a stop watch.

  1. Before you start preparing Zyppah, it is advisable that you first rinse it with warm water and place it into your mouth to get its feel before you bite into its pliable material during preparation.
  2. Heat a pot of water, and bring it to boiling temperature.
  3. As you wait for the water to boil, pour ice into one of the bowls/mugs
  4. Transfer the boiled water into the other bowl/mug. It is important that you transfer water into a bowl as the device might be spoiled by coming into contact with the hot surface of the pot
  5. Using tongs, submerge Zyppah into the boiled water for 60 seconds. Use the tongs to hold the device into the water as it tends to float.
  6. Remove the device from the boiling water and let it cool for a few seconds. 20 seconds should be enough. Handle the device with caution at this step. The thermoplastic material tends to get very hot and sticky after it’s been submerged in boiled water.
  7. Before you proceed, understand which side should be up. The lower portion, the one that reads, ‘Zyppah’ should be the lower tray.
  8. While facing the mirror, place Zyppah into your mouth, starting with the lower tray/teeth. Ensure that your lower teeth align with the lower teeth line against the harder black plastic. Once your lower teeth are well aligned, push your jaw forward until the edge of your upper teeth are place against where the harder plastic meets the softer plastic in the upper tray.
  9. Once aligned bite down on the device and hold for at least one minute. You should feel your teeth deep into the soft thermoplastic.
  10. After one minute, carefully remove the Zyppah anti-snore device from your mouth and dip it into the bowl of ice for a minute.
  11. Once cooled, check to see that the device fits you. If it doesn’t, consider reheating it in boiled water and repeating the process.

Zyppah and Sleep Apnea

I can’t stress this strongly enough. The online version of Zyppah is not, and cannot, be used as an alternative treatment for sleep apnea. The device only use involves eliminating the sound of snoring. It does not treat any underlying issues that might be the cause of snoring.

Like with all stop snoring devices, it is wise if you consult your physician to determine whether you are simply a snorer or whether you suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

What Else Do I need to Know?

Nothing much. Seriously, at this point you can order Zyppah online, and you’ll all the information you need to work with it.

However, if you are a facts-oriented person, here are a few fascinating ones:

  1. Zyppah is a brainchild of a long-serving dentist, Dr. Jonathan Greenburg. Greenburg has served as dentist for over 3 decades, and spent the last ten years studying sleep apnea and snoring. He currently runs 5 “Snore No More” centres in California.
  2. Zyppah is “Happy Z” spelled backwards! That is Happy Sleeping.
  3. There are two types of Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpieces available: The one that you can buy online (OTC), and others that you need to have a doctor’s prescription to purchase. These latter ones are custom fitted by a doctor in one of the 5 “Snore No More’ centres, and are used to treat sleep apnea.
  4. Zyppah is the only double action snoring mouth guard. It uses the tongue-stabilizing technology as well as the Mandibular Advancement technology to prevent snoring.
  5. And last but not least, Zyppah is FDA-cleared!

How Much Does Zyppah Cost?

Compared to the cost of snoring surgery, Zyppah’s $80-89 price tag almost feels like a drop in the ocean.

The cost is also flexible, allowing you to pay the whole amount at once or to first get a trial without paying the whole amount upfront.

If you go with the trial, you’ll be required to pay the shipping fee and you’ll have 30 days to test Zyppah. If you like it, and you’d like to keep it, your card will be charged $40 twice to bring the total cost of Zyppah at $90.

If you don’t like it, you can send it back to the manufacturer and no charges will be made on your card.

Other Zyppah RX Reviews

It is important that you read other Zyppah reviews before you make up your mind whether this is something you want. However, based from my experience, Zyppah is not only a revolutionary mouthpiece for snoring, but also a very effective one for that matter.

The fact that the manufacturers are willing to let you try it for $10 only also makes it among our very favourite anti snoring devices, right in the league of Pure Sleep and ZQuite.

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Zyppah is a revolutionary snoring mouthpiece that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to my snoring friends. It has a sleek design and knockout anti-snoring functionality. I also like the fact that the manufacturers allow you to try Zyppah for 90 days risk-free.
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Best Bed Frame Reviews | How to Buy the Best Bed Frames For the Money

best bed frame reviews

In almost every bedroom in the world, you will find one piece of essential furniture; bed frames.  From twin size to king size, from the ultra cheap to the uber expensive, from metal to wood, the bed frame is usually the central piece of furniture in our bedrooms.

With the bed being the predominant focal point in our bedrooms, we want to ensure that it looks good, will be durable and it is something we can enjoy.

When shopping for bed frames, there are a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure that you will continue to enjoy your bed for many years into the future.


For a bed frame to be durable, it has to be properly constructed.

While wooden bed frames can be very sturdy and offer amazing attention to detail in their construction, it is far too often the case that the lower priced models are poorly crafted.

In many cases, an expensive metal bed frame can be purchased for less than the cost of a low end wooden frame. For most people, choosing metal bed frames is the economical choice because these sturdy bed frames can be obtained at a much lower price.


Whether you opt for the metal or the wooden bed frames, be sure to carefully inspect all joints to make sure they fit together smoothly, are of sufficient strength to handle weight and that the bed frame does not allow for a great deal of movement when you shake the frame.

This is the area where wooden bed frame models often win out over metal bed frames.  While the metal frames are usually less expensive and more ruggedly built, the trade off is the fact that they are cold and often unattractive.

A wooden bed frame can give a sense of style, elegance and warmth to a room while a metal bed frame tends to present more of a clinical or modern experience.

In the end, it is a matter of personal tastes so look for bed frames that suit your particular sense of style.

What Features Does the Bed Frame Offer?

Depending upon the room and your personal needs, you may want a bed with added features.

  1. Bed frames with storage are wonderful additions to small rooms because they eliminate the need for dressers or closets.
  2. Canopy beds can add a look of elegance to your little girls bedroom or a guest room.
  3. A frame with bed rails may be the perfect choice for a child who tends to roll out of bed.

All of these features can add value to your bed and they should be considered when shopping for a new frame for your bedroom.

What’s the Cost?

Price is that word that no one wants to think about when it comes to bedroom furniture.  We all know that quality costs more initially but it is the better value in the long run.

Still, we have to live within our budgets so here are a few pointers for saving money on your bedroom furniture purchases.

Always compare prices and make sure you are comparing identical products.

Platform bed frames at one store may be much more expensive than the same frame at another store.  Check the prices at several locations and make sure you are getting the best price.

Opt for bedroom sets when you can afford it.

If you purchase your bed frame, along with the mattress, dressers and nightstands, you can sometimes save thousands of dollars compared to what you would have spent buying the items separately.

Bigger is Better

Bigger is better… most of the time.

If you anticipate that you might want a larger bed at some point in the future,( For example, your toddler just started sleeping in their own bed at age four), then you might want to get the larger sized bed now.

In the example given, the child would quickly outgrow the toddler bed frame or bunk bed and you would be shopping for twin bed frames within a couple of years.

By anticipating your future needs and purchasing bed frames to match them, you save money because you won’t have to make a new purchase before the old frame has outlived it’s usefulness.


Tips for Buying the Best Folding Bed Frame: A Folding Bed Frame Determines Comfort

Best folding Bed Frame

Receiving overnight guests into your home may present a problem if you do not have sufficient beds to accommodate their stay.

This problem can be easily resolved with the acquisition of a portable folding bed.

Folding beds offer a great alternative to conventional designs as they are compact in size, easy to move from room to room and can be simply stored away when not being used.

These beds are extremely easy to set up, taking only a few moments to unfold and fix the proper bedding. They can be set up in a bedroom, den or any other quiet location for your guests to use to obtain a comfortable night’s sleep.

When looking for a folding bed to buy, there are certain features you should look out for to ensure you choose the best product for your money.

The key to this bed’s comfort and durability will be in its folding bed frame.

Why the Folding Bed Frame Means A Lot

best folding bed frameMost folding beds come with a metallic frame that folds in the middle of the structure.

This makes it very convenient to store as the two sides rise up from the middle in a parallel structure.

Take some time to open and close the frame to ensure all parts work well. In addition, you should test the bed’s firmness, comfort and strength by lying on it yourself before you buy.

The price of folding beds is very reasonable, so when given a choice, opt for higher quality over trying to save a few dollars through obtaining a cheaper model.

Whether you are buying a folding bed for your own personal use or for prospective guests, you want the best quality bed you can get for maximum comfort and longevity.

A higher quality model will be more durable and last longer than a cheaper brand. Better quality also reduces the chances of your bed frame causing an accident with faulty construction.

Most folding beds come with an accompanying folding mattress fitted to the exact specifications of your folding bed frame. Bedding will often need to be purchased separately.

Investing in a folding bed can save you money long-term over having to buy additional beds for occasional guests who visit once or twice during the year.

Getting a well built, solid folding bed frame for your structure will ensure your bed remains durable and strong for years to come.

It will also improve the comfort and support the bed has to offer so your guests can rest contentedly during their stay. You can purchase your folding bed either online or through local dealers. Both offer reasonable prices to accommodate any budget.


How Much Melatonin To Take For Sleep|Best Sleep Aid Dosage


What are the side effects of taking melatonin supplements? Can you overdose on melatonin? If you need answers, then you are in the right place.

M.S is used to boost the melatonin level in the body and it comes in different forms. Liquid, tablets, capsules, creams, lozenges and sub-lingual tablets forms.

It is derived from animal pineal gland or made in synthetic form.

Research has shown that you can safely use it for short term purposes, though there has been no documented disadvantage to using it for long term purposes, medical professionals suggest you don’t. You can use melatonin for any kind of sleep disorder that involves your not being able to cross over to dream land but in most cases bad sleeping habits could be the underlying causative of not being able to sleep properly.

Before I begin to make melatonin sound like “THE ALL POWERFUL SLEEP PROBLEM SOLVER” I must let you know that if you work the night shift and you are sleep deprived or you travel a lot and occasionally suffer from jet lag, the use of the supplements may have little or no effect on you.

Melatonin supplements only work better for some types of insomnia, such as short-term insomnia i.e. insomnia that is transient in nature and occurs due to depression, stress or maybe the loss of a loved one. They are also good when you have sleep disorders such as delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS).

If you choose to use it you must be careful about dosage and I advice that you either read the manufacturer’s manual or get a qualified sleep doctor to give you a prescription. This mostly applies if you are pregnant or have a seasonal affective disorder. And please do not administer it to a child without a doctor’s consent!

There have been reports of people having side effects from an over dose of melatonin. Some people are reported to having a hang over effect, hypothermia, daytime drowsiness and even reduced sex drive!


Liquid Melatonin

Liquid Melatonin is a substitute if you do not want to swallow tablets. They have an instant effect on the brain because it is quickly absorbed into the blood stream.

You can get melatonin supplements over the counter in liquid, tablet and sublingual forms. I prefer the liquid form because it is easier to ingest. Some days I am just not in the mood to swallow pills and the liquid form gives me this soothing effect. Am sure most people will agree with this, though choice differs. It comes in 1mg dosage and I take 4 drops 1 hour before I hit my bed.

I have had questions from some of my readers on the side effects of the liquid version of melatonin. First of all let me say that generally it works faster than other forms. Why, you may ask?

Liquid Melatonin

Unlike the other forms, the liquid melatonin is absorbed by the mucosa of the mouth and reaches the brain faster. This could take about 3-10 minutes and its reaction sets in. In tablet form, a melatonin supplement has to be broken down and passes through the blood stream before reaching the brain. This takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

Over dosing on melatonin supplements whether liquid or tablet have the same effects. A recent study showed that liquid melatonin can have a stronger side effect in cases of over dosing. This is due to the fact that it is quickly assimilated by the body and can cause instant discomfort.

Liquid melatonin comes in different brands and can be purchased over the counter. I get mine on Amazon.com. Click here to see my favorite brand.

What are Melatonin Supplements for?

Another mistake people make is to use it as a replacement for their best sleeping pill when it is not available. M.S cannot induce sleep like sleeping pills do. Like I said earlier, melatonin is a hormone in your body that is produced by the pineal gland. The supplement “supplements” the melatonin levels produced by the brain in the case of a deficiency there by preparing the body for sleep.

I’d also advice that it is not used during the day. If you use them you could mess up your sleep cycle and induce insomnia or sleep deprivation effects . It is also advised that you use your melatonin supplement 1 hour before sleep time.

Melatonin as a Sleep Aid

Melatonin as a sleep aid is effective and you will hear a lot of phrases about it like,melatonin and menopause, sleep apnea, cancer, and children sleep disorders. But the facts are evident for all to see.

Some people try melatonin supplements as a natural way to treat themselves. Melatonin supplements are made in either synthetic form or from the tissue of the pineal gland of animals(cows).

melatonin and sleep

Most experts advice that melatonin made from animal tissues should be avoided as they could contain viruses or other medical risk. Apart from being used for the treatment of insomnia, melatonin supplements also aids bone growth, the treatment of jet lag and can help women in menopause recover from irregular sleeping patterns. It can also be used in the treatment of the following medical conditions;

  • Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS)
  • Insomnia in older people
  • Sleep disorders resulting from Alzheimer’s disease
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Sleep disorders related to Bipolar disorder
  • Cancer(To treat the sides effects of chemotherapy)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and
  • Depression

Please do not try to overdose on your usage of melatonin. It is true that there is no known side effect but since it is a hormone related supplement, side effects may take years to show.

Melatonin for Insomnia; Treatment and Dosage Information for Infants and Adults

I use melatonin for insomnia, but sometimes it is really not as effective as other otc sleeping pills. Lets talk more on the facts, benefits and dosage.

My typical dosage is 3mg, 1 hour before bedtime. There are some nights I just can’t find sleep so I take about 5-6 mg per night. Some folks find sleep with just about 0.1-0.3mg. My counsel is this; try 3mg per night for a start and if you still cannot sleep properly after 3 nights, increase your dosage to 5-6mg 1 hour before bedtime.

Why 1 hour you may ask?

You would want your body to assimilate the supplement and 1 hour or so is the ideal time for that to happen. If you take the ideal dosage for your body system, you should start having a restful night sleep in no time.

Another reason you might want to take melatonin is jet lag. If you jettison around the world, you understand that your body’s clock can get wacky and this comes with a lot of symptoms, the least being insomnia or delayed sleep phase syndrome. Melatonin supplements can be used to get your body clock to work well again but you need to get the right dosage. One system that has worked is to take 0.5-5mg once your arrive at your destination.

Melatonin Safety Tips for Adults, Pregnant Women and Children

Certain factors should be adhered to when using melatonin. I have put together a list of things to watch for on this page. Here we go . . .

  1. You should only take melatonin for short term and not for long term purposes. The side effects of long term dosage is not known but experts say that it is not safe seeing that the negative effect of a long term dosage is hormonal and might not appear for years.
  2. Melatonin also naturally increases blood clotting. You should not use it if you have a blood clotting disorder or if you are using medications that influence blood clotting such as warfarin (Coumadin).
  3. If you are a nursing mother or pregnant the use of melatonin is not advised except under a doctor’s guidance.
  4. People with a history of depression or a family history of depression are also advised to avoid it.
  5. If you work with heavy machines such as cranes or you are a pilot or you have a job that demands lots of concentration and alertness you don’t want to be messing around with melatonin either. The effect could be detrimental to you because of the side effects of melatonin supplements.

Medical professionals believe that melatonin made from cow pineal gland can contain certain viruses and so melatonin supplements has been banned in many countries including Germany, Canada, Britain and some other European countries.

Melatonin supplements still being used in the United States are in synthetic form although store owners will tell you that they are “all natural”. In the US today you can buy melatonin only as a supplement and not a drug and it can be gotten over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

Click here for my favorite pick from Amazon

Melatonin Dosage

Your Melatonin Dosage should not exceed 3-5mg for adults and 2mg for children.

In rare cases some people have taken over 20mg with no visible melatonin side effects. This does not mean you should do the same, seeing that melatonin is a hormonal drug and the side effects could take years to appear.

The truth is that there is no safe or unsafe dosage for melatonin. It’s like they say different strokes for different folks. The general belief though is that normal doses should range between 0.3- 5 mg and should be taken just before bedtime. If this does not work for you, try taking the supplement earlier in the evening for a better effect.

You should not use melatonin supplements for long term purposes. You should avoid using it during the day as this can causes drowsiness or give you a hang over effect.

There is no straightforward path to melatonin dosages, so all you can do is to be careful how you use it. Start with small doses just before bed and watch the results. If you wake in the morning feeling groggy or drowsy you should lower the dosage and if you did not sleep well as you had anticipated, then you should up your dosage a little. The secret is to find what works for you and stick to it.

Can you OD on melatonin?

Melatonin Overdose is not really dangerous, but the timed release of melatonin can cause drug interactions that can be detrimental to your health and even cause death. Too much of anything including melatonin is bad. But just in case you plan on “oding” on melatonin here is why you should not.

The human body produces about 0.1mg of melatonin daily. An overdose simply means that you have ingested over 20-50 mg. The basic dosage that most melatonin supplements contain is between 3-5 mg per tablet. The results you get might differ from your next door neighbor due to diverse medical reasons. Symptoms could include the following;

  • Tremor
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Weakness
  • Disorientation
  • Lethargy
  • Liver Issues
  • Eye Issues
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Speech Impediment and
  • Psychotic Thought Patterns

If you suspect you or someone else has overdosed on melatonin you need to seek medical attention immediately. The symptoms will have to be treated.

Overdose may also lower your blood pressure beyond normal. Patients with high blood pressure, liver or nerve disorders should be pre-screened before being offer melatonin.

Side Effects of taking Melatonin as a sleep aid

The side effects of taking melatonin vary from person to person. There have been little or no side effect, as long you take the right dosage and do not over dose.

Melatonin like most other drugs or supplements comes with it’s own attendant side effects of, though it is not the same side effects of sleeping pills. Sometimes most people are to blame for these side effects. One way you could initiate a side effect is taking melatonin during the day or using a melatonin overdose. Some of the side effects that come with melatonin include the following;


  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Lucid Dreams or Nightmares
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • General Discomfort
  • Sleep walking and
  • Vomiting

A recent study showed that one side effects of melatonin overdose  is that it reduces your production of estrogen, such that it acts as a birth control pill.

There have been some cases in the past where people complained about more advanced side effects such as,

  • Seizures
  • Low Blood pressure ( Thus good for people with high blood pressure) and
  • Allergic Reactions.

Most of these side effects are usually short term and pass away before you know it but there can also be other long term effects on you when using melatonin supplements daily as a sleep aid.

Medically speaking, the long term effects they are still being investigated seeing that melatonin supplements are still new to the market. Like with most drugs you just have to be responsible with dosage.

Melatonin and Drug interactions

melatonin and xanaxThere is the issue though of melatonin and drug interactions. A drug interaction is simply when the ingestion of a drug reacts with another drug or with your system to produce a hazardous side effects.

Not all drugs would trigger a reaction with melatonin supplements, as melatonin occurs naturally in the brain. In case you are on medication and you want to find out what drugs can possibly react with melatonin and have side effects in your body, this page should answer any question you have.
Melatonin and Drug Interactions

Melatonin supplement is used to balance your sleep cycle rhythm when it is out of order. This could happen because of jet lag or working shifts. Based on this fact, it is not advised to combine melatonin supplements and sedatives as it may cause heavy drowsiness. My advice is that you should stay away from heavy machinery or driving if you feel drowsy.

Diabetic Drugs

Melatonin supplements have the potential to increase your blood sugar while diabetic medications are used to lower your blood sugar level. When these two are combined, the diabetic drugs will have little or no effect.


Adequate sleep is good to help the body boost its immune system and melatonin supplements can help your sleep cycle readjust to its normal state when it has been altered. Immunosuppressant drugs are used by those suffering from immune system disorders like systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Combining these drugs with melatonin would make them ineffective as melatonin has the tendency to increase the strength of your immune system.


Anticoagulants have also been found to interact with melatonin as melatonin slows down the process of blood clotting. Taking melatonin with anticoagulants increases the chances of less blot clot during bleeding.


People using antidepressants have also been cautioned against the use of melatonin as adequate information has not been gathered about it’s interaction with melatonin. Few studies have only reported that some people complained of serious drowsiness, confusion, memory loss, breathing difficulties, itching and vomiting the day after, due to the fact that antidepressants already increases the level of melatonin production by the body.

Pregnant women or people trying to get pregnant are also advised to stay away from melatonin supplements as they might have a birth control effect. Research is still in progress to find out if melatonin supplements might have any effect on the expected baby.

Breastfeeding mothers should be also cautious about melatonin and are been advised to talk to their doctors about taking melatonin supplements as their sleep cycle could be altered during the first 3 months.

If you take alcohol or drugs or even caffeine, it is advisable to stay away from melatonin as it might cause headaches and also cause a altered sleep pattern.


Melatonin and Drug Interactions

Here is a list of Melatonin and Drug Interactions.

Antipsychotic Drugs:
Aripiprazle (Abilify), Chlrprmazine (Thrazine), Clzapine (Clzaril, FazaCl), Fluphenazine (Prlixin) lanzapine (Zyprexa, Symbyax), Perphenazine (Trilafn), Paliperidne (Invega) , Quetiapine ,(Serquel), Risperidne (Risperdal), Thiridazine (Mellaril), Trifluperazine (Stelazine), Ziprasidne (Gedn)
Amobarbital (Amyta), Butalbital (Fioricet, Fiorinal), Pentobarbital (Nembutal), Phenobarbital(Luminal), Secobarbital (Seconal).
Alprazlam (Xanax, Xanax XR), Chlrdiazepxide (Librium, Limbitrl, Librax), Clnazepam (Klnpin) Clrazepate (Tranxene) ,Diazepam (Valium), Estazlam (PrSm), Flurazepam (Dalmane) ,Lrazepam (Ativan), Midazlam (Versed), Temazepam (Restril), Triazlam (Halcin), clonazepam (Klonopin), lorazepam (Ativan), phenobarbital (Donnatal), zolpidem (Ambien).
Amitriptyline (Elavil)Amoxapine (Asendin)Bupropion (Budeprion XL, Budeprion™ SR, Buproban™, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL, Wellbutrin, Zyban)Citalopram (Celexa)Clomipramine (Anafranil)Desipramine (Norpramin)Desvenlafaxine (Pristiq™)Doxepin (Sinequan)Duloxetine (Cymbalta)Escitalopram (Lexapro)Fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem, Selfemra™)Fluvoxamine (Luvox, Luvox CR)Imipramine hydrochloride (Tofranil)Imipramine pamoate (Tofranil PM)Isocarboxazid (Marplan)Maprotiline (Ludiomil)Mirtazapine (Remeron)Nefazodone (Serzone)Nortriptyline (Pamelor)Paroxetine (Paxil, Paxil CR, Pexeva)Phenelzine (Nardil)Protriptyline (Vivactil)Selegiline (Emsam)Sertraline (Zoloft)Tranylcypromine (Parnate)Trazodone (Desyrel).Trimipramine (Surmontil) Venlafaxine (Effexor, Effexor XR).
Calcium channel blockers:
Amlodipine (Norvasc),Diltiazem (Cardizem, Cardizem CD, Cardizem LA, Cartia XT, Dilacor XR, Dilt-CD, Diltia XT, Dilt-XR, Taztia XT, Tiazac),Felodipine (Plendil),Isradipine (Dynacirc, Dynacirc CR),Nisoldipine (Sular),Nicardipine (Cardene, Cardene SR),Nifedipine (Adalat CC, Afeditab CR, Nifediac CC, Nifedical XL, Procardia, Procardia XL), Nimodipine (Nimotop)
Diabetic Drugs:
glimepiride (Amaryl), glyburide (DiaBeta, Glynase PresTab, Micronase), insulin, pioglitazone (Actos), rosiglitazone (Avandia), chlorpropamide (Diabinese), glipizide (Glucotrol), tolbutamide (Orinase).
azathioprine (Imuran), basiliximab (Simulect), cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune), daclizumab (Zenapax), muromonab-CD3 (OKT3, Orthoclone OKT3), mycophenolate (CellCept), tacrolimus (FK506, Prograf), sirolimus (Rapamune), prednisone (Deltasone, Orasone), corticosteroids (glucocorticoids).
aspirin, clopidogrel (Plavix), diclofenac (Voltaren, Cataflam, others), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others), naproxen (Anaprox, Naprosyn, others), dalteparin (Fragmin), enoxaparin (Lovenox), heparin, warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven).



Best Electric Blanket: Reviews, Comparisons, and Complete Buyers Guide


The idea and concept for the electric blankets were developed back in 1912, however they were not really introduced to the American public until the late 1930's.

The concept was pretty simple, give people an easy and affordable way to help keep themselves warm in the winter. These older versions were not nearly as advanced as the models that are currently on the market.

If your current electric blanket is over a few years old then you are really missing out on the upgrades of technology. The best electric blankets now on the market are better made, more efficient and far more comfortable.

One of the main reasons that they are better made is the fact that they are now made with just 24 volts. Years ago they were made using either 110 or 240 volts which meant a lot of electricity was being pulled just to keep you heated during the night and it was not helping you save any money.

This is really something that you should consider. Do not just simply grab one out of the cheap electric blankets out there.

Another reason to upgrade your old electric blanket is that the new versions are far more comfortable. First off they are incorporating a new wiring system that is made from carbon fiber. This means that the wiring mechanism is not as stiff or as hard and unbending as the ones manufactured years ago.

The blankets themselves are also made with better materials such as fleece which makes them much more comfortable.

The new electric blankets that are available for sale on the market also have far more options available for you to choose from.

Most of the older versions only have high, medium and low to choose from and that is no longer the case. In fact some of the electric blankets available today have very well thought out remote controls.

For example, some models give you an automatic setting function. This means that you can preprogram the controls so that the blanket will turn on automatically at a time of your choosing.

By being able to set a timer for the blanket to turn on automatically means you will no longer have to climb into a freezing cold bed.

These remotes also allow you to have them shut off after a predetermined time.

This is a great backup system so you don't leave the blanket on all day wasting electricity.

Another option that may also intrigue you, especially if you share your bed, is that many of the best electric blankets now have two different systems built into them. That means that each of you can separately determine how warm your side of the bed will be.

Another of the most important reasons to upgrade your electric blanket is for safety reasons.

If your old blanket is getting near the 10 year mark chances are that the components are beginning to wear thin and the blanket is now becoming unsafe and a possible fire hazard. The newer models are considered to be much more safe because of the new wiring systems.

With winter on its way, now is the time for you to start thinking about upgrading your blanket by getting the best electric blanket there is.

The newer models have many more heating options to choose from and they are far more comfortable and safer than the earlier models. Getting into a bed that is already warm is a great way to get to sleep faster and remain comfortable all night.


Your Personal Parenting Style and How It Affects Your Baby Sleep Training

Baby sleep training
new born pretty sleeping baby cute full hd wallpaper

Any parent would understand when I say this. Some of the most taxing moments in raising a baby or child involves the topic of baby sleep training

Imagine a weekday when you have to wake up early for work and prepare for that so familiar day at the office.

You have just dozed off after finishing up your preparations for that important presentation the next day. You need to clinch that important contract and you need to be fresh to impress the clients.

Suddenly, your new born starts wailing and you are startled awake. You have just fed him two hours ago, changed his diapers only an hour ago and he was sound asleep the last time you checked.

What could be wrong?

You turn to your sound asleep partner and it is your baby duty night. You wearily trudged towards your infant who is bawling his eyes out. Sometimes you wonder. How can something so small make such a din?! You wonder if you can actually make it to the office the next day in tip top condition.

Welcome to the world of parenting. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone.

Good mothers and fathers come in many styles, shapes and sizes much like cookies come in many shapes and sizes unless you use a cookie cutter!

Each one amongst us has different interests, strengths and values that sets us apart as great parents. Don’t let yourself become discouraged or crest fallen when others ‘give you advice’ that doesn’t seem to fit in with who you are.

Maybe you are not a roll around on the floor kind of parent with your kid. Maybe your style is to sit back and let your little one explore and find his way around. That is perfectly fine and dandy! As long as it works for you and your child. Nobody and I mean nobody should be able to convince you that your method is incorrect or wrong.

There is no right or wrong in parenting as long as you have the interest of the child at heart.

Once you recognize and embrace your own personal parenting method, you can stop trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and get on with the business of enjoying being a parent. And you really should as being a parent is one of the necessities and wonders of life that is important and you can only be really good at something if you truly enjoy what you are doing.

Whenever you feel so tired and wanting to give up, just remind yourself of the serene beauty of your child as he or she sleeps, the joyful gurgles he or she makes and the smiles that melts your heart.

Those images should counter the angst and frustration of trying to lull a baby who just would not sleep despite everything seemingly being fine and you just do not know what to do!

Now back to the “Aunt Aggies” who try to tell you what you should do and what you should not do.

It is very important to keep in mind too, that these well-meaning advice givers do not know your child as well as you do. They are not there with your child day and night, watching him grow, learn, explore, play, eat, and sleep.

Only you know what is best for your child, and you know what works best in your household and for your lifestyle. As with anything, figuring things out along the way will involve trial and error.

Babies and sleep are the same and not every baby sleeps the same hence the importance of baby sleep training!

If they all are, they will be a true and tested guide that tells you exactly what to do and what not to do!

And most important of all, the baby will respond as expected and everyone will be happy! Remember that next time someone tries to tell you what works for his or her baby! Be nice about it though. They are just trying to help.

So when you receive yet another unsolicited piece of advice regarding your child’s napping or nighttime sleeping habits, keep both your and your child’s personal style in mind.

This is very important.

You have done the hard work, you have experimented, and you have learned together what works and what does not work. The cues should come from your instincts regarding your child and from your child directly.

There’s no such thing as a hard-and-fast rule for sleep habits among children and babies other than that it is needed! Who does not need a good sleep?

If only we have the luxuries of a baby! As your baby grows, his cues may change, but as long as you stay in tune with him, his sleep habits should not have to suffer as a result. And neither should yours.

Always remember that babies initially have an erratic pattern of sleep because they have not established a regular sleeping pattern yet. Their hypothetical biological sleeping clock has not been set and synced and the faster you help him establish a regular sleep pattern for him and you the better!

It is true babies need regular feeding and their sleep are more intermittent. But do remember that they sleep more. In fact much more than we do and this can be up to 16 hours per day. Hence, take that as an advantage in your favor and stop worrying about them disturbing you at night.

Try to feed them at regular times and encourage them to sleep at the same times everyday. This will help in making them adapt and establish their sleeping pattern which in turn will help you set your time around it.

Once you achieve this, you will really savor the joy of being a new parent.

To sum it up, babies and sleep are not something that is impossible to tackle and overcome. All you need is a calm and relaxed attitude coupled with proper baby sleep training and you will be well on your way to being a wonderful parent if not the best!


Best Earplugs for Sleeping With a Snorer: Sleep through all the snoring and other noise

sleeping with earplugs everynight

My roommate snores.

But she happens to be my significant other. So, there is no way I am going to kick her out.

Sleeping next to her is unbearable, unless I am wearing the best noise cancelling headphones that money can buy.

It is not easy to sleep with someone who snores. I have been there, done that, and I didn’t like it.

Get yourself the best ear plugs for sleeping with a snorer. Honestly, using these earplugs for sleeping will save you from so much agony and many sleepless nights.

But how do you know what to look for when shopping for snore ear plugs?

Many of the snoring earplugs available in the market are blatantly overrated. They won’t block out the sound of mice laughing in the attic, leave alone the snoring sounds of a 160 pounds man sleeping next to your ears.

But don’t despair. There are a few best sleeping earplugs that do what they promise. Here is a list of my very best. You can pick any from this list and rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Hearos Ultimate Softness
  2. Moldex 6800 Pura Fit
  3. Howard Leight Max 1
  4. Super sleep comfort foam earplugs
  5. Ohropax wax earplugs

Top 7 Best Earplugs for Snoring- 2017 Comparison Table

Product ImageNameMaterialNRR RatingPrice
Hearos Ultimate softness snoring earplugsHearos Ultimate Softness
Where to Buy
Moldex 6800 Pura Fit snoring ear plugsMoldex 6800 Pura Fit
Where to Buy
Howard leight max1Howard Leight Max 1
Where to Buy
Flents super sleep ear plugs
Super Sleep Comfort Earplugs
Where to Buy
best earplugs for sleeping with a snorerOhropax Wax Earplugs
Where to Buy
Best earplugs for snoringLiberty Duraplug
Where to Buy


If you are wondering here are the basic things to look for in sleeping earplugs


The best earplugs for snoring should block out most, if not all, noise.

That’s why you are buying them in the first place. They should have a rating of ideally 30NRR and above (the highest has a rating of 34NRR).

Snoring earplugs made from foam and wax have so far proven to be the most effective. When inserted into the ear properly (regardless of how small your ear is) the foam expands forming an airtight seal blocking out most if not all noise.

Those made from wax work in a similar way. They are also very soft and do not make your warm and oily


It is not bad to sleep with earplugs every night, if you are doing it to save your marriage or your eardrums from damage by snoring.

But if you thought sleeping near a snoring person is bad, try putting on uncomfortable earplugs.

They are intolerable.

They apply pressure on the eardrum. The pain from such pressure is excruciating, and they may even cause a condition known as ear barotrauma.

Good earplugs should fit into your ear canal perfectly. They should neither stick out like antennas nor go too deep. They should also not leave a space between them and the ear. Ideally they should form an airtight seal. If they don’t, they will let in the snoring noise.

When buying earplugs, make sure they are the right size for your ears. Some of us have smaller ear canals than others, it is therefore important to choose those that are your size.

In short the best earplugs for snoring should offer you the maximum comfort regardless of your sleeping style while at the same time blocking out the irritating snoring noise.


This goes without saying. You don’t want to log into Amazon, Ebay or Walmart looking for replacement earplugs after every few months.

Although most earplug brands are quite affordable, what you settle for should give you value for your money.

It should be reusable, withstand cleaning and maintain its shape and size after a few uses.

The top rated sleeping earplugs

3M EAR Classic EarPlugs

3m ear classic sleeping earplugs

The EAR Classic earplug is probably the most popular earplug on the market today. It has been available to the consumer for more than 30 years, and was the first foam earplugs to ever be manufactured.

  Almost everyone who reviews sleeping earplugs knows about 3M Classic earplugs. They have a signature yellowish cylindrical shape and specialed texture surface.

According to the Aearo website, these earplugs remain the most popular sleeping earplug in the world today because of their outstanding advantage that include:

  • NNR 29db protection
  • Easy to use cylindrical shape
  • Soft, low pressure foam for all day comfort
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Moisture resistant
  • Non-Flamable
  • Yellow color for high visibility

Also, according to Aearo, the small yellow plug went thru a number of test making them the proven choice for ear protection:

  • The Size: They have been tested to be the right size to fit the widest range of ear canals (Mil P37407)
  • The Shape: The cylindrical-shape has shown to protect better than tapered plugs (British Steel Technical, 1994)
  • The Foam: Aeros is the only manufacturer to make its own PVC foam, so it can regularly be tested for optimum and consistent performance (Human Factors, 1990)

The Review

I’ll go thru all the characteristics advertised by Aearo so that we can see if it is actually what they are supposed to be.

The Material

The material used with the 3M EAR Classic earplugs is definitely different from other plugs I have used in the past.

At first touch, the main body of the plug is kind of rough but the two endfaces are very soft. This roughness is due to the plug special proprietary cell surface texture. The soft endfaces helps make the seal.

The earplug is more stiff to compress than other types of foam earplugs and it has a slower recovery time which makes them actually easier to insert inside the ear because the plug takes more time to regain its original size.

One of the downside to this PVC formulation is that since the recovery time is longer than other plugs, you have to keep your finger on the plug while it regain its size in the ear. If you don't keep a finger on it, it has a tendency to get out of the ear, not providing with an optimal noise reduction fitting. This effect is probably due to it’s cylindrical shape. Sometimes, It even needs to have it taken out, re-rolled, and re-inserted in the ear canal again.

The special PVC and cell surface texture do actually help keep the pressure inside the ear very low when inserted. This is due to the fact that the cell surface let air thru the earplug as is expand in the ear, creating a pressure balance, compared with push-in type of reusable and disposable earplugs that prevent air inside the ear from coming out, though, creating an air pressure inside the ear when inserted.

I could not test the plug for the humidity factor because I don't use them in sweaty conditions. Although I have noticed that the plug tend to be easier to remove from my ear when I pull on it. I guess that because of the special cell surface, the plug does not tend to become humid and stick to the inner canal like other disposable foam plugs.

The Shape

Aearo state on their brochure that the cylindrical shape as been tested to be the best shape for protection.

Although it does actually make a prefect fit when properly inserted, and that there are studies backing their claim, I don't particularly believe that tapered earplugs provide less fit and protection than the cylinder type.

On the contrary, I find the cylinder type more difficult to insert in the ear that the tapered ones for one reason: when it is rolled, the flat end face of the earplug tend to get deformed and turn into a ball that is sometime hard to insert in the ear canal, compared with a Taper type where the tip stays tapered even when compressed.

So, it makes them difficult to insert correctly on the first roll, compared to the tapered plugs which provide a perfect entry on the first try due to it’s form.

But when it is inserted properly, it does fit nicely in the ear canal and provide an excellent noise seal. If you want to use this type of plugs and have trouble putting them in or figuring out if they are properly positioned in the ear, the Classic Superfit model provide you with a visual indicator on the plug to confirm a proper fit.

Ear Classic Cylindrical Shape Earplug

The Cylindrical shape of the earplug

The flat end face of the earplug tend to get deformed when rolled.

The Usability

Although I don’t use earplugs in a high noise environment, they have been very helpful for me against my partner snoring and my noisy neighbors high volume music.

They are very comfortable to wear all day long. I do use them at night because, compared with the regular tapered earplug type, they don’t create moisture in the ear which makes them very comfortable to wear all night.

All manufacturers of earplugs advise that these should be used only once. I tend to agree if you are wearing them for high noise protection. But if you use them like me, then they can be reused a few times before throwing them out.

I have found that they can be used from 1 to 2 days before they lose their property of slow recovery. Which makes them harder to insert after a while because they recover too fast to insert them properly in the ear canal.

The Pros:

  • Cylinder Shape provides a perfect fit when properly inserted
  • Slow recovery give more time to insert properly the earplug
  • Cell textured surface makes the plug very soft and comfortable in the ear canal
  • Cell surface protect against pressure and humidity inside the ear

The Cons:

  • When compressed, end face tend to get into a ball and make inserting more difficult
  • Need to hold while it recover in the canal because it tends to get out when recovering
  • If not inserted properly in the ear, the cell textured body makes them easy to lose at night when sleeping with them
  • Disposable. Not environmentally friendly. Although manufacturer state it can be recycled, there are no recycling code printed on them

The Conclusion

The Ear Classic earplugs are easy to insert, provide a perfect seal when properly inserted, are very soft and comfortable when worn a long time.

At first, these were not my prefered choice when I needed disposable plugs. I was going more with Hearos Ultimate softness and Howard Leight Max.

But I found by using them a few times for this review that I had been underestimating these earplugs. I actually find them way more comfortable than other sleeping earplugs when I need to wear them for a long time. They are now my prefered all-day earplugs.

Me wearing a properly inserted earplug

Me wearing a properly inserted earplug

Me wearing a properly inserted earplug

Me wearing a properly inserted earplug

Ohropax wax earplugs


OHROPAX Classic has been a well-established noise protection product since 1907. According to the manufacturer’s website, its unique composition of cotton wool soaked in a mixture of petroleum jelly and a variety of paraffin waxes was so well conceived from the outset that it has barely changed right up to the present day.

According to Ohropax website, the best advantages of using the Ohropax earplugs are:

  • They are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Ideally used for sleep, relaxation, a sense of well-being and meditation.
  • They are also recommended for use during work requiring concentration, DIY activities and loud music.
  • They are particularly suitable for use in so-called ‘non-classic noise areas’ such as large offices and computer centres (noise level: <75 dB(A)).
  • Once they have been inserted into the ear, they are immediately ready for use, in contrast to foam earplugs, you do not have to wait for these plugs to expand.
  • They do not cause sweating and pressure inside the ears.
  • They are considered to be extremely tolerable. They contains no ingredients that are known to cause allergies.

Although Ohropax earplugs have a lot of advantages, there are a few downside and things to consider about using them:

  • Because OHROPAX Classic cannot be cleaned, they recommend that you only use these earplugs once.
  • This product may be affected by certain chemical substances.
  • Sudden or fast removal of the earplug out of the external ear canal may damage the ear drum.
  • Due to the materials used, OHROPAX Classic is not suitable for use in warm workplaces or those containing large amounts of dirt and/or dust.

OHROPAX Classic exhibits high sound insulation values over the entire frequency range. The level of protection goes from 22.3db to 37.7db according to the frequencies that the user is exposed to. A chart displaying the entire chart is available on Ohropax official website.

The Review

I’ll go thru all the characteristics advertised by Ohropax so that we can see if it is actually what they are supposed to be.

The Material

When you open the cardboard box, the first thing that you encounter is a couple of soft little balls of pink cotton wool. The actual earplugs are hidden inside those little balls. The cotton is used to protect the plugs in the box and to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Once you have removed the cotton from the plugs, wich is very easy by-the-way, you will be left with a hard pink cylinder made of a sticky material.

It’s the petroleum jelly and paraffin waxes that gives it this sticky feeling. Don't worry if you can’t remove the cotton wool completely. As long as you remove most of it, the rest will meld with the plugs material.

Ohropax Classic in cardboard box

Ohropax Classic ear plugs in their cardboard box.

Ohropax Classic without cotton protection

Ohropax Classic with its cotton protection removed.

The Shape

The shape of the Ohropax wax earplugs is very simple. When you remove the cotton wool from the earplug, you will find a cylinder shaped piece that is in fact pretty hard before it is kneaded. Unlike other earplugs of different shapes, there isn’t much more to be said about the shape of these plugs.

The Usability

The Ohropax wax earplugs are pretty easy to carry almost anywhere. Depending of the quantity that you buy, they come either in a small cardboard box or in a metal container.

The cotton wool that serve as a protection is very easy to remove from the plugs. I put it back in the box after removing it so that I can use it to put the plugs back in the box after using them.

Although Ohropax says that it is better to use them only once, I have used them a few times before throwing them out. Of course, this always depend on your usage of the plugs. When they get dirty and do not stick anymore, just get rid of them.

The wax cylinder, as hard as it can be at first, is actually pretty easy to knead once you start heating it a little bit with your finger. It becomes very soft after a few seconds to a minute of kneading.

As I have stated before above, these earplugs are actually pretty easy to knead and to form into a ball shape. I had some difficulties at first to make them stay into my ears, which prevent them from completely sealing my ear canal.

When I pushed them in the ear, they were also sticking to my finger, which made the plug a little bit difficult to make it stay inside the ear. When they are kneaded, they tend to become very soft. Because of this, it takes a few minutes before they become a little bit harder again when inserted in the ear, which gives the impression that the ear canal is not completely sealed from noise.

One of the big downside of using this kind of material is that, after kneading the earplug, your fingers become very sticky with the wax material.

I would have actually thought that after scrubbing my fingers together it would actually come off… but no. Your fingers will remain very greasy. And it won't go away as long as you don’t wash them with soap and water, which is not very interesting for me because I have them in a bedside drawer to put them at night when my partner is snoring.

So, I’m not really interested in getting up and washing my hands after putting on the plugs. It would be hard to fall back asleep after getting up. It can also be a problem in other situations where you have to put on the plugs but cannot wash your hands afterwards.

Ohropax Earplugs rolled into a ball.

Ohropax Earplugs rolled into a ball.

Ohropax Earplugs inserted in the ear.

Ohropax Earplugs inserted in the ear.

Ohropax Earplugs inserted in the ear.

Ohropax Earplugs inserted in the ear.

The Pros:

  • They are actually very comfortable to wear.
  • They do not cause any pressure inside the ear.
  • They can be used for noise and also to block water.
  • They are easy to knead, to put on and to remove.
  • Although not recommended, they can be reused a few times.
  • They comes in the color of your skin and thus they are almost invisible.

The Cons:

  • They leave a sticky film on the fingers after being kneaded.
  • Can be difficult to keep them sealing the ear canal before they cool down and get harder.
  • Keep sticking to the fingers when putting them in the ear, which make ear canal sealing a problem.
  • When sleeping with them they tend to leave grease on the pillow or fall during the night.

The Conclusion:

Ohropax wax earplugs can be a perfect choice for some people who dislikes disposable earplugs, or if they have skin reactions to non-natural products.

One of my favourite advantage is that they are made from natural material, which makes them biodegradable. So these plugs are actually very environmentally friendly. The other advantage is that they are made from non allergic material. So, this gives the chance to everyone, even if you have skin problems, to use earplugs.

If you experience pain when you use foam earplugs, you might want to try these earplugs.

Ohropax wax Earplugs are painless to insert and do not fall of at night. Unlike the foam earplugs, you do not have to hold and wait for them to expand like. They take the shape of your ears the moment you insert them.

They have a rating of 27NRR which is a bit lower but still quite effective in reducing the snoring noise. They might not totally block it out but still allow you to sleep comfortably next to your partner.

These babies are made of wax covered in cotton. They are comfortable easy to insert and ideal for all ear sizes and shapes.

What We Loved

  • Seal the ear canals better than foam earplugs
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Do a good job in blocking out the noise
  • Ideal for all ear sizes, shapes and sleeping positions

What We Didn't Like

  • They have a rating of 27 NRR. They might not block out all the snoring noise
  • Can be a bit messy and sticky

Hearos Ultimate softness

Hearos Ultimate softness snoring earplugs

These were some the best earplugs for snoring that I came across on Amazon. I particularly liked them because they are made of polyurethane foam.

The Hearos Ultimate Softness as the name suggests are very soft and comfortable. These earplugs did not stick out when I wore them. They are perfect for side sleepers like me.

They have a rating of 32NRR the highest you will get is around 33NRR. This means that they will block out most of the unwanted snoring noise allowing you to have a peaceful sleep besides you snoring partner.

The earplugs are very easy to use. I just rolled out the plug in between the thumb, and the index finger to form a thin cylinder. I then gently lifted my ear robe with the hand and inserted the cylinder. I used the index finger to hold till they expanded to fit. This happened quite fast.

They expand to the size of your ear canal forming an airtight seal. Not too loose to fall out and not too tight. Click the button below for the best price on Amazon.

What I Liked

  • They have a rating of 32 NRR
  • They are easy to use and clean
  • Fit well in the ear. You don’t have to worry that they will keep falling off
  • They do not stick out and are comfortable for all sleeping positions
  • They block out snoring noise but will allow you to hear your alarm ring in the morning.
  • Perfect for those with small ear canals

What I didn't like

  • These earplugs might not work that well for those with longer ear canals

Moldex 6800 Pura Fit

Moldex 6800 Pura Fit snoring ear plugs

These earplugs have the highest rating of 33 NRR. They totally block out all the noise. With a pair of these, you might not even hear your alarm ring if you are a heavy sleeper. They are made of soft foam which makes then comfy to wear and sleep in. They have a soft finishing that does not irritate the ear.

Moldex 6800 Pura Fit earplugs are longer in length which makes them easy to put and remove them.

They work best with those with longer ear canals and back sleepers. However if you have longer canals they will work perfectly regardless of your sleeping position.

They are easy to insert and have a firm grip in the ear. They expand to fit the ear in seconds after inserting them. They do not keep falling off. If you are worried they will go too deep, there is a corded mode.

What We Loved

  • Have the highest rating of 33NRR. They block out most of the noise
  • Easy to insert and remove due to their longer size
  • Soft and comfortable to sleep in
  • They are affordable and durable and easy to clean.

What We Didn't Like

  • They are long making them uncomfortable for those with shorter ear canals.

Howard Leight Max 1

Howard leight max1

The Howard Leight Max I are the other of the most effective snoring earplugs that I came across. They have the highest rating of 33NRR. They almost totally isolate you from the irritating snoring noise and other noise out there.

They are made from soft polyurethane foam and have a smooth finish making them soft and comfortable to sleep in.

When I started off, I was worried that the earplugs might go too deep. If you have the same worry, what you need is the Howard Leigh Max1 earplugs. They are shaped like a bell. This kind of design makes it harder for them to go deeper into the ear than you inserted them.

They are also contoured making it difficult to fall. It also makes it easier to insert and remove compared to the conventional earplugs.

What We Loved

  • Contoured which makes them easy to insert and remove
  • Have a rating of 33NRR making them very effective in blocking out snoring noise
  • Outer smooth finish that prevents dirt buildup
  • The bell shape offers more security that they will not slip too deep into the ear

What We Didn't Like

  • You might sleep through your  fire alarm

Flents super sleep comfort foam ear plugs

Flents super sleep ear plugs

What I loved most about Flents super sleep earplugs is their length. They are a bit shorter than most earplugs making them ideal for side sleepers. I could comfortably sleep on my side without any extra pressure on my eardrums.

They are made of soft foam. They are soft and comfy to sleep on. Super Sleep Comfort ear plugs are equally easy to insert and remove.

Like other ear plugs made of foam, they expand to the size of your ear canal. You don’t have to worry that you will have to wake up at night to put them back. They fit in properly without falling off or leaving space.

What We Loved

  • Extremely comfortable to sleep in
  • Effortless to insert and offer little resistance when removing
  • Comfortable to sleep in all positions
  • Blocks out most of the noise
  • They come in a special carrying case
  • Affordable and also reusable

What We Didn't Like

  • Might not be ideal for those with long ear canals

Earplugs tech talk

There are two kinds of best earplugs for sleeping that exist today on the market. There are the active and the passive ones.

Passive devices  are classified as earplugs, auditory canal caps, earmuffs, and helmets. The classification is done according to the way they seal the ear.

Active earplugs

Sleeping earplugs that are  inserted into the auditory canal are usually “one-size-fits-all” earplugs and demand to be squeezed before or upon insertion. They are are constructed with materials such as as slow-recovery polyurethane or polyvinyl foams,  whirled fibreglass, paraffin and beeswax-based products. After manufacture, these earplugs are then putty inserted inside a soft plastic case.

A user have to compress the foam earplugs and insert them into the ear canal before they regain their original shape and fit the size of the ear canal . Because their original size is bigger than that of the ear canal itself, the fact that the earplug get back its original size creates an acoustic seal.

Examples of foam earplugs are the SparkPlug by Moldex and the E-A-R Classic PVC foam. These are slow-recovery devices that are compressed before inserted in the ear canal.

Examples of the best earplugs for sleeping that do not need to be compressed before insertion are the Ultrafit by AEARO-3M and HOWARD LEIGHT Fusion. With these earplugs, you only require to push them into your ear canal without compressing them first.

Note: Paraffin and beeswax earplugs require to be pre-molded first by the user and then inserted in the ear in a way to deform them to fit the ear canal.

Custom molded sleeping earplugs

One of the advantages of custom-molded sleeping earplugs is that they are found as either passive or active devices.

The custom-molded earplug is produced according to the specific dimensions of your ear canal. This allows it to be used as a passive device. It provides a relatively good attenuation since the impression is made with a dam deeply inserted into the ear.

Many companies now create earplugs with a small hole in it that can be fitted with various sound filters which give the earplug different levels of attenuation. The hole can also be fitted with electronics that can provide better protection such as noise cancellation, electronic filtering, etc.


Silicone vs Wax vs Foam: Which are the most effective earplugs for sleeping?

Wax Earplugs

Best earplugs for sleeping with a snorerThe first wax ear plugs is believed to have been created in ancient times. Since then, little has actually changed. Wax is still used, along with other materials such as cotton, to produce high quality earplugs.

The Body Heat… Part of the solution.

The best thing about using wax in the making of earplugs is that once inside the ear, the wax is heated up by the body’s heat. This rise in temperature of the wax, caused by the temperature of the body of the wearer, makes the wax into a protective seal with the inside of the ear canal.

The created seal prevents noise, water, or anything else from getting in the ear.

More than just for snoring noise!

Wax earplugs are also used quite a lot by flyer’s. The seal formed by the wax in the ear gives the air pressure in the inner ear  some time to equalize with the outside air pressure. The discomfort in your ears that is felt during takeoff is actually the results from the inner ear not keeping with the rapidly changing air pressure in the cabin. With a wax seal correctly in place, air is prevented from moving too fast inside your ear and causing that unpleasant discomfort.

Natural ingredients and a soft formulation

The unique formulation of wax earplugs: cotton wool soaked in a mixture of Vaseline and paraffin wax,  is so perfectly right from the outset that it has remained practically unchanged up until the present day.

The ingredients in wax earplugs are all gentle to the skin and hypoallergenic. The wax earplugs can also be perfectly adjusted to fit every auditory canal and reduce the effects of noise on the ear.

The comfort of the earplug is excellent as no sensation of pressure occurs in the ear. The used material in the making adheres well to the ear and enables a secure positioning. The flesh-colored earplugs also looks very discreet when worn!

Wax earplugs are very simple to use!

1. First, completely remove the protective cotton wool with clean fingers. If needed, you can reduce the size of the ear plug by tearing-off a small amount of its material.
2. Discard the protective cotton! Mould plug to soften and shape into a coherent ball. Place the ball over the auditory canal and flatten firmly. Do not insert deeply or use too small a piece.
3. To remove the ear plug, press up­ward behind the ear to loosen. Then remove plug with fingers. Never use hard or pointed objects to aid removal.

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Silicone Earplugs

Best earplugs for sleeping with a snorerSilicone sleeping earplugs are flat soft disks, with a rubber-like feeling. They are used in a lot of various ways including for blocking snoring noise from your roommate.

Silicone earplugs are a little bit more expensive than other regular disposable earplugs, but because some people believe that they offer more bang for the buck, it makes the extra spending acceptable.

The attributes of silicone earplugs for sleeping

The first reason to use silicone earplugs for sleeping is because of their memory factor. This trait helps it to fill the inside of the external ear canal, making a complete and comfortable  fit. Being soft and easy to mold makes it  also very easy to insert and remove without danger for the ear. Silicon is also an inert and nontoxic component.

Silicone earplugs are said to be reusable a couple of times until they are either dirty or that they don’t stick to the ear anymore. It has been said on the web that since they are resistant to heat, they can be put in a dishwasher or boiled in a sterile solution for cleaning.

Silicone earplugs comes in a variety of shapes an colors. Most of them are semi-transparent and comes flat in small plastic box.

Silicone and noise blocking

Silicone earplugs blocks out noises very effectively.

They can and are used by people who works in high noise environments primarily to limit the ear to exposition to loud noise to prevent hearing loss.

Being soft and not going inside the ear canal, they are very comfortable for people who wish to use them at night for snoring release and street noises.

More than just for sleeping!

A second use for silicone earplugs is their ability to  prevent water from going inside the ear by completely sealing the ear.  They are used by swimmers, divers, and people doing aquatic sports.

Silicone ear plugs must be inserted and removed with care to prevent damage to the ear. It is especially true for silicone earplugs as if they get inside the ear canal, you might need the help of an ear professional to remove it as it cannot be dissolved like wax earplugs.

Silicone earplugs are easy to use!

1. First, roll and mould the earplug between fingers to soften and shape into a coherent ball.
2. Place the ball over the auditory canal, flatten firmly and hold it there for a moment for the silicone to molds to the area. DO NOT FORCE THE PLUG INSIDE THE EAR AND DO NOT INSERT DEEPLY!
3. To remove the ear plug, press up­ward behind the ear to loosen. Then remove plug with fingers. Never use hard or pointed objects to aid removal. Removing the plug too hard or too fast can provoke damage to hearing.

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Foam earplugs

Best earplugs for sleeping with a snorerDifferent types of foam earplugs are available on the market today. The most common is the foam earplugs that is made of memory foam, which is rolled between fingers to a smaller size so that it can be inserted into the ear canal where it regain it’s original size though creating a perfect seal.

The foam makes the fit

Memory foam is made of polyurethane mixed with other chemicals to increase its viscosity and density. Most earplugs memory foam become soft when heated by the body heat, making it possible to perfectly mold to a warm ear canal in a few minutes.  It provides the best combination of comfort and protection for most users.

Advantages of the pods

The second type is the push in type, or, as they are called sometimes, the Pod Earplugs.

These earplugs are the easiest to install since there is no roll needed. You just have to use the soft flexible grip to push the earplug into position to obtain a perfect seal.

The unique design of these sleeping earplugs allows the foam to compress easily so that the plug slides gently into the ear and expands slowly. Since you don’t have to touch and roll the plug between you fingers, it makes them the most hygienic plugs on the market.

Where did those plugs go…

For people working with earplugs in environments where it is important that the plugs doesn’t fall into the produced goods (especially with food products) or that needs to put on and remove the plugs often, most all of the foam earplugs comes in a corded version. The cord is long enough to go all around the back of the neck.

For people working specially in the food industries, there are metal detectable earplugs that are made with a small metal ball inside so they are detectable in an industrial metal detection unit for easy compliance with food industry regulations.

Metal detectable earplugs generally feature blue ear plugs and/or blue cords: blue is the only color classified as a non-food color in the food industry.

Roll’em, push’em, but wear them!

1. With clean hands, roll(don’t squeeze) the earplug between your thumb and first 2 fingers until the diameter of the plug is as small as possible.
2. Reach over your head with the opposite hand and pull the top of your ear to open the ear canal.
3. While you are holding the ear open, quickly push the rolled end of the plug into your ear, leaving enough of the ear plug outside the ear to allow removal.
4. The disposable earplug should now be properly positioned in the ear canal. For best fit, at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the ear plug should be inside your ear canal.

Removing ear plugs

For greater comfort, twist the plug gently to break the seal before removing the plug.

Pre-molded earplugs

Best earplugs for sleeping snoringOne of the greener and economical earplugs for sleep are the Pre-molded earplugs.

These earplugs are  are usually made of silicone rubber, vinyl and other hypoallergenic synthetic rubbers.

Some of them are even made of a special type of foam with a special film cover protecting the inside foam. They come in different size, shapes, colors and some are corded and others not.

Some come with a handy carrying case that lowers the chances of losing them and helps to keep them clean.

There are many type of pre-molded earplugs available on the market.

One of the major differences between pre-molded earplugs and regular foam earplugs is because for the pre-molded earplugs, size does matter. Since you don’t actually roll them between your finger to insert them in your ear but simply push them inside, you have to actually find the perfect size for you.

Many pre-molded sleep earplugs come in trial packs of 2 to 3 different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit and perfect seal for your ear canal. Some people even need one size in one ear and a different size in the other, which makes the trial packs very handy.

Although the size, seal and comfort is one of the factors to consider when choosing the best earplugs for snoring, you have to keep in mind that one of the most important element of the earplug is the NNR rating. It is that rating that defines the quantity of noise the earplug will stop from going into your ear.

Most of them comes with different numbers of flanges, but there are some that do not have any.

Pre-molded earplugs can be re-used over and over again as long as they are properly cared for.

They should be cleaned in soap water after every uses. They can also be cleaned using rubbing alcohol.

Of course, when they begin to show signs of wear and tear and are beginning to lose their original form, then it is the time to throw them out and get a new pair.

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Now that we have reviewed the best earplugs for sleeping, let’s get into the mundane details about earplugs in general. This is information that you absolutely don’t need, but it doesn’t hurt to know.

A little bit of history about the best earplugs for sleeping

Do you know when the best earplugs for snoring were first mentioned in history?

Well, the first recorded use of wax earplugs is in the Odyssey! Odysseus’s crew used wax earplugs to avoid being distracted by the Sirens’ songs!

It was an inventor named Max Negwer, in 1907,  that started the German company named Ohropax which still produce the famous original wax earplugs they used to produce. Since then, they have added a few other products to their catalog.

About 45 years ago, in 1967, the company National Research founded by a scientist named Ross Gardner Jr. created the first earplug out of an accident. Gardener and his team discovered earplugs as a byproduct of a project called “joint sealants.” Gardener was developing a resin that had unusual properties of energy absorption.

But what about today??

Today, sleeping earplugs are currently manufactured by around 25 different companies and can be bought nearly everywhere on earth. The principal manufacturer, Howard Leight, reports annual sales of around $130 million.

So, where shall we go now?

I sometime wear my best earplugs for sleeping even when there is not so much noise around or even when I am not actually sleeping. They still gives the pleasure of calming the world around you to the point where you can hear your own thoughts. I am actually wearing a pair as I write those words!



Best OTC Sleep Aids and Sleep Machines: Reviews, Comparisons, and Buyers Guide

natural sleeping aid
emwave solution for better health

EmWave Solution

If you are looking for a drug free way to solve to your stress related sleep problems then look no further than the emWave solution.

The emWave Solution includes a Personal Stress Reliever (PSR) and a better sleep guide combined these powerful tools and techniques help you to reset your natural body rhythms allowing you to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

This personal stress reliever was developed after 15 years of research into the relationship of the heart, brain, emotions and stress. It will help you to attain better health, more energy and improve your emotional and mental clarity.

Product Features

  • Includes the Solution for Better Sleep Guide and the Coherence Coach CD
  • Adjustable LED brightness and audio feedback levels
  • Advanced user mode
  • Four challenge levels to help you sharpen your coherence building skills
  • Free user orientation calls, online training and lifetime customer support

Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock Light Box

natural dawn simulator

This cutting edge dawn simulator from Sunrise Systems can help you wake up naturally and feeling refreshed and if you suffer from the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) this sunrise simulator can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with light therapy devices.

Simulating dawn helps your body to maintain its natural circadian rhythms which in turn helps to greatly improve or adjust sleep phase disorders.

The BlueMax Sunrise System comes with a full spectrum bulb used to simulate sunrise as well as a warm bulb which is used to simulate sunset. This dawn simulator can be set to use both dusk and dawn or just the sunrise simulator to wake you up in the morning.

Unlike other systems the BlueMax Sunrise System comes with heaps of other features to really help you get a good nights sleep.

One feature we really liked was the high quality built in MP3 player with a headphone socket making it perfect for use with the SleepPhone System (headphones you can sleep in).

You can either download your own mp3′s to the player or listen to the supplied MMC smart card with pre-recorded sleep sounds.

You can set the system so that you can fall asleep to a perfect sunset while listening to natural sounds such as ocean waves on the MP3 player and be woken up in the morning to a natural sunrise and we recommend downloading a bird song MP3 to go with your sunrise for a completely natural start to the day!

​Additional Features

The BlueMax Sunrise system really is crammed full of extra features there is even a random security light option for when your away from home – that’s if you can bear to leave home with out it!

  • Wake up gently to simulated sunrise
  • Relax to restful sleep with simulated sunset
  • Quality stereo MP3 player
  • Wake up to your own choice of music or a downloaded MP3 file
  • Relax to sleep sounds or music
  • Sunrise & sunset programmable between 15 to 90 minutes
  • Unit comes with (1)60w full spectrum bulb + (1)60w warm bulb
  • Supplied with free MMC smart card with pre-recorded sleep sounds
  • 7 day programmable alarm with optional audible alarm
  • Large backlit display clearly indicates the function being altered/set
  • Random security light option while you are away
  • Power fail back up

NOZOVENT Anti-Snore Scandinavian Formula


The NOZOVENT Anti-Snore Scandinavian Formula is clinically proven to help prevent snoring by opening the nasal passages to increase air flow.

For most patients NOZOVENT greatly reduces the severity and frequency or totally eliminates snoring

This device also helps to reduce unhealthy mouth breathing for those who find it hard to breathe through their nose.

It is also ideal for anyone suffering with nasal restrictions from colds or allergies or people with mild sleep apnea.

The plastic strips can be reused several times and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. We liked NOZOVENT because it is a very affordable, effective and easy to use anti-snore solution.

SleepPhones System: Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD

sleephone system review

If you have a partner that snores loudly for most of the night and is driving you nuts then you’ll want to get your hands on the SleepPhone™ earphone set.

Whether it’s a partners snoring, other annoying noises or if you just have trouble sleeping this wonderful product will almost guarantee you a good night’s sleep.

Block out that endless snoring sound and gently fall asleep, listening in comfort to your favourite tracks on your MP3 or natural sounds such as the supplied ocean waves CD with built in binaural beats which help your brain to sleep.

The SleepPhone system is the first headphone set designed for sleeping in and consists of a specially designed handmade headphone set that you wear in the same way as a headband.

Unlike the standard earphones that come with most mp3 players it is soft and incredibly comfortable to wear.

If you’ve ever tried to sleep wearing normal earphones you’ll know that even the the softer rubber ones are extremely uncomfortable after a while especially if you sleep on your side. Apart from the discomfort sleeping in them can damage the inside of your ears causing ulcers and ear infections.

The SleepPhone system headsets are specially designed for comfort and safety and are fully adjustable, the head phones are of a very high quality with noise cancellation and dolby sound and unlike normal earphones can even be washed!​

Brez Anti Snore Premium Nasal Breathing Aid

Brez anti snore nasal strips

Brez is different from the usual anti-snore strips because it works from inside the nasal passage to gently lift and expand the walls of your nose.

It sounds uncomfortable but really it isn’t!

Opening and supporting the nasal airway stops snoring and reduces vibration which also helps you to get better more refreshing sleep.

In tests 88 percent of snorers partners reported that they had much improved sleep when Brez nasal breathing aid was used by the snorer!

  • Clinically Proven to Significantly Reduce Snoring
  • Fits Comfortably Inside Nasal Passages
  • Drug Free, Latex Free & Adhesive Free
  • Soft & Pliable

The bed is eleven inches off the floor while the distance between the top bunk and the bottom bunk is 31 inches (bedding excluded).

Are you worried that you might get scratched by the roughness of the wood? Don’t worry because it has been coated with finish that is smooth. The finish allows for no cracks and scratches in future.

The Snoreclipse Snoring Solution

snoreclipse snoring solution

The Snoreclipse Snoring Solution is ideal for people that snore through their nose.

Containing rare earth magnets it works by applying a comfortable pressure on the septum (the part of the nose that divides the two nostrils), a light pressure encourages increased circulation and opens the nasal passages preventing snoring.

The Snoreclipse Snoring Solution will not work for people whose snoring is caused by relaxed throat muscles but has a very high success rate for nose snorers.

CHI FLOW CY106L – Chi Machine

chi machine reviews

This Chi Machine is great for both getting in to shape and restoring your sleep pattern.

The Chi Flow machine helps to increase blood circulation and relieve stress by helping you to exercise effortlessly.

The Chi machine LCD control lets you choose from several different programs at various speeds.


  • Eliminates fatigue and reinforces healthy sleep patterns
  • Increases blood circulation and blood production
  • Alleviates stress-related conditions
  • Relieves upper and lower back pain & much more!

Engineered to the highest standards the Chi Flow passive aerobic exerciser will revitalize you, increase your well being and balance your body’s Chi.

SnoreStop Extinguisher

Snore stop extinguisher sleep aidTaking the homoeopathic approach the Snorestop Extinguisher is a viable alternative to chemical nasal sprays, containing 100% natural ingredients it works by clearing the nasal airways to help you breath freely and quietly.

The Snorestop Extinguisher formula is simple to use and is particularly helpful to those whose snoring is caused by respiratory congestion such as sinus problems. In tests an independent randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study found SnoreStop Maximum Strength Formula to be effective for 79.5% of the treatment group with no side effects!

Use the link below to get more information on SnoreStop Spray or to order this product from Amazon:

Better sleep with The Stress Shield

stress-shieldThis amazing pocket sized gadget works by emitting a subtle energy known as a scalar field. Utilizing physics conceived by Nikola Tesla the Stress Shield aims to relieve nervous stress and allow your body and mind to relax and achieve deeper sleep states.

The Stress Shield also reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution from electrical and electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and wireless network signals placing you in a protective energy bubble.

If you’ve ever suffered from jet lag you’ll be pleased to know that the device also helps to prevent jet lag and the effects of travelling across the Earth’s magnetic field lines by air.

Benefits Include

  • Stress relief
  • Increased energy levels
  • Delayed and reduced fatigue
  • Calmer and happier mood
  • Significant reduction or elimination of insomnia or sleep disorders

Use the button below to find out more information or to purchase the Stress Shield from Amazon:

Also check snoring aids that work.


Best Sleep Apnea Masks Reviews 2017

cpap mask

The type of apnea mask and sizing could be the most important aspect in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Most Respiratory Therapists agree that the proper apnea mask type and sizing is critical to obtaining CPAP sleep apnea therapy compliance.  An uncomfortable mask will not only make it difficult to sleep, but, will make you not want to wear it.

Most patients are initially fitted for an apnea mask at the sleep laboratory.  However, CPAP mask sizing can be an imperfect process.

Make sure that you only use a specialized Medical Equipment Professional (usually a Respiratory Therapist) when getting “sized up” for a mask.

Additionally, the specialist need to have been trained by the Mask Manufacturers. It is the only way to ensure that you get a proper fit.

The different types of sleep apnea masks

Listed below are the various apnea mask types that are available today.

Please note, it is very possible that the Sleep Lab where initial testing and fitting takes place may not of had all of these mask types, so check them closely to make sure you have a clear understanding of all of the different mask options.

sleep apnea mask amazonNasal or Nose Apnea Mask

This type of mask is held in place with straps or headgear and seals around the entire nose. The Nasal apnea mask is typically recommended for first-time CPAP users.

Full Face Apnea Mask

It is also held in place with straps or headgear and seals around both the mouth and nose.

best sleep apnea mask



The full Face Mask is recommended for people who regularly breathe out of their mouth.

When someone is a “mouth breather”, their mouth stays open during sleep. This causes the CPAP air pressure blowing through the Nasal Mask to escape. Thus, rendering the CPAP sleep apnea therapy ineffective as the pressure meant to hold the airway open flows out of the mouth instead of into the airway.

The Full Face Apnea Mask creates an environment that equalizes the pressure in both the mouth and nose.  The Full Face Apnea Mask also works well for someone who suffers from cases of nasal blockage or congestion from common colds or allergies.

nasal pillowsNasal or Nose Cushion Mask

This sleep apnea mask works in a similar fashion to the Nasal Mask using a nose cushion that seals over both nostrils, but it differs in the fact that it also fits under the nose instead of around the nose.

Additionally, the cushion does not rest on the bridge of the nose or fit over tip of the nose. There are numerous  sized cushions available for easy fit.

  1. Nasal pillows: These devices seal against the outside edge of each nostril. The pillows open into the nostril but are not inserted inside. Nasal pillows are useful for people who sleep on their stomach or side, or for those with mustache or beard.
  2. Nasal Prongs: This device is inserted into each nostril and rather than sealing around the outside edge of the nose, it seals the inside.
  3. Oral Apnea Mask: This device fits into the mouth to deliver the CPAP air pressure. It is available in only one size and is intended to fit any user. When this device is used, the CPAP air is not conditioned by the mucous membranes in the nose which results in drying out the mouth.  As a result, the Oral Mask requires the use of a heated humidifier attached to CPAP Machine.
  4. Total Face Apnea Mask: This mask works in a similar fashion to a Full Face mask except that it covers every opening on the face in areas where air might leak out.  A total face mask makes a seal over the entire area of the face, down the sides, under the chin, and at the forehead. It is exclusively used for someone who sleeps on their back. In fact, this is typically used as a “last resort”.

Apnea Mask Replacement

The good news is that most insurance companies will typically allow for mask cushion replacement every 90 days and a complete new apnea mask system every 6 months.

Typically after six months of use most mask cushions start to deteriorate causing the material in the mask to become too soft to hold a seal.

It is generally recommended that you should replace pillows or cushions as soon as they start to soften.

Additionally, be on the lookout for mask air leaks because they may reduce the effectiveness of CPAP sleep apnea therapy and try to avoid headgear that is too tight which has known to cause facial sores at pressure points.



Best rollaway bed Reviews: The best folding bed for the money

best rollaway bed


What is a Roll-away Bed?

Also known as a folding bed, a rollaway bed is a type of bed that is most commonly found in hotels. They are wheeled into a guests room when there are more sleepers than beds. Ex. 5 people in a room 2 queen beds.

best rollaway bed

The most common type of foldable bed is a metal frame hinged in the middle for easy folding, storage, and maneuvering through hallways and into elevators.

The best rollaway beds are designed with a folding mattress that stays on the bed frame while in the folded position, making it all the more convenient.

As I stated previously, roll-away beds are very common in hotels. They are also a very popular option for people who may have house guests or visiting family members from time to time and don’t want to dedicate the space in their homes permanently for visitors.

Best Rollaway Beds Comparison Table

PictureRollaway BedSizeWeightMattress TypeRating
cheap rollaway beds 39 inch Wide Hospitality Roll Away Bed79" x 39"75 lbsTufted Premium Innerspring Mattress4.4
best folding bed and rollaway mattressSleep Master Memory Foam Resort Folding Guest Bed75" x 38"68 lbs5" Mattress with 1" Memory Foam4.6
best rollaway bed reviewsRoll Away Bed, Folding Bed Box Spring Mattress79" x 36"83 lbsBox Spring Mattress4.1
best rollaway bed reviewsiBed in a Box: Hideaway Guest Bed75" x 32"26 lbs2" Foam Mattress4.5
Queen size rollaway bed with mattressLUCID Roll Away Guest Bed - Rolling Cot with 4-Inch Mattress74" x 31"45 lbs4" Memory Foam4.4
twin folding bed with mattressMilliard Premium TWIN 75" X 38" Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress 75" x 38"57 lbsMemory Foam Mattress4.7
Best queen size rollaway bed reviewsJAY-BE Smart Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress, Black, Single79" x 30"36 lbsAirflow Fiber Mattress4.5
best rollaway bed mattressSimmons Foldaway Folding Bed Cot with Memory Foam Mattress75" x 25"22 lbsMemory Foam Mattress4.2
Best twin rollaway bed with mattressSleep Master Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed, Plus Bonus Storage Bag75" x 38"43 lbs4" Foam Mattress4.6
cheap rollaway bed reviews 2016Best Price Mattress Space Saver Rollaway Guest Bed, Deluxe75" x 31"26 lbs4" Fiber Padded Foam4.2

Are there cheap rollaway beds?

Price ranges on the best roll-away beds will vary greatly depending on the comfort level and convenience you are looking for.

Models can vary greatly from a simple camping cot all the way up to a super-luxurious model complete with wooden headboard and foot board.

As with most things, you get what you pay for with a rollaway bed. A decent middle of the road model could conceivably set you back $200 to $300 dollars.

The most comfortable rollaway beds have a price tag of about $495.

Here are a few models of the best rollaway beds compared side by side to give you an idea of the differences in the prices. Click on the images to learn more about these models or to see more options

Cheap Rollaway Beds (under $100)

The best folding beds are a great way to add sleeping space if you have guests stay over. Unfortunately some of them can be quite expensive. Especially when you probably will not be using it that often.

But that does not mean that cheap rollaway beds do not exist. We have put together a quick list of options to help you find a rollaway bed under $100

Best fold away bed for the money

Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed

Your overnight guests will enjoy the luxury of this cheap folding guest bed.

The Sleep Master Folding Guest bed comes with 0.5 inches of fiber padding and 2.5 inches of base of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam.

Click here to check for the latest price on Amazon

If compactness and lightweight influences your choice of a fold up bed, the Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed has them both. The bed weights a meagre 26 pounds. When folded, the width is 32 inches while the length is only 39 inches, which makes it portable in the back of a minivan.

Is it comfortable? It is better than having your guests sleep on the couch. However, this fold away bed lacks enough support towards the center. The base is made of canvas, and it kind of feels like you are sleeping on a tight hammock.

At its cheap price, I’d say the Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed is a worthy purchase. The price justifies the few drawbacks the fold away bed might have.

Coleman ComfortSmart Folding Cot

The Coleman ComfortSmart folding cot is another incredinly cheap rollaway bed. The bed retails for less than $100 on Amazon.

 For the price you pay for this folding bed, we'd say it is a complete steal, although it is a bit smaller than the King’s Guest bed.

The overall dimensions are 69” long by 25” wide, so a larger guest may not be as comfortable sleeping on this bed.

However, this guest bed would be a nice convenience for camping or for a short term guest stay.

At 16 pounds the roll-away bed is very easy to move and store even in the smallest places.

cheap queen size rollaway bed

Best folding bed

JAY-BE Saver Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress (Regular)

Jay-be, the company, is synonymous with quality innovative folding bed, and that’s what the Jay-Be Saver Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress brings.

At less than a hundred dollars for the regular folding bed, this one is a steal! For a rollaway bed under $100 the Jay-Be Saver Folding Bed is a nice middle of the road option.

The mattress is what sets the bed apart. The mattress uses open cell structure technology, which allows it to breath. A mattress that breaths will stay fresher for longer. The comfort you get from the freshness is worth every penny you pay for this foldaway bed.

Talking of compactness, this folding bed is 100% portable and can be stored almost anywhere. It will fit in your closet, in your car’s trunk. And you can even squeeze it under your bed. The bed folds up so flat that storage and space will never be an issue.

The bed’s support is something else of a marvel. The frame not only offers full body support, but also guarantees durability.

At its price, this is a comfortable bed for the guests. It is way better than an inflatable air mattress that would leak out all the air at night.

A guest bed on stereoids!

best rollaway bed to buy

This is quite possibly the coolest guest bed I have ever seen.

It is the SimplySleeper Hideaway Guest Air Bed with Integrated Travel Case.

The bed sets itself up and takes itself down at the push of a button. No more fighting with a heavy bulky roll away guest bed. Simply hit the button and let the bed do the work.

​The frame is engineered for durability and powder coated for long life.

The bed is rated to support a full 300 pounds and is long enough at 77.5″ to allow your adult guests to stretch out comfortably for a great night sleep. The SimplySleeper Hideaway Guest Bed comes in a twin size option and a queen size option.

When closed this Roll away guest bed is a mere 23.5″ x 14.5 x 20″. That’s less than 6 cubic feet! The compact size makes this a great choice for any size house or apartment. It weighs about 42 pounds, so the wheels come in very handy to move it from place to place.

As I stated before, not only does the bed self inflate, but it also deflates and retracts ready to be packed away into it’s own durable wheeled storage case.

The entire inflation process takes only 2 minutes.

This could come in hand for guests that arrive late at night.

The SimplySleeper Roll away guest bed won’t break the bank either. Both The Twin Size Bed and the Queen size are under $200. This prices the SuperSleeper less than some of the traditional, bulkier roll away guest beds.

If you are in the market for a roll away guest bed, you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at this innovative solution. Comparing overall size, cost, and storage options, this bed is on my “Best Bet” list for guest bed solutions.

Things to consider when looking for the right Rollaway bed:

iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed

How will the Mattress hold out in the long run?

Three things to keep in mind about mattresses:

  • Mattresses are not meant to be folded.
  • Mattresses are not meant to be folded and re folded.
  • Mattresses are not meant to be folded for extended periods of time.

Rollaway beds do all three of these things to a mattress on a regular basis. So when you are buying your rollaway bed, Keep the mattress in mind.

You may want to go with a softer more flexible mattress to allow it to move. The firmer the mattress, the harder it will be to fold and store. Some rollaways come with an air mattress to allow the user to adjust the firmness and give it a smaller footprint.

Do I have a place to store it?

Some rollaway bed frames can be bulky and unsightly.

Make sure you have a spare closet or maybe a designated storage space for it in the basement when you aren’t using it. Sure, the bed folds up and out of the way when you are not using it, but that does not make it invisible.

Leaving it along the wall in a room is an OK short term plan for when the guests are there, but, Make sure you have a long term storage option before you make the purchase.

How difficult is it to operate?

Getting a rollaway bed into position for use should not cut into the operator’s sleeping time.

The better the bed, The simpler it will be to use. It should be as easy as unfolding and locking a few pieces into place. This is another feature that will be dictated by the price you pay.

The easier the setup, the more you will pay.

That is not to say that once you get the hang of cheap roll away bed, it won’t be quick to set up, but by the very nature of the thing, they are not used often and it is easy to forget how to operate if you don’t do it all the time.

How often will I be using it?

This point kind of goes with all of the previous sections. If you are going to be using the roll-away bed quite often and want the user to get a semi decent night sleep, the mattress on the bed will need to be of a better quality.

The more you put the bed up and take it down, the easier you will want it be to set up. If it is going to be used on a regular basis, storing it along the wall or leaving it set up for a while would not be as big of an issue for you.

Who will be using the bed the most?

Not to sound mean, but do you like the people that will be staying with you? How much? Enough to care about their comfort and the way they sleep?

Or are you afraid that if they get too comfortable they may just decide to stay?

Take into consideration the age of the user. Younger people can generally sleap on and through anything. They will be less likely to be affected by a lower quality mattress.

Older visitors may tend to be more affected by the quality of the rollaway bed. If they are already tough to get along with, you may want to splurge.

For the Ultimate in Luxury Check out this Extra Long 79″ Rollaway Bed with Super Comfortable Coil Spring Mattress for Your Overnight Guests!

The best rollaway beds are a very nice option for sleeping space when the need arises. Make sure you consider these factors before making your final decision. By doing your homework and researching your options, you will be happier with your rollaway bed purchase in the long run.

Do they make Queen size folding beds?

Most of the time when you look for or think about the best rollaway beds the majority of the selection are twin beds. So the question arises…Do they make queen rollaway beds? The answer is, yes. Although not as popular as a regular twin rollaway bed, due to their size and storage issues, queen rollaway beds do exist and are very much available for sale.

What is the Difference Between Twin and Queen Rollaway Beds?

To answer that question, we really first need to start with what is the difference between a normal twin and queen bed?

Obviously the main difference is going to be the size. Here is a bed size chart that will give you a comparison of all bed sizes. The chart lists general sizes. These are not hard and fast measurements.

  • California King 72″ x 84″
    Queen Rollaway beds
  • King 76″ x 80″
  • Queen 60″ x 80″
  • Full or double 53″ x 75″
  • Twin or single 38″ x 75″

Why would I want a Queen Rollaway Bed?

Queen beds are larger for a reason. They are made for two people. So, if your newly married son brings his wife home, it might be nice to show your support for their marriage by having a rollaway queen bed ready for them.

Or, if your parents come to visit, a queen rollaway bed is a much nicer option than stacking them in the twins bunk beds.

Drawbacks of Queen Rollaway Beds

The big one. Size. Moving one of these monsters would be an issue in itself not to mention the setup and take down.

Storage also plays a big factor.

Are you going to have enough room for a rollaway queen bed folded in half. There are available options out there that work around this issue.

Recommeded Queen Rollaway Bed

queen rollaway bed


This too goes along with size.

In most cases, you have to buy the queen rollaway  bed frame and the mattress separately. Together, it would just be too large to ship to the store and to your home.

Although queen folding beds with mattresses are still available, the purchase will just require some additional planning.

Choosing a rollaway mattress that goes with your bed

rollaway bed mattress

Choosing the correct rollaway bed mattress is very tricky because most of the time the person buying the rollaway bed is not going to be the person sleeping in the rollaway bed unless it is for a cabin or a vacation home.

Most of the time the people sleeping on the rollaway bed mattress are going to be guests and visitors.

Not knowing the firmness that a person prefers makes it as a difficult process to choose the perfect mattress for every situation.

The most common choices for a rollaway bed mattress are: innerspring, memory foam, and air mattresses. Here are the differences in the three.

Memory Foam Mattress

Most memory foam rollaway bed mattresses are a visco-elastic material surrounding a standard, firmer foam core.

Memory foam mattresses are very good at relieving pressure on painful joints, and they are usually more expensive than a standard sprung rollaway bed mattress.

The firmness of a memory foam mattress is determined by the temperature. In a cooler bedroom, the memory foam mattress will be firmer. The bed then conforms to the sleeper’s body gradually based on body heat.

Look at the Amazing price on this Memory Foam Mattress!

Innerspring Mattresses

An inner spring rollaway bed mattress consists of three components: the core, the foundation and the upholstery layers.

The core supports the sleeper’s body. The core is made up of steel springs called coils. The firmness of the mattress is factored by the number of coils in the mattress and the gauge of the steel used in making the coils. The firmer a rollaway bed mattress, the more difficult it will be to fold and store.

The foundation, much like it sounds, is what the mattress rests upon. A boxspring is the most common foundation in a traditional mattress, but a rollaway bed mattress will typically have a grid-top foundation made from either steel and wood or all steel.

The upholstery layers are what covers the spring core and gives the rollaway bed mattress it’s cushioning and comfort. This layer can contain fiber batting, traditional foam, memory foam, felt, cotton fiber, egg crate foam and a number of other materials to form the comfort layer.

Click Here to take a look at the Coleman Quickbed Air Mattress

Air Mattress

Air Mattresses are mattresses that contain one or more “bladders filled with air to provide support as opposed to coil springs.

The firmness of an air mattress can be adjusted by controlling the amount of air in the chamber. The more air, the firmer the mattress.

Care should be used when using an air mattress as a rollaway bed mattress as the foundation could puncture and deflate the mattress. Make sure when buying a rollaway bed frame that it is air mattress friendly.

Pimping Your Rollaway Bed- The Must Have Accessories

When most people think about a rollaway bed they don’t really think about the accessories to go along with them.

A rollaway bed isn’t like a car or a house or something that you really want to accessorize to show it off. It’s not a luxury item to be envied. It’s there for sleeping on. The right Rollaway bed accessories can enhance your ownership and protect your investment for the life of ownership.


Do you have the right size sheets for your rollaway bed? Maybe all of the beds in the house are queens. Most rollaway beds are twins.

Having the right size sheet on the bed will make you look like a better host and give your guests better night sleep.

If you have ever tried to sleep in a twin bed with queen sheets, you know that in the morning you will most likely not have any sheets on the mattress at all.

Sheets are most definitely one of the rollaway bed accessories on your must have list.


Like sheets, blankets are rollaway bed accessories that you should have on hand.

Build up asmall stockpile of blankets for your guests. Make sure you buy them like clothes, in layers.

A couple lightweight, a couple medium weight and a heavy weight blanket. You wouldn’t want to give your summer visitors a heavy winter blanket or your winter visitors a skimpy lightweight blanket.

Layers will make your guests more comfortable.

Dust Covers

Dust covers are very handy rollaway bed accessories.

If you’re going to be storing the rollaway bed for any period of time, it’s a must-have to keep your mattress clean and free of dust mites, excessive moisture and other allergens that might get into a mattress as it is in storage.

You want to be able to pull your rollaway bed out of storage and set it up without being embarrassed by the smell or having a guest hit it and have dust come flying out of it.

These rollaway bed accessories will prolong the life of your purchase and make ownership an easier and more enjoyable experience.

​I don't want a roll-away bed. What are my alternatives?

Due to size or cost or other factors, it may not be possible to obtain a rollaway bed for your guests. But much like Christams, Your guests are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them.

So, What rollaway bed alternatives are out there to help you get your visitors a place to sleep? (short of giving up your own comfy bed)

3 Rollaway Bed Alternatives

Camping Cots

Camping cots are usually a bit smaller than a standard twin bed, but can still be a great rollaway bed alternative. Cots usually don’t come with a mattress and the foundations are made of cloth.

The Frames can be made out of any material from wood to steel to fiberglass or aluminum. One nice advantage of a cot over a rollaway bed is the storage factor. A Cot folds up much smaller than a rollaway bed and can be placed almost anywhere.

See for yourself! the TETON Sports Camp Cot is not your Father’s Army Cot!

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses used to be a big air bag that deflated as you slept. By morning you were sleeping most uncomfortably on a vinyl mat on the floor.

But the best air mattresses of today are much better.

There are self Inflatable mattresses, bed height mattresses, Mattresses on frames and air mattresses with individual pockets.

Have you heard of the sleep number bed? Guess what? It’s an air mattress.

Like a cot, They are very easy to store once deflated and can be put back up in a matter of minutes. As rollaway bed alternatives go, the air mattress is probably the most economical option as well.

Take a Peek at some of the latest Air Beds on the Market

The Couch

Of the three rollaway bed alternatives in this article, this is probably my favorite option.

The hide-a-way bed. Couches with fold out beds have come a long way since I first slept on one back in the early eighties. Advances in mattress materials such as memory foam and more versatile framing materials have made the fold out couch a rollaway bed alternative that is almost as good as sleeping in a real bed…almost.

And it’s not just couches that that have fold away beds in them either. I slept on a fold away chair bed the night my oldest son was born, so if you are looking for space saving rollaway bed alternatives, look at couches and chairs.

Hey, you need those anyway why not get something that does double duty?

I’ll bet you’ve never seen a sleeper sofa like this before!

Buying vs renting roll-away beds

Rollaway beds are a convenient way to add extra sleeping space should you have unexpected company. You may want to purchase a new bed or you may want to look into renting rollaway beds.

Renting rollaway beds is an affordable option. You do not need to shell out a ton of cash for the use of the bed. I have seen companies that will rent a rollaway bed for as little as $10 per night. That is a huge savings over purchasing. Here are a few options to consider before renting rollaway beds.

Points to ponder before Renting Rollaway Beds

How Many Beds Do I Need?

The number of beds you will need will greatly influence this decision. If Jimmy is coming home from college and you have turned his bedroom into an office, buying may be a better option. If you are hosting a fraternity or sorority reunion and you find you are in need of 20 extra beds for the weekend, renting rollaway beds is the way to go

Click Here to See Some of the Many Options Available in Rollaway Beds

Is This a One Time Thing?

In the aforementioned example of Jimmy coming home from college, chances are it will not be a one and done situation. He may be coming home every weekend for four years. If you want to keep your new office, you will probably want to buy your rollaway. If it is a one time deal like the reunion, you are not going to want to shell out the cash, or have the room to store the beds when done. Renting would be the better option.

Do I have the Storage Space?

As I said previously rollaway beds are convenient and fold up when not in use but that doesn’t mean they become invisible. If you have the space to store a rollaway bed the means by one but if space is a limitation you probably want to consider renting or borrowing a rollaway bed from a friend neighbor or a company this specializes in renting rollaway beds.

Check out the Affordable Sleep Master Folding Guest Bed at Amazon.com

Keep these factors in mind when you’re looking at making a decision between purchasing and renting rollaway beds. They can help you make the right decision.

Rollaway Bed in Operation


Ceiling Fan Direction For Summer and Winter


Ceiling fans are commonly found in many places including homes, restaurants, hotels, and others. Some people find the convenience they emit quite negligible. They are, however, completely wrong.

An air conditioning unit paired with a ceiling fan can be a good way to decrease energy consumption.


Because the ceiling fan has the power to turn down the thermostat by a degree or more. Imagine your savings! Ceiling fan direction is very crucial for comfort, especially in the extremely hot and cold seasons, summer and winter.

Which Ceiling Fan Direction?

There are only two available options for ceiling fan direction – “counter-clockwise” or  “forward” and “clockwise” or “reverse”.

These may be changed through flicking a little switch (which is usually found on the “stem” of a ceiling fan).

But what are the directions needed for the different seasons?

The rule to follow is fairly simple. “Counter-clockwise” or “forward” is used to cool the air in a room, and “clockwise” or “reverse” warms it.

Therefore, the first ceiling fan direction must be used during summer months and the latter during winter months (though this is usually the case, one must remember that there still are exceptions).

ceiling fans direction for summer

The former cools since it causes a downdraft of cool air to inhabited areas (the air hits people directly) while the latter warms since it causes subtle updrafts that move warm air near the ceiling towards your walls.

In winter months, aside from turning the direction to reverse, one must remember to put the fan on “low” (unless you have a very high ceiling, then let it remain on “medium” or “high”) to consistently warm the room.

fan direction in winter

You may also put the fan on “clockwise” during summer if you don’t want the wind to hit you directly. Another exception would be during summer, in the dining area, you wouldn’t want a “forward” orientation. You wouldn’t want your food to be cold right after serving, right?

Which Direction is My Ceiling Fan Turning?

How would you know which direction the blades are turning? Simply put the fan on “low”, and observe. You can then change the ceiling fan direction if necessary.

Finally, if ever you can’t remember which direction is for which: just remember, “counter-clockwise cooling”. This is easy to remember since it has three C’s. Now you know your ceiling fan direction. Remember these and you’ll have a much more comfortable life during summer and winter!

When home air conditioning first became widely available to the average consumer in the 1970s, one of the first casualties in the home and business cooling devices market was the ceiling fan.

Why Do Ceiling Fans Have Reversible blades

While many ceiling fan manufacturers scrambled and successfully re-invented their fans with innovative technologies and improved aesthetics, they still had to fight to maintain a decent piece of the home cooling market.

Their redemption would come rather unexpectedly. It would be greatly driven by energy concerns. The constantly rising costs of cooling and heating homes has given many homeowners a new appreciation of their ceiling fans.

Unlike air conditioning systems, ceiling fans are amazingly energy efficient and a lot of home-owners use them to supplement, or occasionally to supplant entirely, their main home climate control systems.

Ceiling fans have reversible blades, and by changing the directions those blades (either manually or simply by pushing a button on your ceiling fan’s remote) you can make the fan which was irreplaceable over the summer be an equally big help in heating your home during cold weather.

The secret to this duality lies in the physical science of ceiling fan direction. The same cool wind which fans your brow on hot days is also circulating the cool air in a downdraft to the rest of the room. If your ceiling fan direction in the summer is counter-clockwise, as it should be, you will be experiencing a miniature “wind chill” which cools you, without actually lowering the air temperature of the room.

You can save money in energy costs by operating the ceiling fan only when the room has occupants. But what is refreshing in the summer can be unpleasantly chilly in the winter. The simple act of reversing the ceiling fan direction will turn that summer downdraft into a winter updraft, and the ceiling fan will be pushing the warm air which has risen to the ceiling down towards the floor of the room.

You will get a much more effective distribution of the heat from your main climate control system; some homeowners have been able to achieve as much as a 95% change in air flow when their ceiling fan direction is clockwise, and their fan is running at low speed.

With the warm are being distributed more evenly, many homeowners how have changed ceiling fan direction are able to lower their thermostats and save money on energy costs, in spite of the fact that the ceiling fans themselves require energy.

The manufacturers of ceiling fans have done their best over the decades to make their products effective at home climate control. With a better understanding of how ceiling fan direction can make a difference in their energy costs, more homeowners will be drawn to these very simple, attractive, and efficient devices.


Snoring Pillow Reviews: These Ones Actually Work!

smart anti snore pillow

Snoring pillows aim to position the head and neck in sleeping postures that may help to reduce blockage of the airways so that breathing is easier and quiet.

These smart pillows are generally designed so that the central area of the pillow is thinner than the sides.

The idea is that your head should be aligned with your spinal column whatever sleeping position you adopt. This in turn, should keep your airway clear as you sleep.

We reviewed the best anti snoring pillows

If you like to sleep on your back…

For people who sleep on their backs, an anti-snoring pillow may help to keep the chin elevated off the chest keeping the air passage open, and snoring at bay.

In some people, snoring may begin when the chin is pushed down to the chest, which can be caused by normal pillows, causing the airways in the throat to become obstructed. This can cause a snoring noise in the back of the throat and sinus region.

Snoring pillows aim to stop your chin from dipping to your chest while sleeping.

Anti snoring pillows for side-sleepers

c shaped anti snoring pillow for side sleepersFor snorers who sleep on their sides, the curved roll on the pillow under the neck may assist to keep the jaw forward and the head from rolling.

Keeping your shoulder and head on the same level when sleeping on your side will avoid neck pain that you might feel if these are not positioned properly.

There are pillows that were designed to ensure that your head and shoulder will be on the same level. The pillow with contour raised horizontally at the bottom part is one of these. This is the best anti snoring pillow for side sleepers like you.

However, people don’t have the same perception on what’s comfortable. One pillow might be best for one but not for the other. There are so many options that you can choose from buying the best pillow for side sleepers. Aside from the usual rectangular shaped pillow, L-shaped and C-shaped pillows are also getting popular choices for side sleepers.

The fill of a pillow is another thing that you should consider when buying anti snore pillows. It should be soft to provide comfort and thick to prevent difficulties in breathing. If the pillow is too thin, it might feel like you are not using a pillow at all.

A soft pillow will also prevent hurting your ears. Some side sleepers feel sore on the ear when they wake up because of a hard pillow.

Magnetic pillows

Some anti snoring pillows on the market use magnetic therapy. An example that comes to mind is the Therion Magnetics Memory Foam pillow.

Manufacturers of magnetic pillows claim that their product not only corrects sleeping posture to avoid air obstruction, but also relieves neck and back pain using magnetic therapy.

Choosing the right size

Why is it important to choose the right size of a pillow?

Getting the size ensures that you get right curve for your neck.

Kids should choose a junior size while most women require a small or medium pillow. Small to average men should choose the medium, but taller or larger men may need a large pillow.

Do anti snore pillows work?

Ultimately, how much an anti-snoring pillow does the job can only be determined by the snorer.

Be wary of claims that studies have proven they work. Ask who did the study and who paid for it. Some of these studies are purely marketing!

To get the opinions of people who have actually tried snoring pillows, go to an Internet search engine and type “snoring +forum” (with quotes). This will enable you to read other people’s anti snoring pillows reviews and experiences. You can even post your own review to help other shoppers or ask questions if you are in doubt.

However, you also need to be wary that the forum is operated by an independent source and not one of the manufacturers.

If you decide to buy an anti snoring pillow , look for an unconditional money back guarantee, so that you can try one and return it, if it doesn’t work. Who knows? You may love snoring pillows.

What anti snore pillow do we recommend

Nora made such a gusto on Kickstarter, but we are still waiting for more user reviews to determine whether this is the best anti snoring pillow.

However, apart from the Nora Snore Pillow, there are several other anti snore pillows that are available in the market, some that might actually be better than Nora.

We have personally tried different anti snoring pillows and read thousands of other user reviews to determine the best anti snore pillows. Below, we provide you with reviews of 5 of the best snore pillows in the market.

The snoring pillows industry has also embraced technology. A few days ago, I wrote a review about a new anti-snoring device by the name Nora, an expensive but effective snoring aid.

Nora works. But it is not the only smart snoring solution available for you.

However, since it is the newest entrant in the market, we chose to review it first.

Smart Nora Review

We live in a fascinating world. A world that is filled with technological advancement after technological advancement.

In today’s world, there’s nothing technology won’t do. From space exploration to getting an Uber.

I dare say that today’s world runs on this or that app. If you think or imagine it there’s a good chance tech will make it come alive.

You would think that man has hit the crest of technological innovation. But as soon as you think you have seen them all, someone somewhere comes up with something new.

One such gadget is Nora. No, it’s not a planet from a faraway galaxy but a snoring solution. A smart snoring solution. Smart because it stops your snoring, get this, wirelessly!

If you are a snorer or know of one then you are probably familiar with all the snoring solutions that seemingly mushroom by the day. From chin straps to nasal strips to mouth pieces and pillows, snoring is a very lucrative business.

Of all the other snoring solutions Nora is one of a kind since it is the only non-invasive snoring solution.

This article is dedicated to Nora. Through it, you will know all you need to about it so that you can decide whether it’s worth giving it a shot or not.

Fair warning, your mind is going to be blown…..literally!

Simply put, Nora is a smart, non-invasive snoring solution. As a matter of fact it is the only non-invasive snoring solution.

Many other snoring solutions work by changing how you sleep and as such you could consider them ‘invasive’. For instance, many anti snoring pillows reduce your snoring by changing your sleeping position while the TSD and MAD mouthpieces do so by adjusting your tongue and jaw respectively.

Nora anti snore pillow on the other hand will reduce your snoring while allowing you the freedom to sleep however you wish. You could sleep on your back, stomach or side and Nora will still work!


nora snoring-nora snoring reviews

The Smart Nora Snoring Pillow comes in a small, elegant and portable bag. In this bag you will find a microphone, expander, mini- pump and a rechargeable battery.

The microphone’s shape is similar to that of a computer mouse. What it does is that it listens to you as you sleep. If any snoring sounds are detected, it acts accordingly to stop it.

If placed on your night stand, no one but you would notice its presence.

The expander is a soft pad that is placed under your pillow while the pump goes under the bed. The former is very slim and as such you won’t even notice its presence.

The pump sits in the bag and inflates and deflates the expander accordingly so as to reduce your snoring.

Rechargeable battery

The Smart Nora Anti Snoring Pillow acknowledges the fact that you might not always sleep on your bed. That’s why they saw it fit to include a rechargeable battery which allows you to carry Nora along with you wherever you go.

Mobile app

As mentioned earlier, the world runs on apps and Nora’s smart device is no different. The app is installed on your phone and you can use it to access the mic’s recordings.

It makes it possible for you to listen in on your snoring over the night. Furthermore, you could bring it along with you to your doctor as the recording could be used to detect more complicated respiratory disorders.

How does Nora work?

Am sure you are pretty eager to know this. However, let’s take a minor detour. Before you can understand how it works you need to know why you snore.

When you are asleep your muscles tend to relax due to the lack of activity. The throat muscles are no exception. When they relax, they cause a blockage in the airways.

As air passes through this now narrow airway, it causes the surrounding soft tissue to vibrate and hence the snoring sound.

Now that you know how snoring comes about you are ready to learn how Nora works.

Before you sleep, just put the expander under your pillow. You need not to worry whether your pillow is compatible or not since the expander is designed to fit in any pillow!

Once this is done, simply tap on the mic gently and proceed to sleep.

When the mic detects the slightest indication of a snore, it sends a signal to the pump under the bed which in turn inflates the expander under the pillow.

This will adjust the position of your head gently without you feeling a thing. In this adjusted position, your throat muscles become stimulated which in turn opens up your airways returning your breathing to normal and stops you from snoring.

The process happens almost instantly before the snoring becomes loud enough to wake your partner up. This ensures that you all get a quiet and peaceful sleep.

As I said, Nora is non-invasive and hence it allows you to sleep in any position and in any part of the pillow.

FAQs about Nora
Is Nora effective?

The best way to know the effectiveness of Nora or any product for that matter is by trying it out yourself. Another way is to listen to what people who have tried that product have to say about it.

Ujwal and Kayleigh and Ali and Sahla are such people. In both couples, the wives had a difficult time sleeping as a result of the snoring from the husbands.

On certain nights, the snoring would get so bad that even the ear plugs wouldn’t work. On such nights, the wives would be forced to sleep on the couch.

Come morning, neither of the couples woke up feeling well rested. All that changed with Nora. According to them, they now sleep peacefully on the same bed and wake up feeling great and well relaxed.

Can Nora be used by kids?

If you have a child that snores and he/she uses a pillow during sleep then Nora is for them as well. It won’t interfere with their growth or cause discomfort during sleep.

Chances are that your child won’t even notice its presence.

Do I need a prescription?

No you don’t. As opposed to other anti-snoring solutions, Nora is a lifestyle enhancement device and not a medical device.

As such, you can try it without the need of any prescription from your doctor.

Who is Nora for?

Nora is for everyone and anyone who snores and want to stop. However, it may prove ineffective to persons with OSA.

Is Nora safe?

Recent studies suggest that sleeping with electronics such as phones near your head might overtime lead to brain cancer.

With Nora, you need not worry since the components are placed away from your head.

Where can I get Nora?

As with everything else you might need, you can get Nora online. The manufactures have also realized that snoring is a global affair and as such they are now shipping to over 35 countries.

How much does Nora goes for?

cost of nora anti-snore smart deviceDepending on where you are and where you choose to buy it, Nora ranges from $179 to $299.

How does this price compare with other anti-snoring devices available in the market?

Why Nora?


This makes it one of the most comfortable snoring aids in the market today. It causes no soreness or fatigue.

It stops your snoring while allowing you to sleep as you normally would.


Compared to other snoring aids such as CPAP, Nora is relatively cheap. In addition, Nora has a longer lifespan which saves you the trouble and money of replacing it every few months.


You can carry it with you anywhere you go since it has a rechargeable battery.

Final remarks

Snoring is nothing new. Statistics have it that about 30% of persons aged 30 and above snore. This rises to about 40% among mid-life individuals.

It is also fairly common among couples with as many as 59% of couples admitting that one partner snores regularly or habitually.

This has devastating consequences on the marriages as intimacy is lost with every night. In some cases, the snoring becomes too much to bare which often results to breakup or divorce.

Furthermore, snoring affects both you the snorer and your partner or roomies. You deprive them and yourself of a well-deserved goodnight’s rest. This negatively affects your daytime activities be it at work or school.

In an effort to stop snoring, many people end up trying multiple snoring aids but the truth is, a majority of them are only good theoretically.

When put to the test, they do little or nothing to stop your snoring.

With Nora, you can be assured that your snoring will be greatly reduced if not totally stopped. No snoring means a good night sleep for you and your partner or roomies.

In addition, your partner will look forward to sleeping in the same bed as you hence restoring your intimacy.

Choose to stop snoring. Choose to stop it the smart way. Choose to stop it the Nora way.

Introducing the Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

The Smart Anti-Snore is an innovative pillow design that is aimed at reducing your snoring the smart way.

The pillow comes equipped with sonic sensors which are used to detect snoring sounds. The sensors immeaditely activate motion shifting snoring has been detected.

Motion shifters

firm pillows for snoring and sleep apneaThe pillow shifts your head in a horizontal motion i.e. left to right. This motion is gentle enough such that you can sleep through it.

This shifting motion helps achieve two things. Firstly, it tightens your throat muscles. When tightened, the muscles are stimulated hence the airways remain open which allows you to breathe normally.

Secondly, it strengthens your throat muscles. Think of it as a kind of work out for your throat. As you continue to use the pillow, the throat becomes stronger and stronger which reduces snoring incidences with time.

Contoured support

snore no more sleep apnea pillowContoured medical pillows are not only good for snoring and sleep apnea, but can also be an effective relief for neck pain.

The contours allow the snoring pillow to assume the shape created by your head, neck and shoulders. Furthermore, it positions your head perfectly i.e. neither too high nor too low.

In this position, the stress on your neck is reduced and your breathing is returned to normal.


Provides the electrical power needed to run the pillow.

Removable covers

pillow for sleep apneaThe pillow comes with two removable covers; the inner cover and the outer cover.

To remove the covers, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the adapter.
  • Unzip the cover.
  • Remove the adapter from the adapter outlet hole.
  • Remove the outer pillow cover.
  • Take off the inner pillow cover.

Once they are out, you can wash them as you would any other pillow cover. After they are clean and dry, follow these steps to put them back:

  • Put on the inner cover. Make sure the back is centered on specialized area and then smooth it out.
  • Put on the outer cover from depressing surface and make it even.
  • Turn right side up then unzip outer cover.
  • Take adapter and put through adapter outlet hole.
  • Zip the outer cover and connect the adapter to a wall socket or extension.

Frequency setter

The frequency setter is a cool mechanism that you can use to adjust the frequency of the horizontal motion i.e. the number of times the pillow shifts.

This is particularly useful since not everyone snores the same. Snorers can be categorized into 3; mild, average and severe. As such, each requires a unique frequency setting.

To set your preferred frequency;

  • Unzip the pillow cover.
  • Adjust to 0, 1 (sets the frequency to 3 times) or 2 (sets the frequency to 5 times) if you are a mild snorer.
  • Select 3(sets the frequency to 7 times) if you are an average snorer. This is also the default frequency setting.
  • Select 4 (sets frequency to 9 times) 5, 6, 7 (sets frequency to 11 times) for severe snorers.

How smart pillow works

Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

To understand how the snoring pillow works, you need to first of all understand what causes snoring in people.

When you are asleep your muscles tend to relax. When the throat muscles relax, they collapse which causes a reduction in the airways.

When you breathe, the air is forced to pass through a narrower airway which causes the soft tissue in the throat to vibrate. The vibration of these tissues causes a sound which we know as snoring.

loud snoring sound

Now that you know that, you are ready to know how the pillow works.

When it’s time for bed, simply plug in the adapter and proceed to sleep. The smart pillow works in any position (side or back) so you need not worry about the discomfort of maintaining a single position throughout the entire night.

The sonic sensors are alert immediately you lie on the pillow. When snoring inevitably kicks in, the sensors automatically activates the motion shifter after a 4th snore is detected.

The pillow then moves gently horizontally at a frequency stipulated by you. In the event that you are an average snorer, the pillow will shift at frequency 3 i.e. it shifts 7 times.

As it does so, the throat muscles becomes stimulated and with every shift, the airway is opened up more and more. This allows your breathing to return to normal and the snoring sound declines to zero.

Once the sensor detects no more snoring, the shifting motion is deactivated. Upon detecting snoring, the shifting is activated once more and the process is repeated. This goes on till morning.

When you wake up, unplug the adapter until a later time when its use will be needed.

FAQs about the smart snore pillow

Is the smart snore pillow applicable to persons with sleep apnea?

For those of you that are hearing of sleep apnea for the first time, it is a more severe form of snoring which affects the supply of oxygen to your organs.

Persons suffering from it tend to wake up with a loud snore. This is the body’s way of taking up the much needed oxygen. Apnea could be mild or severe.

Smart pillow is effective in the case of mild sleep apnea but the same could not be said for severe sleep apnea which may require use of machines such as CPAP and BPAP.

How effective is the smart snore pillow?

As with most products, its effectiveness can be ascertained by trying it personally. However, it could also be ascertained by persons who have used it.

For instance, Shauna Goh says “My husband is a severe snorer who even wakes himself up from the loud noises. We tried almost every snore solution but most proved ineffective. The CPAP worked but he complained of its discomfort and he gave it up after a week. However, since he started using the smart pillow, the snoring has reduced and we now sleep peacefully and snore free.”

If she hasn’t convinced you then perhaps Timothy will. “After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I tried everything without much change. After my girlfriend recommended the smart pillow, I begun using it and I noted improvements. I am even recommending it to my father.”

Can I buy it online?
Yes you can. You can buy the pillow on online shops such as Amazon and have it shipped to your door step.

Do you need a prescription for the smart pillow?

The smart pillow is a sleeping aid and not a medical aid. As such, no prescription is needed. However, it wouldn’t hurt to consult your doctor prior to acquiring one.

What’s the return policy?

Being a personal effect, return is not allowed as it is difficult to resell a pillow that has been used even for a few nights.

For this reason, it is advised that you are certain you want the pillow before you purchase it.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the smart snore pillow has a one year warranty from date of purchase that covers any manufacturer defect provided the pillow is used in the right way and washing instructions are followed.

Why choose the smart anti-snore pillow

Snoring is by far something that you should be comfortable living with. It affect both you and partner or roommates since it interferes with your sleep.

Lack of adequate sleeps means that you wake up feeling exhausted and not well rested. During the day, you will experience drowsiness and fatigue hence you will less productive.

Admittedly, there are very many snoring aids available in the market, so why then should you choose the smart pillow?

Snore no more and feel comfortable

Some snoring aids though effective are very uncomfortable. It takes a helluva time to get used to sleeping with a CPap Mask or a snoring mouthpiece…

But using a pillow for snoring is whole different experience. Like other pillows in the market, the Smart Anti-snore Pillow combines both comfort and effectiveness.

But what I infinitely like about this pillow is the fact that I can sleep in whichever position I want. It is not like the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow, which forces you to sleep on your side in order to work.

Sleeping devices that force you to sleep in a particular position are not very effective. Ask any side sleeper how it feels to have the side sleeper should pain. It is insane!

It is also not very logical to try to sleep in one position throughout the night.

The Smart Anti-Snore Pillow works regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Some sleeping aids only work if you sleep in one position, usually the back (supine position). This is highly uncomfortable since most people move around the bed in their sleep.

The smart pillow isn’t like this. It works with you in any position hence giving you the freedom to toss and turn however much you like.

Best Anti Snoring Pillow by Price

A single pillow goes for about $300- $480. This price may seem to be high but compared to other aids such as the CPAP machines, the smart pillow is cheaper by far.

Furthermore, if the pillow is maintained properly, it will last longer hence saving you the cost of having to replace regularly.


If you have struggled with snoring or know of a person who does, I’d recommend you direct them to this snoring pillow. The smart pillow is the way to go.

You trust your other smart gadgets to do the job so why not trust a smart pillow to put an end to your snoring?

Choose to stop snoring the smart way and get yourself or someone you know a smart snore pillow today!

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Best Solar Pool Covers: Reviews and Buying Guide (July 2017)


Swimming pool heating can be an expensive exercise especially in today’s economic climate where everyone is looking at ways in which to cut back on expenses.

The guide below shows how an affordable solar pool cover can help cut back on utility costs. It will also show the available design features, enabling you to get the very best from this Eco-friendly solar heating idea.

Solar swimming pool covers are also known as solar blankets. This type of pool cover is known to be a very economical and effective way to harness the suns energy and heat your swimming pool.

​However, with so many solar pool covers in the market, it might be difficult to decide which one is the best match for you swimming pool.

Not anymore. In this review article, we took 7 of the best solar pool covers to the test. Here are our results

Solar blankets look like a giant piece of bubble wrap; normally they will be silver clear or blue in color. They are made up of thousands of air pockets that use the suns energy to heat your pool and at the same time trap any existing heat. In this way heat is added to your pools water whilst preventing heat loss through evaporation. This means that less heat is lost thus you do not have to run the pools heating system quite as much as before.

If you are looking for the thickest solar pool blanket on the market, you’ve just found it –In The Swim 16 Mil Ultra Clear Pool Solar Cover 20 x 40 (Rectangle)

This solar cover is a thick 16 mil which is thicker than most other covers which are mostly 12 mil.

This solar pool cover really is the Diamond series of solar blankets and offers the best in heat retention ensuring your swimming pool always stays warm.

best solar pool cover

Unlike other solar covers, In The Swim 16 Mil Ultra Clear Pool Solar Cover  has a unique hexagon design which ensures the least amount of heat loss possible. What this means is you save more money on your heating bills and have a pool that is always nice and warm.

Standout Features

  • Is a huge 16 mil thick – the thickest available.
  • Offers the best heat retention.
  • Has a unique hexagon design to ensure maximum heat retention.
  • Comes with an unheard of 8 year warranty
Shop Related Products

If you have a 10 foot round pool and need a way to keep the water warm, then the Intex Krystal Clear 10-Foot Solar Pool Cover will do that and more.

This very affordable solar pool cover will lie on the surface of your pool and with the aid of the sun will keep the water nice and warm for you. It will also stop any form of debris from entering the water too.

best solar pool cover reviews

The Intex Krystal Clear 10-Foot Solar Pool Cover itself is made for 10 foot round pools, although it can be adapted to fit 8 foot round pools too. Not only does it help to keep the water warm but it prevents it from evaporating as well. It is a very affordable way of keeping your pool clean and warm without the expense of a pool heater.

Intex Krystal Clear 10-Foot Solar Pool Cover Features

• Reduces water evaporation by up to 95%.
• Helps to retain the heat in the water.
• Will fit 10 foot and 8 foot round pools.
• Comes complete with a storage bag for when it’s not in use.

Intex Krystal Clear 10-Foot Solar Pool Cover Reviews

We found a total of 2,021 Amazon reviews for this product and to be honest they were quite mixed. Some people say it does the job really well and for the money it was an absolute bargain. Other people say it is just a large piece of bubble wrap and aren’t very happy with the quality.

Our Verdict

The Intex Krystal Clear 10-Foot Solar Pool Cover is a very affordable item that will certainly do the job it claims. Sure it’s not heavy duty or very thick and that is why it is so cheap to buy. It does the job and doesn’t cost a lot of money, so we can recommend it to anyone with an 8 or 10 foot round pool.

Why You Should Use Solar Heating for Your Swimming Pool

Every month you invest a significant amount of money in your swimming pool with chemicals, maintenance, and electricity to operate your filter pump.

When you heat your swimming pool, you can actually extend your swimming season and allow you to spend more time enjoying your pool. To heat your swimming pool you can use propane, or natural gas heaters. These have a low installation cost, but have a high operational cost.

In addition, gas heaters usually have a life span of only 5-8 years.

Another way to heat your swimming pool is with a heat pump, which cost more to install than that of a gas heater, however, has a less expensive operational cost than that of a gas heater.

Solar energy is another option for heating a swimming pool.

Solar heaters use the suns energy; therefore, they do not have an operating cost. They work with your existing pool pump, which circulates water from your pool through the heater that is usually located on top of your roof, the now, warm water is pumped back into your pool, warming it.

For maximum heating, you should have a pump timer set to operate during daylight hours. To regulate temperatures an automatic control and valve can be used sometimes, which is common in northern climates or where you want to maintain absolute temperature control. A booster pump may be needed for large commercial pools, community pools, and some larger residential pools.

Another reason why you should use solar energy to heat your swimming pool is that other energy sources such as gas heaters add pollutants into the air. Solar energy is a clean renewable energy source, which doesn’t contribute to pollution.

When installing the solar heating systems, the solar collectors should be installed where they will receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight for a good portion of the day.

Therefore, depending on the mounting surface’s angle as east, west and even flat facing systems should function satisfactory as long as it is sized properly for the pool.Proper sizing of the solar heating system is vital for achieving maximum heating.

The typical swimming pool requires a solar panel surface area, which equals approximately 50-100% of the pool’s surface area. The size of the heater however, will depend on several factors, which are the size and shape of the pool, how much of the pool is shaded, the geographic location, the swimming season, and desired pool temperature.

In addition, you also have to take into consideration windy conditions as well as the direction of the roof such as does it face south, east, west or is it flat. Your solar swimming pool heating specialist will be able to assist you in selecting the proper size system you will need.

Even with a solar heating system, you should also consider using a pool cover. Pools loose large amounts of heat. This occurs in many various ways including surface evaporation, which accounts for approximately 75% of the total heat loss.

Bubble type solar pool covers are the least expensive way to maintain your pool’s warmth and reduce surface evaporation. The pool cover is in the shape of the pool and lays on the pool’s surface.

In addition, pool covers also reduce chemical loss associated with evaporation. Pool covers also help to keep the pool cleaner by reducing the amount of dirt and debris that enters the pool.

If you own your own pool, you know it can be a joy to use but a nightmare to maintain. That’s why backyard pool maintenance is such a hot industry and explains why there are so many vendors hawking pool solar covers on the Internet.

How do you decide if you need a solar pool cover and if so, what to consider before you purchase?

Hopefully this guide will be helpful in your research.

First of all, what are pool solar covers exactly?

These are pool covers that protect your swimming pool from the elements–be it leaves, bugs, dust, or even curious toddlers.

What is so special about a pool cover that is solar?

A solar pool cover adds an extra element of heating to your pool. With special construction materials, these covers act as passive pool solar heaters, harnessing the energy and heat from the sun to increase the temperature of the water in your pool.

Why would you want to do this?

If you’re like most people, you probably work during the day when the hours are light and the pool water is warm. By the time you get home, however, the sun has disappeared and your pool will be much cooler.

So, what happens if you want to go for a relaxing swim after a hard day’s work?

You could, but you would have to endure the cold water.

With pool solar covers, however, your pool will still be nearly as warm as it was during the day during prime usage hours and you will be able to enjoy the water much more so.

An added bonus of solar covers for inground pools is the energy efficiency. The best solar pool covers use absolutely no energy to heat the pool, unlike an electric or gas heater.

While there are several pool solar heating systems available, these fancy gadgets actually use solar panels to collect and store energy and are thus much more expensive. Pool solar covers, on the other hand, are much cheaper to make and therefore to afford. And you won’t have to add on any extra maintenance on the very thing that you were using to maintain your pool!

For cold climate users who still enjoy swimming in their backyards, pool solar covers are an absolute must.

Even with the sun out it can be quite cool temperature-wise, and a solar pool blanket will prevent the wind from chilling the water, and trap in any heat that attempts to escape. On of your best investments you could make for your pool are in solar covers.

Most of the best rated solar pool covers are much cheaper than traditional and fancy heating systems that require energy, and instead work passively to harness energy from the sun.

They can keep your pool warm throughout the day so you can enjoy it even when the sun has set. At the same time, you will be able to lower your pool maintenance costs with a protective pool cover and also extend the usage period of your pool.

Pool solar covers are easily one of the better investments you can make.


My wife and I bought an Intex Easy Set inflatable above-ground solar pool cover this summer and it’s been a blast!

It’s only 15′ round by 42″ deep, but it’s still fun to play in and we love it.

In addition, I’ve made some modifications to the pool that I thought some others might enjoy seeing (or doing themselves) so I put up this page. But first a few helpful tips on setting up this pool:

Setting up an Intex East Set Solar Pool Cover

  • Make sure the ground is level. At least around the perimeter of the pool. If it’s not, you risk a seam popping due to uneven loading. Take the time to level the ground, it’s much harder to do later if you don’t.
  • Very carefully go over the ground looking for any nails, rocks, sticks, etc. Take the extra time to do it now, you’ll be very glad you did later. We even took off our shoes and walked around barefoot trying to feel for any rocks.
  • Really… that’s about it. Everything else was easy and the pool filled in about 4 hours without any trouble at all.

Okay, our modifications:

First thing I did was buy a solar blanket for the pool. The cover that comes from Intex is fine enough, but it doesn’t really hold in the heat like a solar blanket does. The solar blanket raised the temperature of the pool by over 15 degrees F!

Next, I bought a KD floating pool skimmer. The Intex does not have one, and so you have to constantly use the hand skimmer to get the junk off the top of the water. If you don’t have any trees around, it’s not a big deal, but we have a huge pine tree with all those little needles and so it was important for us to get them out.

The Intex filter and pump are very nice and quiet, but being the man I am, I wanted more. So I bought a 25 square foot cartridge filter and 1/2hp pump to “really clean it.” Works great!

Bought a floating hammock and mesh lounge. Really nice!

Bought a Hayward AquaBug automatic pool cleaner. This works great, except for the fact that the 1/2hp pump just didn’t have the power to keep it going consistently.

So I upgraded to a 3/4hp pump.

After doing that, the Aquabug runs like a champ! Boy does it go! I can’t believe such an inexpensive automatic pool cleaner works so well, but it does. In just an hour, the whole bottom of the pool is perfectly clean.

However, when I went to the bigger pump for the pool cleaner, it now had too much suction for the skimmer and so it was constantly overskimming, which allowed all the caught stuff to get free.

So what I did was tap in to the drain fitting on the opposite side of the pool and piped it over to the new 3/4hp pump via a T and valve. This way, when the AquaBug is running, I close the valve and the AquaBug gets full suction.

When I’m not using the AquaBug, I open the valve so that some of the suction force of the 3/4hp pump is now diverted to the drain and the skimmer works perfect again. 😉

Well that’s about it. This was our first above ground pool and the Intex is a blast. In fact, we had so much fun this year that next year we are going to get a bigger one and build a deck around it!

Why Get a Solar Pool Cover

Why you should invest in the best solar pool covers…

solar pool covers reviewsYou can often find discount deals on good quality pool solar covers near the end of the swimming pool season, which usually coincides with the end of summer or fall depending on your location.

Swimming pool solar covers are an excellent addition to any pool as they provide an environmentally friendly solution to retain and possibly even increase water temperature for comfortable swimming.

Though you may hear stories of how solar covers may be as much hassle themselves as maintaining a swimming pool, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

A common complaint, especially for larger inground pools, is the tedious process of covering and uncovering. Larger swimming pools will require at least two people to do the job and can become quite tedious when performed every day before and after pool use.

Solar Cover Reels

However, a great solution to this problem is to buy swimming pool reels.

Swimming pool reels are designed to augment pool covers by providing a hassle free flip-of-a-switch automation to cover and uncover your pool.

Reels can automatically retract in minutes and save you from being overburdened so you can quickly enjoy your heated pool. There are reel solutions for above ground pools as well.

Depending on your swimming pool configuration, you need to choose the proper pool cover reel to match.

Inground Pools
A traditional inground pool must be matched to a cover reel that sits low to the ground. Such reels are widely available and usually sit on wheels or coasters so you can easily move them around.
Above-Ground Pools
If you have an above-ground pool, you will need a swimming pool reel system that attaches to the edges of your pool. These will not have wheels on them, instead they will come with a latching system so you can secure them on the pool rails.

Another variation in solar reels that makes them quite handy are electric powered ones.

An electric pool cover reel system is usually costlier and requires more work to set up due to electrical safety requirements. However, these pool cover reels provide the most painless solution to solar blanket folding and unfolding

A manual reel is great for smaller pools since it won’t take much time at all to unreel and you will be doing your part to reduce your energy consumption and Carbon footprint.

Factors to consider when buying the best solar pool covers

When shopping for solar pool covers, be sure to pay attention to the quality of construction. The difference between a good and bad material can affect the life of the cover as well as a large difference in heat retention. This would possibly mean the difference of a few degrees heat in your pool.

The color is a big indicator of whether the manufacturer has designed the solar cover to trap heat well.

Darker colors tend to protect against heat better than light or even opaque, but get it too dark and it may have the opposite effect and actually keep your pool cooler. This is why the most popular solution by far are semi-transparent covers.

The best semi-transparent solar pool covers allow the sun’s rays to pass through the cover into the water. The blanket then prevents any evaporation of heat off the surface of the pool.

Preventing evaporation not only keeps the water temperature warm, it also acts as a water retainer so you will be saving water as well as energy at the same time.

The thickness of the best pool solar covers is another point to check for when you shop among discount quality manufacturers.

Leaders like Intex have designed solar covers that are thicker and as a result are better at what they do. They also last much longer.

However, the trade off is usually an increase in price as it uses more material and therefore costs more to produce.

If you closely inspect the design, you will notice varying shapes and patterns in the solar blanket.

Common designs include standard bubble wrap-like bubbles, hexagons, and even diamonds.

Though the sizes vary and manufacturers may claim higher effectiveness with their design, there is usually no attributable difference to shape so be sure not to get sold on this “premium” when you shop.



Top 10 Best and Safe Bunk Beds for Children and Toddlers (2017)

Stair Step Bunk Bed with 3-Drawer Bunk Pedestal

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider buying bunk beds with stairs in 2017.

Lets start with the most obvious… Kids love bunk beds with stairs. Simple as that!

Children love to play and climb around, wherever they are, so why not provide them with something to do when they’re in their own room.

There are certainly some rules you will want to lay down when it comes to your kids using the beds safely, but once they understand the ground rules they’re ready to start having fun. Soon they’ll be building forts and castles and playing cowboys and Indians or prince’s and fair maidens!

So with this in mind it also stands to reason that a bunk bed will help, to some extent, in building bonds between your kids.

We’re always delighted when our children learn to play together, if for no other reason than it keeps them out of our hair some of the time! Seriously though, if your children have a room where they feel secure and entertained, in their own private space, then that can only be a good thing.​

But which are the best bunk beds to buy?​

A year ago, I was pregnant with our third baby. In as much as I was excited, I was also wondering where my baby would be sleeping. It was a boy while the first two were girls.

My apartment is small and so I wanted the best option to allow me to use my space sparingly. My two girls used to sleep in their baby cribs and so adding a baby crib was an option. Or I would dispose one baby crib and buy a king sized bed for them to share.

Then a friend of mine gave me an idea that hadn’t crossed my mind before; to buy a bunk bed- preferably one with stairs.

I would dispose one crib bed and then have a staircase bunk bed for my babies. They would not have to share their bed space.

I learned a handful of lessons as I was shopping for a safe bunk bed for my kids. I also came across several beds that were quite tempting. Too bad I couldn't buy them all. I ended up buying the Bedz King Twin Over Bunk Bed.

It is the best decision I have ever made.

In this article, I am going to be sharing not only the other best stairway bunk beds that I thought would have made the mark, but also some incredible tips you should consider before buying staircase bunk beds.

But before I give you the list of the best bunk beds, here are some things to consider before buying a bunk bed:

  • Can the beds be separated into two? You may need to divide the bed in future as the kids grow up and your living standards change.
  • Is there enough space between the bunks? I hate the idea of having to hunch my head in order to sit on my baby’s bed. You also don’t want your kids to outgrow the bed soon. You spent money on it right?
  • How high is the top bunk? You do realize that the top bunk might be too close to the ceiling. Some houses have low ceilings which make it impossible for bunks too high. Or, you may have a fan in the room.
  • Does the bed have a trundle? Of late, beds with trundles have become fairly popular. If you have enough space you may have a trundle. It comes in handy when there are guests.
  • Storage space. Who doesn’t want more storage space? Cost. It goes without saying that you should only buy what you can afford.

Here is a selection of the best bunk beds with stairs that I recommend you to buy:

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin over Twin Bed with 3 Drawers in the Steps, Honey

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin over Twin Bed with 3 Drawers in the Steps, Honey

This bed is approximately 62 inches high, 102 inches wide x 42 inches deep.

The bed is eleven inches off the floor while the distance between the top bunk and the bottom bunk is 31 inches (bedding excluded).

Are you worried that you might get scratched by the roughness of the wood? Don’t worry because it has been coated with finish that is smooth. The finish allows for no cracks and scratches in future.

What does the set come with? It is usually packed in three cartons which have the following things inside of them

  • 2 headboards

  • 4 side rails

  • 28 wood slats

  • 4 guard rails

  • 2 foot boards

  • 3 drawers

  • A 3 step stairway

  • A manual for fixing the bed

What We Loved

  • A lot of storage space in the drawers
  • Doesn’t require expertise to put together
  • Made of strong wood
  • Manual is easy to follow

What We Didn't Like

  • Takes too long to assemble it
  • It is very heavy
  • Bed slats not strong enough

Mission Twin over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

Mission Twin Over Bunk Bed

If you are looking for a bed with a lot of storage space, this Mission Twin Over Bunk Bed will not disappoint you.

Mission Twin Over Bunk Bed Drawers

This stairway bunk bed is not only beautiful to look at but also very strong. Made of solid wood, the Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed will accommodate an 8-inches mattress.

It comes with a complete slat kit, which means that it is mattress-ready the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Bunk beds with stairs are better than beds that make use of the conventional ladder. 

What does the set contain? Mission Twin Over Bunk Bed package contains some of the following features:

  • 6 drawers

  • 2 footboards

  • 2 headboards

  • Two step stairway

  • 2 rails

  • 2 rail guards

  • 32 wood slats

What We Loved

  • The staircase can be used on either sides of the bed
  • It comes with a magazine rack for your children's best bedtime storybooks
  • It is very sturdy
  • Drawers are easy to open and close
  • There is a lot of storage space on this bunk bed
  • Takes a short time to put together
  • The bed can easily be converted into twin beds

What We Didn't Like

  • Instructions manual is not very clear

Twin over Full Stair Stepper Bed with 3 Drawers

Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed

Girls love white, right?

So, why not spoil your little princess with the Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed?

The beds are mattress-ready, and the mattress size is just what you wanted- 8 inches.

Apart from the striking beauty of the Twin Over Full Stair Stepper bunk bed, you'll also be massively impressed by how durable it can be. It is made in such a way that it will last for years and years to come.

Being white doesn’t mean that it stains and looks bad with time. I am also not saying that it doesn’t stain, all am saying that removal of stains is easy and does not affect the quality of the beds.

The beds also come with other colors in case you don’t fancy white. Espresso and black finish are good examples.

PS: The drawer unit next to the stairs moves but if you enjoy DIY projects you can fix it.

What We Loved

  • Strong and sturdy
  • A lot of storage space
  • Very easy to put together
  • It looks very beautiful

What We Didn't Like

  • Not enough screws to put the beds together
  • The top bunk has some sharp exposed corners
  • The drawers have low quality hardware

Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed

Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed, Full Over Full

This bunk bed measures 103 x 58.4 x 68.1 inches and weighs 479 pounds. It’s our all-time favorite full over full bed made of wood. The bed is also convertible to two separate beds.

This staircase bunk bed can take up a 9 ½ mattress and has a one year warranty.

The staircase which is fairly strong can be set up at either side of the bed. The single trundle slides out well on carpet and even better on hard wood.

What We Loved

  • Its finish is excellent
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Takes a short time to assemble 3 hrs for one person
  • Very sturdy and strong

What We Didn't Like

  • TThe stairs are slippery especially to a child in socks

Stair Step Bunk Bed with 3-Drawer Bunk Pedestal

Stair Step Bunk Bed with 3-Drawer Bunk Pedestal

Do you fancy acacia beds with merlot finish? The Stair Step Bunk Bed might just be your dream bed. And it looks adoringly beautiful for both boys and girls!

The bottom of the lower bunk is bade is such a way that you can either use it as drawers or a trundle.

The under mattress support slats are metals that make it fairly strong. The space between the top and bottom bunk is also enough so you don’t have to worry that your baby will bump his head.

What We Loved

  • The guard rails are very strong (in case you are afraid of babies falling)
  • The Merlot finish looks chic and is of high quality
  • The user manual is easy to follow
  • It is one of the strongest bunk beds with stairs available in the market today

What We Didn't Like

  • The dresser part of the bed is weak
  • The drawers consistently fall off and don’t store many clothes

Twin Doll House Stair Step Loft

Twin doll loft discovery furniture

The Twin Doll Bunk bed is very chic and is ideal for your baby girls. It measures 99 inches in length 41 in width and 93 in height.

The bed does not come with the bottom bunk therefore the bed can be converted into a loft.

It is also mattress ready with the bed slats kit also ready. The bed comes with 4 drawers and a magazine rack. So the storage space is enough.

The loft accommodates an 8-inch mattress.

What We Loved

  • It is very beautiful and attractive. The finish is chic and modern
  • The Twin Doll House Stair Step loft is one of the easiest bunk beds to assemble
  • Can make a good playhouse for kids

What We Didn't Like

  • It is hard to change the sheets
  • The frame is a little weak
  • It does NOT come with manual

Bedz King Twin over Full Stairway Bunk Bed

Bedz King Twin over Full Stairway Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

The Bedz King Twin Over Full Bunk bed comes with twin trundles, and has a very well in built stair case with is wide and non slippery. 4 drawers have been built into the stairway which allow for a lot of storage space.

The Brazilian wood it’s made of is fully protected and sanded to ensure that it does not crack or break easily. Space between the top and bottom bunk is 38 inches without the mattress. With that much space, you are sure to never bump your head.

The trundles can accommodate approximately 8 ½ inches mattress. The beds can also be separated to stand on their own, and the stairs can be fixed on either sides of the bed.

  • The drawers open so smoothly!
  • This is probably one of the best bunk beds with a very stable staircase
  • It is available in several colors, all of which look very chic for kids
  • There is a lot of storage space on the bed

Twin over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish

Twin over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish

The Twin Over Full Loft bed is ranked as one of the best bunk beds with stairs for kids. Just like the other models on this list, the bed is worth its price.

Many customers loved it and in fact they would buy it over and over again if they had a chance to. It is made of plain wood which is a great factor when it comes to strength and durability.

The dresser drawers come fully assembled, which is a relief to many of us who were born with two right-side brains.

  • The bed is incredibly easy to assemble- takes the shortest time
  • The shelving and drawers on the bed provide ample storage space for your kids paraphernalia
  • The user manual is well-written and easy to follow
  • The staircase is sturdy and non-slippery

Merlot Twin Twin Staircase Bunk with Trundle

This bed is definitely worth its price. It measures 70 inches in height by 104 inches length and 44.5 inches on the width.

The distance between the top bunk and the bottom bunk is enough to ensure your baby does not outgrow it soon.

The top bunk is designed in a way that you do not need to use it with a spring box or even a Bunkie board.

You can fix the bed at either the right or left side of the bed. It’s a good thing if you decide to change the arrangement of your house.


  1. The finish is safe as it is lead free
  2. Strong and sturdy (can hold grownups)
  3. Instructions are clear and precise though picture based
  4. A lot of storage space


  1. Only comes in one color (honey)
  2. The stairs are very slippery especially if one is wearing socks
  3. It is very tall in case you have a low ceiling
  4. The futon is hard to assemble

Merlot Twin over Full Mission Staircase Bunk Bed with 3 Drawers

Many customers who bought this bed were very pleased and they totally loved it. They said that they quality was way far above the price.

The bed is made of excellent solid wood and as if that is not enough, the bed meets all the specifications of ASTM and CPSC.

Apart from four chest drawers, the beds also come with a magazine rack. You can use it to store your kid’s books and maybe toys.

You are also allowed to choose if you want a bed with a trundle or you prefer them to drawers. It all depends on your preference.


  1. Very easy to assemble
  2. Great quality especially since it’s lowly priced (the quality belongs to $1000 +)
  3. Very strong and sturdy
  4. The finish is high quality and does not scratch easily
  5. Instructions manual very detailed
  6. A lot of storage space


  1. The drawers at the bottom are not well fastened
  2. Comes in only one color

Twin over Full Stair Stepper Bed with Trundle in White Finish

The beautiful and elegant set is made in such a way that it will last for years and years to come. Why am I saying this?

It is made if pine wood which we all know how good it can be. Other than that, the finish is perfectly done to hide all blemishes that come with pine.

The bed has a trundle that can fit an 8 inch mattress and wood slats for both the top and bottom bunk. The slats are very strong and can hold an adult.


  1. Available in many colors including honey, espresso, white and merlot
  2. Strong and sturdy
  3. Smooth and high quality finish
  4. It was easy to assemble
  5. Took a little time putting together
  6. There is enough space between the top and bottom bunk


  1. Instruction manual was not clear enough but it’s manageable
  2. Some screws are too big

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed with 2 under Bed Drawers, Twin Over Full

If you don’t like a bed with particle boards then this is the bed for you. The Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed with 2 under Bed Drawers, Twin over Full, Honey is made of pure Brazilian wood.

When separated, you get a full size bed and a twin bed. The staircase has 4 in built drawers for additional storage space.

The finish is not only smooth and shiny but also safe for your babies.

With the mattress excluded, the space between the top and bottom bunk is approximately 38 inches.

The bed can take regular twin mattresses with a thickness of about 8 to 8 ½ inches.


  1. Very easy to assemble and takes a short time
  2. Made of wood only
  3. A lot of storage space
  4. It’s strong and sturdy


  1. Instructions could have been better
  2. The steps are too steep for young children

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

If you are looking for something a little deluxe, then this bed by the discovery world furniture is up your alley.

The models stairways are designed in a way that makes them steady and non slippery. A chill can comfortably go up and down the top bunk with socks on.

Like some beds I mentioned earlier, you can choose to have either a trundle or drawers below the bottom bunk.

The top bunk can accommodate an 8 ½ thick mattress without making the railing useless. The same case applies to the bottom bunk.


  1. The lower bunk can be converted to either twin bed or a full bed. (it comes with extensions to make it full size)
  2. Comes with an extra treat of a book nook
  3. Sturdy and strong
  4. Easy to set up
  5. The stairway is very stable


  1. The stairs may be too steep for young babies

Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

This beautiful white bed is made of solid Brazilian pine. On the stairs, just like some other models I mentioned earlier, are 3 drawers with a lot of storage space.

It is kind of unique since both the top and bottom bunk can accommodate a mattress 9 inches thick.

The bed has been tested to ensure that its lead free and safe for the use of children. It is also smooth meaning it cannot scratch.

The space between the bunks is 29 inches which is not too bad considering the other good qualities of the bed. You will not also require a Bunkie or board mattress as the bed accommodated twin size mattresses.


  1. Holds up very strong and sturdy
  2. Stairs have nonslip strips to prevent falls
  3. Easy to set up
  4. Instruction manual is easy to follow
  5. Ideal for sleep over
  6. It is possible to separate the beds


  1. The space between the top and bottom bunk is not big enough
  2. Takes long to set up

Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with 2 Flat Panel Bed Drawers, Full Over Full, Antique Walnut

We are now moving on to an antique walnut bed that is designed using eco-friendly hardwood that also goes through a protective five step finish.

This bed is very safe and also lead free. Unlike some other beds which can only take in an 8 inch mattress, this one accommodates a nine inch mattress.

The bunks can also be separated into two beds which will give you two full beds. Like almost all the other beds, the staircase can be fixed on either sides of the bed.

The staircase drawers are fully set up with English dovetail construction. And as if that is not enough, they also have ball bearing drawer guides.


  1. Very strong and sturdy like the others
  2. Manual very clear
  3. Doesn’t take a lot of time to assemble
  4. Many customers said the drawers were deep and well built
  5. The stairs are non slip


  1. Some customers complained that the bed dented easily if not well taken care of


Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with 2 Raised Panel Bed Drawers, Full Over Full, Antique Walnut

Every bed that begins its name with Columbia is simply the best! Just like the previous Columbia bed with drawers, this bed is made of eco friendly hard wood. It also goes through a five step protective finish before it brought to the market.

I loved the rails of this bed. A baby can comfortably hold onto them when going down the stairs. The stairs are also guarded with a nonslip strip and you don’t have to worry that your baby is going to fall.

The beds can be separated into two. The bottom bed however has two beds because of the trundle. The trundle comes in very handy when there is a guest or guests.


  1. Assembly takes a short time
  2. The wood used is quality and durable
  3. The drawers are well built
  4. Enough storage space
  5. Manual very detailed
  6. Enough space between banks (around 31 inches)
  7. Very beautiful


  1. The small wheels on the trundle make rolling out somehow cheesy

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

Are you looking for a strong bed that is constructed using solid wood? If yes, then you are at the right place. The bed consists of two bunks, 4 drawers in the stairway and 3 drawers below the bottom bunk.

Normally, the stair case unit comes assembles and can be fixed on either sides of the bed. It also comes with a slat kit that makes the bed mattress ready therefore rendering the use of a Bunkie bed useless.


  1. Very strong and sturdy
  2. Easy to assemble and takes a short time especially for handy people
  3. The wood is quality
  4. A lot of storage space
  5. Saves on space in a room
  6. Staircase is not slippery


  1. Can’t be separated into two beds
  2. The drawers are rather weak

On a Roll with a trundle bed

The phrase “at the foot of the bed” may have pertained to a time when a servant was required to be at the beck and call of the master of the house at any time of the day, including in the middle of the night.

Thus, servants slept by the foot of their employers’ beds on smaller sleeping apparatuses that were on trundles, which are small wheels attached to the underside, could be pulled out from underneath and pushed back in when not being used.

From there, the trundle bed was born and the name has stuck over the centuries.

For homeowners who may not have a great deal of space to spare for a guest bedroom, this is the kind of bed that would be ideal since it can be used by the primary room occupant and then the extra bed can simply be pulled out when guests arrive.

Because the main bed is usually fit for a twin-sized mattress, the bed underneath has to be a tad smaller, taking into consideration the allowance given for the pull-out frame.  However, there are bed frame designs that are not overly complicated and do not require any sort of allowance adjustment.

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Over the years, the design for the trundle bed has evolved to incorporate the aesthetic needs and wants of the consumer.

There are beds that are made of some metallic material, such is iron or steel, but the most common material used is still wood.

The frame of the pullout bed itself can either be minimalistic or ornate and is often made to fit in with the overall look of the main bed frame.  This has enabled the bed to transform into more than just a bed with a spare and can actually become the focal point of any room.

Amazon ImageThis is also a good bed to consider for a family with more than one child but does not have enough rooms for each one.

While a bunk bed is often the option most families go with, this kind of bed suits a room that does not have the ceiling space required for a bed stacked above another one, i.e. a bunk bed.

Even for kids who stay in a room alone, this bed would be nice to have in case there are any sleepovers with friends or when relatives come to visit and spend a few days and nights.

The trundle bed has truly come far since it was first used all those centuries ago.  There are now larger sized versions that can fit more people both on the main bed and the pullout bed.

Because of the improvements made in terms of design, these beds are no longer relegated to being pushed against a wall and can now be placed in the center of a room.  With more selections for a homeowner to choose from, one is able to not just have a beautiful looking bed but one that has an extra bed or extra storage whenever necessary.

Most Popular Trundle Bed

I have listed below the most rated trundle bed so that you can read the reviews what the end-users said. These are the most popular trundle beds that it offers a big discount and you can compare the price and its specifications which cater your needs:

1. Day Bed with Trundle Mission Style in White Finish

2. Santa Cruz Twin Bed with Trundle (Rustic Walnut)

3. 39”/ Twin Size Steel HiRise Bed Frame & Pop Up Trundle

4. 39” / Twin Size Black Metal Roll Out Trundle Bed for Day Beds

5. Twin Mission Captains Honey Trundle Bed

6. Canwood Trundle Bed – White

7. Duralink Trundle Bed & Sealy Mattress Value Pack

8. Argington Ayres Trundle Drawer – Ebony

9. Deco Trundle Combo Upholstered Bed Package

Trundle Beds between $300 – $500

Below are trundle beds which cost over 300 and the quality are good. Actually, it offers with discount on the list price and it may meet your budget. Check it out :

1. Coaster Fine Furniture Day Bed with Trundle Mission Style in White Finish

2. Twin Size Bed with Trundle White Finish

3.  Metal Daybed W Roll In Trundle

4. Twin Size Bed with Trundle in Cream Finish

6. Hillsdale Jason Pine Wood Daybed

7. Dixie Sleigh Bed in White Size: Full

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Best White Noise Machine Review & Consumer Buying Guide-2017

best white noise machine

White noise is used for many different functions ranging from eliminating office noise, settling infants to sleep, enhancing meditative states, among other things.

However, the best white noise machines are mostly used as a sleeping aid.

When used as a sleeping aid, white noise machines can serve a variety of functions such block the snoring of a partner or other individual in the same household. This can be a major problem for people who sleep next to a snorer or indeed have mutual issues in that area.

How Do White Noise Machines Work?​

White noise machines have frequencies that depends on the source from where it is initiated, in a similar manner, a sound is used and brought into effect by various individuals for different purposes.

For instance, music is created by artists and is used for several purposes, depending on its genre and very nature, such as high fidelity music stimulates body to dance, soothing instrumental music promotes meditation and peace of mind, vocal and country music instigates imagination and good mood, and so on.

These noise machines have their own measurement and color coding technique, which enables specialized users to identify noise and sound according to respective needs and utilization.

This review presents certain facts about the best white noise machines available in the market.

Best White Noise Machines 2017

baby sound machine

Adaptive Sound Technologies Sleep Therapy system is one of the illustrious products in this industry.

It has many functional features that makes it a unique and important machine.

This White noise machine comes with a variety of sounds and effects designed to protect you from different kind of noises such as wind, echoes, a snoring partner, rainfall and many others. This gives you a logical reason to why you should consider buying it.

Another benefit of this product is that it has an immaculate function of sound mixing and sound length, which allows it to perfectly mix and produce non-repetitive sounds.

Repetition in sounds invoke a negative response among users, and they are demotivated from using such a white noise machine.

​Key Features of this White Noise Machine

  • The Adapative Technologies White Noise Machine contains of various sounds that range from forest, rain, waterfall, fireplace crackle, and even a train and city
  • Volume on this white noise machine can be maneuvered easily using a single touch functionality, which we find highly user friendly
  • It has noise cancellation function which is pivotal for sleep inducing process. This intelligent feature takes into account various noises in the surrounding and cancels those noises by producing higher frequency soothing sounds.
  • 10 top notch regular sound demos make the most sensible and characteristic slumber location conceivable
  • Versatile Sound Technology listens and responds to the ambience
  • Three extravagance settings control an expansive scope of extra sounds for ideal sleep environment
  • Discretionary slumber clock and showcase controls give ideal evening time the earth
masking machine

The LectroFan White Noise Machine is among the top selling and one of the best white noise machines.

It is easy to operate and it’s compact in size which makes its usage in delicate areas such as baby nursery, where it can be used to reduce notices and help to generate sleep in a better way.

The Lectrofan White Noise Machine produces simple noises which are either in category of fan noises that create soothing noises or white sounds that are non-repetitive and relaxing.

Another key feature of the Lectrofan Machine is that it has USB-enabled charging and power port, that allows it to intake power from almost any PC or Laptop.

Key Features of the Lectrofan White Noise Machine

  • 10 non-rehashing extraordinary fan sounds
  • 10 non-rehashing extraordinary background noise, and customizable volume
  • Can be powered utilizing a USB. Could be connected to machine or AC Adapter, which is included in the packaging
  • Little portable size and extraordinary for travel. AC voltage connector turns on 100 to 240 VAC
masking machine

The pre-eminent claim of this white noise machine is that it's conservative in size, and this makes it ideal for use even in delicate places such as child nurseries, lofts, quarters and so on.

Key Features of the Lectrofan White Noise Machine

  • 10 non-rehashing extraordinary fan sounds
  • 10 non-rehashing extraordinary background noise, and customizable volume
  • Can be powered utilizing a USB. Could be connected to machine or AC Adapter, which is included in the packaging
  • Little portable size and extraordinary for travel. AC voltage connector turns on 100 to 240 VAC

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Review: The ultimate buyers guide 2017


If you are looking for high quality ceiling fans in affordable prices, buy Harbor Breeze ceiling fan for your home.

Harbor Breeze is one of the most reputed names in the ceiling fans industry.

Ceiling fans from Harbor Breeze are sold in many online stores, and are known for their selection of DIY home improvement products. These fans come in ready to install kit. All you need to do is buy Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts, put it together and install.

Should you buy a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

best habor breeze ceiling fans

Deciding to buy a Harbor Breeze fan is definitely a good and sensible decision.

With a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles available, you can surely get one that fits your needs and budget.

The wide selection of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans allows you to choose the features that matter most.

No matter what model you choose, you can expect at the very least the most basic features. This includes 3 speed control, reversible blades and energy efficiency that helps you lower your energy bills substantially.

The size ranges that you can choose from vary from 42 inches to about 72 inches, which allows you to customize each room with a ceiling fan that fits effortlessly.

If your ceiling fan doesn’t have a remote, you can get a universal ceiling fan remote kit very easily.

Consumers Pro Tip
Read the Harbor Breeze Manuals if you need more help to install the ceiling fan or find a local electrician who can install it for you.

Best selection of lower priced Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Cheap harbor breeze ceiling fanThe selection of lower priced Harbor Breeze ceiling fans still allows for you to choose exactly what you are looking for.

One of the most popular affordable is Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Centreville 42-in Antique Brass Flush Mount with Light Kit. This ceiling fan is priced just over $70.00 and has a traditional design that is compatible with many different décor designs.

It is a practical option for just about any room in your home and features 5 reversible blades, a globe styled light and 3 speed controls.

It might be priced very affordable, but it is still high in quality and style. This is a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that has received rave customer reviews making it one of the most popular models.

Best selection of higher priced Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

higher priced harbor breeze fansIf you are looking for a more durable and exclusive design, you may want to consider one of the higher priced models of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

All of the higher priced Harbor Breeze ceiling fans offer more artistic and exclusive designs that would fit perfect in your home.

Higher prices often allow for a more unique design and higher levels of style. At the very height of the high end price spectrum of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the Harbor Breeze Platinum Kingsbury 70-in Oil Rubbed Bronze Indoor Fan.

This ceiling fan has a bit of a more contemporary design and is energy efficient. It can be controlled with a remote that allows you to effortlessly change speeds.

The Harbor Breeze Platinum Kingsbury 70-in Oil Rubbed Bronze Indoor also comes in a classic wood that is more exclusive than traditional white.

More options For Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

#1 Harbor Breeze 52-in Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan

best harbor breeze ceiling fansToday’s ceiling fans are pretty inexpensive. They’re also easier for people to install and, not to mention, easier to find online.

Imagine finding a good-looking ceiling fan that measures well over 40 inches wide at under $50 at any store.

Impossible, right?

Not for this Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

This fan is pretty incredible for the price. It’s got a sleek, modern look and it won’t be too distracting when set up in any room. Not to mention, the construction is pretty marvel—it’s built in a way that makes it very energy efficient.

When we mean that this Classic Style Harbor Breeze fan is inexpensive, we weren’t kidding. Most retailers, both online and offline, stock this fan at prices below $50. You’ll see how much of a deal that is when we get to the customer impressions, too.


Being a whopping 52 inches in blade span, the Harbor Breeze 52-in Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan is most suitable for rooms measuring well over 400 square feet. In other words, it’s big enough to circulate a lot of air in a room that big.

If 52-inches blade span is too big for you, check out the 44-inches Mayfield ceiling fan.

This fan might not immediately provide lighting. This fan doesn’t include a light kit, but it’s light kit adaptable, so you can install one later if you want.

3-Speed Reversible Motor: The 3-speed reversible motor, as with other Harbor Breeze ceiling fans at this price point, lets users set how they want their fan to control its air flow. This one, in particular, lets users set their fan to billow air with an upward flow or downward flow.

Reversible Blades: We can’t forget about the reversible blades, either. This fan comes with beautiful black and auburn double-sided blades that can be switched at will. The sleek matte black finish, too, just adds on to this fan’s good looks.

Energy Efficiency: The Energy Star rating for this fan just adds on to its benefits. Lots of people are looking for ways to save on energy, and knowing that their ceiling fan won’t cost too much to run just makes it better.

Consumer impressions

It is foolhardy to buy buy anything online without reading reviews. And it’s pretty much the same for this Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan. So, let’s see what other people think of this ceiling fan.

What They Like
  • That the ceiling fan is excellent quality for the price. Many customers adore this ceiling fan—for its quality at its price point.
  • That the ceiling fan has great aeration and runs quietly. This fan, at any of its speeds, runs exceptionally quiet. Not only that, it moves a lot of air in any room where it may reside.
  • That the ceiling fan is energy efficient and installs well. Many customers had no issues installing this ceiling fan. They also like the fact that it’s Energy Star rated.
  • That the ceiling fan doesn’t include lighting. This ceiling fan doesn’t include a light kit. However, a Harbor Breeze light kit can be purchased to add on to this fan.
  • That the ceiling fan may have ‘cheaply made’ blades. Some customers might not like that the blades aren’t ‘made from a stronger material.’ However, it wasn’t a concern of many other customers.
  • That the look is too modern. Well, that’s of course personal opinion but if that’s the case, you might want to look to the Beladora ceiling fan.

Verdict ~ Should You Buy?

Customers agree: the Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan, Reversible Blades Black (Energy Star) is an excellent ceiling fan at its price point. In fact, it might be too good—many customers have given this ceiling fan nothing but glowing reviews. If you ever face a problem, make sure you read our faq – common problems.

So, if you’re looking for a ceiling fan for your home, office or other important building, you can’t go wrong with the price or quality of the Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan.

#2 Harbor Breeze 44″ Mayfield Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Is the Harbor Breeze 44″ Mayfield Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan worth buying? In this review, we’re going to see if it really is.

If you’re searching for a ceiling fan, price is obviously the first thing on your mind. And, that’s a good thing. After all, you don’t want to spend too much on something that doesn’t even work.


This Mayfield ceiling fan has enough features that, well, work for those who choose to purchase it. Let’s take a look at the first thing about this ceiling fan.

The first thing you should know is that it’s pretty inexpensive. In fact, it’s so inexpensive that it costs much less than similar ceiling fans in its price category.

Most online and offline stores sell this ceiling fan at prices between $160 to $200. This price range is pretty much a bargain, so don’t let this ceiling fan get out of your sight. We’ve found it actually for just over $100 on Amazon. Soooo…. worth a look if you’re interested!

Much like its other Harbor Breeze counterparts, this ceiling fan is pretty big. Thanks to its side, it helps push more air around a room when it’s operating.

The blade span of this ceiling fan is 44 inches—and, that isn’t so bad when you look at it. Big enough for large rooms, small enough for small rooms. Sounds good, right?

It also has reversible blades, meaning you can switch over the blades to get a different look: one side with mahogany, the other side with maple.

Mayfield also includes lighting, as in a single light kit with frosted glass light bulbs with three in total. That way, it doubles as a room light while it helps aerate an entire room.

It also includes a 3-speed reversible AC motor, allowing users more control over how to work with the fan. Whether you want a slower or faster rotate, this fan will let you adjust the settings to do so.

Customer Impressions

Before you buy, read the reviews. That’s the case for a lot of products nowadays, and it’s no different with ceiling fans. The case in point: the Harbor Breeze 44″ Mayfield Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan. So, let’s see what other people think of this Mayfield ceiling fan.

What They Like
  • That the ceiling fan is good quality for the price. Many customers consider this fan ‘a bargain,’ especially at its price point.
  • That the ceiling fan provides enough lighting for most rooms. The lighting included with this ceiling fan pours enough light into small or larger rooms.
  • That the ceiling fan runs quietly. Customers described this ceiling fan as ‘nice and quiet.’
  • That installation is too complicated. A few customers didn’t like the haphazard installation of this ceiling fan.
  • That the ceiling fan has poor construction. A few customers wrote about the poor construction of this ceiling fan, citing that many parts weren’t working as they should.
  • That the ceiling fan isn’t durable enough. Also a fault of its construction, a few thought this fan wasn’t worth its already inexpensive price tag due to its build.

Verdict ~ Should You Buy?

Any home can benefit from having a ceiling fan added to any of its bigger rooms. But, does that mean you should buy the Harbor Breeze 44″ Mayfield Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan?

This ceiling fan features a lot of perks that significantly improve its quality of life. But, at the same time, its construction and overall build makes it a hassle to install and upkeep. If you are looking for a slightly bigger fan, with blades of 52 inch, check out the Harbor Breeze Sail Stream or the Classic ceiling fan.

However, if you really want a Brushed Nickel ceiling fan, you could still give this one ago. It won’t bring up the Armageddon.

#3 Harbor Breeze 52-in Beladora Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

The thing about this Beladora ceiling fan is you might have better luck finding it on the aftermarket. Many retailers carry similar and newer models under different Harbor Breeze brand names. However, this fan is still around on the online aftermarket, if you’re particularly interested in it

Most online retailers sell this fan at prices between $100 to $200, depending on its condition. So, it’s not the most inexpensive ceiling fan, but it will have better quality than lower end Harbor Breeze fans

The construction is traditional and pretty suitable for various contemporary-style looks. It’s also pretty big, too, which is a trait of many similarly sized Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. It measures 52 inches in blade span. So it’s suitable for rooms measuring well over 400 square feet and big enough to efficiently cycle air throughout a room.

This ceiling fan also includes a light kit, with decorative Beladora-style light shades made from Frosted glass. It also comes with 4 LED bulbs that can be easily installed into the light fixtures as soon as you’re done with the general installation.

Like other Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, the Beladora ceiling fan has a 3-speed reversible motor. This allows users to control how they want air to cycle throughout their room. Users can also set their Beladora ceiling fan to move air at an upward flow or downward flow.

The reversible blades have a gorgeous maple and cherry finish that work well in any contemporary style room. The brushed nicked finish also helps in that regard, too. that are perfect for practically any room look.

Customer Impressions

Much like other Harbor Breeze fans, customer impressions give us a pretty good impression about how they may work. The Harbor Breeze 52-in Beladora Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit actually has pretty great reviews. So, let’s see what customers think about this Beladora ceiling fan.

What They Like
  • That the ceiling fan is great for its the price. Many customers like how this fan runs well and is durable for its price point.
  • That the ceiling fan runs quietly and aerates rooms well. Like similar Harbor Breeze fans, this one does its job well. It runs quietly and billows a lot of air around a single room.
  • That the ceiling fan has great lighting. Many customers like how this fan’s lighting efficiently ‘lights very dark rooms’ and ‘fills rooms with lots of light.’
  • That the ceiling fan is tough to assemble. Many customers mentioned that this fan is ‘difficult to assemble,’ mainly due to its difficult to understand instruction manual.
  • That the ceiling fan doesn’t come with its own wall controller. Given the price range, some customers didn’t like that this fan doesn’t come with its own controller to control its speed and light intensity.

Verdict ~ Should You Buy?

While the Harbor Breeze 52-in Beladora Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit is better found on the aftermarket, it’s still a great ceiling fan to look out for.

Other Harbor Breeze ceiling fans might present a better value in terms of their construction and price. However, this Beladora fan is great for people who want a contemporary and stylish looking ceiling fan for their home that’s guaranteed to last a long time.

If the 52-inches blade span is too big for your room, you might want to check out the 44-inches blade span of the Mayfield ceiling fan.

#4 Harbor Breeze 52″ Springfield II White Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze 52″ Springfield II White Ceiling Fan is a simple, nearly white ceiling fan that looks great in any modern or contemporary room.

So, why not buy a ceiling fan that matches most rooms? In this review, let’s take a look at some good reasons why you should consider just that.


Yes, it’s very much possible to find a ceiling fan with a blade span of over 40 inches for under $100 dollars. Just look at the many ceiling fans already on the market today.

You won’t go wrong with this Harbor Breeze ceiling fan—it has a simple, classic white look that’s perfect for any casually decorated room. The construction is classic all around and it operates very energy efficiently.

Although this Springfield II ceiling fan is inexpensive, it’s actually little more expensive than other Harbor Breeze fans.

Of course, that doesn’t make it not worth buying. Most retailers, both online and offline, stock this fan at prices between $150 to $200. We have found this ceiling fan for just under $150 on Amazon! It’s a great heavily discounted price!

Springfield II ceiling fan is a whopping 52 inches in blade span. And that means it’s most suitable for rooms measuring well over 400 square feet. In other words, it’s big enough to circulate a lot of air in rooms measuring that big.

This fan also comes with a light kit, which features 4 arms with candelabra base light cups made from Alabaster glass. The 4 light bulbs that fill the glass cups are also included, too.

The 3-speed reversible motor, as with other Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, lets users set how they want their fan to control its air flow. This one, like others, lets users set their fan to move air at an upward flow or downward flow.

Let’s not forget about the reversible blades, either. This Springfield II fan comes with beautiful white and blonde double-sided blades that are perfect for practically any room look. The white finish is a big reason why this fan will go great with any room.

Customer Impressions

Customer impressions help give us a better, well, impression about the things we might want to buy. That’s no different with the Harbor Breeze 52″ Springfield II White Ceiling Fan. So, let’s see what other people think about this particular ceiling fan.

What They Like
  • That the ceiling fan is well worth the price. Many customers love this ceiling fan—whether its the simple white look or easy installation.
  • That the ceiling fan runs quietly and aerates rooms great. This fan, as per customer impressions, runs pretty quietly. It also billows lots of air around any room.
  • That the ceiling fan installs well. Many customers commented about how easy this ceiling fan is to install. Most people had no issues doing a self installation, as well.
  • That the ceiling fan’s lighting has a low wattage. The light bulbs included with the lighting kit has a ‘low wattage,’ as mentioned by some customers.
  • That the ceiling fan may have ‘cheaply made’ blades. Much like other Harbor Breeze fans at this price point, the blades may be a little ‘cheap’ in comparison to other expensive brands.

Verdict ~ Should You Buy?

Lots of customers adore the Harbor Breeze 52″ Springfield II White Ceiling Fan—and, we can pretty much see why. After all, you’re not going to get a more robust white ceiling fan at this price point.

Customers like this Springfield II fan for its easy installation, its good looks and its efficiency in moving air around a room. Of course, it’s not perfect, but it’s a gorgeous white ceiling fan that you can buy well under $150.

If you’re interested in a 52″ ceiling fan but you don’t like the look of this one, check out the Beladora or the Classic! Do you want a smaller ceiling fan  then the Mayfield may be a good option for you!

Discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

The fans below have been discontinued. Your best option of finding them will be in the aftermarket.

Harbor Breeze 52 inch Traditional Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 54 inch Easy Breeze Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 52 inch Galileo Brushed Chrome Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 52 inch Tilghman Aged Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 52 inch Elevation Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 72 inch Slinger Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 36 inch Southlake Light Bronze Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 54 inch Rustic Bronze Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 52 inch Calera Aged Bronze Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 52 inch Ellison Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan

Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan accessories

Some Harbor Breeze ceiling fans come with more accessories than others, so you have the ability to make your choice based on the features that matter most to you.

Turning Your Fan on or Off

Many of the Harbor Breeze accessories for your ceiling fan are designed to make it easier for you to turn your fan on or off.

There are a variety of ways that you can turn your ceiling fan on or off, which means that you can customize your ceiling fan based on your preference.

Since you want your ceiling fan to be functional, it is not feasible to expect to use a step ladder to turn your ceiling fan on or off. Your ceiling fan may be attached to a high ceiling, but there are accessories that are specifically designed to help you turn your fan on and off with ease.

Pull Chains and Downrods

ceiling fan pull chainsIf you are looking to create a more classic style in your home, you may think about purchasing an accessory for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

Pull chains are a Harbor Breeze accessory that are not only stylish, but also functional. You can use a pull chain to turn your ceiling fan on or off.

These fan pull chains hang down from the fan and are easy to use.

If you have a ceiling fan that is too high on the ceiling for a pull chain, it is possible to use a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan downrods. These rods have the ability to lower your ceiling fan to just the right height.

These downrod accessories for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can be purchased separately. By lowering the fan to the desirable height, you will make it more functional within your home. A ceiling fan that is too high on your ceiling is not only out of reach, but also fails to cool any room properly.

Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

The most popular Harbor Breeze accessory for your ceiling fan is likely a remote control. Not only do you not want to get up from the couch to change the TV station, but you also don’t want to get up to adjust the speed of your ceiling fan.

With the help of a remote accessory for your ceiling fan, you have the ability to not only turn your fan on or off with ease, but you can also adjust the speed.

A Harbor Breeze fan remote allows you to control your fan from anywhere within the room. You also have the ability to turn your light fixture off using the remote in addition to just adjusting the speed of the fan. A remote control for your ceiling fan makes it so much simpler to use.

Harbor Breeze Light Kits
A ceiling fan is not really fully functional until a light fixture is attached. Some ceiling fans come equipped with light fixtures, but you can also buy light fixture kits separately as an accessory for any Harbor Breeze ceiling fan model. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes for your light fixture and can even choose the exact style. If the light fixture on your ceiling fan happens to break, you can purchase this accessory separate. With a wide variety of Harbor Breeze accessories to choose from, you can make your ceiling fan more functional and stylish in your home. Adding to your ceiling fan is easier than ever before.
Buying a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan- What you need to know

Harbor breeze ceiling fans have become increasingly common all over the world. This is due to their numerous virtues that exert a significant impact on many important matters of our daily life.

  • They support us with optimizing temperature inside our apartment.
  • We can successfully use them in summer, when they cool our room down, as well as during winter months, as they can be useful with circulating warm air.
  • They also help reduce energy used, by creating a cool breeze and by the virtue of being energy efficient
  • And the circulation is so efficient, that it is widely used instead of automatic air condition, especially in so called warm countries.

Nevertheless if we want to purchase a fan, it is good to know several essential matters earlier. These tips intend to supply you with more comprehensive information about the subject, as well as to help you to select the one (or a few) that will be perfect to your needs and taste.

Wall Regulator or Remote Controll
You should distinguish the basic types of harbor breeze ceiling fans.

Different Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans can be powered and controlled in many ways, and this is the first criterion you should use to make your purchasing decision.

Some are equipped with wall regulators, just as traditional chandeliers. The regulators enable the user not only to switch the fan on or off, but likewise to control the intensity of its operation.

Other harbor breeze fans are steered by remotes that have all the functions that standard a wall regulator possesses. This is definitely more comfortable solution for many reasons.

Connection with Decor

There are some fans designed to be adjustable for luster (flashing ones) or assembled with it fabric and others are not. This is essential difference in selection the harbor breeze fan fitting to our inside decor.

Home or office use

We can distinguish fans likewise with the overall design – some of them are manufactured to be office ventilation and others are typical for private apartments. They vary with the level of modern appearance. Moreover those design for houses are also more and less modern, so that the selection is really wide.

The number of Blades

Different Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans have varying types and amounts of blades. We can observe the section from three to eight and more blades mounted to the core of fan. This is another greatly important issue, because on the number of blades depends strongly the intensity of operation of the subject. And certainly the appearance of the entire fan depends on that as well. The more that blades have different width and thickness.

Important questions to ask yourself when shopping for a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

  1. Do I really need this fan?

To answer this reasonably, there is an importance to know some other piece of information.

Fans are ventilation with rather low level of efficiency, and they are not able to successfully refresh the air in larger rooms or spaces.

Of course the efficiency grows if there are more blades or if their motor is more powerful. However, it is still not as high as in some automatic devices.

Nonetheless, ceiling fans are perfect as a supplement to the ventilation system in existence in your place. For instance, if your apartment is equipped with concrete sort of ventilation, such as wall-mounted, roof and so on, the harbor breeze fans can be ideal for intensifying air flow and circulating the air.

And the fans can be wonderfully serviceable in smaller rooms.

How high strength of ventilation do I (and my family) need?

It doesn’t mean that without any other ventilation in your house, fans are useless.

They are really useful all the time, independently of other ventilating devices. But the intensity of air flow is simply lower.

It is important to remember of other virtues of harbor breeze ceiling fans, which were mentioned above. Taking them all into account, we will find out that the fans are useful anyway, and it is definitely worth to purchase one.

If they won’t be necessary to ventilate our house, they can become perfect as brilliant ornamentation.

Will the fan match my existing decor?

To select a fan properly, it is reasonable to adjust it to our overall interior appearance.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans differ on many details.

So, if you would like to buy the harbor breeze fan for the living room (and the place is most esoteric for ceiling fans), you’d first need to consider what decor style dominates your living room.

The same situation is in the case of bedrooms or any other that we want to put our new fan in.

Is the target room is modern or rather classically furnished? It is vital, because styles have to be the same.

Ok, so how do you attune your ceiling fan to your decor?

Modern ceiling fans possess simpler construction with smaller amount of blades. The shapes of the blades and other components are straight, sharply edged, and non-fancy.

Colors for modern ceiling fans are reduced mostly to black and white. They are designed mostly for bedrooms, modernly-furnished living rooms, as well as offices.

On the other hand, classic harbor breeze fans are much more sophisticated. Blades and other construction elements are wavy, curved and so on. And of course they are colored in much more varied way.

Such fans suit the most to living rooms, especially if their design is concentrated on classic and old-fashioned bases.

More complicated situation is in the case if our living room (or other) is furnished in a combination of styles.

There are such instances and the choice of appropriate harbor breeze fan is much wider then.

We need to detect carefully what kind of style is dominating and look for a suited ceiling fan. If there is no such style, then we should decide by our own, what particular appearance features we want the fan to possess. It is essentially important, because, as it was demonstrated earlier, harbor breeze fans are relevant supplement of overall decor and can change the style of your place completely.

Certainly someone can have the room decorated not in one concrete style, but in one particular color. In such cases it is obvious that harbor breeze fans have to be chosen by color criterion.

Do we want to have the subject mounted into the chandelier or separated?

If you cannot decide, which ceiling fan to choose, another vital question can be really helpful.

Do you want to have the subject mounted into the chandelier or separated?

Both options are decorative; nonetheless they are suitable for different kinds of interiors.

Separated ceiling fans are suitable for rooms where the lamp or other source of light is placed on the wall or in other place, but definitely not on the ceiling.

Additionally, if you already possess a chandelier manufactured in classic style, then the fan should be independent as well, unless the overall style can be somewhat change.

However, you have to be aware that separated light and fan will take much more space from your ceiling. For that reason ceiling fans that are connected into one construction are much commoner.

If mounted together with chandelier, the Harbor breeze fan has to be much stronger. This is because the light emitted by bulbs creates its own heat, and the blades of the fan need to make spin moves significantly faster, to provide equivalent amount of cool breeze.

If we are already decided on concrete style of fan, it is time for another vital decision. How we would like to control the subject. As it was previously highlighted, there are two main possibilities: remote control and the regulator mounted on the wall. Certainly first solution is much more comfortable. On the other hand wall regulator can fantastically pass the exam as well, especially if the fan is hanged in small room. And if it is additionally connected with the chandelier, the regulator is mounted on the wall anyway, so it is literally simple to add to its function the control over the harbor breeze fan. And thinking about the remote-controlled subject we should know that they statistically break more often than those with wall regulator. This is due to more complex construction of electrical in this particular case. So the choice between two types of control is not as clear as it could seem to be.

Purchasing the new subject, such as harbor breeze fan, we would like it to serve us for a long time. This is why the selection of good quality of manufacturer is likewise important. If the product has to be reliable, and we would like it to be so, its producer needs to be trustworthy. Mainstream manufacturers are mostly better than those unknown or recondite. The same argument refers to the price – better harbor breeze fans are more expensive, however more reliable as well and it is doubtlessly worth to spend more money once and have durable fan for a long time.

And the last thing, but undisputedly not least. We need to decide if we are able to mount the chosen harbor breeze fan by ourselves. If so, the matter is simple, however if we have doubts, it is better to ask specialist to do it instead of us. This is due to safety issues, but to the time and professional work as well.

Purchasing appropriate, suitable and professional harbor breeze fan is a complex process. If we want to choose the best, we need to approach to the topic in calm and responsible way. Above pieces of advice are only abbreviations of the entireness. However it is good to think about everything before making decisions. And if all of those advices will be met at least partially then the process should succeed. Enjoy your new harbor breeze fan then!

Recap: Reasons to buy the Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans

There are a few reasons why I am a strong advocate of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Here are a few of them

  • Available in various Sizes – The fans come in various sizes, so it’s easy to select the right one for you according to your room’s size. The standard size of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is 52 inches, but other smaller or larger sizes are also available, which vary from 42 inch diameter to 72 inch diameter.
  • Versatile Trendy StylesHarbor Breeze ceiling fans are available in many styles, from traditional, to antique to ultra-modern. You will certainly find one of which finish, coloration, and shape match with the style of your room.
  • Energy Star Ceiling Fans – Harbor Breeze also offers some great energy star fans, which are energy efficient and cost effective as well. They save on your energy bills while giving you the advantages of both heating and cooling options.
  • Other Features – These fans offer an extensive range of Outdoor and indoor Ceiling Fans, which come with – lights, light kits, remote controls , and other trendy accessories ; and you can get all these at very affordable prices from your local Lowe’s store.


Best electric baseboard heaters: June 2017 Reviews and Buying


Are you trying to stay warm in your house, but your heating system can’t keep up? Hydronic baseboard heaters could be your solution. We’ve highlighted several electronic hydronic baseboard heaters on this page; have a look!

hydronic baseboard heater

Best Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heaters – Examples

One of the most fascinating developments of technology is in the working of heating and cooling systems.

An electronic hydronic baseboard heater can really help you supplement your existing heating system in your house.


Several varieties and ranges of hydronic baseboard heaters products are available for you to purchase and use.

One such product is the “Q-Mark HBB750” – this device is simple to handle and safe to use.

A grill / barrier keeps objects from accidentally coming in contact with the heater, and a cooling instrument is placed on the baseboard to reduce the exposure of a greater cross-sectional area.

 hydronic baseboard heaters

This electronic hydronic baseboard heater is protective and useful because it has a protective covering within which the heating elements are immersed in a liquid to transfer heat through a copper tube. Most hydronic baseboard heaters are made of high resistant, stainless steel that makes them durable with a power carrying capacity of 120 volts and 750 Watts.

electric hydronic baseboard heaters hydronic heaters

How do Hydronic Electric Baseboard Heaters Work?

The main purpose of traditional electric baseboard heaters is to heat the room by simple mode of convection.

However, hydronic baseboard heaters are liquid-filled, and use water to regulate the temperature of the room. The water is first transformed into steam and then allowed to rotate in the room.

Hydronic systems can be classified into three categories namely cold water, steam and warm water. The system of hydronic baseboard heaters involves the water moving under gravity and maintaining a steady temperature all over in the room, thereby creating a high, low or a medium pressure.

Four types of Electric Heaters are available, they are:

  • Hydronic Convection Heater
  • Residential Convection Baseboard Heaters
  • Commercial Convection Heaters
  • Portable Electric Baseboard Heaters

Each type of heater is available in the marketplace, and your shopping can begin at the links near the top of this page.

“Air King-8605” and “Dayton 2YV13” are example of portable heaters; “tpi-2905028A”, “Dayton 3UG30” are a few varieties of products of residential and hydronic types of baseboard heaters.

  hydronic heater hydronic electric baseboard heaters

Electronic Hydronic Baseboard Heaters – Buying Considerations

Before you proceed to purchase any product, you must make a proper plan. Here are certain tips to help you in purchasing hydronic baseboard heaters.

  • Plan your budget and try to spend money in accordance with your planning. Hydronic baseboard heaters are priced starting at around $150, and go up to over $400. Know what requirement you have in a heater.
  • Learn about the technical configuration of the electric hydronic baseboard heaters, and consider how it will fit into your home. Read the comments placed by various customers to remain well informed about the features and flaws of the hydronic baseboard heaters that you’re considering.
  • These types of goods are always provided with warranty; ensure your heater comes with a warranty of a sufficient timeframe.

We provided links to several popular hydronic heaters above, in assocation with Amazon. Happy shopping!

electric hydronic heater

hydronic heater      corner hydronic heater     hydronic heaters

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters are heaters that attach to the bottom of the walls, along the floor. They are electric, and work very well for heating small rooms with very pleasant, warm electric heat. A lot of people use baseboard heaters because they are a lot easier to install than other heating systems.

For example, you can install baseboard heaters very simply… basically plug in and go portable, whereas, to install a gas heater or something like that, you need to run gas lines, etc. So, electric baseboard heaters are great for simplicity… but why else would you want to use them? Well, here are a few reasons. If these sound like good ideas to you, then this just might be the type of heat that you have been looking for in your home!


First, you can use these heaters as supplemental heat. A lot of people use electric baseboard heaters for backup or supplemental heat. For example, if you heat with a wood-stove, you could use electric baseboard heaters in the morning to get your house warm until you start a fire.

Or, if you use gas to heat your home, you can use electric baseboard heaters in the event that your propane tank runs out before you can order more. So, as backup heat, electric baseboard heaters work very well because as long as you have electricity, you will have heat.

portable electric baseboard heater

portable electric baseboard heaters

electric baseboard heater

Electric baseboard heat is also perfect for small apartments or studios, because in a more confined living space, there is really not the need for a huge heating source.

Another reason as to why these heaters are popular is because they are pretty inexpensive. They are perhaps more expensive to run than other types of electric because in some areas, electric is bit more expensive, but they are much easier to install and much cheaper to buy up front than many other types of heat. So, for this reason, baseboard electric heaters are a good thing to start out with if you cannot afford something else.

electric baseboard heater

electric baseboard heaters

If you are shopping for some electric baseboard heaters for your home, then you should definitely try searching online. Searching online offers you a lot of good deals, and it also gives you the opportunity to compare prices easier than you could by driving around to different locations. Besides, all of the notable dealers should have websites anyway, so why drive around looking and getting prices when you can access it all right from the comfort of your own home?

Ordering online also gives you access to customer reviews of different baseboard heaters, so that you can find out how they hold up under real use. You can also find facts about how efficient they are. A lot of baseboard electric heaters now are infrared, and they use a very minimal amount of power as you run them. Some of them will run for a very small amount of money per day in electric, and that is always a good thing… after all, money saved is money earned, right?


Best Wheatgrass Juicer: 2017 Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

wheatgrass juicer amazon

So, you’ve decided to begin juicing wheatgrass at home and have realized a wheatgrass juicer is really an essential device for your healthier lifestyle. The problem begins now; trying to decide which juicer is the best for juicing wheatgrass.

There is an incredible number of wheatgrass juicers available on Amazon and other stores today. Selecting the right juicer can be confusing. Should you choose a centrifugal juicer or masticating juicer? Manual juicer or electric wheatgrass juicer? Which juicer will extract juice from wheatgrass the best?

And, the list of questions goes on. So, here I’ve put in information that might be useful for you to choose the best cheap wheatgrass juicer.

Top rated wheatgrass juicers

Product NameWeightLinks 
Chef’s Star Manual Hand Crank Single Auger Juicer14 grams
Lexen Wheatgrass Juicer40 grams
Athletic Greens360grams
Hurricane Wheatgrass Juicer210 grams
Nutriteam HD-7700 Low Speed Juicer1.8 pounds
The Green Queen Wheatgrass Juicer2.4 pounds
Tribest Green Star Elite13.3 ounces
The Original Healthy Juicer1.1 Kg
Samson 9005 Advanced Wheatgrass Juicer1.1 Kg
Tribest Z Star Manual1.1 Kg

Why do you need a wheatgrass juicer?

If you are more of a vegetarian than a fruitarian, I’d strongly recommend you buy a wheatgrass juicer. Its specialized razor munches any fibre and leaves of vegetables and wheatgrass into a nutritious cup of vegetable juice.

Besides, the best wheatgrass juicers are such versatile kitchen helpers. They can be used to prepare ingredient from celery juice to herb extracts.

There are two kind of juicer that does wheatgrass juicing:

  1. Manual Wheatgrass Juicers, which specialize in wheatgrass only, and
  2. Electric wheatgrass juicers which juice a huge variety of fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Manual wheatgrass juicers

A manual Wheatgrass juicer is a hand-operated juicer that you ‘crank’ to extract juice out of wheatgrass.

One benefit of using a manual wheatgrass juicer is that the juicers are easier to clean, more cheaper than their electric counterparts, and easy to store due to their compactness.

The downside is that the variety of produce you can juice is a little narrower because most manual wheatgrass juicers specialize in wheatgrass only.

Manual wheatgrass juicers are the best choice if you are considering juicing wheatgrass only.

Click here to see our most recommended manual wheatgrass juicer on Amazon right now

Electric wheatgrass juicers

Most manual wheatgrass juicers specialize in wheatgrass only. So if you want to juice fruits as well, you’ll have to find a masticating juicer that does a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, such as wheatgrass, spinach, parsley, cilantro, Kale, Swiss Chard, etc.

These juicers are electric and tend to cost double what you’d spend on a great wheatgrass machine, but they are much more versatile and allow you to juice a wide variety of produce, as well as do other things like make nut butters, pasta, and even baby food.

Which are the best wheatgrass juicers?

Here is a list of the best wheatgrass juicers:

  1. Hurricane stainless steel manual wheatgrass juicer
  2. The Z-Star Manual Juicer
  3. Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer
  4. The Original Healthy Juicer (Lexen GP27)
  5. Nutriteam HD-7700 Low Speed Juicer
  6. Tribest Z-Star Z-510 Manual Juicer
  7. Manual Wheatgrass Juicer – MJ445
  8. Paderno World Cuisine Manual Juicer
  9. Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
  10. Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer, Chrome

The best manual wheatgrass juicers

There are two manual juicers that come highly recommended:

  • The Hurrican Stainless Manual Wheat grass juicer, and
  • The Z-Star Manual Juicer

You can read their reviews below:


Hurricane Stainless Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

wheatgrass juicerThis small wheatgrass juicer is made of stainless steel parts, which is great value for the money.

The compact size and manual operation makes it really portable. You only have to find a table top to clamp it on.

The best part of this wheatgrass machine is that it only takes one minute to wash. So for your daily wheatgrass juice, just clamp on the juicer, place a bowl under the spout, then run the wheatgrass through by cranking the lever.

Catch the pulp with your hand and run it through again for good measure! Then just undo the cap, handle and gear, and rinse them clean. How easy is that?

Check the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Tribest Z-Star Z-510 Manual Juicer

electric wheatgrass juicerThe Z-star manual is one of the most unique wheatgrass juice machines available in the market. It is a single augur masticating juicer, but without the motor.

This means that it will have the thoroughness of a masticating juicer but without the accompanying heat that characterizes electric wheatgrass juicers. Without the heat, the enzymes and other nutrients in your wheatgrass are better preserved.

I find the The Z-star manual juicer easier to use than most other manual wheatgrass juicers. This is because its hopper (the opening that receives the hopped product) is bigger. But that’s as far as the advantage goes. The cranking is about the same with that of other masticating juicers.

With this juicer, you can juice a variety of other producing including tomatoes, vegetables and other harder produce such as apples, carrots, and ginger.

Check for the latest price and customer reviews on Amazon

The Best Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

If you have more bucks to spend on a juicer – and you think you might eventually like to try juicing a wider variety of produce – we’d recommend saving up for a single gear masticating juicer which does an excellent job juicing wheatgrass as well as other produce.

You can not simply use any old juicer to try to extract juice from wheatgrass—or leafy vegetables such as kale—and expect to get good results. The best type of electric juicer for wheatgrass is a a low speed, masticating style one. These juicers operate at around 80 rpm instead of over 1,000 rpm for a centrifugal type juicer that is better suited for handling fleshy fruit.

These machines operate by crushing rather than tearing apart the leaves, and this leads to the highest amount of juice extraction possible—leaving a remarkably dry pulp. The lower speed also has the benefit of preventing oxidization and helps keep greater amounts of vitamins. In addition, electric juicers can be used for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. They are also great at crushing nuts to make fresh nut butters.

The top of the line electric juicer suitable for wheatgrass is the Super Angel 5500. The best-selling and highest-rated model is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. For those who prefer a vertical juicer design, the highest recommended one is the Omega VRT350 Vertical Juicer.

And here is our recomendation on single gear masticating juicer for juicing wheatgrass.

Champion G5 PG720 Juicer Review

When I first got hold of this juicer, I was practically stunned for a moment or two; flabbergasted by the unique design and appearance of this very product.champion juicer

Initially I was rather reluctant to purchase it because of how it looks and the enormous size would most probably occupy half of my kitchen top space. Yet somehow I ended up getting it from the display shelf unit as the lady there recommended me this for heavy duty usage purpose.

After a considerable duration of using the juicer at home, to my amazement, I find it to be one of the best juicers that I have ever stumbled upon.


The heavy duty motor of 1/3 horsepower operates continuously with the help of the floating cutter is an added advantage. This is because no intermittent cleaning is required as the juice is directly separated from the pulp when the juicing takes place. By having this feature, I could practically save up almost half the time on the preparation process which is the main reason why I fancy this juicer a lot!

Unlike any other wheatgrass juicers, the Champion Juicer also has a large feeding chamber which enable easy application even if the wheat grass, fruits and vegetables are not diced into smaller pieces. This is definitely something I look upon deeply as I am a very lazy person. By having this feature, I don’t have to waste time cutting up my fruits and vegetables into smaller portions to be put in the juicer. Basically a whole fruit or a whole vegetable could be place into the funnel at ease!

Furthermore, to be frankly honest, after a few times of usage I find the sturdy built of this Champion juicer somewhat assuring as the strong stainless steel body seem to be able to thwart off any daily wears and tears. My parents who fell in love with frozen banana and pineapple said that the Champion Juicer is all they need to make this scrumptious and delightful concoction.

With a whopping 10 years warranty, this juicer certainly captures the heart of many users nationwide even though the price of it is a little more expensive compared to others in the market.

After trying out on the Champion G5-PG710/ G5-PG720, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone out there who plans on getting a new juicer. It produces amazing results and best of all, it is healthy and rich with nutrients.

Check its latest price and reviews on Amazon.

greenGreen Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304

The Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 rocks when it comes to squeezing out fresh juice that lasts! The new bio-ceramic and magnetic technology it uses ionizes the juice as it comes out, so the juice can be kept fresh for as long as 72 hours.

Do you know what that means? No more going into all the trouble of preparing fruits and veggies for juicing when you crave that refreshing drink right now. I’ve found that preparing extra juice when I’m free is so much easier.

There are other things I like about this Green Power Twin Gear Juicer as well. Its horizontal twin gears can juice many kinds of greens, herbs, plants, veggies and grass, besides fruits of course.

Surprisingly, they don’t clog up even when there is a lot of pulp, because this juicer totally crushes the fruits and veggies and the remains are pretty much dried up. However one user pointed out that the juice is pulpy, which is what I like, but if you don’t, a strainer will help.

The motor is good and strong, and if anything too hard meets with the gears, it will automatically stop to protect the juicer. In any case, the Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 comes with 10-year warranty. Other users will tell you that the customer service is pretty good too.

One little trouble to go over the Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 though, is that screens have to be changed when juicing veggies after juicing fruits, or vice versa. If you juice both kinds, then washing up both screens will be required afterwards.

If you’re willing to go to that trouble in exchange for a time-saving, all-versatile juicer, the Green Power Twin Gear Juicer KPE 1304 is just great!

Best-Wheatgrass-Juicer-Omega-8005Omega J8005 Single Gear Masticating Juicer

We also recommend this Omega J8005 Juicer due to its versatile functions and the relatively cheap price. This powerful masticating juicer ensures high yield by thoroughly chews up every bit of fiber and extract all the nutrients into juice with its 1/3 horsepower single phase induction motor.

The unit’s dual-stage juicing system ensures maximum efficiency, while keeping its low rotation speed around 80 RPMs means no foaming, no clogging, no heat build-up and no nutrient oxidized. Other than being a fruit juicer, this product can also functions as food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder. Yes, that means you can make your own peanut butter and apple sauce with it.

Check the latest price and reviews on Amazon


Pros of a wheatgrass juicer

  1. It can be use to juice vegetables and herbs. Most generic juicers will experience jerks and ((lag)) when juicing leaves due to the strong fiber. Wheatgrass juicers on the other hand will perform seamlessly even with fibrous leaves.
  2. It is a cheaper solution for leaf juicing. Why pay more if you are only using a juicer for vegetables and not for fruits? Wheatgrass juicers are available in a long range of prices where you can choose the most ideal one for yourself with highest performance/price ratio.
  3. High yield. Wheatgrass machines utilize the single gear masticating technology to chew and dry up the pulp.
  4. Low motor speed. This ensures that the operation is silent and the maximum nutrient in juice is preserved.

The cons

  • Most wheatgrass machines are Specialized as ‘Non-fruit friendly’. Most models of wheatgrass juicer cannot be used to juice fruits.
  • Intricate assemblh. You certainly want to read the manual before assembling and cleaning it.
  • Bulky and heavy. Typical units weigh from 6kg to 13kg.

Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

How to Choose the Best Wheatgrass Juicer

electric wheatgrass juicer A wheatgrass juicer is somewhat different from the usual juicer. Most wheatgrass juicers specialize in wheat grass only. So if you want to juice fruits as well, you’ll have to find a single gear masticating juicer that does fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass.

But hurray for the wheatgrass juice fans, a good wheatgrass juicer can be found at a much cheaper price if you don’t need it to do anything else except juice wheatgrass.



Manual or electric wheatgrass juicer?

Wheatgrass juicers can be manual or electric, but from what I’ve observed, the best juicer for wheatgrass in the market are manual ones. Not to say that the electric ones won’t work well, but they are so expensive that you might as well spend the money on a single gear masticating juicer that is versatile. The manual ones are also more portable and easy to store away due to their compactness.

Metal or Plastic?

You’re paying a lot for your wheatgrass machine, so you’ll want to know whether it will last. The general idea is that the more metal parts, and the less electronic parts it has, the longer it will last. There are wheatgrass juicers that consists fully of stainless steel or cast iron parts, while some are plastic with a stainless steel auger. But I don’t advise getting a cast iron juicer because they need a lot of maintenance to keep them from rusting over time.

Ease of Use

Read the reviews to see whether users find it easy to use. You don’t want a juicer that needs a lot of effort on your part to set it up, make it juice, and then take it all apart to clean it. Remember that the easier it is to use, the more you will use it, and that means getting your money’s worth.


With a ceiling fan, you can lower your energy bill and chill Out


The 1942 film classic Casablanca made ceiling fans famous. Now, almost 60 years later, they’re in the limelight again because they are an energy-efficient way to keep cool in the heat of summer. And these days there’s a modern fan and fan control for every taste.

Ceiling fans can dramatically reduce air-conditioning costs by increasing the speed with which your body loses heat: The greater the air movement, the cooler you’ll feel. A ceiling fan will increase the effect of any air conditioner–even one on a moderate setting–keeping you much cooler.

Summer breeze

Industry experts’ advice: Set your air conditioner to 780, then turn on ceiling fans to increase the chill.

For every degree you raise your thermostat, you’ll reduce your air-conditioning bill by 3 to 5 percent. Thus, if you set your thermostat 6[degrees] higher than usual, you can anticipate a reduction of up to 30 percent in air-conditioning costs.

Add a fan, and although your home won’t be any cooler, you’ll feel cooler due to the air movement.

A ceiling fan running at full speed costs the same as lighting a 100-watt incandescent bulb for the same period.

Central air-conditioning consumes from 50 to 60 times as much electrical energy. Use of ceiling fans alone can produce welcome savings.

Later in the year

Ceiling fans needn’t stop spinning at the end of summer.

Wintertime energy savings are possible by reversing the direction of the fan blades–from counterclockwise to clockwise, when seen from below–to force the air upward.

Moving in this direction and set at low speed, a fan will gently push hot, trapped ceiling air to the walls and down toward the floor, a process called heat reclamation.

Since the air isn’t blown forcefully downward, you won’t feel draftiness or chill. Manufacturers such as Harbor Breeze report savings of up to 10 percent on winter heating bills through heat reclamation.

Size and speed

Choosing a fan that suits the size of the room is important for energy savings and comfort. Fans are measured by blade span, with the 52-inch five-bladed fan being the most common: It is appropriate for rooms up to 400 square feet.

The 44-inch fan will adequately serve rooms up to 225 square feet; the 42-inch works for rooms up to 144 square feet; the 36-inch fan is for rooms of 100 square feet or less.

Fan motors can be set at low, medium, or high speed. The goal is to choose a ceiling fan that will spin at the slowest possible speed to effectively cool or reclaim heat; it should also be quiet. A properly sized fan will be almost noiseless as it slowly churns the room air.


Put ceiling fans in the rooms where your family spends the most time, such as the living rooms and bedrooms. Ceiling fans are often installed in place of conventional light fixtures. This usually places the fan in the center of the room, and the switch wiring that once controlled the ceiling light can now be used for the fan. Some fans include a light unit.

You can choose from a large array of fan/light fixtures, including low-profile rosettes (for low ceilings), bullet spotlights, leaded crystal, and five-arm cluster fixtures that can highlight room features. A fan/light control can be installed in the wall switch box that used to house the light switch. Such controls range from two simple rotary knobs to elegant push-button panels.

Remote controls

Remote controls allow you to manage the fan and light from the comfort of your bed or chair–up to 40 feet away.

Some full-featured remotes automatically increase fan speed as room temperature rises and turn off the fan when the room has cooled. Some high-tech remotes also include programmable timers.


Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews, Comparison and Buyers Guide-2017


A study at the Mayo Clinic comparing alarms, and two prescription drugs, (imipramine, and a nasal antidiuretic hormone) demonstrated the clear superiority of alarm systems.

Among the 2,345 children enrolled in the studies, two-thirds of those who used an alarm stopped bedwetting for 14 straight days. About half of those children (55 percent) relapsed into bedwetting after quitting the alarm treatment, compared with 99 percent of children who received no bedwetting treatments.

  • On average, there were three fewer nights per week using an average bedwetting alarm compared to when no alarm was used
  • Children taking the drug imipramine stopped bed wetting faster than those who used a bed wetting alarm, but there is no reliable evidence that the drugs are effective after treatment has been discontinued.
  • Only 18 percent of the children taking the drug stayed dry after treatment was continued, compared to 67 percent of children who were using an enuresis alarm.

Detailed Reviews For the Best Bedwetting Alarm Systems


Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm

The Malem bedwetting alarm has some great features including:

  • Compact size
  • Sound and vibration
  • Choice of eight tones
  • Easy clip sensor
  • Color choice

Let’s look at these features in more detail

Compact size

One of the first things you notice about the Malem alarm unit is its small size. It’s only 2 inches square and less than one inch thick and it only weighs 11 ounces.

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It has a safety pin attached to the top for fixing it to the nightwear. Make sure you pin it somewhere near the shoulder area so it’s closer to the ears and won’t be muffled by the blankets.

Sound and vibration

You can choose the mode of the alarm you want to wake your child. The alarm unit has a 3 way switch so you can choose either sound only or vibration only or you can select both at the same time.

Some kids actually wake easily to just the vibration, and it’s obviously good for the deaf or hard of hearing, or you may not want to disturb a sleeping sibling in the same room. But many parents want to hear the sound for themselves so they can help with getting to the bathroom.

Choice of eight tones

The Malem ultimate selectable alarm comes with a choice of eight different sound tones and believe me they are really piercing!

You can select which tone you want by moving the switch on the top of the alarm box from 8 to 1.

Next open the battery compartment where you will see the selector switches for the different tones.

Move the switch for the tone you want to the “on” position, make sure the other switches are in the “off” position. It can be a bit fiddly if you’ve got sausage fingers like me, you might find it easier if you remove the batteries while you do it.

Easy Clip Sensor

With the Malem bedwetting alarm you don’t have to sew any thing into the child’s underwear and there are no special snaps to fiddle with.

The sensor clips easily onto boys or girls under wear. Just make sure the sensor is in the best position to detect moisture, this might depend a bit on whether your child sleeps on their front or their back and it’s usually lower down for girls.

You should choose thick absorbent cotton underwear and it should also be close fitting, no boxers allowed.

Color choice

The Malem units come in a choice of colors including camouflage which is a good for helping to get the kids involved.

Low running costs

You will find that most bedwetting alarm systems on the market run on small button batteries.

The Malem ultimate runs on AAA batteries which can last up to 10 times longer. In fact the batteries should last for around ten hours of playing time. That’s the time when the sounds are actually playing, so in use they should obviously last much longer.

Does the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm Come With a Warranty?

Yes the Malem Ultimate alarm carries a manufacturer’s 1 year warranty which covers defects in the alarm box for one year from the date of purchase.

There’s no doubt that these bedwetting alarms work. Malem have thousands of satisfied customers but you shouldn’t expect miracles. You might indeed find it quite trying when you start using the alarm and Malem say it could take up to three months to work.

That said many parents find it works much quicker than that but you should follow the instructions to the letter and don’t give up to early if it doesn’t seem to be working.

You might want to get a waterproof mattress cover if you don’t already have one, and a stock of clean sheets ready, keep clean underwear in the bathroom ready to change. You shouldn’t really use anything like pull-ups with the alarm because they can draw moisture away from the sensor so it doesn’t function properly and won’t wake the child. However in practice some parents have used pull ups rather than have to keep changing bed sheets in the early stages and it worked for them.

When you clip the sensor onto the underwear make sure it has a good fold of fabric in-between the clips, if the sensors touch each other the alarm will sound without moisture. Run the cord up under the child’s nightwear to the alarm box to stop it getting pulled free while they sleep.

Some parents used a baby monitor to make sure they can hear the alarm when it sounds. Make sure you get the child to the bathroom even if in the early days they seem to have emptied their bladder. It’s a learning process so take them to the bathroom and get them to try and finish there.

You should clean the sensor every 2 or 3 days to make sure it works properly, clean the sensor with warm soapy water make sure you remove any traces of urine residue, perhaps a gentle scrub with something like an old toothbrush, then dry thoroughly.


Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

The CHUMMIE alarm is based on the new technology designed to detect moisture as soon as possible. This model includes their latest patented “One Drop DetectionTM” technology.

The sensor on CHUMMIE is small and comfortable. The soft silicone sensor can conform to the wearer to enable a nice sleep without discomfort. The small size will make it seem like your child is not even wearing an alarm, it is 40% smaller than a credit card, and only 1.1 oz.

This bedwetting alarm is configurable with 32 combinations of variable tones, volumes and vibrations. This is great to wake you and your child.

Also included with alarm is a progress chart and stickers. We feel this is a great motivation tool for kids. They will see the progress they are making and will strive to improve. Some parents see results in just a couple of weeks and no longer use the system in 6 weeks.

Features of the Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

  • Advanced Microprocessor based monitoring: The best technology for the fastest treatment
  • Passed the tests required to earn CE Mark, registered with the United States FDA.
  • Personalized treatment: choice of 32 combinations of variable tones, volumes and vibrations – strong enough for even the deepest sleeper
  • Kit contains: alarm, Intelliflex sensor, snap-on clip, 2 AAA Duracell batteries, progress chart, sticker reward system, manual, & cleaning wipes
  • Warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee

The CHUMMIE bedwetting alarm is a favorite here at Snorezing.com. We like the fact they use standard AAA batteries, reasonable priced, and comes in two different colors.

At first nocturnal enuresis (best known as bedwetting) sounds like a disease, but it’s not. Even so, it can cause serious embarrassment and poor self-esteem in those who suffer from it.

What is it?

Nocturnal enuresis is, in layman’s terms, bedwetting. If you have a child past the age of six or an adult relative struggling with bedwetting, you may be wondering if there is any help. There is, and it’s called a bedwetting alarm.

Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

What is the best bedwetting alarm to buy?
PictureProductAlarm TypeRating (Out of Five)Click below for latest prices
Malem bedwetting alarmMalem Ultimate
Light, Sound & Vibration
4.7Amazon Link
best bedwetting alarms reviewsAnzacare DRI EclipseSound & Vibration4.5Amazon Link
bedwetting alarms walmartChummie Premium AlarmLight, Sound & Vibration4Amazon Link
best bedwetting alarm for deep sleepersNew DryEasySound & Vibration4Amazon Link
what is the best bedwetting alarm Wet-Stop3 Enuresis AlarmSound & Vibration3.8Amazon Link
best bedwetting alarm for girlsBest Bed Alarm For Bedwetting TrainingSound & Vibration3.5Amazon Link

What is a bedwetting alarm?

One of the main causes of bed wetting in children is a combination of deep sleeping patterns and over production of urine.

Making use of the best bedwetting alarms can help teach the child’s body to better respond to a full bladder, as well as help break the deep sleep cycles that are typical of this behaviour.

In the case of underdeveloped bladder muscles and urine leakage, bedwetting alarms help to limit the frequency and extent of accidents until the child’s bladder has developed the strength needed to last the entire night.

An electronic bedwetting alarm sounds an alert as soon as a sleeper begins to urinate. Bedwetting alarms are designed to assist bedwetters in training their brains to react to their full bladders by awakening and using the toilet.

A bedwetting alarm “senses” moisture as the first drops of urine are released, and sounds a shrill alarm, awakening the sleeper.

A feeling of bladder fullness will eventually replace the sound of the bedwetting alarm as the signal to the sleeper’s brain that it’s time to get up and visit the bathroom. Bedwetting alarm therapy is actually a type of behavioral conditioning.

There are three types of best bedwetting alarms:

Best bedwetting alarm reviews#1 Wearable bedwetting alarms

With a wearable alarm, the sleeper places the moisture sensing device in his or her nightclothes or underwear.

A wearable bedwetting alarm reacts to the urine almost instantaneously.

This type of bedwetting alarm is a design in which the child wears the moisture sensor, which is connected to the alarm device by means of a cord, in or on their underwear or pajamas.

This type of sensor will detect moisture almost immediately.

WetStop3 is with little doubt the best wearable bedwetting alarm available in the market today.

best bed wetting alarms reviews#2 Bed-and-pad bedwetting alarm

In a bell-and-pad bedwetting alarm, the moisture sensor is in the form of a pad placed beneath the sleeper.

This pad does not sense moisture until it actually soaks up the urine, so it does not react as quickly as the wearable bedwetting alarm.

Another possible drawback is that, if the sleeper rolls off the pad, it will not detect moisture. The bell-and-pad bedwetting alarm is also attached to the alarm unit with a cord.

Therapee is one of the most recommended bed mat alarms and is suitable for children of all ages, both boys and girls.

Check for More User Reviews on Amazon

malem bedwetting alarm#3 Wireless bedwetting alarm

The third type of bedwetting alarm, the wireless alarm, has a moisture sensor which communicates to the alarm unit with a transmitter.

Like the wearable alarm, the wireless bedwetting alarm requires that the moisture sensor be attached to the sleeper’s nightclothes or underwear.

But because it transmits its signal without a cord, the bedwetting alarm unit can be located anywhere in the sleeper’s room. It does not have to be close to the bed.

Important to Note

Wearable and wireless bedwetting alarms will be effective only if they stay attached.

If the material to which a sensor is attached is too thick, or if the sleeper tosses, it may loosen.

Some bed wetting alarms, to remedy this, have their moisture sensors embedded in briefs, onto which the transmitter snaps.

Bed wetting therapy experts have estimated that, with consistent use, the best bedwetting alarms will retrain sleepers to self-awaken in between four and six weeks, and are successful for sixty to eighty percent of young and adult bedwetters.

What every parent needs to know about the best bedwetting alarms

Bed Wetting Alarms are part of the ‘team’

Before you purchase a bed wetting alarm, it is important that you do your part as a parent to help resolve the problem.

Oftentimes, children are as embarrassed about their problems, as you are frustrated by their occurrence and the mess it makes. Because of this, a child’s esteem can be quickly deteriorated, which can cause them problems in their social lives.

While you may be frustrated, never take your frustration out on the child. It helps no one, and can actually make the problem worse. Stress can significantly hamper any behavioral training that you might be attempting. So, we suggest working as a close ‘team’ with your child while you and the bedwetting alarm help them through the problems.

Bedwetting alarms best practices

As you read the best bedwetting alarm reviews, it is important to keep in mind that these devices are most effective when the parent is also able to respond to the alarm.

As bed wetting alarms have undergone development, it is possible for a parent to enjoy sleeping in their own beds and still be notified when the child urinates in bed.

Wireless bed wetting alarms like the Anzacare DRI Eclipse, that attach to your child’s clothing can relay a signal to a receptor in the parent’s room, which lets the adults get up as needed to assist their child in going to the bathroom and getting them back into bed again.

Get the Most Out Of Bed Wetting Alarms

Only making use of bed wetting alarms is not enough to totally resolve PNE problems (note: Primary Nocturnal Enuresis – PNE for short – is the main cause behind bed wetting in children).

You will also need to partner the alarms with other tools specifically created to deal with PNE, like disposable bed wetting diapers and plastic sheets to limit how much laundry needs to be done and to ensure your child’s comfort.

As you gradually teach your child to sleep less deeply and form the habit of getting up in the middle of the night to use the washroom, the number of dry nights will begin to outnumber the wet ones. However, during the training process, expect the occasional accident to occur. This is normal as your child’s body develops.

If your child is over the age of five and continues to have PNE problems, the best bedwetting alarms might be the first part of the team that beats the bedwetting.

You should take your child to the doctors should the bed wetting continue, as there may be an underlying medical issue causing this, rather than a developmental or behavioral issue.

As mentioned above, bed wetting alarms do help to a great extent to handle PNE easier, but they might only be a single element in the overall solution.

Bedwetting problems

There are of course many problems, both large and small, facing parents and children these days. One of the most persistent problems associated with childhood, however, is also perhaps one of the oldest, and that of course is the problem of bed wetting.

Many children will go through this embarrassing problem, and in some cases bed wetting can become a serious impediment to normal development and a healthy social life.

From sleepovers to camping trips, bedwetting can cause serious problems for children, and it is important for parents in these situations to know how to deal with this problem most effectively.

For many parents one of the most effective ways to deal with bed wetting is to install a bed wetting alarm.

In fact, a bed wetting alarm can be one of the safest and most effective of all treatments for this embarrassing and at times debilitating condition. The concept behind the alarm is simple, with each alarm equipped with a moisture sensor that snaps on to the pajamas. A small speaker is attached to the child’s body, generally near the shoulder.

The alarm goes off when it senses moisture, resulting in a piercing sound that helps train the child to cease urination and head to the bathroom. This treatment can be quite effective for all but the deepest sleeper.

Of course, bed wetting alarms are not the only effective treatment for a bed wetting problem, nor are they the right choice for every child. It is important for any child who continues to wet the bed to be carefully evaluated by his or her pediatrician in order to rule out a urinary tract infection or other medical condition.

For those children whose bed wetting is the result of deep sleep or laziness, however, the installation of a bed wetting alarm can be remarkably effective.

Teenage Bedwetting

Health professionals who treat bed wetting will sometimes have a patient who is  a teenager,  and it has been hoped by the family that one day they will just grow out of it.  But it has not happened.  While only around 2% of teenagers still wet the bed, that is no comfort to the teenager.

It is comforting to know is that it can be treated, but it is important not to delay treatment. This is especially if the time is approaching to leave home to go to college. There must be plenty of time to carry out the diagnosis and to allow treatment to work.

Damaging Issue

Teenage Bed WettingThe first major obstacle with bed wetting teens is that the teenagers may be more ashamed and embarrassed than children are.

Bed wetting as a teenager can significantly damage self-esteem and disrupt their social lives. It can make matters worse if a teenager, quite understandably,  may try to hide the fact that they are wetting the bed, this can make treatment even more difficult.

As a parent, broaching the subject with a distressed adolescent may be difficult, but most likely this has been an issue for a long time and so trying to address the issue will not be new. What is important is to help the teenager to understand that they do not have to deal with this alone, and that there is effective help.

Teenage Bed Wetting Needs Caring Attention


No AngerWhen dealing with teenage bed wetting, while it may be natural to become frustrated or angry, a parent must try to see it from a young person’s perspective.  This may take the form of:

“if I ignore it, then it will go away”

And so when a parent tries to talk about the matter the teenager may become angry,  because they then have to think about it.

In that case, leave the teenager with the message, “when you are ready to talk about it I really want to work on this with you. ” 

Solutions To Teenage Bed Wetting

If bed wetting has been mostly constant over the years,  then it is almost certainly the primary nocturnal enuresis type which responds well to using a bedwetting alarm.

This may have been tried before,  but research shows that part of the problem is the maturity of certain areas of brain function (not those involved with learning or intelligence – almost all bedwetters are described as well-functioning and above average).  The maturing of those parts continues and so treatment with an alarm can become more effective.

Therefore the first tool that should be used and which is essential to bed wetters,  is a bed wetting alarm.

Some doctors will also suggest adding in bed wetting medication , and that can be useful in very resistent cases, but usually only for a few weeks or a month or two at the same time as using the bedwetting alarm.

Need for Medical Examination

If bed wetting is a problem that has started more recently, then other causes need to be investigated by a doctor, in fact there should always be a medical examination of the teenager before starting treatment.

Also in the category of helpful devices are the bed wetting diapers. They may make it easier for the teenager to be self managing as the bed wetting is being dealt with.

No Drinking

These are all small things that any teen can do to lower the number of uncontrolled urination episodes. One of these is to remove caffeine from the diet because this has a diuretic (urine producing) effect.

Quitting drinking alcohol is also recommended, because alcohol can cause bed wetting as well, especially if drinking excessively.

Teenage bed wetting can be cured, and for that that there needs to be a good understanding of the cause, and then a consistent and supportive process that everyone understands, agrees with,  and is committed to.

Adult Bed Wetting

Adult bedwetting that happens rarely is not something to worry about.

But if you are an adult and Nocturnal Enuresis (commonly known as “bed wetting“) begins to happen more often, it’s time to do some more research and perhaps to pay the doctor a visit.

Repeated incidents of adult bedwetting can sometimes be the sign of a more serious underlying problem.

Adults who wet the bed also suffer social costs – all too often, adult bedwetting is very embarrassing and can lead to dissolution of relationships, self esteem issues, depression and fustration.

In addition, it is very important that busy adults get a good nights sleep, which can be adversly impacted by nocturnal enuresis in adults.

Adult Incontinence can be treated

Adult bedwetting, or incontinence, is a problem that a small percentage of adults suffer repeated symptoms from.

Often, one of the best management tools for treating incontinence is to use a personal bedwetting alarm that discreetly alerts the user when they need to awaken and empty their bladder.

The most popular and successful model on the market is the DRI Excel personal bedwetting alarm that is comfortable to wear, and alerts to the first drops of urine that pass.

When Not To Worry About Adult Bed Wetting?

There is an instance when grown-up Enuresis is not the sign of a serious problem, and that is in the case of extreme consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol causes high rates of urination, and if you drink a high quantity of alcohol right before you sleep, you are at moderate risk of wetting the bed.

While this can be extremely embarrassing the next morning, as long as the alcohol consumption is not repeated daily, you don’t need to worry about it.

Other Causes Of Adult Bed Wetting

Adult Bed WettingThere are many causes of adult bed wetting, and almost all of them can be quite severe.

Liver, kidney and bladder failure can cause bed wetting, as can diseases such as Lupus.

A doctor is the only person who can do the necessary blood tests to determine what the cause is, so you should make an appointment as quickly as possible.

Adult Bed Wetting Lupus

What is adult bed wetting Lupus? Well, it’s simply wetting the bed as a result of the autoimmune disease, Lupus Nephritis. However, because of the nature of bed wetting (scientifically called Nocturnal Enuresis), and even the nature of Lupus Nephritis, it is important to evaluate all possible causes of bed wetting in adults before jumping to any conclusions.

Is It Really Adult Bed Wetting Lupus?

Adult bed wetting is not a normal behavior under any circumstance, and is an indicator that there is a problem. To see if Lupus Nephritis indeed is what causes your bed wetting or if it’s something else, a lot of diagnosis will have to be done.

Any condition that affects the kidney or bladder can cause bed wetting, so having this symptom does not necessarily mean you are affected by Lupus.

Adult Bed Wetting Is Biological!

If you or your loved ones are experiencing adult Enuresis, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor immediately.

Since wetting the bed at this age is not normal (it’s not uncommon, but is not normal either), it means that something is physically wrong, and this type of bed wetting can not be cured through behavioral treatments.

Such methods are great for making Enuresis go away in children. Adult bed wetting however, is typically biological in nature and must be dealt with accordingly.

Solutions For Adult Bed Wetting Lupus

If you know for a fact that your adult bed wetting instances are caused by Lupus, one of the long term solutions to the problem is to use bed wetting medication to control urination. However, there are some products that you can use to help make your life more comfortable through the bed wetting moments.

Diapers And Alarms – Always Popular

Adult diapers designed for bed wetting can prevent the need to do a lot of extra laundry, while there are also bed wetting alarms that can wake you up as urination begins.

Bed wetting alarms can be used to wake you up should you begin to urinate in bed. This cannot stop the process from occurring, but it can allow you to clean up the mess immediately.

The bedwetting alarm process works by mimicing the natural reaction of the brain to a full bladder – to wake you up. The bed wetting alarm can be a great tool for adults to use while they are in the process of working through bedwetting issues.

Ideally, the bedwetting alarm you use should be comfy, discreet and should be loud enough to wake you during the deepest of sleeps.

Quality adult bedwetting alarms should be reusable and cleaned easily, should be pree from metal parts that corrode in urine, and should be comfortable to wear. There are wireless models on the market, such as the DRI-Sleeper Eclipse, that use a very small urine sensor and a separate alarm unit that can go into a caregivers room or on a bedside cabinet. These models are highly recommended.

In addition to alarms, using bed wetting diapers for adults can limit how much mess you make in your bed. Also, plastic sheets can protect the mattress from urine, as the mattress can be very difficult to clean and to deodorize. Often, its just not possible to clean a urinated mattress properly and dry it fully for use the next night. In this situation, hygene suffers and odors can result – very embarrassing for any adult.

While these bed wetting devices and NE supplies cannot remove the embarrassment of bed wetting, they can go a long way towards limiting the most uncomfortable aspects of bed wetting.

Do NOT Be Ashamed!

It is important to keep your esteem high if you suffer from bed wetting as an adult. Low esteem problems can bleed out into other aspects of your life, ranging from work to family. As Lupus is a difficult disease to deal with to begin with, being able to keep yourself from depression can help lower the consequences of bed wetting in your life.

Do NOT Despair!

For those who are just developing the starting symptoms of Lupus, it is typically only a matter of time before adult bed wetting episodes begin to occur, and consulting with your doctor is only the first step in helping rectify the problem.

However, there are solutions to bed wetting caused by Lupus Nephritis. Modern medicine keeps evolving and new solutions to such diseases are always discovered. Also, alternative medicine and bedwetting hypnosis can help to limit the frequency of episodes of adult bed wetting Lupus and make your life easier.

Bedwetting Diapers

Control Your Self Esteem

Being sick is not a reason to feel poorly about yourself.

Bed wetting as an adult is not something that is your fault, but rather a medical condition that needs to be treated or managed properly so you can resume a normal life and normal sleeping patterns.

If you take care not to drink any liquids before going to sleep and cease drinking diuretics like caffeine, this can help lead a perfectly normal lifestyle. Even bedwetting adult individuals who travel alot can enjoy their time away from home with little worries and little social impact.

However, if you’re having severe adult bedwetting issues, don’t forget to see a health specialist or Doctor first, before undergoing any treatment that may or may not be adequate or appropriate for your particular case.


Best Window Fan Reviews and Expert Buying Guide: 2017

Best window fan review

What do you do when your quest to cool down eats away at your energy bills? Simple, you do away with those energy guzzling fans and replace them with cheaper, powerful, more energy efficient window fans.

As you may have guessed, the best window fans fit on your window(s).

A majority of other fans cool you by blowing air directly towards you. Window fans work differently. They cool a room by bringing in cool air from the outside. They also keep the room fresh by sucking out the stale air.

They can either be manually reversible or electrically reversible. The former needs to be shifted so as to change the direction of airflow while the latter automatically changes airflow by the flip of a switch.

There are those that have multiple independent blades that work simultaneously to exhaust stale air and/or draw in cool air while others just have a single set of blades.

Choosing a good window fan can be a hectic process and a lot needs to be put into consideration. By reading my reviews you will be sure to choose the very best and most powerful window fan available in the market today.

The 10 Top Rated Window Fans of 2017

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1. Bionaire twin reversible airflow window fan with remote control

2. Bionaire compact window fan

3. Holmes dual blade twin window fan with one touch thermostat

4. Lasko 2138-8” electrically reversible window fan

5. Air King 9166 20” whole house window fan

6. Comfort zone CZ310R twin window fan

7. Optimus 8” reversible twin window

8. Pelonis 9” twin window fan

9. Homebasix twin fan window





This is one of the most powerful window fans available in the market. Its two fans can work together or independently to bring air in or draw stale air out. In so doing, it keeps the house cool and fresh.

The Bionaire Twin Window fan has 3 distinct airflow settings all of which are quiet making ideal even for the bedroom.

It has a LED screen which allows you to see the selected settings. In addition, it also has a remote control so you can switch from setting to setting while in the comfort of your bed or couch.

You don’t have to worry about it fitting since it comes with extenders which makes it possible to fit in different sized windows.

The fan is made of durable material and you don’t have to worry about replacing it every summer.


This fan is as sleek as it is attractive and comes in black. It features 3 fans which work together to either cool and/or freshen your home. It is efficient and quiet enough to sleep through while it’s on.

It has extenders which make it possible to be installed in windows of different sizes. In addition, it can fit in windows that open vertically or horizontally.

The only down side is that it doesn’t come with a remote and as such you have to set it manually. It however has 3 airflow settings.


This window fan has 2 airflow settings. Its strong blades ensure a steady and strong flow which results to a high cooling effect. The Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan sucks stale air out and blows in cool air. It especially comes in handy if you live with a smoker as it gets rid of the stuffiness.

Another plus for the Holmes Window fan is the fact that it has a programmable thermostat which allows you to set the time for the switch between high and low speeds. This saves you the trouble of having to wake up every so often.

The fan measures 12-1/4” and is available on Amazon.


This Lasko Window Fan comes with 2 speed settings which can be adjusted by a thermostat. It also features extended panels making it ideal for different sized windows (25-35” W and 12+” H).

It is whisper quiet and also comes with snap-On feet for table or floor use.

Air King 9166 20” whole house window fan

This fan is powerful and extremely durable. It is rust proof, shatter proof and corrosion resistant which extends its life span a great deal.

Fits windows 27-38” W and 26.5” H. It features 3 speed settings and could be yours for $154.93.

Is my house ideal for a window fan(s)?

Before I let you know what to look for in the best window fans, let’s first determine whether your house is ideal for them.

As stated earlier, window fans work differently from other fans. They draw the cool air from outside to reduce the room temperatures. As such, if your house happens to be near a polluted area, avoid using a window fan as it will only draw in the pungent smells.

In addition, if you happen to live in a congested area, chances are the outside temperatures are always higher than those inside. Using window fans in such a house will do the exact opposite of what you expect; it will heat up your house instead of cooling it.

If your house is ideal for a window fan, let’s help you pick the best fan. If it isn’t you can thank me for saving you the money and trouble of installing it.

Factors to consider when choosing a window fan

The fan’s size

Window fans are fitted on the windows. Therefore, it is important to get one that will fit best if not perfectly.

Having a fan that doesn’t fit could make it topple over and force you to buy another one. An ill-fitting fan could also lead to local circulation where the same air is drawn back and forth.

To avoid this, seal the gaps between it and the window using a masking tape, paper or cardboard.

This is important especially for Bionaire window fans that draw air from outside. If the gaps are open, a pressure difference occurs and the air will go back outside hence you won’t get all of that cool air you desire so much.


Buy a window fan that has a screen. This will prevent intruders such as insects and rodents from gaining entry into your home. In addition, the screen will also prevent criminals from using that window as an entry point.

The fan’s features

Consider buying a window fan that has features such as;

· Remote control- this will save you the trouble of having to wake up every time you want to change a setting.

· Speed settings- a fan with a wide range of speed settings is always better as it gives you the power to control how much air you want draw in or sucked out.

· Multiple blades- fans that come with twin or triple blades increase the rate of airflow in or out of your house. Furthermore, such fans can both draw in and suck air out at the same time as opposed to single blade fans which can only do one at a time.

· Quiet- while at work your fan should be quite enough to enable you sleep, have a conversation or watch TV.

· Extenders- most people don’t carry around tape measures so you are forgiven for not knowing your exact window measurements.
For that reason, get a fan with extenders as they are sure to fit your window.

· Duo direction fitting- a window fan that can fit horizontally or vertically is best. If it doesn’t fit vertically, you simply rotate it and fit it horizontally.
Water resistant- this is for those who live in areas that experience rainfall. We all know that water and electricity is a recipe for fire.

The fans power

The best window fans should be powerful enough to draw in large amounts of air and/or suck out all the stale air from your house to leave it cool and fresh. Goes without saying that the more powerful the fan, the cooler and fresher the room.

How much does the fan window cost

Some fans are more expensive than others though not necessarily more effective. Besides, you need to keep in mind that a fan is not an investment that will gain you money. Buy a fan that is reasonably priced and one you can comfortably afford.

Consumer reviews

How do you know whether that fan you want actually works as the manufacturer’s claim? You simply look up what existing consumers have to say about it. It is not uncommon for products not to live up to consumers’ expectations.
In doing so, you may save yourself money or end up getting the best value for your money.


Part of the reason why window fans are popular is their ability to save energy which translates to reduced power bills.
With the ever-increasing bills to pay, a relief is most welcome. In addition, they are very effective in cooling and freshening your home.

As if they were not awesome enough, they can supplement or replace your air conditioner which saves you more money.

A good product should always give you value for your money and that is exactly what window fans do. Get yours today and drop a few degrees the economical way!


How to choose a ceiling fan that will compliment your home decor


Residential ceiling fans are just as much decorative pieces as they are ventilation appliances, which is why they are fashioned from a wide variety of materials and come in different designs.

The best ceiling fan decor will be comprised of two elements – the style and the finish.

The design

Basically, ceiling fan styles can be divided into three categories, which are:

Traditional or Classic

These are reproductions of the early designs, and are often very basic, without light kits included. Examples include the Hunter Royal Oak and the Casablanca Capistrano.

Contemporary or modern ceiling fans

contemporary-ceiling-fansContemporary ceiling fan style closely resembles industrial fans since they characteristically have round motors, three blades and metallic finishes instead of wood.

Examples of the best modern fans include the Fanimation Zonix, the Minka Aire Downtown Loft and the Altuz fan from the Modern Fan Company.

Transitional ceiling fans

Emerson Carrera Grande
Emerson Carrera Grande is an example of a transitional ceiling fan

As the name implies, transitional ceiling fans have elements of both traditional and contemporary styles.

They are basic just like traditional fans but appear more modern, though not as state-of-the-art as contemporary fans.

Examples include the Emerson Carrera Grande and the Monte Carlo Cyclone.

Other design considerations

Aside from these three basic styles, ceiling fans can also be specific to a certain design movement or period, or can have their own unique niche. These include:

  • Victorian fans
  • Art Deco fans
  • Art Noveau fans
  • Mission fans
  • Oriental fans
  • Tropical ceiling fans
  • Nature-inspired fans
  • Nautical fans
  • Rustic fans
  • Kids ceiling fans
  • Vintage ceiling fans
  • Tiffany ceiling fans

The Finish

Once you have decided on the style, you will need to decide on the blade finish, which will determine the final, overall look of the ceiling fan. Basically, finishes can be either wood or metal.

The most commonly used wood finishes include:

  1. Light Cherry
  2. Dark Cherry
  3. Walnut
  4. Birch
  5. Mahogany
  6. Oak
  7. Pine

On the other hand, the most commonly used metallic finishes are:

  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Brushed Steel
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Chrome

In addition, metal finishes can be matte, satin, brushed or polished. Some are also available in antique, rustic, textured and oil-rubbed variations.

There are black and white wood and metal finishes, too, for those who want a clean and classic look.

The right ceiling fan decor

In order to pick the right ceiling fan style and finish, the first thing you have to do is to consider the style of the room where you will be installing it.

Take a look around and see what is the predominant style or color scheme of the room, as well as its furnishings. Some rooms have a distinct sense of style, but if you are not sure, you can choose a traditional or transitional ceiling fan, both of which are very versatile.

Next, you have to decide if you want the ceiling fan to be the centerpiece or the focal point of room design, or if you just want it to blend in nicely. Victorian style ceiling fans, Tiffany ceiling fans and Art Noveau ceiling fans often attract a lot of attention, while traditional, rustic and Mission fans can be right at home in any ceiling.

You might also want to consider, too, if you will be installing a light kit on the ceiling fan, and what type of lighting you will use, since this will also affect the overall ceiling fan decor.


What type of harbor breeze ceiling fan should you buy


Ceiling fans are one of the most decorative aspects of our interior. It doesn’t matter where we want to install them, because they go with every type of interior design and are the perfect choice for every room of our home

Aside from their aesthetic properties, the best ceiling fans also offer high levels of practicality and functionality.

Of course, the main purpose of ceiling fans is to cool down the temperature of our rooms. They do this by by moving large amounts of air using long blades, which are the major parts of their structure.

Among all the different makes of ceiling fans available in the market, my persona favorite is the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans. You can read my detailed review of the fans here.

Why I Love the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Before you decide to choose the right type of ceiling fan fitting for our specific interior, you need to closely analyze their practical factors.

This is an important step, which will determine your future use of purchased ceiling fan. The key factors that you have to keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan are:

  1. Room space
  2. Silence
  3. Cost
  4. Durability
  5. And energy efficiency

Lets look at these factors in more detail

Room size

To begin with, you’ll have to choose the fan in relation to the size of our room. Bigger space will need longer blades and strong rotation system to generate proper and effective ventilation.

If the room you intend to cool is larger than 400 sq feet, you’ll need a ceiling fan with blades that are at least 52 inches long.


Another important aspect is a noise-level. If the fan produces too much noise as it rotates, you won’t be able to relax or get some peace and quiet after long, hard day’s work.

You should buy a ceiling fan that is as quiet as it gets. It is only then that you will manage sit comfortably in your chair, put up some gentle music, and take delight in nostalgic atmosphere flowing down from your silent cooling system.


Durability has also much to say in here.

While choosing the right ceiling fan, you should go with types that have long warranty terms assured by manufacturer. This way you will have the reassurance your fan will last you for many long years.

And even in case of some kind of malfunction develops on the fan all you have to do is to replace the busted part or whole fan using the service department, of course, free of charge.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is probably the most important thing while purchasing a ceiling fan. Some of them can save you up to 40% on your high energy bills during the summer season, which is a very impressive amount for small device like that.

However, before you start counting your saved money, you should first match your fan to the space of your room, mount it correctly on your ceiling, and check if the blades don’t wobble.

If you your ceiling fan is installed improperly, it starts wasting large amounts of energy instead of saving it. And you mustn’t forget about proper and systematical maintenance of your fan.

Types of harbor breeze fans and their applications

There are several types of harbor breeze fans, which can help you during your decision in regard of choosing the proper type to your specific interior.

Every type differs from another in terms of size, noise-level, and of course, appearance.

There are five types of harbor breeze fans, such as: traditional, transitional, contemporary, outdoor, and custom made; which you may find suitable for you room’s interior.

Traditional ceiling fan

This type of fan is very common, and you can find it in almost every store that offers this kind of cooling equipment.

Their universal properties along with many different styles and designs are simply perfect for any kind of interior décor. You can easily apply them in whatever room you like, because space size is of no consequence in here.

Traditional fans have 5 long blades that are very easy and quick to install with additional mounting options.

Regulated circling system, often with 3-speed reversible motor, which will give you the possibility not only to regulate speed for moving suitable amounts of air, but also determine level of energy use.

Every model has pull-chain control, which allows you to adapt fan’s work to your expectations just as the remote control, which you can often purchase for additional costs. Your life will be so much easier, when you have the option to regulate the work of your fan without moving from your favorite chair.

Some of traditional fans are available with Light Kit equipped with different numbers of light fixtures. Everything depends on your taste and interior of your room. If your room is big and dark you can always choose a fan with four light fixtures, but very often one bulb, which goes inside the light globe, is quite sufficient.

Versatility of traditional fans allows you to use them for all-year-round, benefiting from the professional cooling system.

Transitional ceiling fans

This type of ceiling fan is more complex and sophisticated than the common one. It is also suitable for every kind of interior but its unique styles and amazing designs will add class and feeling of luxury inside your own place.

Extravagant décor and fancy aspects of your room will be definitely emphasized after mounting one of these transitional fans.

On top of that, installing this type of ceiling fan will sufficiently raise value of your home. They come in different kinds of forms and shapes, and some are very unique and unusual in their designs.

You can browse between designs, such as damp location dual mount or down-rod with 3-speed reversible motor.

Every type has its individually created set of blades, which are diversified not only in terms of appearance but also in air circulation. Longer and wider blades are perfect for moving large amounts of air. They move slower, so even the efficiency of electrical energy is better.

Installation is also relatively simple with couple of options suitable for every kind of mounting.

Every single fan has amazing design with countless numbers of colors and shades, conforming to any interior décor, which is applied in our room. Light Kit is a prerequisite element in almost every fan and it surely adds to its esthetics.

We’ve got here varieties of the light fixtures, like: light globes, different numbers of light fixtures (from 1 to 4), and in case of Hive Series, place for one 75-watt Halogen E11 bulb, which will properly illuminate even the darkest room or corridor.

Contemporary/Modern ceiling fans

Contemporary fans go with every type of interior design, but especially with modern style, which nowadays is very popular and commonly used in our homes.

If you decide on this kind of fan, you should do very thorough browsing, because you never know what you may find. Contemporary, or also called modern, ceiling fans have very often 3 very long and thin blades, which are cutting the air very well, averring the perfect air circulation with relatively silent humming.

Most of them have down-rod design with 3-speed reversible motor and 3-speed pull chain control. Some guarantee saving considerable amounts of energy, thanks to revolutionary quiet DC motor.

Most modern ceiling fans can be easily applied in larger spaces, but there are also some, like for example fans from Hive Series, which are just perfect for small interiors and children’s rooms.

If you feel like it, you can purchase Light Kit, which goes along with your contemporary fan.

Every store offers many types of kits, from light globes to multiple light fixtures that will effectively cast a light on your beloved resting place.

There are many modern harbor breeze ceiling fans, but there is one in particular, which definitely stands out from the rest.

It’s a Harbor Breeze 72-in Slinger Helicopter Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control.

This Fan has up to 9 blades with super energy-efficient DC motor, which consumes less than 30 watts of energy during the highest circulation of air.

It’s a perfect fit for really large room with high ceiling. Its 72 inches diameter is able to move enormous quantities of air, and that’s why this is one of the best cooling systems harbor breeze has to offer. Besides, acting on its size is very quiet and exquisitely efficient.

Outdoor ceiling fans

Harbor breeze ceiling fans are perfect fit for every interior of our home.

But what about outdoor locations, like patio, garden arbor or deck?

Well, harbor breeze has answer for that, too. Its offer includes many models of outdoor fans, with every possible type, which were mentioned above.

Just like the indoor fans, those mounted on patios and decks also can be efficient, aesthetic, practical and durable.

However, the structure of outdoor ceiling fans is a little bit different.

Blades are often wider and made mainly from materials, which last longer, like bronze and galvanized components.

Styles and designs are much diversified, and anyone who is looking for outdoor fan will have the possibility to choose the type, which suits them the most. But while browsing for perfect outdoor fan, you can’t forget about one very important thing – types of weather conditions.

Weather has a significant impact on endurance of the outdoor ceiling fans. So, make sure to buy a fan with weathered proof blades. Such a ceiling fan can handle even the most extreme conditions without rotting afterwards.

Look for blades with high waterproof level.

Just like in any other types, here you can also purchase Light Kit, which will illuminate your patio during long and warm summer evenings. And don’t forget about energy savings, either.

Outdoor ceiling fans are a real treat, mostly during very hot days, where there’s no wind whatsoever, and scorching heat reaches every part of your body. Having an amazing cooling system outside your home will save you from merciless sun, every time.

Custom made ceiling fans

When after long and exhaustive searches, you still can’t find the perfect ceiling fan, which will grant you all that you are looking for, you will still have one option left.

You can always decide on custom made fan.

This way you will be able to put all your required elements inside one device.

Combinations are endless here. First you need to determine if it will be indoor or outdoor fan.

If outdoor, don’t forget about weather proof aspects. Interior fans, which go to your Zen-room, should have minimal noise-level, which allows you to benefit from heavenly silence combined with circulation of cool air.

You can choose larger, more efficient blades that will save your expensive energy. Style and design depends here only on your individual taste. You can even match sophisticated accessories, such as light fixtures, pull-chain control, reversible motors and remote controls. Another possibility is to merge fans together making double- or triple-header device, and changing your fan into state-of-the-art masterpiece.

With custom Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, only two things can hold you down. One of them is your imagination; the second would be the capacity of your pocket.

Harbor breeze has very broad offer of ceiling fans that will definitely change interior of your room for better. Their products are perfect not only for your home, but also for offices and restaurants.

The Harbor breeze fans have unique features and properties that can do all the things, which are expected from a ceiling fan. They can lower your energy bills, put you in relaxed mood, cool down or heat up the interior, bring some luxury straight to your living space, and even cool you down while you’re fighting with a summer heat on your patio.

Installation process is very easy, and in case of malfunction Harbor Breeze Shop offers you enormous amount of spare parts, for every type of their fan. Some parts even have a lifetime-warranty, which are significantly rising the duration of using them in your home. You can buy them in almost every store that offers heating and cooling systems, or you can simply order them online.

And from now on, you don’t have to open your windows, just to feel pleasant breeze during hot days. So, you can finally throw away your ceiling lamps and cumbersome air-conditioners, and marvel at your new, economical purchase, which will last you for very long time. And all thanks to harbor freeze ceiling fans, which are one of the best products on today’s market.


Tempur pedic Pillow Review 2017


Tempurpedic pillows have replaced all sleeping oils and back pain killers and even insomniacs can have some sleep due to the tempurpedic pillows.

Pillows are utilized to offer inclination to the brain and neck when sleeping or resting. It balances the body point and diminishes body stress giving soothing relieve.

The chief purpose of cushion is to line up the body with head in that way reducing pressure on backbone.

The selection of pillow must be based on our body proportions and position or pose in which a person ideally sleeps.

Width and rigidness of the pillow is an essential issue that must be kept in mind when buying a pillow as maintaining the brain too elevated or too low will restrain the neckline and is not wise physical position recommended by specialists. It also can decrease inhalation following-on into noisily breathing and restlessness while sleeping.

Tempurpedic pillows assist in supervision of stress and anxiety. Tempurpedic pillows are developed from tempur substance. It can be highly dense or reduced dense which offers a formula regulating and lining up to all sections of body facade thus shunning illicit anatomic positions and resting poses. There are several types of tempurpedic pillows such as:

· Symphony pillow

· Neck pillow