Zotto Mattress Review- Is Memory Foam the Right Choice for You?

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Should you buy the Zotto Mattress? Who is it for? Our unbiased Zotto Mattress Review answers these and more questions about this memory foam mattress.

The Zotto mattress hit the market through a KickStarter crowd sourced campaign and has since been on the lips of most memory foam mattress enthusiasts.

The mattress has been crafted to offer the sleeper comfortable sleep, thanks to its responsive feel, contouring hug and optimal temperature regulation. With four layers of foam making up its construction, this mattress is clearly focused on cooling technology.

Say Goodbye to Hot, Sleepless Nights- The proprietary Zotto ThermaPhase Technology reacts amazingly well to temperature fluctuations.

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Zotto Mattress Construction and materials

zotto mattress reviewThe Zotto mattress features a ten-inch construction that includes four layers of an all-foam mattress, devoid of latex or other materials. Some of its notable proprietary features in the construction of this mattress include the CoolFlow foam and the ThermaPhase cooling technology that has been proven to offer thermoregulation. These help in providing top notch cooling and temperature regulation.

Notably, the manufacturer of the mattress did a perfect blend of memory foam and Springtex foam from the company to help bring in a workable mix between bounce and sinkage.

With this combination, you can be sure you have a mattress that is geared towards helping you do it all.

Zotto mattress’ cover is made from a blend of polyester and rayon. With this embossed design, the cover creates a thicker material that offers the sleeper a cozy feeling. The best part about the Zotto mattress cover is that it is removable and you can actually wash it separately with other beddings.

The Zotto mattress features the following layers

  • Comfort Layer
  • Support Layer
  • Transition Layer
  • Base layer

Comfort Layer

This is the top layer with a thickness of 2 inches, made from ThermaPhase material, the company’s patent. This material makes use of 2 different phase-change designs that focus on different levels of temperature on the same mattress.

With this layer, you can be sure to determine the best sleeping temperature that suits you since it offers unmatched comfort and cooling for all types of sleepers.

Support Layer

Just as its name suggests, the support layer is designed to offer support to the body by ensuring that there is an even weight distribution as well as a comfortable spinal alignment. With a thickness of 2 inches, and made up of CoolFlow memory foam, the support layer helps provide up to 95 percent increase in airflow to help in cooling too.

Transition Layer

The transition layer is also 2 inches thick and is made to work as a transition between the top support layer and the base. The transitional layer gives the mattress the desired responsiveness and bounce. On the other hand, the transition layer also helps minimize motion transfer since connects the firms base with the top part of the mattress.

Base layer

Unlike the other three, the base or foundation layer is 4 inches thick, made from high-density polyfoam. In fact, this is the layer that gives form and structure to the mattress and acts as a source of support for the whole system.

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Zotto Mattress Firmness and support

zotto mattress reviews

Generally, we found the Zotto mattress fairly medium on softness. On a firmness scale of 10, it should come in at around 5 or 6.

As you hit the top cover, you would notice a plush and soft feel but as you sink further, into the comfort layers, you will feel the form support offers by the rest of the layers underneath.

In regard, to support, we noticed that Zotto does generally well, especially considering how it distributes weight, thanks to the combination of the several foam layers.

However, you would generally feel that the mattress is a little too soft during the initial stages of using it but after a while, its true identity comes out and will offer just the right firmness and support regardless of your sleeping position.

Considering how easily this mattress sinks in on the first touch, it would best suit those sleepers who want to feel that they are sleeping “in” the mattress. It also helps that this kind of softness provides just the right pressure relieving sinkage, not forgetting the much need body contouring.

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Zotto Mattress Comfort Test

zotto sleep mattress review 2019

Nothing beats the need for comfort when shopping for a mattress. As such, Zotto tries to meet this need by balancing between lighter and heavier sleepers in its construction.

While sleepers with heavier weights will enjoy the soft cradles and hugs, the lighter ones benefit from the fact that they are well supported as they do not have to sink in too much.

The foam layers on the Zotto Mattress are made to offer enough give to enable it to mold into your body while at the same time ensuring that you do not feel stuck while sleeping.

Right from the foam layers to the gel comfort layer, you will notice a moderate amount of responsiveness and this helps it adapt to any changes in regard to sleep positions.

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Zotto Mattress Review: Sleeping Hot

Zotto is one of the coolest mattresses you can expect to find in the market today. In fact, the recent updates by the company to remove the copper that had been previously infused into the top comfort layer and include the revolutionary ThermaPhase cooling technology serves to help bring in the cooling effect on the mattress.

Through the Cool Flow foam and the ThermaPhase technology, the Zotto mattress does pretty well in preventing heat buildup, thanks to the properties of the materials that make up the mattress.

The manufacturer took into consideration the various preferences of sleepers and thus saw the need to use various phase-change materials to help in temperature regulation.

Sleeping on the Zotto mattress, we did not find the common stickiness and discomfort usually associated with memory foam mattresses. In terms of sleeping cool therefore, the Zotto mattress is way above average

Zotto Mattress Sinkage & Motion Transfer

When sleeping with a partner or need to determine how much weight a mattress can hold comfortably, it is always important that you check out the sinkage and motion transfer of the mattress. However, it should be noted that this would in most cases be dependent on the weight of the sleeper.

For sleepers who weight considerably higher than average, the Zotto mattress may sink a little more, especially when on the edge or when sitting. On lying down however, the weight will be evenly distributed and you will feel the cradle and hug from the foam.

Notably, the Zotto mattress works pretty well in regards to preventing too much motion transfer. This is made possible by the memory foam that dampens the interference of motion by dissipating it through the structure. As much as you may feel some motion from your partner while sleeping, this should not be too pronounced to disturb your sleep.

Zotto Mattress Size & Pricing Guide

Twin39” x 75” x 10”61 lbs$650
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10”64 lbs$700
Full54” x 75” x 10”84 lbs$850
Queen60” x 80” x 10"97 lbs$975
King76” x 80” x 10”120 lbs$1,095
California King72” x 84” x 10”121 lbs$1,095

Advantages and disadvantages of the Zotto Mattress


  • The support core features high-density polyfoam for stability
  • The cover is durable, thanks to its strong polyester material
  • A great mattress choice for side sleepers due to the extreme body contouring. The top foam layers perform pretty well to relieve pressure as it supports the hips and shoulders.
  • The revolutionary ThermaPhase and CoolFlow technology helps you sleep cool.


  • The Zotto mattress only comes in medium firm variety and this may be limiting to sleepers who prefer more or less in terms of firmness.
  • The company policy mandates that customers can only return the mattress after completing the break-in period of 30 days in case they are not satisfied with the product and this is included in the 100-nich sleep trial. This can cause confusion and misunderstanding for those who do not read the fine print.

Shipping, warranty and trial period

Before shipping , the Zotto mattress is compressed and vacuum sealed. It comes in a box measuring 1/2W” x 44L” x 19 1/2H”. It will be shipped anywhere in the United States but they are yet to do international deliveries.

Zotto offers a trial period of 100 nights but with a mandatory break-in period of 30 days. As such, you will not be eligible to return the mattress before the 30 days of break in are over. Before making any returns, Zotto stipulates that you ought to send a photograph of the mattress to ensure that you do not return a damaged product.

Zotto offers a warranty period of 10 years. The terms of the warranty are as follows:

  • The warranty cover starts immediately on the purchase date
  • Any mattresses deemed defective during this period will be repaired by Zotto, no questions asked
  • Zotto will ship back the mattresses to the owner in not more than 10 days of its reception. If by any chance the mattress is not defective as claimed, then the owner will pay for shipping costs
  • The warranty does not cover buyers who will be using it for commercial purposes unless they opt for a commercial warranty

Zotto Mattress Review Verdict- Should You Buy the Zotto Mattress?

We feel that the Zotto mattress generally does an excellent job in delivering a cool, comfortable night’s sleep, whether you sleep alone or with a partner. The perfect blend of their exclusive ThermaPhase technology and the all memory foam all work to offer just the right comfort no matter your sleeping position.

It is not always that you find a mattress that fits into the universal comfort model of being soft, yet supportive enough for all weights. This is no, doubt a memory foam mattress worth going for if you are yet to be decided on a mattress that will perfectly fit your sleeping style and position.

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