Best Air Mattress for Camping: Top Reviews & Buying Guide

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It’s summertime, and with warm weather comes one of the greatest American past-times: camping. But before you head out, you might want to consider adding the best camping air mattress to your gear, especially if you plan to bring children along.

Camping is such a quintessential summertime practice that the AAOS, or American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, recently released a collection of suggestions and warnings designed to maximize your fun and minimize the likelihood that you’ll suffer an injury while out in the wilds.

Sadly, they miss out on one important thing: the camping air mattress, or inflatable airbed.

Yes, strains, slips, falls, dehydration, attack by mosquitoes, sunburns, and all other types of outdoor injury are not only common during camping season, but practically guaranteed when you’ve got kids with you.

But let’s get back to basics – what about that giant rock wedged between your vertebra while you try to sleep on the ground or in your tent? Do you think that’s bothering you? Now, try to get your kids to sleep under those circumstances.

This is why the camping air mattress has become so incredibly popular in recent years. Today’s models self-inflate, or inflate quickly with the help if an air pump, is durable, light, comfortable, and fold up easily for quick storage.

In fact, in many cases, a quality outdoor airbed can mean the difference between a lovely family vacation, and a long, miserable, sleep-deprived weekend ending in a visit to your chiropractor for realignment.

Today’s airbed is also durable, meaning it will not only absorb the pressure of that giant rock aimed at your spine with no issues at all but will last for years, ready to be hauled out for everything from a weekend and holiday visitors to next year’s camping excursions.

Of course, bringing your camping air mattress along might not protect you from those slips, falls, dehydration or mosquitoes, but at least getting a good night’s rest will ensure that you’re on your game, ready with bug repellent, fluids, a first-aid kit, and a clear mind to deal with whatever might come your way on this year’s family vacation.

Why Choose Air Mattress for Camping?

If you have ever gone camping in the wild and have slept on the ground in just a sleeping bag, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Having the best camping air mattress is becoming more and more popular for this reason.

The best air mattresses when completely deflated, can be compacted into a very small size when it is rolled up.

Some of the camping air mattresses available in the market today can compress into even a flat form which can slide right into a travel backpack without taking up much room at all, unlike sleeping bags which takes up a large amount of space when camping with a backpack even when they are rolled up tightly and secured in a bag

Camping air mattresses are a better option for taking on backpacking camping trips. Some of the factors to consider when getting an air mattress because it’s entirely light without it being inflated, therefore it adds no additional weight to carry in a camping backpack when traveling between to destinations.

Replacing a sleeping bag with an inflatable air mattress frees up room and weight in a camping bag which could be used for more important things like food, camping gear, first aid kit and other camping items.

The air pumps which come with camping air mattresses are small, also lightweight, and rechargeable. The air pumps can be charged with either batteries or be charged electrically by plugging it into the wall. Once the pump is charged, it will not lose its charge unless it is used excessively.

The rechargeable air pump makes it easy to fill up your camping air mattress at the camp site. Simply plug the air pump into the designated area of the mattress, and turn it on. The mattress should not take too long to fill up, usually 10 minutes at the most.

After sleeping on the mattress, it may seem slightly deflated which happens due to sleeping on it. The mattress can be recharged by plugging it into the charger for just a few minutes to get it inflated enough to lay down on again.

Though the best camping air mattresses are made with soft surfaces, sheets, blankets, and pillows can always be added on top of the mattress to make it more comfortable.

A fitted cotton sheet which is the same size as the bed is a great layer of softness and warmth to add to the mattress. With an additional sheet, blankets and pillows, you will feel like you are right at home.

1. Coleman Air Mattresses

best air mattress for camping

Last camping trip bring memories of a sore back? Coleman air mattresses are easy to inflate and fit easily into your family camping tent. Coleman queen size air mattresses are ideal for camping trips and are the most popular size for camping air mattresses.

Coleman Air Mattress or also known as the Coleman Air Bed is a perfect mattress which is small and compact to bring around to outdoor trips such as camping or outdoor overnight hiking.

Made of heavy duty PVC durable material, it is the perfect material that will ensure on the longevity of the Coleman air mattress as it is scratch and accidental deflation prove.

With the patented Coleman, airtight system, it guarantees a leaf free inflatable mode. Another of the patented technology known as the Wrap ‘N’ Roll saves a lot of time and effort. All you need to do is just roll into the attached carrier, tied them up and you can transport it from one point to another point.

Soft suede top of the Coleman air mattress only ensures the most luxury comfort when lied down and will directly rejuvenate your body every time you rest on it even if you are at outdoor ”roughing out” on a camping trip.

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2. King Air Mattress

A king air mattress is a great choice or camping. This is a very comfortable way to get a good night’s rest in the great outdoors. This size of mattress will ensure that you have enough room to move around freely and stay comfortable throughout the night.

There are several reasons to buy a king air mattress. One is that this is an easy type of mattress to move and store during a trip. This is also a good choice for campers who have problems with their backs, since a mattress will be necessary for them to be able to sleep without pain.

There are many different sizes available, but a king air mattress will provide the most support and be the most comfortable for anyone who sleeps on it. When you but an air mattress it is important to make sure that it will fit comfortably into your tent. If the tent is not large enough to accommodate a king air mattress, you may want to look at buying or borrowing a larger tent.

This will help in making sure that you can enjoy your new mattress and still be under the protection of your tent. The next thing to think about is the method that you will use to inflate the mattress. Many king air mattresses require electricity to inflate them. This will not be a problem with fully equipped camp sites or places where you can park your car next to the camp site since there are power adaptors that you can use for an inflatable mattress.

There are also camping air mattresses that can be inflated with a manual pump. This method will take longer, however, so having an electric pump will be much more convenient.

There are also some self-inflating air mattresses that have a built-in pump making this a very simple type of mattress to use. When you determine the type of campsite and what inflating method that you have available to you then it will be easy to choose the right king air mattress for you.There are many different features that can come with a king air mattress.

Some of them come in backpacks for ease in hiking. With so many options, there is a style of king air mattress for everyone and this will make any camping trip more enjoyable.

By having a comfortable camping air mattress, the camper will feel well rested and invigorated in the morning and the trip will be more fun. This is a necessary piece of equipment that every camper should have to get the most out of their camping experience.

A king air mattress can be found for any type of camp site and will be convenient for any camper. Once you have determined the type of inflation that the mattress will need and if it will fit into your tent, be sure to find the right size of sleeping bag and bedding for the king air mattress.

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No Stress with a Camping air Mattress

Though you probably won’t have to sleep on a pea while camping, you should be cautious when choosing an air mattress for your trip. Choosing the right air mattress is the best thing you can do for your comfort when camping.

Benefits of Camping Air Mattresses

I. Flatness: Although there probably aren’t any peas underneath your tent, there could be pea-sized pebbles and tree roots. An air mattress raises you above the ground. This allows you to sleep as comfortably as you would at home.

II. Sturdiness and comfort: The mattresses themselves are constructed with solid materials, providing enough back support and preventing leaks. But the outer cover of air mattresses is made of a material that will keep you cozy all night long.

III. Insulation: Like the insulation that Coleman coolers provide, air mattresses can create insulation between you and the Earth’s surface. You’ll need more insulation when wintertime makes the ground hard as a rock. But don’t worry! Certain mattresses have different amounts of insulation in them.

IV. Portability: Air mattresses are perfect for camping trips. Just pump them up when you’re ready to sleep, and then deflate them when you’re ready to break camp. This makes air mattresses as easy to haul in a backpack or vehicle.


Guidelines for Choosing The Best Camping Air Mattress

Several camping mattresses are available, so choosing the right one for you can seem overwhelming at first. But if you follow consider these factors, then you can find the right air mattress for your next camping excursion:

Inflating difficulty

Most air mattresses include a pump, which makes them more convenient to use. It’s advisable that the pump is as compatible with the type of camping that you’ll do. For example, if you intend to go backpacking, a battery-operated or manual pump would be ideal, so you could use it for other camping equipment.

 Resistance to damage

Camping can be rough…literally. Be certain to choose an air mattress that is sturdy to withstand the tough conditions when camping. It should have a durable base, to prevent objects such as pebbles and twigs, from puncturing it. Also, make sure that you select an air mattress that’s waterproof, to shield it from the elements.


When choosing an air mattress, size matters. This includes the size when it’s deflated and inflated. The deflated size is important for storing and moving your air mattress. Particularly if you’re planning to hike during your camping trip, make sure that the deflated air mattress can easily fit into your backpack. It’s also vital that you choose one that will fit into your tent, after being inflated.



The question of bedding for a camping trip leaves a camper with a few options. Bedding can be provided by a sleeping bag which is used inside a tent, but sleeping bags do not provide too much cushioning and can be uncomfortable to sleep on.

Even though there is a layer of tent protecting the body from the ground’s sticks, rocks, and ground formations, can still make that a difficult surface to sleep on even with the extra layer of sleeping bag.

For additional comfort on a camping trip, bring a camping air mattress, which will raise you off the ground and away from the rough terrain which you could be sleeping on.

Since your bedroom’s mattress won’t fit into a backpack, you’ll have to wait until you get home, to enjoy it and your best flat iron. But the right air mattress can make you feel at home when sleeping in the middle of nowhere!

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