Inflatable Airplane Travel Pillow Reviews

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A travel pillow is a must have item for any serious traveler.

The best travel neck pillows also come in handy for people who develop neck or back pain after extended periods of time in a car, bus, train, or plane.

Additionally, this plush pillow is ideal for other situations where taking a full size pillow would be too cumbersome.

Some U-shaped travel pillows are, for example, great for drive-in movie theaters, sleepovers, or to keep in the office for a quick cat nap in between meetings.

Kids will also love taking one of these compact pillows with them to snuggle with in the car.

People who spend hours on airplanes, trains, or buses for work need to ensure that they are comfortable while traveling.

A plush travel accessory pillow is a great way to ensure your comfort and help you get a solid nap while traveling.

There is nothing worse than arriving at a destination, needing to be refreshed and energized for an important business meeting, but feeling miserable because you were uncomfortable while traveling.


Most comfortable travel pillows come in a wide range of sizes and colors, and they are made of a variety of materials.

You can purchase a plain, solid colored travel pillow made of cotton. Or, you might want a satiny feel for your pillow.

Some are made of basic cotton fluff, while other pillows are made with feathers or even memory foam. While these pillows tend to be the most expensive, they are also arguably the most comfortable.

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Types of Travel Pillows


1. Cabeau Air Evolution Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow – The Best Travel Pillow Built for Maximum Comfort and Portability – Black

CABEAU “Air Evolution” Inflatable Neck Pillow first is just suitable. It can be inflated to different levels so that it could give the assist you require. When sleeping, just one would like to maintain the neck in alignment. Sleeping in an awkward, unsupported position might be harmful for your spinal wellbeing.

No, you cannot be able to shift your head all-around considerably if this pillow is inflated adequately, but if you will be transferring your head all around, then I’d suppose you might be awake, and then you’ll want to surely get it off.

The CABEAU “Air Evolution” Inflatable Neck Pillow opposite terrific point over it is you can deflate it and tuck it into your bag, to ensure you will not have to designate an entire carry-on to convey it together. CABEAU “Air Evolution” Inflatable Neck Pillow, can be tough to figure out the toggles, but hey that is the kind of point that’s fantastic to your brain.

This CABEAU “Air Evolution” Inflatable Neck Pillow have been an existence saver on our fourteen hour flights to China. Like you can regulate the inflation, this Neck Pillow labored perfectly whenever we traded seats – leaning towards a window or sitting down in a center seat needed extra or significantly less inflation.

I also was equipped to employ this as being a “face down” pillow on my seat-back tray – just stack some blankets and jackets, set this on major so you have a very new sleeping situation! Fabric was delicate and they deflated and in good shape effortlessly back again into its “soda can-shaped” bag. Extremely recommended.


2. Travel Pillow – Best Memory Foam Therapeutic U-shaped Neck Pillow – Ergonomic Design – Cooling Gel Technology

This Travel Pillow – Best Memory Foam Therapeutic U is an awesome option for anybody who has endured for years from neck problems specifically when travelling. Have tried many neck pillows up to now, but this is often undoubtedly by far the most advantageous of them all. Have found it great for long excursions from the auto and just after making use of it on quite a few the latest plane flights, was astonished never to possess the normal stiff and sore neck that I’m used to. It can be well contoured for good assist as well as gel insert retains it amazing and comfortable.

Here Travel Pillow – Best Memory Foam Therapeutic U is the comfiest journey pillow I have ever tried. It feels so delicate and however supported my neck rather well. I believe it weighs less than Tempurpedic.

Considering that owning whiplash years back my neck tenses and is particularly usually unpleasant so I see a Go stead Chiropractor for soreness reduction and general health, it was he who prompt I try this. I’m so happy he did.

rio home fashionstop rated travel pillow

Employing it on an overnight journey inside a van I had been capable of rest in comfort and ease and did not expertise any agony the following day! I extremely propose possessing this pillow.


3. Rio Home Fashions Large U Neck Memory Foam Pillow

Rio Home Fashions Large U Neck Memory Foam Pillow-Best with the prolonged flights and comforting small flights. Is really a tiny substantial, but does squish all the way down to a manageable sizing, if you have a very good sized carry-on. The form helps you to preserve the head place.

The Rio Home Fashions Large U Neck Memory Foam Pillow top memory foam neck pillow in the marketplace to the value! This may be accustomed to guidance your whole neck otherwise you can double it up to ensure it is extra company to also prop your head up a little bit whilst reclining in the chair. Address is smooth poly-velvet and great against your skin, washes us beautifully! There’s two sides to this pillow – one particular sorta sculpted and also the other facet flat. At the again inside with the flat aspect is somewhat beveled – whereas the back again within from the sculpted facet is a lot more abrupt. This lets you pick which configuration is most effective to suit your needs and also your neck. The density in the foam is ‘just right’ – neither as well tender nor much too difficult – we actually are becoming hooked up to them and appreciate them too

This Rio Home Fashions Large U Neck Memory Foam Pillow is much larger excellent at a great deal cheaper price in comparison to the flight pillows bought at the airports. This pillow retains its form and gives continuous help. You just apply them during your flight and they will support you the entire time.

best travel neck pillowsmost comfortable travel pillow

Comfortable and cushioned to forestall the head from rolling, also significantly to either aspect when sleeping on the plane. Rear part isn’t going to put a great deal stress on the neck which some people may well not like it . There may be no odor as with various other neck pillows.


4. Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow with Sleep Mask, Earplugs, Carry Bag, Adjustable Toggles and Velour Cover, Black

The Aeris Travel Neck Pillow -Best Memory Foam Neck comes with a PORTABLE TRAVEL BAG that will compress the pillow down to 1/2 its size. This Neck Pillow allows your neck to rest in a totally natural, and therefore tension free position. It comes with a detachable machine-washable plush cover which makes it easy to clean.

This Aeris Travel Neck Pillow is certainly undoubtful about as comfy a neck pillow as you are likely to uncover. The memory foam enables it to softly contour to and assist your neck, though the washable, microfiber protect comfortably rests against your skin.

The Aeris Travel Neck Pillow -Best Memory Foam Neck pillow also has an adjustable clip mechanism that secures the pillow about your neck as soon as you’ve it positioned just in which you want it.

This Aeris Travel Neck Pillow -Best Memory Foam Neck memory foam pillow is comfortable nevertheless supportive, comes with a really attractive removable and washable royal blue zip-on velour protect, includes a storage bag, and perhaps features earplugs.



We stay sixty miles through the city exactly where we do our purchasing, and having a comfortable Aeris Travel Neck Pillow -Best Memory Foam Neck has been this kind of an excellent treat for short naps about the way house.

For those who have children/grandchildren, getting a few of those in the motor vehicle could be an incredible concept for prolonged trips. This Aeris Travel Neck Pillow -Best Memory Foam Neck is actually such an awesome present for many people. Try this pillow and you won’t regret!


5. Comfort Pal Memory Foam Travel Pillow with Elastic Strap and Carry Case – Suitable for Airplane, Bus, Train, Car or Home Use – Molds to the Neck for Extra Comfort – Includes Removable Pillow Cover

Comfort Pal Travel Neck Pillow are made from high quality memory foam that molds to your neck for comfort.

This Travel Neck Pillow is far much more snug than any other people have tried out. Most are certainly not extensive adequate & allow your head to lean too much, creating a strain. The memory foam on this one is just thick plenty of to keep your head in good position for napping or resting, while still being compact. The fabric is soft & void of any scratchy seams. A perfect travel companion, you’ll thrilled with it!

This Comfort Pal Travel Neck Pillow travel neck pillow is a quality product. It fits firmly around ones neck to provide support and warmth, which I consider important to prevent neck discomfort. It is soft and comfy. It has a small zipper on the back that can be used to remove the cover for washing. The carrying case is very helpful to keep the pillow clean when not being used.


6. Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Dark Blue

The TravelMate Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow is particularly designed to offer the most comfortable aid for your neck since it has the appropriate softness. The thermo-sensitive memory foam will mold on your body’s organic contours for just a custom suit. It helps ease the tension within your neck and shoulders owing to extended sitting down.

Use it on the aircraft, automobile or anywhere you may need the extra assistance in your neck and shoulders. You are going to surely such as comfortable and comfy come to feel of this pillow. The quilt is built of high-quality, machine-washable velour deal with.

Built-in elastic strap will make it very easy to connect to the carry-on luggage without using up extra space. Merely put, you will get a high-end product or service in a portion from the expense of what you pay at upscale specialty stores.

travel neck pillow reviewsbest pillow for plane

Since this Travelmate Memory Foam Neck pillow isn’t the beaded type it won’t just lose its shape and stretch whenever you put pressure on it. The Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow foam has the perfect amount of firmness in order to mold to your neck but still offer adequate guidance.

Some testimonials for Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

I don’t know how useful the luggage strap is but it doesn’t get in the way so I see no problem with it. I imagine it would be great when traveling as well as at home when sitting on the coach watching television.


Inflatable Travel Pillow Review


Whether the traveling is due to any work, business trip or to celebrate vacations with your family and friends, everyone desires to have a comfortable and relaxing traveling experience. There are so many things that counts a lot to get comfort during traveling such as comfortable seats of the vehicle you are sitting on during traveling, proper space for your legs, peaceful atmosphere around, and much more.

Among all these accessories that are required to make your traveling comfortable there is something that is considered to be an essential accessory that should be carried if some is planning to travel and that most important traveling accessory is the inflatable travel pillow.

Though the inflatable travel pillow might sound not that big thing that can be considered as an essential of a comfortable traveling, but it is a proven fact that this travel accessory is actually a key to get all the comfort and relaxation during traveling.

There are majority of the people who complain that they are tired, having headache, back pain, neck pain and so on after traveling for long. The solution to all these complains and pains is just only simply this inflatable travel pillow.

This inflatable travel pillow gets you all the comfort and keeps you away from all the pains and sufferings that normally people have to face during or after traveling for long. Hence, it is been proved that how important it is to carry an inflatable travel pillow along with you if you are planning to travel and wanted to have a completely comfortable and relaxing trip.


All about this pillow

Since inflatable travel pillow holds that much importance therefore, it is also very important to pick the right and best inflatable travel pillow for you. There are varieties of inflatable travel pillows that are available in the market but it’s not necessary that all are good and suits you.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to be careful while selecting a right, suitable inflatable travel pillow for you. One of the most commonly used inflatable travel pillow is the traditional U shaped inflatable travel pillow. Since long time, people are still using these U-shaped inflatable travel pillows to get comfort during their travel.

But with the passage of time too many other innovations have been made and today you can get much more than these U shaped traditional inflatable travel pillows. There are number of inflatable pillows out there in the market that are available in other different shapes such as like a comma, bear a close resemblance to medical cervical collars, and also there are inflatable travel pillows that provides 360 degrees’ full neck support.

Out of all these available variety of inflatable travel pillows you can pick out one as per your preference plus considering three important rights that is the right size, right comfort, and right support. Try to get all these three right in one inflatable travel pillow that can select for your use during traveling.


What should you consider before buying an inflatable travel pillow for your use?


First, you are required to take down your neck measurement to figure out the perfect size for your neck to get complete comfort during traveling. Along with this it is also important to consider the size of bag or suit case that you are carrying with yourself on your trip for your stuff.

Make sure that your inflatable travel pillow is handy enough that it can be easily fit perfectly right into your carry-on bag. There are different kinds of inflatable travel pillows available in the market that can be folded easily as per the size of the carry bag of the traveler.

Lastly calculate the amount of money that you have in your wallet to spend on buying this inflatable travel pillow. As per all these calculations you make a right choice of inflatable travel pillow for your comfortable traveling.



There are different inflatable travels pillows available of different brands out in the market that vary in terms of the type of support they offer to the user.

The inflatable travel pillow is one of the top products that are highly in demand in today’s world. Hence, there are number of manufacturers are offering variety of these inflatable travel pillows including comma shaped traveling pillows that are commonly available in the market with a fake velvet covering.

You can get these coma shaped inflatable travel pillows in three main colors that are blue, grey, and red. The external structure of these inflatable travel pillows are specifically design to be slim and long with the peak portion which is slightly round so that it can provide all the support to the user’s head. One will definitely enjoy using these traveling pillows as they are cozy and too comfortable.


Buckwheat Travel Pillow Review


A buckwheat travel pillow has been proven and tested to provide the most relaxed and best sleep a person can have. It conforms to your body, neck and head and avoids pressure and tension in any area of your body.

That is why, a buckwheat travel pillow is the perfect travelling companion since it adjusts well to your body for a good sleeping position even when sitting.

Another good feature of a buckwheat travel pillow is its flexibility with temperature.

Not only does it adjust to you, it also adjusts to the present temperature thus giving you more comfort in sleeping.

Other types of pillow filling do not often amend as temperature starts to change.

One may feel too much heat or cold when sleeping for hours in their pillows. But with buckwheat travel pillow, you can sleep with undisturbed rest.

best travel pillow everbest neck pillow review

It can easily adjust to the present temperature of the environment so you can feel relaxed and comforted when sleeping.

A buckwheat travel pillow becomes warm when the environment is cold and is cooler when it tends to get hot. It adds to your sleeping pressure and you will feel rejuvenated when waking up. Many people have attested to the reliable function of a buckwheat travel pillow and even stated that they will never again try other types of pillow. You too can experience the best travel sleep ever in your life with a buckwheat travel pillow.


The Right Neck Support Pillows

For correct support, neck support pillows should be cylindrical, and must be no more than four inches in diameter. CBC’s Marketplace did a study in 1998 on the importance of headrests. They found many cars headrests had improper positioning and insufficient head/neck support.

Studies showed that the space between the neck curve and headrest is about four inches. This space increases the impact if in an accident. Always make sure that your car headrest is adjusted properly before settling in for the ride. The headrest should be high enough and close enough to catch your head, and not facing downward. For your safety and comfort be sure to fill the four-inch space using a cylindrical roll.

If you suffer from neck pain or back strain, you may find traveling by car uncomfortable. Yet many of us have to commute long distances to work, or need to travel to perform job duties.

Truckers, bus drivers, those in sales, itinerant teachers, consultants, and many other types of employees may spend most of their days driving or riding in cars. There are several types of travel neck support pillows on the market, you just need to have the ideas for choosing the right one.


Choosing the Right Neck Support Pillows for Travel

A travel support neck rest pillow should fit into the natural curve of the neck. The support rest should be equipped with a way to fasten it to the back of the seat, for safety. This is especially important in a motor vehicle, where good neck support can prevent injury in case of accident.

The neck support pillow should be made of material that will retain its resiliency, and will remain durable. It should be firm, yet soft enough to provide comfort. Ideally, your neck support pillow should be cylindrical, weigh less than a half-pound, and easily transfer between vehicles.

The best types of neck support pillows for travel are also machine washable and can be popped in the dryer. This ensures not only that caring for your support pillow is simple, but keeps it fresh and clean.

Find the right support pillow, and minimize neck discomfort while traveling. You’ll find that your neck support pillows for travel make every trip a pleasure.


Extra Bonus on a travel roll:

If you have a headache, neck pain you can use the roll to stretch the neck muscles relieving the tension causing the pain.

A Natural Solution for Good Sleep

Are you burdened with tension, headaches, neck/shoulder/back/pain, snoring or fibromyalgia? Or do you always wake up tired and stiff? Do you crave a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep?

Relief can be instant when you properly support and align your neck and back. The Align-Right sleeping pillow is proven to increase comfort, reduce tension and relax muscles because it is designed for your unique body shape and your predominant sleep position.

A custom fitted pillow will give you a restful, deep sleep experience so you can wake refreshed and feeling great!



The best part about a pillow made for traveling is its design. These pillows usually come in a U-shape that curves around the neck and supports the back of the head. This design offers great support while sitting in an upright chair, like an airplane or bus seat. They can also be used as regular pillows for sleeping.

Other benefits of travelling pillows is that they can be folded easily and stored in almost any bag or purse. The convenience of transporting these pillows is one of their greatest benefits. Because pillows designed for travel are so comfortable and convenient, everyone should own one.

A great pillow can add immeasurable comfort to your travels and will become an indispensable item on your to-pack list. Additionally, a high-quality pillow makes a great gift for a family member, co-worker, or friend.

Try these travelling pillows and you’ll never complain on your trips!

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